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16th October 2004, 08:16 AM
(This Is a Character Development Spar)

Vincent stepped out onto the grassy field, not much of a choice for him, being a God of Fire he did not really chose to be around flammable material when he was fighting. Vincent also known as Vinarkintrez looked around, the two moons in the sky were slowly rising but it seemed that days were shorter on theis splanet.

"Hm. . ." Vincent thought to himself before sitting on a strangely placed boulder.

Vincent, as a giant in his own right, stood at seven foot four inches. His crimson eyes staring out into the empty landscape and his bright red hair falling onto his shoulders before going back into a ponytail. His clothing a futuristic military style, a overshirt made of strong fibers and a pair of baggy jeans.

16th October 2004, 07:35 PM
I shall be using Gamma as my element. Is that ok?

Bob sat toying with the metalic ball he had found a few days earlier. Tosing it up and down he sent his mind into it. He searched out teh edges of the circle, he made them smoother, flater. He searched out what he wanted to be a corner, made it straighter, pointier.

His brow, going unnoticed as Bob's mind had delved completaly to it's task, furrowed and crinkles, the slightist traces of sweat starting to form on it. After a few moment of time had passed Bob was forced to with draw his mind to take a break and survey, from a non-meleculer point of veiw, what the ball was.

It was a square with dull, round edges and a slight curve on one or two of it's sides. Other then that it was a perfect square.

This post is vague so you can ignore it if you doun't want to face me and my Gamma spell

17th October 2004, 04:55 AM
I thank you, Vincent, for attempting to help the weaker rpers. HOWEVER, Kirby, you know damn well how to RP. As such, I'm moving this to the BA. Character Development, helpful as it may be, is still technically a spar. But again, thank any way, Vince