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9th October 2004, 05:10 PM
fatbreadstick may make the first post

9th October 2004, 05:12 PM
OOC: Hmm, seems a bit misspelled ... It was fixed before this was posted :tongue: (If forgot a space)

Okay folks, heres the jist of things. We are a Star Wars based clan that, unlike the other Star Wars clans, isn't based on Jedi or Sith, or the Force in any way (but you still can use Jedi and Sith). We are just normal Star Wars people who build stuff like droids, weapons, vehicles, ect., and go on quests and stuff, heck, we can even quest for Star Wars galaxy creatures... anyways, here we go.

It has been years after the Empire fell, but the galaxy doesn't seem peaceful, like it sould be. Wars are constantly breaking out, and the never-ending war between the Jedi and Sith has actually grown...

As you plummet towards a distant planet through hyperspace, you look down at a note in your hand. It is rather clear and to the point, and you read it to yourself again. "Come to these coordinates. You may come by any mode of transportation, any time, but come." Below that there are numbers in big bold letters, and you read them before you are lurched violently out of hyperspace. Then you see it. Raxus Prime, the junkyard planet. The big, red, junkpile just floating around in space. Industry has taken it and left it for dead, all trashed up and almost uninhabited by anything except for the trash collecting Jawas. It is perfect for this new faction, a quiet planet, out of the way, able to grow to it's heart's content, and chock-full of resources. As your sublight engines slowly bring you into the atmosphere, you notice a large clearing, or close to it at least, and fly towards it. In the center of it, there is a large complex and has a the letters "Galac i a k", obviously a building that had been abandoned for sometime, but now, machines were humming from inside. As you land in the small, clearing-ish thing, you notice another sign, just outside of the door. It reads: "Welcome. If you have come to join the Union, or are one of our allies, please enter. If not, leave now while you still have your whole body in tact." As you finish reading this, you hear a clanking from inside and two Battle Droids point their guns at you, just incase. One points to a human looking, mettalic droid as their mettalic voices begin to ring out, saying "If you are an ally or want to join, procede. If not you will be anihhilated. Follow that ASP droid to our leader if you aren't an enemy." The gray droid begins to walk down a long hallway and enters the farthest door. It is larger than most doors you are used to, maybe twenty feet high, and leads to a large room with an incredibly large man standing over a worktable trying to cut through something. He motions you to come forward without taking your eyes off of his work.

Rank System

To rise in rank you have to... well, you have to be a clan asset. Promotions will be given rather freely and for the recruitment thread, you can have every position you want, minus commander and above (unless I say you can)

Leader: Fatbreadstick (Rej, Wrank, Gisk, Gred, Yok)

Advisors: Zach (Kain), and anyone who PMs me before posting and I approve of...

Commander: Amethyst (dunno)

The following ranks are job specific, but all captians are the same power, all the leiutenants are the same power, but just have different jobs. If you want to be something like Builder/ Soldier, tell me so I can make it happen.

Builder Capitan: Fatbreadstick (Wrank)

Builder Leiutenant:

Builder Sergeant:


Infantry Capitan: Fatbreadstick (Gisk)

Infantry Leiutenant:

Infantry Sergeant:


Specialist (bounty hunters with sworn alliegences) Captain: Fatbreadstick (Yok, Wrank, Gisk, Gred)

Specialist Leiutenant:

Specialist Sergeant:


Okay, here's how it works, the top three ranks can command anyone below them, and can access any resources, droids, or whatever they want, but the Builder Capitan can only command people in the Builder Ranks. Same with Infantry and Specialists.


Builders- The guys who do most of the building and are invalubale in combat thanks to their skills (building bridges, repairing stuff, building droids, ect...) but most still know a thing or two about combat. They get 200 credits per rank up, but no droids, as they are excpected to be able to purchase parts and build them.

Infantry- The infantry are the soldiers who have most of the droid armies at their disposal. They aren't as good as specialists alone, and they aren't good with building, but they still know something about both jobs. They get 150 credits per rank up and 5 Battle Droids or 2 Super Battle Droids.

Specialists- These guys are the fast acting men who are basically sworn in bounty hunters and mercenaries. They are great alone in combat, but a backup never hurts. They get 100 credits per rank up, but only 1 Battle Droid.


Builders- Builders get access to any material not in use (they can basically just RP their way off base and find stuff with an infantry escort) and they get 200 credits per rank up and a steady 75 credit per month paycheck. They can also oversee work so that others can build, and they can charge up to 50 credits per item they help build, or even build items themselves.

Infantry- These guys get to use almost any weapon they can salvage (RP finding (nothing too powerful)) and get 150 credits per rank up. They also get 5 Battle Droids or 2 Super Battle Droids per rank up, and 75 credit per month paycheck. They don't get to build anything more than a small blaster without a Builder overseeing. They are allowed to escort builders through the planet so they can find stuff, and can charge up to 55 credits for this service.

Specialists- Specialists get to use any weapon they can salvage (RP finding (nothing too powerful)) and get 150 credits per rank up, but only 1 Battle Droid. They get 100 credits per month and don't need an infantry escort to find anything in the trash. Instead, they can go and solo salvage something for a Builder of Infantry-man for up to 55 credits.

Captains- All Captains in the Union will recieve an extra 10 Battle Droids (or 7 Super Battle Droids) and one droid of their choice (from this site (http://www.starwars.com/databank/droid/)) when they reach this rank, and an extra 75 credits per month.

Leiutenant- All Leius get an extra 5 Battle Droids upon reaching this rank and an extra 50 credits per month, and they can charge an extra 20 credits for their class specific ability (Solo Salvage, Escort, and Oversee/ Build)

Sergeant- All Sergeants get an extra 50 credits per month and can charge an extra 10 credits for their class specific ability (Solo Salvage, Escort, and Oversee/ Build)

Space Fleet

When you join, you are also assigned a squadron and a ship, if you don't have one already. Your ship stats should look somewhat like this (but don't use it because it's mine)

A Wing Starfighter
Length: 30 feet (about 10 meters)
Class: Starfighter/ Interceptor
Weapons: Side Laser Cannons, Concussion Missiles (24)
Speed: 800 MPH cruising
Pilots: One (Wrank)
Hull Strength: 8 (Out of 10)
Sheild Strength: 9 (Out of 10)
Features Added/ Modified: Faster Sublight Engines, Hyperdrive, Reinfoced Hull, Reinforced Shields


Side Laser Cannon
Strength: 7 (Out of Ten)
The side laser cannons are placed, one on each wing, and they can turn 360 degrees and even shoot at targets behind it.

Concussion Missiles (24 max)
Strength: 9
Homing missles designed for space and atmospheric use. They are fired from slots in the front.

In a squadron, the chain of command starts at the leader and ends at the number eight man. There are only eight men per squadron, and to fill in the gap, leaders can use NPC Droid Starfighters or other generic ships if you want, or you can use other characters if you make them. Here are the squadrons:

Red Squadron:

Red Leader: Fatbreadstick (Rej)

Red Two: Fatbreadstick (Yok)

Red Three: Fatbreadstick (Gisk)

Red Four: Fatbreadstick (Wrank)

Red Five: Luke Skywalker (yea I wish...)

Red Five: Fatbreadstick (Gred)

Blue Squadron:

Blue Leader: Zach (Kain)

Gold Squadron:

Gold Leader: Amethyst (Amethyst's character)

Droid Stats

These will be the stats for the newly issued Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids. Upon getting a promotion, please specify what type of droids you want, and if it is normal Battle Droids, tell whether it will be a pilot, security, regular, or commander droid.

Battle Droids

Battle Droids
Height: About 6 feet


Blaster Rifle
Damage: 6


Weak Plating
Absorbtion: 1

Super Battle Droids

Super Battle Droids
Height: About 6 feet


Blaster Rifle
Damage: 6

Arm Blaster
Damage: 5


Stronger Plating
Absorbtion: 4

The Union Bank

Fatbreadstick (Rej, Wrank, Gred, Gisk, Yok): Unlimited (Leaders)

Zach (Kain): Unlimited (Advisor)

Amethyst (Amethyst's Character): Unlimited (Commander)

Well, that about covers it for now. I'll add stuff later though...

Paradise Wandering
9th October 2004, 05:30 PM
Here i am. Change my char's name above. It is Kain. I have yet to post his stats, but i will.

What can i do to help get this show on teh road?

9th October 2004, 05:40 PM
OOC: Well uh, for starters, maybe an intro would do nicely lol. Advertise through PMs and maybe a quest for our non-made yet clan so people will join...

IC: A tall creature jumped out of the trash just at the edge of the clearing when he found what he was looking for; an energy panel. It wasn't just any energy panel, mind you, otherwise the tall, brown, furry creature wouldn't have spent hours looking for it, no, this one was special. The tall Wookie held it up as he gleefully ran back towards a table set up outside with a rather large, 7 foot long, 3 foot wide blade. He happily slipped it into a slot and covered it with a peice of metal, beaming at his new weapon, a blade that had been a work in progress since he left Kashyyyk and his special training. This signified that he was now a Wookie Beserker, one of the highest ranks possible for a Wookie. He let loose an immense roar of pride as he held the blade up for all to see, and a small mechanical box on his side began to speak up.

T-90: "Yes, yes, you have done it, I am proud. But shouldn't you be greeting newcomers?"

22nd October 2004, 04:46 AM
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