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12th October 2004, 01:29 PM
A silent wind swept through the barren dessert, causing small sand storms and wisps of sand to arise and get in Katos eyes. His hood was up due to his intolerance for the sun. it seemed to be about 97 degrees. Kato was sweating profusely. if he was exposed to this sun for more than 2 minuets he would be burnt.

Kato and a memeber of a syndicate, had made arrangments to meet here so the woman could test him. He never was for attacking a girl, but she wanted to see if he was strong enough. and he would show her he was at least good enough to keep up with some of the other clan members. Kato had been ridden with past guilt as he killed a girl once. well thats what everyone else said....
a younger Kato walked the dark streets his feet making a thumping sound. he looked up and smiled at the moon, the only natural light that didn't burn his skin. he was walking whistling a tune he learned from some travelers at a nearby in when heard a blood curdling scream peirce the air. Not taking a second to think what could be happened Kato ran to the place where he thought he had heard the scream from.

at a nearby alley Kato spotted a few memebers of a local gang with two girls, one apperently dead. Kato let out a low growl and threw his tounge full force at one of the 4 men. the tounge, which was as strong as a week steel knocked the man out, immeadeatly all the other men tuned. the quickly took out daggers and lunged for Kato. Jumping up abour 10 feet. Kato took out his cutlass and came down upon one man, ramming Cutlass into his skull and out the nape of his neck. the other two swing. only to make contact with the already dead mans head.

Kato had leaped out of the way. he then swung his tounge out and hit a pile of crates, which was supposed to be where one of the two remaning members was. the crates quickly fell and crushed everyone alive in the alley, besides Kato. When Kato was woken up, he was told that he had killed the men and the two woman. as much as he testified he was proven guilty. he quickly killed his gaurds that were escorting him to his cell and escaped.
*end flashback*

Kato was sent into a momentary depression at that thought. but he quickly regained his sense as he knew he didn't entirely cause that incident and also that he was awaiting someone and didn't want to look depressed.

OOC: yes my opening sucks..i needed to tell you a little about my character. and why he doesn't want to attack a woman. i need some help with my RPing and i hope this will be educational for me....wow i just sounded sickening..wanting to learn...meh i may be acting alittle too nice..lol anyways...yeah hope i can learn from this spar.

13th October 2004, 02:47 PM
Starslayer, a cat-girl, slowly snuck around ehind Kato. She had left the base from a differant exit, and come into the desert from the other end. Her brown fur helped hide her slightly in the tiny dust devils. She held a modified laser pistol in one hand, modified to cause nothing more then a minor sting. She didn't want any incidents during the match. She used her tail as a brush, to sweep away her tracks. She slowly approached Kato, who looked slightly depressed.

As he recovered, she slowly raised her laser pistol. She had hidden herself in the sand, so she had little doubt about Kato not seeing her. However, anything was possible, she reminded herself. She raised her laser pistol, pointed it at Kato, and fired.

OoC: The following is assuming Kato is hit. Look ahead if he dodges in time, which is unlikely as Starslayer is approaching from behind.

IC: Starslayer sighed, as her attack Kato. She approached him, sheathing her laser pistol.

"You're dead," she said. "If that had been a full force attack, you'd be nothing more than a pile of ashes now, dust to dust. Now, let's get fighting."

OoC: The following is assuming Kato dodges the attack.

IC: Starslayer sheathed her pistol as her attack missed, and applauded.

"Nice," she said. "I haven't met anyone else who can dodge one of my sneak attacks. Now," she snapped onto a fighting stance. "Let's fight."