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9th October 2004, 10:50 AM
Hecate moved towards her destination with relish. She eagerly walked towards the rocky platform where she knew that she would meet her opponent. As she came close she began to take in her surroundings observing the entrance to the arena. It was a rocky tunnel leading across what appeared to be a canyon. A little rocky walkway was all that led to the platform that rose up for the depth of the Earth.

As Hecate walked towards the platform she noticed that the Moon had come out from behind the clouds to watch her as she battled her way to victory. At least many people do not know that when my energy reserves are at an all time low I can replenish myself with the Light of the Moon. Hopefully this person will come soon. Hecate said a little prayer to her mother Selene and sat down in the middle of the platform. The wind rose up to caress her as her cape flew about with her hair, she unbuckled her cape and set it to the side. She faced towards the entrance to the arena, the only sound issuing from her was that of her billowing in the wind.

9th October 2004, 11:51 AM
Like a sigh in the mist, the shadows lending her succour, the young woman walked silently and almost invisably down towards the platform, her eyes narrowing at the sight of, someone, waiting for her, the bright light of the moon illuminating the area. She paused at the mouth of the arena, silent but for the steady srip of blood from the open wounds in her palms, her dark hair clinging limply to her face.

Slowly, she staggered out into the open, almost seemingly unable to control her footsteps, her corse ragged, drawn towards the nearest shadow as she moved, her dark eyes staring ahead blankly. She blinked before looking over at her opponent, her hair completly covering the left side of her face.

"So, a fight, I guess. Merryn is my name, Darkness and the Flame are my elements. What of you?"

9th October 2004, 11:56 AM
Hecate looked the woman up and down as she slowly rose to her 5'7" frame. She noted the blood trickling down from this Merryn's palms. "My name is Hecate, avatar of the Mood Goddess Selene. My element is Lighting so that I can have a better control of the Heavens. May I invite you to a freindly spar. You may set the stakes."

9th October 2004, 12:00 PM
"Stakes? There are no stakes in a fight. Only that you fight as hard as you can. For if you don't then how will I grow stronger, so I can kill Cal and the Dark One?"

Merryn smiled bitterly, lifting a hand to her face, her tongue lapping at the blood pooling in her hand, before her thin fingers flicked her hair behind her ear and her hand lowered. She smiled again as the moonlight feel on her face, revealing the horror her hair had kept hidden.

On her face, like a great mark of ownership, was an horrific burn, shaped like a man's hand, the flesh black and charred, the bone underneath yellowed and clear to vision, blood and pus oozing from it to dribble down the strips of skin.

"You see. I am cursed and I am maimed. And so I will have my vengence."

She howled in rage, her hair shifting and twisting about her as the blood oozing from her hand erupted into flame, Merryn shaping it instantly into a black fireball, the flame hurtling towards Hecate's face.

9th October 2004, 12:22 PM
Hecate smiled at Merryn, for she could see the vengence that lied deep within the woman's heart. It radiated from her form in waves that consumed her aura. This girls a tad bit off her rocker.... Hecate having sense put on her cape of the Heavens, before Merryn began to speak.

The minuts Merryn began to scream Hecate knew that all hell had just broken loose. She watched in amazement as the blood turned into a flame, which then started to move towards her at a rapid rate. She jumped out of the way, but the ends of her silvery hair were now sizzling. "Great, of course go for the face and end up getting my hair. Nice aim there," Hecate said sarcastically while holding the tips of her hair.

Hecate started to unsheathe her Lunar Sword while watching Merryn carefully. The sword began to glow golden as she held it in front of her."Ok if you want to play hard, then lets go ya fury," she yelled while letting loose a blast of energy from her sword towards Merryn's chest Praying to god that she didn't dodge it.

9th October 2004, 12:31 PM
Merryn hissed in annoyance as her fireball missed, the dribble of bloodfrom her ahnds stopping at her will, her finger spread wide so as not to get caught in anymore blasts. She was about to speak when Hecate unleashed a blast of energy from her sword towards the Fire Witch.

Lifting her hands, Merryn hissed in annoyance, the blood spurting from her palms and igniting, forming a wall of sheer heat that pressed Hecate's attack back on itself until it flared out of existance. Rocking to the floor, Merryn pressed her bloody hands to the ground, letting her life essence pump into the soil, before rocking back and jerking her hands up into the air.

The ground rocked and shook under Hecate's feet, before it began to split, great gouts of flame about to emerge from under ground.

"Dodge that!"

9th October 2004, 12:46 PM

was all Hecate heard before the rumbling beneath her feet began. Realizing that the person in front of her could control flame and was therefore most likely about to shoot lava at her Hecate did the only thign she could do, run. Hecate scmrabled around the ground, hopping back and forth as the ground broke forth and erupted beneath her. As lava burst forth into a fiery pillar towards the sky hecate tried the only thing she could think of.

Slowing her breathign down and sheathing her sword, Hecate willed her body's electrical lightning energy to negate itself, thus causing her to become less dense then the lava. As her image began to fade in a static manner, lava droplet hit her left arm causing her arm to blister due to the intense heat. Once her body became completely fadded though, the lava passed right through her form, pooling in puddles at her feet, hardening as it did so.

"Aww pity, this scare isn't going to from a nice lovely handprint. Oh well, who wants a scar in the form of a handprint anyway, they are soo last century." taunted Hecate as she moved to a safe spot on the platform, allowing her body to become to its non negated electrical status, but at the same time causing 3 lightning axes to form behind Merryn aimed straight for her back which she had yet to notice.

9th October 2004, 01:03 PM
Merryn hissed as Hecate taunted her, her breathing coming in ragged gasps, the almost skeletally thin woman's arms hanging down as she staggered forwards, the air increasing in heat around her, her eyes sparking with black fire. She ground her teeth together, her body shaking, the blood spurting from her hands to cover her entire frame before erupting into black flame, her entire body becoming one with the fire.

"Bitch! How dare you mock me! I'll eat your eat and drink your blood to feed my flame!"

She stopped as the trio of axes hissed through her body, discharging as they did so. She blinked and staggered back, clutching at her chest, her face lined with pain, or at least all that could be visable through the flames. Had she been whole, they axes would have ended her life.

"Harrshh . . . . that's it! Die!"

Merryn lifted her hands and pointed her fingers at Hecate's beautiful features, a sharp contrast to the Fire Witch's maimed form. With a crack of energy, a dark bolt of sheer power sparked across the gap between them, the Dark Spell, Pain, searing through the air. Should it contact, then Hecate would know agony unlike any other she had known.

13th October 2004, 09:12 AM
Hecate saw the blast coming but was too late in being able to move out of the way in time. As the apin englufed her body she fought off blacking out. The only thought going through her mind was that of survival. I must at least call a truce to this spar, the time is coming when I will be needed elsewhere...

As Hecate slowly sat up she saw Merryn gloating with a sick grin on her face. "I call truce my dear, for it seems that the gods want us both elsewhere. I conceed that you have one this fight and I honor your fighting abilities and I wish that one day we can meet again to challenge each other. What do you say?"