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Princess Aurora
14th October 2004, 05:36 PM
The dragon Aurora was a princess, princess of the Northern Sea. But now, she didn't feel very much like a princess, or look like one for that matter. For one, she had been exiled by her brother, the king of the Northern Sea, for supposedly stealing and artifact called the Illusion Pearl, a precious artifact that would allow one who does not know any illusion spells to work them, with minimal effort. Then, an evil wizard named Kronos had betrayed her clan, the dragons of the Northern Sea, and used a great spell to transform the sea into a sapphire the size of a pebble. But now she was out for revenge, and, after centuries of searching, centuries of living in various human forms, it was near. But for revenge, one must occasionally endure some . . . humiliation.

Someone threw a bucket of dirty water down upon her. She knew it was a habit of humans to do this kind of thing, to one who looked like an old begger. That was the appearance she had taken on, an old woman, homeless and looking for a place to spent the night. However, Aurora was in to high of a spirit to mind. She could smell Kronos's magic, he was near. After all this time, she would have her revenge, and the Northern Sea would be restored at last. She looked around. She knew he was in this town, the question was, where?

OoC: I'm very particular as to this world, so if you want to join, PM ME FIRST, and let me know which character you'll be using. I'll approve it or disapprove it. Comprende?

Paradise Wandering
16th October 2004, 05:57 PM
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Snickering was heard from a tall man in black garb as he ran down the streets. He reached into his cloak, produced a large bag of gold, stared at it momentarily with deep green eyes, and replaced it deep in his cloak. He walked into town without a word, his face was covered by a dark hood.

This man had just farmed a wealthy old man who lived just outside the town. He strode in, and stopped in a tavern. He ordered a glass of ale and walked away into town without paying. When he saw that he had been followed by the sons of the tavern owner he subtly led them to an ally, for they had no idea he knew that they were there, but, years of training under a master theif tought one to notice things.

When he reached then end of an ally, which was a tall flat wall, with houses on either side, he appeared to be cornered. The sons slowly walked up.

Sons: "You!"

Theif: "Me? Whatever could you want with me?"

Sons: "You took that ale from our father without paying for it. That's 5 gold peices, so, pay us now.

Theif: "No."

He said it simply, and quickly, taking the sons by suprise, for they had expected he would pay, they were big, much taller than normal men, and were not used to being rejected; mostly because the normal folk shuddered at their height and gave them what they wanted out of pure fear.

The sons of the tavern owner reached into sheaths on their belts and each drew a longsword. The menacingly grimaced at the man, shaking their swords angrily.

Theif: "Oohhh. I give up, you win... Just dont touch me with those things."

The theif walked coweringly over to the three tall men, producing 5 gold coins from his cloak as he moved along.

The sons exchanged gleefull glances at one another, glad that they would return with the money owed. But that was far from what would happen, very far indeed.

As soon as the theif extended his gold-filled hand towards the men, and as soon as their hands drew near enough to grab it, a small dagger subtly slipped from the theive's sleeve, little known to the sons.

He quickly retracted his hand with the money in it, and tore through the men with the dagger, ripping theif shirts into shredds and leaving the word "Ryu" carved into each burly chest.

The word was blood red, as it was written in gashes filled with the stuff. The theif quickly scaled the wall of the nearest building and escaped into the town, hidong in the shadows, following a strange beggar, who he for some reason beleived to be carrying a large sum of money with her.

The sons never returned home, but were found the next day, leaving the tavern owner deeply saddened and the town wondering of the whearabouts and identity of this mysterious "Ryu".

Princess Aurora
16th October 2004, 07:04 PM
OoC: Zorro?

IC: Aurora stopped in her tracks, sensing an odd presence. It wasn't Kronos, she knew that much. But who? She looked around, smelling the Ryu's magic.

This is stupid, this isn't what you came here for! she thought to herself. But she knew better then to just ignore this man, he might prove a useful ally . . . or a great enemy. She shrugged, and turned around, pretending to ignore the man's presence. The man would act on his own time, she knew this. It was the way of humans.

Paradise Wandering
21st October 2004, 07:07 PM
ooc: i got the inspiration from Zorro, but i, as you can see, changed the Z to Ryu.


Noticing the beggar turn around, blatantly showing that she knew he was there. He quickly dove into the shadows, and hid from veiw. He sense a radiance of magic flowing from this old woman. How can this be? She is so old, yet she feels so strong... That is no beggar

He slid a rose out of a bag around his shoulder. Using the control over flora, granted to him by the usage of the bio element, he could strengthin the thin stem into a stem as strong as steel. The thorns that daubed it were sharp, and, along with the stiff stem, the petals in back would make for a perfect dart.

He drew it back and launched it at the beggar, if it hit, it would most likly kill her due to the frailness (is that a word?) of an old person. If she can dodge it, or otherwise stop it, He told himself, Then it will prove to me that she is not a beggar. If she has not the reflexes, or the magic, then, whoops, she dies, and i was wrong.

ooc: work your way around that, and, do you want him to be an ally, or an enemy?