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13th October 2004, 02:45 PM
Recently one of the many people I raided for gold (only took about 300k) took the attack a little too personally. He called on his commander to sab me since he couldn't do anything to me himself. This is rare (for me atleast) but it does happen periodically so I didn't think it was any big deal. I responded in my usual way of sabbing the guy back and issueing a request for peace. This generally works or results in a limited war between me and 1 or 2 players whom promptly loose interest in fighting it. But this time around it looks like I found some kamakazi players. The guy whom I originally raided sold all his remaining weapons and I guess let his buddies rob him cause it didn't go into spies/sentries and I didn't sab that much stuff. At this point it was only 24 hours after initial conflict and I was reasonably convinced of victory. Then something odd happened, about half of KoC showed up in my attack or intellegence log :icon_lol:. The guy appears to have given up on KoC but his commander and allience mates continue the war on me, all over a mere 300k of gold I might add. So I of course retaliate and declare war on the entire allience. As such I start sabbing all members of that allience I can. The result, I loose about 2M gold worth of weapons (selling and then rebuying prior to my usual raiding) and about 20 spies during the 2nd day of conflict but they loose atleast 300M of weapons not counting attrition damage on weapons from their mass attack on me. And once again, this is all over a pathetic 300k that I stole from some guy who has since quite KoC.

I'm a lone player and so I rely on raiding and have since Age2, as such I'm no newbie to sab wars. I've calcluated it out and I'm reasonably sure I can keep this up for atleast 6 months. I'm also pretty sure the age will end before then. A number of their members have gone inactive and only a few of them remain in the top 20k. I guess I could lagitamitely declare victory at this point cause they can do little more than spam my attack log but that might be premature. While this itself I find very funny, it is also quite sad that one attack on a player to steal some gold resulted in a war with 100+ players. What's even sadder is that a lone player is beating those 100+ players. My rank before this little war was about 4k, my current rank is about 11k. The drop is only due to my selling nearly all of my DA and converting it into sentry tools. My sentry rating was high enough that not too many could sab me, but they have a member in the top 100 so I figured they would probebly sab it eventually.

And yeah, I'm sure there are some people who will reply to this who are on my sab list. I sabbed an aweful lot of people today :shuriken:. Nothing personal, its just I won't hesitate to go to war in a war game.

13th October 2004, 02:55 PM
And yeah, I'm sure there are some people who will reply to this who are on my sab list.
EEK, I hope I'm not one of them. I don't think any of my alliances would start a sab war over 300k, though.
And yeah, that whole situation is pretty funny. And pathetic.

13th October 2004, 04:36 PM
Well One thing I know that sabb acount and small acount can do alot damage you can take alot player out if want to. I have seen alot acount with 3000-20000 of solder with not DA, SA , or any other stats...... but hey it game......
people go for sabb first then talk......... most time it turns into war and alot people get mass attack or sabbed.

14th October 2004, 11:49 AM
This kind of accounts just make the game loose its purpose, the game it's done to have fights and sab was added to decrease the defense values of other players in order to be able to attack them and steal them but players totally dedicated to sab just make the game illogical.

14th October 2004, 08:16 PM
I dont know how to sab, but it seems rather awesome one player taking on a 100 and beating thier ass. I play, but not a lot. I just like to spend the money I don't really earn and buy, well, stuff. I don't get serious about games,,,,,,hmmmmm,,,,,I guess I should say most games.

15th October 2004, 12:03 AM
Maj_Death -you did great mate.
yes wars start over some weird stuff. i had wars start because some said something to someone and that snowballed into huge mass attack conducted by two alliances.
i am glad you are doing great and survived teh mass sabbing.
when my alliance does it, sabs a person who has choosen to mess with us, they never recover, because we take out everyhing possible from them. and most of the members are sab only accounts, cuz it makes fun.

how did you calculate the 6 month period ?

15th October 2004, 01:36 AM
I was loosing only a few spies per day sabbing them back and my army is too small to suffer casualties in their mass attacks so I could sab them almost indefinately. 6 months was just a rough estimite of how long it would take for my spy force to gradually be attritioned down to the point of being ineffective and their sentry forces overpowering my dwinding spy force. Anyways the war is over, they decided that I'd suffered enough though I'm not sure how they arrived at that conclusion given that I havn't suffered at all. I have a gut feeling some of the average guys in the allience started complaining to the leaders ;).

For those who are wondering how it is even possible for a lone player to take on 100+ other players and atleast fight to a draw, it is actually very simple. KoC does not allow other players to overrun or destroy you. They can sab you but sabbed weapons are not destroyed unless you use them. I did not have much DA so them sabbing that was pointless. I had tons of SA and while it was nearly all sabbed (I assume) I didn't use it after the war began. Now that the war is over I sold it all off and then rebought it all. I lost a few million gold because of that but it isn't anything I can't rebuild within a week of raiding. My army itself was simply too small for them to inflict any casualties so the mass attacks did absolutely zero damage to me but inflicted alot of damage on them in the form of repair costs and a few causalties. And of course they lost alot of attack turns which for me atleast are extremely valuable. They also lost alot of spies on failed sab missions. While most of the guys who even attempted to sab me had far more spy rating than I had sentry rating, once you reach about 2M sentry rating it is totally random so not even Denny or LS could spy/sab me repeatedly without me catching atleast half of their attempts. This costs them spies and lets me know who all is involved so I can strike back on either them directly or on their command chain.

But as already said, it looks like it's over. Time to go back to farming every single allience in KoC :uzi:.

15th October 2004, 12:14 PM
only goes to show how stupid the sabotage formulas are these days.
and i dont see how you didnt suffer - your rank dropped from 4k to 11k and you lost a couple million of gold - anyways - like a few hundred million gold really matter

15th October 2004, 12:37 PM
My rank dropped artifically because I sold my DA and bought sentry tools with it. I had less than 1M DA to start with so I could easily be back at rank 4k within a couple days if I so desired. And I steal 1.7M worth of gold on average per day, so 2M gold is not that big of a deal. It will take a week to get back to where I was but this is a long term game so a week is not really that long relative to the length of the game.

4th November 2004, 04:47 AM
lol... u have entered a farm list

4th November 2004, 09:24 PM
Maj_Death, I personally pity you for your predicament. A good commander should convince their officers that raiding is part of the game, especially losing a pathetic 300k gold. That does not merit for mass retaliatory assaults. Unless you have farmed that person many times before and the player warned you several times, that would be a different matter.

I have farmed a few players in the past, they got angry and PMed me indecent messages for me to stop. I obeyed and respected their request. Although I was offended by the content of the message, at least they have the decency to PM me before launching a mass attack. Personally, I believe you have been victimized by an unethical alliance who doesn't believe in diplomacy and the commander who ordered that mass attack is a bad leader, perhaps a bully in real life.