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9th October 2004, 02:40 PM
Ok, if you join I would suggest that you are either evil, lean towards evil, or conseal your good side from Ganks. He has a eral bad sense of friendship towards good.
*The sun now lay on the horrizon, it's orange glow spreading across the plains. Each blade was dried to their peak, breaking to the wind as small breezes blew through the area. The sky began to grow dark as the sun slowly dropped, taking day and leaving night. As fast as one would blink, Ganks had appeared on a hilltop, looking over the plains and covered in his black cloack, blended perfectly in with the darkened area. His hood covered his hair, leaving only his eyes, seeming to be glowing red, visible through the darkness. He sighed a bit and sat, looking up at the stars above him and reveiwing the constilations in his head.

*heavy breath*"What am I to do now? No family, no one to aide me, no one to care."

*He slowly stood and cracked his neck, the releaving pressure causing his tension to lower slightly. He began to walk down the hill, the blades of grass breaking like grass beneath his feet. Each step was like walking on mirrors. He looked across as he walked, nothing in sight. The empty feild as empty as he.

"O well, it hasn't been that bad I guess. Each of the town I have been through may have forced me to my rage and kill their people, but I have gained strength from it. And I feel as though my warrior skills are growing rapidly."

*He stopped at a part of the feild that had some green left in it and knelt down. A small rose lay in a small circle of green grass. He touched it and felt the thorns poke at his fingers. He withdrew his hand and drew his dagger, slicing gently at the bottom of the stem and catching it before it hit the ground. He filed the thorns to the bottom and all that was left was the stem and the flower itself. It was fully bloomed and he felt draw to it. The last of it's kind and surrounded by death. He opened a small glass case that lay in his cloack, sealing the rose in it and re-inserting it into the pocket of his clothing. He stood and began to walk again.

"At least I found something I can relate to."

*He walked on for about a day, the sun rising and falling once again. He came to yet another hillside in the plains area and began to climb towards the top. The blades of grass began to slowly regain their green color as he got higher on the hill. He reached the top and looked over, relizing why.

"Yet again, guess I can try again."

*He looks towards a city, not very urbanized, more older homes and now that he thought of it, it was more of a village than a city. He sighed and began his desent from the hill, his cloak dragging behind him and he lowered his hood. After he had gotten to the bottom, he noticed a sign.

Town of the rising sun

"Hmm, better go in and say high."

*He slowly entered the town and was rushe with the sound of black birds flying from the tops of buildings. He had forgotten it was night and decided to wait until the morning. He gathered his things and made camp for the night.

*He was awakened to the sound of children and morning birds chirping. He slowly rse and looked around, kids played on the hilltops and roled down, laughing with each other and having a good time. Ganks got ready and headed into town. He entered slowly, noticing everyone was looking at him and he continued to walk. He arrived at a pub and entered, the bar loud with the morning drunks and the voices of those who drank to their needs. He situated himself at a seat at the bar and removed his hood. His hair was no longer to his waist in the back but short. It was completely spiked and still had it's blood red color. He shook his head to remove the last bit of sleep from his body and signaled for the barkeeper.

bartender-"How may I help you?"

"Just a beer, nothing big."

*The bartender slid it down and Ganks took it. He lifted the glass, the sweet taste of the alchohal slid into his mouth and down his throat. He removed the glass from his face and took a breath, whiping his mouth with a cloth from his pocket and laying it on the counter next to the now nearly empty glass. He rose the glass again and finished the beer, sliding the glass to the bartender.

"One more."

bartender-"Sure thing buddy."

*A hand of a drunk came to Gansk shoulder and he quickly caught it at the wrist, twisting and sending the man to his knees. He lifted slowly to cause some pain on the man and looked at him.

"Can I help you?"

man-"AHH LET ME GO!!!"

*Ganks released the grip and the man ran from the bar, his arm limp and cradled in by the other. He sat again and began to drink the fresh beer that was handed to him. It took but five second for him to finish this one and he handed the bartender the glass.

"Thanks, here."

*Ganks removed a small bag from his clothes and drew 5 small coins from it, re-tieing the bag and inserting it into the cloak. He handed the bartender the money and he stood up, begining to walk out the pub when the man reentered, now with 4 bigger men with him and Ganks stopped.


man-"That's him, he's the guy who nearly broke my arm. Get him."

*The four big men cracked their knuckles as they smirked towards Ganks. The first of them charged and swung fast, his fist flying through the air and missing as Ganks ducked, grabbing the man's leg and lifting, the man falling towards the floor hard and being sent back towards the others as Ganks kicked hard.

"Who's next?"

9th October 2004, 08:21 PM
A shadow in the streets... A glint of silver through the darkness... A silenced cry in the night... now there was only red. The red of blood pooling up in the deserted street. Just another dead body, probably killed by thugs is what they would suspect. Nobody would know about the bounty that had been carried out that night, and more importantly, no one would care.

Wiping her bloodied blade off with the man's shirt, the bounty hunter walked off leaving a faint trail of blood. He was better than most of her recent targets, she had to give him that much. He actually saw her long enough to place a sword strike. It was a weak one, but she still got hit. In the moonlight, her golden blonde hair shone with an unearthly light. Falling just above her knees, it was amazing that it was unharmed from the last fight she had... or any other fight for that manner. Combined with the navy trenchcoat trimmed with white and the white belt around her waist, she didn't look like the type of person to wield a blade as mercilessly as she did. She was far too proper looking... until you reached her cold, red eyes.

Walking to the outskirts of the town gave her plenty of time to recuperate from the intense battle that had taken place. Her wound had stopped bleeding a few minutes before she reached the farthest inn, but a quick check of her pockets turned up only enough money for a small breakfast the next morning, she forgot that she had taken this bounty because she was short on coin. She would have to sleep outside tonight if she wanted to eat tomorrow. Finding a place to sleep wasn't all that hard, but keeping her valuables safe was another thing. The peak of the inn's roof would make a fine place to sleep tonight. A few leaps later and a small vial of thick liquid later, she was asleep out of sight and out of reach for any average bandit.

She awoke with the sunrise and walked calmly into the tavern part of the inn. Taking a seat alone at a table, a waitress came over to her to take her order.

"I'll take whatever I can get with these..."

The waitress looked at the few small coins and shook her head.

"I'm sorry but that won't... oh... I'm sorry miss, I didn't know... Your order will be right up."

The change in heart was due in part to the woman brushing back her hair to reveal long a long elven ear. It wasn't something she was proud of... the fear that her race brought to most of the other commoners, that is. But if it meant getting a meal for less than normal, she would take any advantage she could get. When her meal was brought out, she finished it quickly and got up to leave the tavern. Only the sound of an imminent fight made her pause and look towards the counter where a drunk was pointing to a man who had obviously just caused him a deal of pain.

When four large men approached him, the elven beauty thought that enough was enough. She thought about drawing her blade, but a glance at the bartender told her that would be a bad idea. Rather, she calmly walked up behind one of the men as he stood and clamped her hand around the back of his neck. A couple moments later, he was down on the ground again... passed out cold.

"I don't know about you, but a four on one is hardly fair. I mean, it would take at least twice as many of you to take him down. Can't you see that just by looking at him? Now I don't know about you... but I don't think that the bartender appreciates you fighting in his bar. Why don't you take your little disagreement out into the street?"

10th October 2004, 07:09 PM
A man sat back in his chair admiring chaos. It was what he thrived on, he only purpose of being. The small candle flickered to reveal a sadistic smile watch as not one, but two of the men were easily taken to the ground. The girl spoke of taking this strange man down, somehow the silent man doubted that. The man stood his short dark black hair covered in shadows his eyes. His tanktop shirt was skin tight, and his pants loose and baggy, but black as his heart.

"Allow me to make my self known. I am Nightwalker, but if you will Hyro Izuahl, my demon name is so, unsatisfying. You wouldn't believe how many people don't like me." Hyro lifted his hand a dark energy fleeted to his hands from the cracks of wood, to the shadows of the others standing. It swirled in his hands forming a centra of dark force. His head lifted to see the most twisted, selfish, blood-lusting eyes. "I won't stand here and allow peace to be made, its not my thing."

Screams and tortured sounds came from the ball, images span through its spherical globe. Fires jumped across the sphere, then Hyro through the ball at one of the two standing men. The man stumbled back at first then the screams, and the images reached his mind. He saw the images as if they were his own, and he curled into the feetle(sp?) postition crying wishing the images would stop. Instead, Hyro kept feeding the images to him from Hyro's own past.

Suddenly the man fell unconcious. "As I said, I don't approach peace." Hyro turned to the last standing men of the four. "As fun as it would be to hear your screams as I haunt your dreams, flood your thoughts with vivid images of children hangin from stakes blood pouring from every point on their body, I'd much rather you just leave." Hoping the man would run away, Hyro turned to the standing man. I guess since I gave my introductions, I am curious as to who you are. I can feel you essence, but that's just my style, and that is for you aswell women." He turned to face the beauty that seemed to be on clearly the same level.