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12th October 2004, 03:03 PM
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The night was cold, but it was not silent. Sword clashes could be heard, and screams of joyous people could be heard. The place being a collisuem, one of the highest stature, one of rome. It paid good money, and it intrested Hyro to earn money for something he did so well.

I only hope someone can at least put up a challenge to me. Hyro follwed one of the many roads leading to this gigantic collisuem. Sign on trees spoke to robbers, but gave something to do in the somewhat long walk that Hyro had infront of him to the collisuem.

The trees shadowed the road as Hyro walked, animals carried on their merry way, and the city unaware of what danger was approaching them. Hyro knew, Hyro knew what was in store if they tried anything stupid to him, all he wanted was a simple fight, magic, a weapon, and another person.

Hyro entered the collisuem as a fighter. The place was small, but sound carried well through the darkness. Laterns were everywhere lighting the arena, and blood stains lay strewn across the floor. A mess to see, but it was definately Hyro's style.

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14th October 2004, 10:42 PM

Screams and stomping, yells and whoops, clapping and hollering caused Zelig to look up as the challenger walked in the room. A black mask completely covers his face, though featureless. Zelig sitting cross-legged, fore arms resting on the brown sand gritted stains and the blood of enemies of his robe. Setting back ridged, yet it was obvious his whole body was relaxed. His hands lay open, then he swooped his right hand down, grabbing a fist full of sand. The shouting all but ceased as he rolled backwards over his head onto his stomach, then all the way back to a crouching posiition. He stood, throwing the grasped sand way up in the air while gesturing toward the blood and to the crowd with his left. Looking for a clearly dramatic effect that he obtained with ease.

Zelig spoke, “The spectators like you,” Zelig nodded his head, “It is a shame that you have to die before you really get a shot at even the semi finals.” Zelig then clasp his hands behind his back and bowed his head, level with his waist. In the darkness of the arena, light reflected of his mask maddeningly, yet majestically. Zelig continued to bow, waiting for his opponent to do the same, so the formal match may begin.

16th October 2004, 05:56 PM
Hyro was stoked for the fight. Just the mere appearance of the opponent was intresting. No face, a weird cane, and a cloak, almost laughable but respecatable at the same time. Hyro could gain no specific read on him, but it being night, and the shadows everywhere atleast gave Hyro a field advantage. Man this guy looks like an idiot. Though I can't say anything, I have seen worse.

"I don't wanna disappoint you, but you going to the finals seems like a small joke to me, and you have no idea of what I am capable of." A dark light flashed across his eyes, and an almost too sinister smile came across his face. A dark portal opened up behind Hyro, and he quickly threw alot of his excess belongings into the dark portal. Now all that stood was Hyro, his hair brought down infront of his eyes, covering his face in shadows, his white tank top, boots, black jeans, and his swords; The Brotherhood, and Bloodlust.

"Now I'll spare you on the speach, but keep your eyes on my hand." Hyro loved the dramatics, or rather the intesity of suspense, either way it was an extroidinairy feeling. Hyro's hands moved like clockwork, but never once repeated. His hands moved to both swords and he began to spin them. Still smiling he brought both swords spinning infront of him to join them in a double bladed staff joined by the hilts of the sword, the dragon swallowing the pearl. Now the blade spinned in an immense array of blue and red, blurring together.

Finished showing off he brought the bladed staff behind his back with one hand infront, and the blade brought up behind his ear. Hyro was ready, but was his opponent ready for him. Hyro sensed nothing amazing about his opponent, meaning one of two things; he was bluffing, or he was amazing with that odd looking cane. Oddly enough, a weapons attack didn't seem right. Instead Hyro decided to use one of his favorite modes of torture.

Hyro created four portals around this faceless warrior. The portals lead to space, each portal pulling on him. The portals seemed so flawless that Hyro took extra precautions to make sure that even if the faceless warrior got out, or managed to be immune to its effect, then he would be there waiting for him. Hyro just made himself swallowed by one of his own portals, where it lead only he knew.

17th October 2004, 09:27 AM
His opponent refused to bow, and got right to the battle instead after a few words. Rude isn’t he, Guilez voice flowed like honey into his head. Zelig used that voice to ignore the portals around him, and focus on the one his opponent made. The portals around him were far enough apart that it only pulled him in all directions, quite painfully infact, but held him still.

Drawing his cane from his belt he drew a line in the sand at his feat, the line opening up into blackness, gravity causing him to fall through the portal – landing in the same location his opponent just went to. Voice hollering like the wind through the portals he just escaped from, he looked deep into his opponents eyes behind his mask. The glare, though not seen, could be felt. “I will not touch you till you bow, naive.” Zelig tapped his mask with the ball of his cane, then sliced the air with the bottom of it again, returning to the arena.

Putting the cane back in his waist tie he waited patiently wondering if his show of power rocked his opponent any. Clasping his hands behind his back, he was ready to mock this child with actions.