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31st December 2005, 10:13 AM
Now... This is the BIG Barracks Information thread. Anything deemed worthy of mention will be displayed here and kept up-to-date regularly. I know we've all been waiting for this due to the pile-up of stickied threads, so now you have the opportunity and view all the info you need/want in one big thread rather than having multiple windows open all the time.

Browse the index below to view the section you want to aquire information of.

Table of Contents

Upgrades for Age 6
Upgrades Calculator
Choosing a Race
Guide to ingame diplomacy
Mercenaries Defined
mIRC Tutorial
Kings Of Chaos Glossary of Terms

Any questions regarding any of this and/or would like to suggest amendments to anything in this thread, PM one of the KOC mods.

31st December 2005, 08:20 PM
Upgrades for Age 6

~ Credit to Iceman (http://www.giveupalready.com/member.php?u=2054)

Defense Action Upgrades:

Level - Name - Price - Multiplier

1 - Camp - 0 - 1,000
2 - Stockade - 40.000 - 1,250
3 - Rabid Pitbulls - 80.000 - 1,500
4 - Walled Town - 160.000 - 1,750
5 - Towers - 320.000 - 2,000
6 - Battlements - 640.000 - 2,250
7 - Portcullis - 1.280.000 - 2,500
8 - Boiling Oil - 2.560.000 - 2,750
9 - Trenches - 5.120.000 - 3,000
10 - Moat - 10.240.000 - 3,250
11 - Drawbridge - 20.480.000 - 3,500
12 - Fortress - 40.960.000 - 3,750
13 - Stronghold - 81.920.000 - 4,000
14 - Palace - 163.840.000 - 4,250
15 - Keep - 327.680.000 - 4,500
16 - Citadel - 655.360.000 - 4,750
17 - Hand of God - 1.310.720.000 - 5,000

Strike Action Upgrades:

Level - Name - Price - Multiplier

1 - None - 0 - 1,000
2 - Flaming Arrows - 40.000 - 1,333
3 - Ballistas - 80.000 - 1,667
4 - Battering Ram - 160.000 - 2,000
5 - Ladders - 320.000 - 2,333
6 - Trojan Horse - 640.000 - 2,667
7 - Catapults - 1.280.000 - 3,000
8 - War Elephants - 2.560.000 - 3,333
9 - Siege Towers - 5.120.000 - 3,667
10 - Trebuchets - 10.240.000 - 4,000
11 - Black Powder - 20.480.000 - 4,333
12 - Sappers - 40.960.000 - 4,667
13 - Dynamite - 81.920.000 - 5,000
14 - Greek Fire - 163.840.000 - 5,333
15.- Cannons - 327.680.000 - 5,667

Covert skill (spy/sentry) upgrades:

Level - Name - Price - Multiplier

1 - Level 0 - 0 - 1
2 - Level 1 - 12,000 - 2
3 - Level 2 - 24,000 - 4
4 - Level 3 - 48,000 - 8
5 - Level 4 - 96,000 -16
6 - Level 5 - 192,000 - 32
7 - Level 6 - 384,000 - 64
8 - Level 7 - 768,000 - 128
9 - Level 8 - 1,536,000 - 256
10 - Level 9 - 3,072,000 - 512
11 - Level 10 - 6,144,000 - 1024

Unit Production Upgrades:

Level - Name - Price

1 - 0 - 0
2 - 5 - 47,000
3 - 10 - 64,222
4 - 20 - 184,316
5 - 40 - 560,453
6 - 80 - 1,822,330
7 - 160 - 6,404,480
8 - 320 - 24,632,756
9 - 640 - 105,191,829

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Upgrades Calculator

Download here (http://bombermanarmy.com/webluser/spreadsheet.php)

~ Credit to webluser (http://www.giveupalready.com/member.php?userid=6140)

I have update my excel spreadsheet for age 6. It has all the new weapons and upgrades in it.

The spreadsheet tells you when to upgrade. What your stats are, and what they could be under different circumstances, how long it will take you to be able to afford that shiny new Hand of God and so much more.


Send any bugs or suggestions to webluser@imap.cc

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Choosing a Race

If you are wonder on which is the best race for you to play as during the any age, the information below is here designed to help you assist in making that choice.


20% Income bonus - Advantage over all three races in regards to earning gold.
Can build up stats quicker due to such financial advantage.

Lack of SA/DA/CA bonuses, can be over-powered by other non-Human players due to the other race bonuses.
Bonus is smaller than other race bonuses.
Often become bigger targets than other races, as they generally have more gold on hand.


40% Defence bonus - Higher chance of defending enemy attacks.
Best choice for the type of player that just likes to sit back and leech turn based gold, while defending attacks and making the occasional repairs.
Non-dwarf opposition will need to aquire more defencive weaponry in order to match or try to beat the 35% def bonus.
Less gold needed to reach a massive DA

Lack of money/SA/CA bonuses, making dwarves weak against covert, but possible to fend off orc attacks.


30% Attack bonus - better chance of breaking enemy defence
Better chances of taking good amounts of gold in attacks due to SA power increase.
Less gold needed to reach a massive SA.
Many Orcs play small accounts, where they train excess soldiers to spy/sentry. This is in order to steal the greatest amount of gold and absorb the least number of casualties, as attacking an army smaller than your own will generally bring you less gold than attacking a larger army. This small army size also helps these players to keep the gold they have, as others are more reluctant to attack them.

Lack of money/DA/CA bonuses
Vulnerable defence. Other Orcs will break you easily if you fail to pay careful attention to your DA. However, revenge is easily accessible if they have a large portion of gold up for display.
(In reference to the last "Pro" listed above) Having a smaller army due to this also limits the amount of TBG you receive, which is a large disadvantage.


25% Covert bonus - Although "25%" is significantly smaller percentage-wise in comparison to SA/DA bonuses, this bonus covers both Spy/Sabotage and Sentry.
No sabotage immunity - makes sabbing more effective than it was in age 2 when sab immunity was accidently discovered but was never turned off for the rest of the age.
With covert covering both Spy and Sentry, building these stats will help get your rank up quicker, whereas the other races need to work twice as hard to maintain both areas without the bonus.
In order for the enemy reveal your treasury on their screen, their spy stats needs to be at least 4 times your sentry. Being this, the more you build your sentry, the more you're putting the enemy at work to put up their spy rating. This is a significantly large disadvantage for non-elf players.
In reference to the above Pro, less concentration is required to reveal enemy treasury, especially if the enemy is not an elf.
Covert bonus covering both spy and sentry stats gives you more time than any of the other races to maintain SA/DA.

Lack of money/SA/DA bonuses.
No sab-immunity means no sitting back and forget about maintaining sentry as opposed to age 2. (If you played age 2, you'll know what I'm on about)

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Guide to ingame diplomacy

~ Credit to Eyeflash (now known as Stalin McCommie (http://www.giveupalready.com/member.php?u=13228))

Oh, so many threads about being attacked and sabbed a lot by certain players and alliances and not knowing how to deal with it. Time to put an end to this. Read this guide and you'll hopefully have a lot less trouble. In some cases I'll assume you're a member of an alliance where you can post in a certain area in case you're having diplomatic trouble. I'll be referring to this area as your "alliance hitlist". If this is not the case, you'll mostly be on your own for diplomacy and retaliation, or you could ask some friends who also play.

Scenarios that would take diplomacy or retaliation:

#1: The player attacks you a LOT every day, it is getting close to harassment and they are seriously limiting your playing fun by taking a LOT of gold and killing many of your soldiers. Don't post this person in your alliance hitlist if you're only being farmed once a day or less often. If it's still annoying to you even though it doesn't happen often, just sort it out with the person himself, although it's kind of being a poor sport since he doesn't attack THAT often.

#2: The player has sabbed you multiple times. Don't just post in your alliance's hitlist after one sab(attempt). You must also have proof that you were sabotaged by checking your intelligence log, and it must say that the player sabbed you multiple times at different moments. Two caught sab attempts within a few minutes does not amount to multiple sabotages. It's usually safe to assume that the other player has it in for you when he sabs you daily and also hits attack weapons just to spite you, in which case reporting him is just fine.

#3: You are being mass attacked or sabotaged by an alliance. To prove this is indeed happening, you'll need to provide logs of at least five people attacking or sabotaging you as many times as possible within a short timeframe. To prove they all belong to the same alliances, you will need to check their commander, and their commander etc etc until you reach the top of the chain. If you're not sure what alliance that chain belongs to, be sure to name the top player of the chain, since many of us will recognize the alliance. If you think a player does belong to the same alliance as the others who have been attacking you, it will usually be by his/her name or any taunting message he/she sends you in the name of said alliance.

#4: Somebody is sending you harassing, insulting and/or discriminatory messages.

How to deal with these things:

For example #1 and #2, and perhaps #3, depending on the reason for the mass attack, if any, type a polite, but short message to your attacker, his commander and/or his alliance leader(if any). When mass attacked, you'll usually want to send a message to the direct commander of the highest person in the command chain who attacked you, or this highest person himself. Not everybody speaks English natively, remember that, so don't make your message very long using big words. A good message would be like this:


Recently I've noticed you've been attacking/sabbing me quite often amount of times. This is really getting too much since it's really ruining the for me game by now since I hardly get a chance to spend my gold/I'm losing too many soldiers to be able to buy anything/I keep losing my rank because of the weapons that are sabotaged. Now, I am aware that attacking is part of the game and should be done for fun, but where's the fun when you're taking it away from other players? I would like to at least hear something from you since I'm trying to sort this out politely. I could just retaliate or ask friends to help me but instead I'm trying to be polite here, so I hope you won't throw it aside. Thanks for hearing me out.



It could happen that they respond negative, rude or not at all. You know when they've read it when you go to your outbox. When your message is on a gray background, they haven't read it yet. If the message is on a black background it has been read and if it isn't in the outbox at all, it has been deleted. At times like these you will want to inform your commander and/or alliance leader(if any) about it so they can contact the aggressor, his commander and/or his leader.

When under a mass attack or sabotage:

In this case you'll probably need to involve the leadership of your alliance and the one that attacked you. Usually an alliance doesn't sab independent players unless they've done something serious, so it's safe to assume you're somehow connected to a certain alliance when this happens. Try to get your leaders to sort it out with theirs, cause we don't want a clan war. If you have an alliance that cares about its members no matter what their rank, and the enemy alliance doesn't negotiate, a clan war might occur. Try to do everything you can for your alliance in this case, because they risked a war with somebody else just to help you out.

When receiving rude, insulting and/or discriminatory messages:

You can choose to ignore this or make a big fuss about it. If it's really personal and hurtful, and the person also harasses you through attacks, you'll want to report him to your alliance.

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Mercenaries Defined

~ Credit to me, Tytrox (no this is not a joke)

As we all see everyday, questions buzzing through both the forums and #kingsofchaos chat, one question i wish to make a clear and detailed but as-brief-as-possible answer to is about mercenaries.

now... alot of people ask what is a mercenary! heres your answer:

1. Motivated solely by a desire for monetary or material gain.
2. Hired for service in a foreign army.

In other words, a mercenary is someone who works for whoever hires them (regardless of hirer's status etc) usually working for the highest or most decent bidder if it comes to times of which the same person is wanted by more than 1 person.

Mercenaries are not people who can be trained once hired, but rather do what they specialise in. If they were trained initially to become assassins, then that is all they are good for. If they were trained initially to become some level of body-guard, then that is all they are good for. Basically whatever they were initially trained for and to expertise in is all they can do.

From noting above, this is why when you hire mercenaries that you cannot train/retrain them for a different role. They are trained to do 1 job and 1 job only (usually the case anyway).

For another note, mercenaries indeed do not come cheap nor do they come in decent quantities of personell. For this purpose, this is why when you goto the training page in your game account there is only so many to hire, unlike the unlimited stock of ordinary soldiers in your army. You can buy them by clicking "merceneries" tab on the left above the "Intel Logs" button. They appear on "Random" basis, or atleast we, general public, dont know when, so if you see them buy them.

As to not over-populate your army with such unique units. KOC has been restricted to only allowing 25% of your army to consist of mercenaries. To work out how many mercenaries to hire to take up this percentage, simply go by this mathematical formula:

S / 3 = M^R

S = currently army size (this value is the constant as for you gain/lose soldiers every day via clicks and losing soldiers in battle)

/ = divide

M = value of mercenaries you're entitled to hire

^R = As results are not 100% given as a whole number (sometimes giving decimals), it is best to have an accurate reading by rounding the value (if a decimal) down to the nearest whole number (eg. if M is 41.56, round down to 41)

That is the math way, but by some means, you can simply go by the concept given on the help page of the site:

You can hire mercenaries on the Mercenaries page, but only up to a strength of 25% of your total force - so for every 3 normal soldiers you gain, you can hire one more mercenary.

also going by a ratio of 3:1 being 3 for normal army size and 1 for the mercs. Please note that if you are trying to hire mercs knowing how many you are entitled to hire but it wont let you have them, one reason for this is the possibility that your army is too small being perhaps your army size is only (eg.) 3. What we/I do not know however is the biggest army size you can have before being allowed to hire mercs. We don't know why this is, the game admins have set the formulas so we'll wait for a response from them (this is not an invite to PM us to get into contact with the admins by any means or to make a post criticising them).

One last thing i would like to cover is the order inwhich soldiers die in battle. As you are well aware your untrained soldiers produce your Turn Based Gold (so do spies but this isn't about them). While such soldiers produce gold, mercs require the gold to do their job, and yes fortunately there is no upkeep value in place inorder to keep mercs in your army, basically once you purchase them they are to stay in your army until their death in battle.
The order inwhich mercs die is first any untrained ones you have followed by any trained ones (either be attack or defend, which ever one comes first on your attack logs). They also do the same amount of damage as what normal soldiers do.

The way most of us see it is this, mercenaries = cannon fodder (so to speak). At the moment mercs are best for being "meat shields" for your normal soldiers, so yes attack/defence mercs die before attack/defence soldiers (respectively), and the same goes for untrained mercs and soldiers. This is vital as they protect your TBG-producing soldiers from dieing therefore you still have some source of income, until the option of a bank is to be utilised into the game.

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mIRC Tutorial

Link (http://www.starfire3online.co.uk/mirctutorial.html)

~ Credit to H2SO4 (http://www.giveupalready.com/member.php?u=431)

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Kings Of Chaos Glossary of Terms

~ Credit to Shadowfox


Alliance: Group of people uniting as one big team to be in a more literal-sense of an army.
Attack: An action where you try to steal gold from someone else.
Attack Log: All attacks that were made on you, and those you made on others.
AutoBuyers: Program that buys weapons for you automaticly (ILLEGAL)
AutoSender: Program that send message automaticly (ILLEGAL)
Banker: Someone that goes to your account to spend gold. (ILLEGAL)
BlackPowder Missile: The most strongest weapon for Attack Soldiers.
CAPTCHA: The random images that must match with your input.
Chain: A group of players attached to eachother with commander-officer relations.
ChainSweep: Attacking a chain for the actions of one/more person(s).
Clan: See 'Alliance'
Clicker: A program where you click people's recruit link and they click your recruit link back.
Clicking: The proces of clicking the unique links in a list.
Commander: The person that is above you in the Chain.
Counter Defense: How much Damage you have done when attacked by an other person.
Defensive Action: How much theoretic Defense you have.
Farm: Someone with a lot of TBG and high Army Size and low Defense.
IRC FarmSearcher: Program that runs on IRC to help small players find targets using someone else's account. (ILLEGAL)
Intel Log: All attemps to recon and sab that were caught by you, or you made on others.
Invisibility Shield: The strongest weapon for Defense Soldiers.
Mass Attack: A planned attack from a group of players to damage the opponent.
Officer(s): The person(s) below you. You are their commander. (You get a soldier for every 2 soldiers they get.)
Race: A kind of army you will have, every race has it's bonus.
Recon: A covert mission of a spy.
Recruiting: Trying to get people in your chain/alliance.
Sabotage: Destroying someone's weapons using a spy.
Sentry: Someone to prevent spies and therefor recons and sabs.
Sell Off: Someone that sells a lot of weapons so that someone else can steal a lot of money.
Spy: Someone that can recon or sab.
Strike Action: How many theoretic Attack you have.
Sub-Officer(s): People who are under your Officer(s).
Tool: Equipment for your Spies/Sentries.
Total Fighting Force: Number of Defense Soldiers, Attack Soldiers and Mercenaries you own.
Turn: Every 30mins KoC gives your TBG and your 2 attack turns.
Turn Based Gold: The amount of gold you receive every turn. This depends of the size of your army, spies and sentries.
Unit Production: Number of soldiers you generate per day.
Upgrades: A purchase that raises the power of your Weapons and Tools.
Weapon: Equipment for you Attack/Defense Soldiers.


BPM: BlackPowder Missile.
CAPTCHA: Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart
DA: Defensive Action.
GUA: GiveUpAlready.com
IS: Invisibility Shield.
J/K: Just Kidding (also known plainly as "Joking")
J/P: Just Playing
KoC: Kings of Chaos
LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off
LOL: Laughing Out Loud.
MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
OMG: Oh My God
SA: Strike Action.
TBG: Turn Based Gold.
TFF: Total Fighting Force
ROFL: Rolling Over the Floor Laughing

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