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9th January 2006, 08:51 PM
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11th January 2006, 03:53 PM
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12th January 2006, 01:32 AM
(I applied to be a pilot not a stormtrooper.)

She looks at the others in the room and follows after Sare.
Crawling through the hole he made, she climbs out to find him under heavy fire from stromtroopers.
She takes out her blaster and starts shooting at the ones not near to Sare. No need to put him in anymore danger than he already is.

12th January 2006, 03:25 PM
Sare swung one of his red lightsabers and deflected a blaster bolt back at one of the last Storm Troopers and the deflected shot hit the Storm Trooper in the chest, sending it to the ground painfully. He turned to find a female from the Dining Room standing in front of the door with a smoking Blaster Rifle in hand. "Great way to live." Sare said to the female as he turned and looked odwn both ends of the hallway to make sure that nothing else was comming. Once he was satisfied he then began to ran and said "Come on, he is this way." To the female.

Sare ran down the corridor with lightsabers in hand and with the female running beside him. He used the force to scan up ahead for any threats and then he sensed it just before they got to it. He used the force to send a large force wave out towards the cieling about 25 feet in front of him and then suddenly 2 Defense Blasters lowered from the cieling and were preparing to fire until the force wave swallowed both of them up and disabled them.

Sare turned down another hallway and saw 2 lines of Storm Troopers down at the other end of the hallway waiting for him. Just then 2 more squads of Storm Troopers advanced behind him with Blaster Rifles set to kill and pointed at his back. Alright, a little problem we have here. Sare thought as he looked around his surroundings looking for something to do. He looked quickly and when he looked up he saw it.

There was a large covered catwalk above them. He turned to the female and said "Quickly, grab onto my shoulders and hang tight. I have a plan." He deactived both of his lightsabers and waited for the female to comply.

14th January 2006, 08:49 AM
Belak heard sirens buzz in his room, the storm troopers looked at his him and then at each other.

"He will probably die anyway, lets go."

Belak watched them run out of the room then quickly spun around in his chair and lurched forwards jamming his wheel chair in the door, the door tried to close then re opened itself.

This was a mistake coming here

Another siren was heard in the corridor, more storm troopers rushed pass.

His injuries were still hindering him and he slowly wheeled his way towards the hanger

I don't know where you guys are going but i hope that i can either meet up with you in the hanger or follow your ship in one that i "borrow".

17th January 2006, 01:19 AM
"You want to climb on your back? OK."

She climbs up on his back and grabs a hold of his shoulders.

"What's the plan?"

Looking over his shoulders she sees stormtroopers coming up on them from both sides.

17th January 2006, 01:24 AM
OOC:Perrad, we're staying on the Death Star, I'm just taking over it.

The female pilot latched onto Sare's shoulders with her hands and held on tight as he used the force to jump up into the air. His body leapt high into the air with the female pilot and was propelled even higher with the force. The stormtroopers below fired aimlessly at Sare, trying to hit him, but all shots went wide or missed. They landed on top of the covered walkway and Sare took out both of his lightsabers and thrust them into the top of the walkway and slowly cut a hole into the thick metal. He then kicked it in and slid down into the walkway below.

He landed and saw an Imperial Officer with 2 stormtroopers escorting him standing in front of him with a suprised look on his face. The officer was getting read yto reach for his blaster pistol and the stormtroopers were beginning to raise their own blaster rifles when Sare threw one of his lightsabers like a boomerang and cut down all three of them. He caught his weapon in the air as it returned to him.

He hollered at the female pilot that it was okay to come down and helped her climb down. He then walked over to the body of the Imperial Officer and searched it until he found what he was looking for. Once he did he held up a security card and said "This should get us to the hangar, come on." He then turned and ran off towards the hangar.

OOC: Meet us at the Hangar.

18th January 2006, 01:35 AM
She smiles at the quick destruction of the officer and stromtroopers. She follows Sare, matching him step for step, keeping up with him easily.

She often looks behind them to see if there are pursuers, so far there have been none.

She hears sounds of an alarm going off and looks behind them once again. About seven troopers are behind them now. She stops and fires her rifle at them, keeping each in her sight and before any can fire back, she blasts them all.

She runs to catch up with Sare.

"Had some company. Took care of them quickly."

Continuing to run with him, they reach the hanger doors. Watching his back, AJ, keeps guard of them.

18th January 2006, 04:11 PM
OOC: I thought you had a blaster pistol? Also at least kind of make it hard for us instead of mowing them down like that.

IC: Sare ran with the female pilot and then they arrived at large blast doors. He could sense that the Emperor was on the other side. Almost over now. Sare thought as he looked at the blast doors. He swung his lightsabers at the door, but they bounced off. "Dang, the doors are made of Cortosis." Sare said as he began to think of another way to get in.

He then noticed a small computer against the wall and walked over to it. He pulled out the security card he had stolen earlier off of the corpse of the Emperial Officer and swiped it through a card slot. A cool female voice then spoke from the computer saying:

"Access granted."

He then heard the lock to the blast doors click open and the doors began to slide apart. Sare walked over to the open doorway and stepped in. He saw that he was now in the hangar and saw Sitheus standing there waiting for him.

The Emperor then turned towards Sare and said "I told you to wait in the Dining Room, why have you disobeyed orders. This will affect my judgement on you." Sare smiled menacingly and said "I'm sorry, but I will no longer be taking orders from you nor anyone else for that matter. This Empire will be mine. Sorry, but you have to go."

The Emperor thrust out his hand and sent a force push at him, but Sare dropped one of his lightsabers and blocked the force push and threw it at a near by TIE Fighter, knocking it across the floor a couple feet. The Emperor looked mad and used the force to summon his own red lightsaber to his hand, but Sare quickly used a force pull to pull the lightsaber out of mid-air and into his own hand.

"Come on." Sare said as twirled both of the red lightsabers in his hand. "That was pathetic." Sare then began to advance on the Emperor and the Emperor began to back up nervously. The Emperor sent a surge of Force Lightning at Sare, but Sare blocked the attack with his lightsabers and continued forward. He was preparing to stab the Emperor to death until he noticed a red blaster bolt streak through the air and hit the Emperor in the back. The Emperor stumbled forward before being pelleted by a barrage of blaster fire comming form everywhere.

The Emperor fell to the ground full of holes and Sare looked around to see Storm Troopers in the area. The all had tehir weapons pointed at the Emperor. One of the commando's spoke up and said "We want you as the Emperor. He only wanted to lead for himself and we wereh is protection. However, you have proven that you're strong and care about others."

Sare smiled and said "Caring about others is not really me. I saved the pilot because how else will I command if I don't have a pilot I can trust. Anyways I will lead this Empire and we will conquer the Galaxy one planet at a time, crushing anyone who gets in our way. Also, could someone direct me to the Emperor's quarters and also please supply the female pilot over there with a large and spacious quarters. Also anyone else that is on this ship too."

A clone commando then came up to him and told him that he would lead Sare to his quarters. Sare followed with plans for the Empire flowing through his mind.

OOC:Well, now to get more members, open some training threads, and on our 1st mission.

19th January 2006, 02:22 AM
OOC: This is quoted from one of your earlier posts here. "He turned to find a female from the Dining Room standing in front of the door with a smoking Blaster Rifle in hand." So I just went along with it.

IC: She watches the battle between Sare and the Emperor. Knowing she can take no part in this...she watches the corridor behind them. She sees stormtroopers heading her way and prepares to fire at them. None of them have their weapons out and one of them motions to her, they will not fight.

Keeping her eyes on them, the one approaches alone. "We will fight for our new Emperor now. Look behind you instead of at us and you will see what I mean."

She turns around to see the old Emperor fall under blaster shots all around.

When he has died, she steps into the hanger.

"One of the commando's spoke up and said "We want you as the Emperor. He only wanted to lead for himself and we wereh is protection. However, you have proven that you're strong and care about others."

Sare smiled and said "Caring about others is not really me. I saved the pilot because how else will I command if I don't have a pilot I can trust. Anyways I will lead this Empire and we will conquer the Galaxy one planet at a time, crushing anyone who gets in our way. Also, could someone direct me to the Emperor's quarters and also please supply the female pilot over there with a large and spacious quarters. Also anyone else that is on this ship too."

The stormtrooper that had already been speaking to her comes forward.
"I will take her to her new quarters, sir."

19th January 2006, 08:35 PM
Sare stands waiting for the elevator to stop. He lookes over at the Storm Commando who showed no sign of what he was thinking. Sare then felt the elevator begin to slow down and the screech to a halt. Sare turned to the Storm Commando and said "That needs to be fixed." The Storm Commando nodded and led Sare off of the elevator and down a hallway that led to a dead end.

At the end of the hallway was a Blast Door gaurded by two Emperor's Gaurds. They were clad in their usual red armor and continued to stare straight ahead as Sare and the Stormg Commando walked up to the door. The Storm Commando then said "The Blast Door will only open to your touch from this keypad or from another inside."

Sare saw the keypad that the Storm Commando was talking about and tapped it once and the Blast Doors slid open. He then said "Ah, thank you. COntinue with your duties. You're dismissed." Sare walked into the dimly lit chambers. "I can get used to this." Sare said as he walked in and began to explore his new home.

20th January 2006, 01:42 AM
She follows the stormtrooper along a different corridor. He leads her through a set of blastdoors and on farther. He takes her a elevator and up three floors.

"These here are the pilot quarters. The new Emperor said to give you a spacious one. Since you are a pilot, yours is the commander's rooms. Just keep walking straight on from here. Here is the keycard to get you in. I'm just a trooper and we can't go in here. Good luck, commander."

He leaves her there to find her rooms. She walks on alone to find this area mostly empty. "We're going to have to fix this soon. If we're going to control all."

She gets to her room and opens the door. No lights are on inside, but as she enters, the lights come on to reveal her rooms.

22nd January 2006, 01:30 PM
OOC: Got a mission comming up I think.

IC: Sare walked int othe dimly lit chambers and noticed his large throne in the middle of the room. He walked over to it and sat down it, noticing how the cushions adjusted to his body and relaxed him. He then got up and walked over to a large metal cabinet. He saw that there was nothing on the cabinet, but a lock and no handles to open it.

He then raised his hand towards the locked and sent a small force push towards it and the cabinet clicked open and slid back to reveal a large rack of items used to make lightsabers, Sith Robes, and much more.

Sare grabbed a large black Sith Robe that hung on it's own shelf and place it on himself. He could feel the that this robe was just for him and was eager to try on everything else when he heard a small voice fill the chambers.

"Sir, this is Officer Romandon. I am sorry if I am disturbing you."

Sare then realised that he was probably needed and said "Yes, what is it?"

There was a pause and then followed by "Our scouts have reported that there is a Rebel Transport on it's way to Yavin IV. There are no hints as to what it might be carrying, but if we act now we might be able to intercept it."

Sare smiled and thought Yes, this is my chance to show what a true Emperor can do. He turned away fro mthe cabinet and closed it with another force push and then said "Well, then. I guess that we shall intercept it. Ready a ship for me, 10 soldiers, and the female pilot to any neighboring Star Destroyer."

"Yes Sir, I will prepare them now."

Sare then smiled menacingly and then turned towards the entrance and walked out.

OOC: Look for a RP in the BA section called First Strike made by me.

23rd January 2006, 01:31 AM
(OOC: I forgot the name I picked for my char. lol Just call me Mauly or whatever, unless you want to pick a new name for me.)

BIC: Mauly walks into the bedroom and sees a bed, a closet for her clothes, bookshelves full of books on stratigy and warfare, and a dresser. There is another door that leads to the bathroom.

The main room has a table for eating, two comfortable chairs and a couch.

There are also filing cabinets with records of the recruits and pilots. Who commands which wing and battallion and so forth. All she will need to know who she now commands.

There is also a com right by the door. As she looks at it, it buzzes. She walks over to it.

"What is it?"

"The Emperor has a mission for you. Go to the hanger and a shuttle will take you to your ship."

She grabs her stuff and puts it into her pack and goes to the hanger for the shuttle.

26th June 2006, 05:22 PM
OOC: Well we're getting new members soon so I decided to scrap the mission.

IC: Sare returend to the Death Star with a sour taste in his mouth. The doors to the transport ship that he was on hissed open and in front of him was a Lieutenant that saluted him as he quickly walked off the ship. The mission had been scrubbed at one last moment when Sare felt a disturbance in the force and detected multiple force users comming the way he was traveling. He sensed that they were Jedi, but detected that there were too many to fight with such small numbers.

Now Sare was returning to his quarters to meditate on the event and hope that the Empire would grow. If not he might be faced with a big problem.

29th June 2006, 02:50 PM
(I thought this had been forgotten about.)

The shuttle is ordered to return to the Death Star.

After the shuttle lands in the bay, she climbs out and goes back to her rooms.

She grabs something to eat and waits there until she is summoned again.