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13th October 2004, 09:10 AM
If you have seen the film you will love the book, if you havenít you will find even more enjoyment to it.

High Fidelity Ė Nick Hornby

The Story:
The owner of a failing record shop Rob has just broken up with his girlfriend (Laura), almost immediately he findís out that she has moved in with his old neighbour, the grotty slimy Ian/Ray. This plunges Rob into a mid life crisis of epic proportions where he is forced to ask himself why all the girls he has ever loved have left him for other men. During this voyage of discovery he contacts them all and comes to some interesting conclusions.

The Record Shop (I had to give it a mention): Championship Vinyl, The shop is owned by Rob and is where large parts of the story take place; he has 2 assistants, Dick and Barry. Dick is a quiet guy who just wants to fit in and tries to agree with everything people say, he doesnít like to put ideas forward in case they are deemed to be wrong. Barry on the other hand is boisterous and constantly throws tantrums and rubbishes people with any music likes other than his. Together these three are part of an elite club of music loverís, easy to criticise but slow to learn that there is more to life than music.

The book is a classic, though and though it is a brilliant read, told in the first person though Robbís eyeís you see everything from conversations to his own thoughts. His thoughts go from sympathy to joking about a funeral. Although Robb himself is a self absorbed arrogant prick you canít help but love and pity him. Nick Hornby tells the story so well, every bit of it is so well thought out. The jokeís constantly raise a chuckle and the musical knowledge shown is astounding. Constant listís and comments about musical taste. The Characters are told in such vivid detail, everyone so different and full, you instantly recognise the personality types that they hold like Steve, the friend who interrupts and ruins conversations and Dan the most boring guy in the world.

Should you read it?
The book is a classic, a modern day masterpiece; you will be hard pushed to find anything wrong with it. I think its an insult if you donít read it.

9.5 A wonderful story and one of my top 5 favourite books.

Other Review/Comments
'Reading High Fidelity is like listening to a great single. You know it's wonderful from the minute it goes on, and as soon as it's over you want to hear it again because it makes you feel young, and grown up, and puts a stupid grin on your face all at the same time. If this book was a record we would be calling it an instant classic. Because that's what this is' Suzanne Moore, Guardian

'The most frequent response to High Fidelity is "Oh God, I know people just like that!" his characters are truely archetypes, culled from sources and brilliantly reconstituted so that they evoke facets of many, many different friends and relationships' Elizibeth Young, Guardian

'Funny, compulsive and contempory' John Williams, GQ

22nd October 2004, 12:19 PM
i think this book has a good story line but a confusing end 9/10

23rd October 2004, 03:43 AM
i think this book has a good story line but a confusing end 9/10

What is confusing about the end? The end i thought was really good and by all mean's clear... you want me to clear it up for you?

30th October 2004, 11:17 AM
yea that would be cool thanks,
i get the bit with barry and his band, but it all gets blury after that