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10th October 2004, 03:38 PM
Name: Caius Jauin
Aliases: The Atheron Wielder, Jauin, Son of Rigariu, The Guardian
Class: Servant/Guardian
Element: none
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown, Short
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 190 lbs
Home: Wherever his master travels.
Master: Lord Xaon (http://giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=791#post791)
Visual: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v295/CALLAN13/XC.jpg (Yeah I know, bad quality and horribly drawn. I'm not an artist here.)
Appearance: Caius wears a brown cloak, much less elegant than Lord Xaon's. His pants are loose and baggy, battered from hard labor. On his back is an iron sheath, custom made for his sword. He wears a leather belt with two leather holsters in which his daggers are held. On his upper right arm is another band with a case for a pocketknife. His face is slender, and his body is toned. Overall, he is good-looking, but his clothes are cheap and dirty looking.
Personality/Attitude: Caius is the quiet type, never speaking too much unless he is overcome with an emotion. He is angry most of the time, though never forgets about his needy family back home. Caius never feels any emotions of sadness. Like most, there is the occasionally flooding of lust. When a lady is near, he is a complete gentleman, as he was raised to be by his father.

Caius was born to an average family. He grew up learning almost everything there was to know. His father worked in an army and his mother was not able to work at all. At the age of fifteen, his father died in an accident while serving in the army. There was some miscommunication while a unit was taking a dangerous criminal into custody. There was a signal, which was interpreted to be a warning for an enemy attack. The troop then charged the criminal with their swords held high. As soon as the sudden movement was seen, two flintlock pistols were pulled from their holster, killing two members of that troop, one of them Sir Rigariu Jauin.

After the news, Caius was forced to work, becoming the only income for his family. He dropped out of school and began to look for a job. He soon found that no one wanted a boy working for them. After nearly a year, Caius found a job helping the king of Zin, Lord Xavier (Xaon). The kingdom was not too far away, and the king was not overly demanding. By the time he had gotten the job, his family was already evicted from their home. The two remaining Jauins moved into a small home in Zin, given to them by Caius' new boss. When the king was forced to leave, Caius remained loyal and left with him. His mother moved from the kingdom and using money sent from Caius, rented a small cottage about twenty miles from the kingdom. Lord Xaon and Caius grew somewhat close, almost achieving a 'friend' status. Caius realized that he was slowly earning respect and someday he too could achieve greatness. Now he protects the former king, fighting along side of him in battle.

Fighting Style: Caius is highly skilled in sword art, but he also uses other styles, such as martial arts. As a child, Caius was trained in the art of Tov Erise, a foreign martial art. When fighting along side of Lord Xaon, he fights with his sword while the dark mage casts spells from afar.
Swordplay: A basic art of the sword, which involves various thrusts, swings, and advanced footwork.
Tov Erise: A martial art that involves extremely advanced footwork, quick spins, and kicks, but lacks hand to hand combat. Tov Erise also includes the usage of daggers and thievery.
Swordsmanship Rating: 7/10
Tov Erise Rating: 6/10

Atheron: Double-bladed iron sword given to Caius by his father. Curved blade. Two and one half foot blade, Eight-inch hilt. Used mostly with one hand, though occasionally with two hands. Dmg: 500-650HP
Two copper daggers. Each one-foot in total length. Used at the same time for combo attacks. Dmg: 80-100HP
One steel pocketknife. Three inches in length. Sometimes lethal. Used when feinting or for non-battle purposes. Dmg: 30-50HP
Two steel bracers. Decorated with bronze rings. DA: 60-120
Steel breastplate. Plain/hidden under clothing. DA: 150-350
Atheronian Flight
Caius crouches low, resting a knee on the floor. He holds the Atheron with two hands upside-down and the point resting on the ground. Using energy stored in the blade, he leaps into the air, never moving the position of his blade. After reaching a height of eight feet, Caius thrusts the blade down into his target as he falls back to the ground. Dmg: 700-900HP/Cost: 150PP
'X' Factor:
Holding the dagger's blades downward, Caius charges his target, first slashing diagonally upward with his left, and then the same with his right. With his arms in an 'X' position, he slashes down with both arms simultaneously. Most people would expect the attacks to end there, but Caius feints as he spins off to his left. Dmg: 700-1000HP/Cost: 200PP
Cheap Blow:
As he swings the Atheron across his body from his right shoulder, Caius discretely pulls out his pocketknife, jabbing up into the targets mid-section. Dmg: 300-800HP/Cost: 100PP
Energy Rush:
Caius enters a rushing stace, holding the Atheron high above his right shoulder. He begins to charge forward, slowly swinging his charged blade downward. The blade never comes in contact with the target, but the ground before it. Caius then jumps backward and watches an explosion of energy from the ground. Dmg: 600-800HP/Cost: 500MP, 50PP
Metalic Rain:
With all of his equipment holstered and sheathed, Caius rests a closed fist on the ground along with his left knee. He begins to gather a massive amount of energy until his veins bulge. Using that energy, Caius throws his body nearly twelve feet in the air while pulling the Atheron from his back. Reaching his peak height, he hurls down the blade towards his target and quickly pulls out his two daggers, throwing those immediately. Caius must focus hard on his landing, so all mid-air attacks are complete before the halfway point of his descent. He turns his body sideways with his right hip facing the target and bends his knees to absorb the extreme impact. Dmg: 1200-1800HP/Cost: 1000MP, 200PP (locked)

14th October 2004, 08:04 PM
You always cop your weapon skills from Final Fantasy Limit Breaks? I don't see any blitz ball kicking though, which is SURPRISING.

Honestly, if you cant be creative, at least change the names a little bit. Christ.

Next, roleplaying only sword skills is extremely difficult and it takes alot, and when I say alot, I mean ALOT of patience. I have lost over twice as many battles as I have won with Zelig, who is elementless as well. Not that I was a worse role-player just that once they start pumping spells at you you cant keep dodging.

Well. Anyways to the REAL profile stuff

Weapons: Are lengths with or without the hilts?

4 foot sword? One Hand? Are you Joking? 4 Feet of a double bladed sword is at least a great sword, MAYBE a bastard sword - if your guy was much tougher then he is I mean. He seems pretty quick, Four foot double bladed sword is out of line, expecially when it is almost as TALL AS YOU!

Everything else looks good. I would like more history, but, on the other hand, a small history is appropriate for your char.

Kudos man, 5/10 for "Goodness"

16th October 2004, 10:09 AM
Yeah, I was thinking about that length, and then realized it was a bit much. As for my techniques for Caius, there is only two which has the name of Tidus's overdrives(FFX). Besides, the were only put as that until I could think of more creative names. In all honesty, I''m seriously still in stage one of creation for this character. Sone there will be more in depth history, more unique techniques, I'll be adding fighting style, as I did for my first character, and who knows what else I'll be adding for a new 'ability' section. I'll take that 5/10 as a compliment for my 'not even close enough to done for judging' second character. This is just a simple outline for this new character. As I add more, I'll be expecting more comments and critisism.