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14th December 2005, 11:44 PM
Either norsedragon or Hoax, make the first post.

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15th December 2005, 07:45 AM
This post Reserved for Lycanthropy Information
(comeing soon.)

Lycanthropy Rankings:

Alpha Packleder:
the job of the Alpha leader is simple. lead the pack, defend the packs honner and childe, and keep every one in check. usualy a older male the alpha leader is a position of prestige but also of hardship as firce battles must sometimes be faught only by the alpha.
NOTE: only the alpha and the beta may have the right to sire. altough it can be requested from the alpha.

Beta Packleader:
second only to the Alpha leader, the beta's job is by the side of the alpha, defending, helping and genraly suporting the alpha.
most offten a sire of the alpha leader sometimes the mate to the alpha, a beta's blod is usualy the strongest in the pack and usualy the most trusted by the alpha.
NOTE: only the beta may chalange the alpha for the honner of packleader.

when a scout is deemed ready by the alpha or beta they are promoted to hunter/killer and given advanced traning and a boost from the alpha, this act grants them incresed strength, keener sences and "sharper claws". firce and visious hunters work best in a pack, working together to creat choke points and traps to efectivly bring down prey much larger than themselves or prey numericly supiror.

usualy a childe reasently sired by another lycan, due to inexsperience they are given the job of seeking out prey and or chaseing it into a hunter/killer trap. usualy eger to please scouts have a tendancy to be over zealus in there task, takeing more risks than is required.
if they are good at this then they are deamed skillful, if they arnt they they are called damed fools, either way they are killed or promoted. those that arent killed are exspected to have glened valuble exsperience.

(Childe: refers to a reasently sired, indicated a parent - child relationship but is also used as a derogitiory term indicating inexsperience or foolish behavior.)

Curent Alpha Wolf: Kelly Daxter (Hoax)
Curent Beta Wolf: (Scythe)
Hunter/Killer's: N/A
Scouts: N/A

NOTE: if some one else wants to spell check this then PM me the finished product, my own spellchecker is still waiting instalation on my new PC.

(this will be updated as nesasary, this section is ment to awnser some of your questions about lycans)

Sireing in lycan society is both diferet to vampires and at the same time, strangely familure.
just what constituets the lycanthropy condition is still a bit of a mystery, some say curse of the blood other say diseise of the flesh, other still a volatile mutation of the rabies virus, whatever it is this much is known.
when sired the sireed takes on the pysical and some mental atributes of the sirey. that is to say if a human is bitten by a werewolf then the human will inherit what is called "werewolf blood". this act of sireing only takes place under certin contions, usualy under a full moon. the lycan will induse a kind of frenzied state, it is still debated whether the person retains there will and consiusnes though this state but it is known that violent tendancys and pysical strength are incresed 10 fold. in this state the lycan will froth at the mouth, if some one is bitten by the lycan in this state (and survives) then that person will slowly begin to aquire new strength, hightend sence of smell, hearing and vision and in general the atributes of the were that bit them (IE: if bitten by a werewolf then the speed and forosity of the wolf is aquired (among other things)).
after a luner month the transformation is complet and canot (usualy) be reversed. the newly sired lycan will be able to shift at will into the form of thre ebase animal.
(it should be noted that one of the more amazeing aspects of the first few hours of a new sire is there almost instant regen that comes with it, that is the sire's wounds will begin to heal almost instantly, there are even cases of people who have had there gut slit open healing up in a matter of hours. its theorised that this is to help ensure the survivle of the younge sire, primaraly by saveing them from there siree.)

it varys from person to person as to the level of control, and personality retained during these transformations, some people turning into seemingly violent, blood thirsty mindless animals and others retaning most, if not all of there old self's.
another interesting fact is that no matter what the original creature sired was, they always end up being carnevors. this is a very pysical change with there intestinal track shortening, there stomac acids intencifying and canines growing and sharpening. little to no nutrients can thusly be gained from vegeterianisum.

Lycanthropy creatures
although rare these cases are known to exsist. usualy what seems to have happend is a deer or elk or some other dosile grazer geting attacked by a werewolf or other, sirviveing and then becomeing a bizzar mix of half deer/cow/elk/whatever and half werewolf. these cases are exstrodanaraly interesting to view as the normaly peaceful and timmed creatures become hunters, some times of there own kind.
when disected they show all the traits of a carnevor even though they are suposed to be plant eaters. (IE: fangs, stronger stomace acid's, shorter digestive track)

Werewolf Culture

once sired most lycanthopy creatures genraly seek solitude, prefering to avoid confrontation with others of there kind. the exseption to this seems to be the werewolf. while some might be loners most werewolfs seem to go out of there way to join a pack of some kind after there first transformation (first full moon), as such complex social structures have evolved, with Alpha, Beta and Delta class systems evolving. these change from pack to pack and no one pack will be exsactly the same, with varying polacys on who and who cant join. (some packs consider themselfs pure breeds while others will let in any stray mut)
as such it is the Gangral clans pack highraky that is described here, while this might be used as a guide for other packs it should by no meens become the standard.

16th December 2005, 07:28 AM
Alright, as we all know there are several instances that lycans or vampires can create slaves to serve their will. However, we must clarify both the types of slaves and the rules regarding slaves. Therefore, I'm going to place all the rules regarding slaves here. PM me with any questions, clarifications, or...complaints because I'll do my best tomake everyone happy.


Slaves are not actually people in the clan. They are more like summoned creatures you might see in Diablo 2 or something of that sort.

Who Can Have Slaves:

To be able to take control of another being takes a great amount of skill and power. Therefore I'm going to list the minimum eligability for taking slaves.

Lycan: Only A Lycan who is ranked as a "Hunter/Killer" can begin taking slaves.

Vampire: Only a Vampire who is ranked as a "Archbeta/Sereghir" can begin taking slaves.

Other: Dhampirs, Half-breeds, and Argentites can take slaves freely. Soul-Eaters must first transfer part of a soul back into its victim before it can control of something.

How Many Slaves Can I Have?

As one climbs the ranks of power, the number of slaves they can control increases. Here is how I feel it can be fairly broken down, but PM me if you think differently:

Hunter/Killer: 3 Slave Max

Archbetas/Sereghir: 7 Slave Max

Alpha Packlords/Grand Sires: No Maximum

Dhampirs: Seeing as how a Dhampir's power comes from how high ranked his/her parent was, Dhampirs have special restrictions:
Scion of a Beta: 1 Slave Max
Scion of an Archbeta/Sereghir: 4 Slave Max
Scion of an Grand Sire/Siress: 7 Slave Max

Argentites, Half-Breeds: 6 Slave Max

Soul-Eaters: No Maximum. I decided that since the Soul-Eater has to give back part of the soul it absorbs that a fair balance is created.

Alright, So WHO Can I Make My Slave?

This is by far the most annoying part of the guidelines because I don't know how exact our "bestiary" is going to be yet.

Lycans: I hate to sound like a bit of a racist, but I believe Lycans should only be able to control the creature they transform into, i.e.- Werewolves get wolves, Werebears get bears, etc. This stems from my belief that the Lycan shares a unique bond with the animals they transform into and therefore they do not need to attack these animals: it's an instinctual thing.

Vampires: Okay, I'll make a list of these and who can take them...

Humans: These are the most basic slave units. Once taken over by a vampire, the human's pyschological block on their true potential is released. A human slave has 7 times the strength of normal humans. Archbetas/Sereghirs, Grand Sire/Siress Level 1

Animals: Another simple creature to control, these include your everyday domestic pets, beasts of burden, and wild animals. These are not typically used by the upper class, usually reserved for vampires beginning to learn how to control other creatures. Archbetas/Sereghirs, Grand Sire/Siress Level 1

Magical Creatures: This includes such things as Medusas, Griffons, Pixies, and insignificant Werewolves (Some nameless, made-up lycan). These creatures are incredibly powerful and difficult to control. Only extremely power vampires can take control of these beasts. Archbetas/Sereghir, Grand Sire/Siress Levels 2-5

Argentites, Half-Breeds: Argentites run under the same restriction as Lycans. Half-Breeds can have lycan slaves or any slave a Bloodlord can control.

Soul-Eaters: If the Soul-Eater can manage to take the soul of an extremely powerful creatrue, I say take it. These guys can take any kind of creature a vmapire can.

Dhampirs: Again, they're limited by the quality of their birth. The follow the restriction placed on their parents rank.

The Interesting Loop-Holes and/or Restricitons:

Universal Overlord Clause: I just made up the name. This clause means that the Alpha of each species has the right and ability to take control of any of his subordinates servants. Exception: The members of the Others Category are free from the rule due to the fact they exist outside the influence of the Pack/Brood.

Levels: As you may have noticed, The servants available to vampires (and their relative classes) have a level next to their description. This refers to how difficult the creature is to control. Level 1 creatures are simple, but Level 5 creatures are incredibly hard to control (these are your giants and behemoths). What's the big deal? Well, the maximum number of slaves decreases equivilantly to the level of the creatures he controls. This means a vampire who can have 7 slaves can only have 2 Level 1 slaves if he/she currently controls a level 5 creature. PM me if you need clarification on what level a certain creature is or if you're confused on what you just read.

Okay...that's all. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints just PM me.

16th December 2005, 12:28 PM
This Post Reserved for Vampiric Information
(More Coming Soon)

Vampiric Rankings:

Grand Sire / Siress

The eldest alpha vampires in the coven, from whom all other vampires in the coven are given the Siring Scar, sort of like a branding to indicate who your leader is and to which coven you belong. If the underling is already a vampire, either through birth, curse, siring, infection, or some other means, then the Siring Scar just becomes an unhealable flesh wound and remains on the person until the one who gave them that scar dies. If the underling is not a vampire, then they also become a direct Beta of the one who sired them and will die if their master dies.

The Grand Sire, being male, has slightly more authority than the Grand Siress. If there is conflict between the rulings of the Sire and Siress, the Grand Sire’s word will supercede. Any archbeta is free to challenge either alpha for rights to rule the coven. Should the Sire or Siress lose, he or she must cede their position to their defeater and remove the Siring Scar from all his or her betas, at which time, the new Sire or Siress will give his/her own scar.

Only Alphas and Archbetas may sire and only Alphas may use the Siring Scar. Those sired by Archbetas must come before the alphas to receive the Siring Scar before they are declared part of the coven.
Note, Grand Sire(ss) is preferred, but you’re free to use alpha (fe)male or just alpha if that’s easier to remember.


Archbetas, or high betas, are the elite-most of the remaining vampires within the coven. Archbetas are not sired by their coven’s alphas, but by other alphas. If these alphas die, the archbetas will still die. The Siring Scar breaks this bond and essentially frees a beta of their alpha, hence why they are known as archbetas.

Archbetas are always vampiric before receiving the Siring Scar. Because they are not dependant upon the life or death of their coven’s alphas for their survival, they have more free will than other betas. As such, they are less motivated to remain loyal, so a great deal of trust is placed in them. Over time, this trust and loyalty is rewarded with greater say and power within the coven.

Because they are free of their own alpha, archbetas are capable of siring others. In a sense, they become thier own alphas but are still subserviant to the true alphas of the coven.

Sereghir / Sereghiril

Sereghir (Blood Lords) and Sereghiril (Blood Ladies) are an elite class of Betas. They have been sired either by the Grand Sire/Siress or by an Archbeta. While they are incapable of siring others, they are still very powerful in their own right. Sereghir are the knights of the coven. This class is often deemed more noble than other beta classes.

Sereghir are often very loyal to the alpha or archbeta that sired them. Like other betas, they will die if the one that sired them dies before they’ve been resired.

A Sereghir or Sereghiril may become an archbeta if and only if there is a change in leadership. The Siring Scar must be replaced before the previous alpha has been killed or the betas will die like the alpha that sired them.
Note, Sereghir(il) is preferred, but you’re free to use Blood Lord / Lady if that’s easier to remember.


All other vampires in the coven are known as Betas. These are vampires that have been sired by an alpha (using the Siring Scar) or an archbeta prior to receiving the Siring Scar. They are just regular vampires and comprise the general populous of the coven.

This is the lowest caste within the coven, but those betas that have proven their worth can become Sereghir or Sereghiril.


I made some changes to the caste names. It’s almost parallel to Hoax’s line. Notice how you can also work your way up in ranks, so that everyone (minus the initial alphas) starts out as a Beta.

Grand Sire - Kiresul Seregul (Marushia)
Grand Siress - Open
Archbetas - N/A
Sereghir (Blood Lords) - N/A
Sereghiril (Blood Ladies) - N/A
Betas - Djinn Xion (Notorious), Scarlett Angel (AngelicDemonWolf)

16th December 2005, 02:07 PM
basic clan structure:

Alpha Male / Female (1 each) - Leaders of the Lycan half.
Archbetas (2) - Those bitten by the Alphas (before or after becomming lycans). Very powerful; loyals servants; second-in-commands.
Hunters (5) - Elite class of hunters. Skilled fighters and leaders of lesser hunting parties; very powerful.
Scouts (5) - Fast recon units. Relay information and collect intel for the pack and its hunting parties.
Pack Betas (Unlimited) - Everyone else in the pack not bitten by the Alpha Male or Alpha Female.


Alpha Male / Female (1 each) - Leaders of the vampire half.
Archbetas (2) - Those bitten by the Alphas (before or after becomming vampires). Very powerful; loyals servants; second-in-commands.
Bloodlords (5) - Elite class of hunters. Skilled fighters and leaders of lesser hunting parties; very powerful.
Seekers (5) - Fast recon units. Relay information and collect intel for the coven and its hunting parties.
Coven Soldiers (Unlimited) - Everyone else in the coven not bitten by the Alpha Male or Alpha Female.

Daywalker (Dhampir) - Vampire that can walk in sunlight (only beheading, severe bleeding, and starvation will kill is).
Half-Breed - Has strengths and weaknesses of both vampires and lycans.
Transmutant - Lycan or vamp that can morph to several forms.
Soul Eater - A vampire that steals souls instead of blood.
Argentite - A lycan immune to silver (only beheading, severe bleeding, and starvation will kill is).

(lycan) Hoax= wandering head of Lycan's
(Vampire) Marushia= Vampire leader
(Argentine) Norse (myself) = Head of the others catagory as well as domestic affairs
(Dhampir) Istar Magus= Head of slaves catagory
A small explanation of the others caste:
Leader ship will eventually be determined through tourney but until everything is stabalized I will head it up. There is no basic promotion structure as there is with the other 2 caste systems instead when you are 'promoted' you gain more strength/speed/Items of status, etc.

The Third order is in fact a shadow group whos front door operations are mainly thr police force for ShadowHaven and Menelgwath. The work to cover up for the Vamps and Lycans living there as well trying to keep the peice. The third is made up of everything from Humans to Crossbreeds and is the usual way a newcomer would get set up in the towns (unless they join the vampire coven or the Lycan pack.)

The main keep is built in a town formerly of the elvish named Menelgwath and a newer town named ShadowHaven has begun being built around it. As for the rest I will wait for hoax and Maru to show up so we can get everything sorted out.

Hoax= Lycan
Marushia= Vampire
Istar Magus= Other
Scythe= Lycan
AngelicDemonWolf= Vampire
Angry= Other
Notorius= Vampire
Norse= Other

Anyone wishing to join pm Either me, Hoax, or Maru.

After the three heads of the Castes post details the starting post will be:

You start down an old Stone path threw the middle of a whethtered looking town near dead Trees on either side of the path. Up ahead you see the main Keep a pair of guards usher you inside one has the noticable features of a wolf the other a tiger. As you enter the keep you stand in a large courtyard Ahead is the council chamber to your left the training yard, on the right the stableyard and armory. Knowing your path you head towards the council room to speak with the heads of the three orders...

pm or post with any changes

17th December 2005, 12:35 PM
Darius walked down the hall the but of his glave clicking on the floor as he entered the Council room and waited for the other 2 members to arrive so they could start checking the new Arrivals.

17th December 2005, 04:00 PM
Scarlett walks down the hall to the council room. Her staff in hand slowly making her way to a seat at the table.

17th December 2005, 05:46 PM
Scarlett walks down the hall to the council room. Her staff in hand slowly making her way to a seat at the table. Smiles and nods as she enters the council room. "the Others should be here soon" he gestures to a row of seats against the wall. "Have a seat please Scarlett."

18th December 2005, 08:15 AM
Smiles and nods as she enters the council room. "the Others should be here soon" he gestures to a row of seats against the wall. "Have a seat please Scarlett."
smiles and nods back as she takes a seat next to him "Thank you. How are you today?"

18th December 2005, 08:44 AM
smiles and nods back as she takes a seat next to him "Thank you. How are you today?" "Have been better, I was hoping they would beat me here but guess I wasn't so fortunate" laughs to himself.

18th December 2005, 02:39 PM
"Have been better, I was hoping they would beat me here but guess I wasn't so fortunate" laughs to himself.

smiles softly under her hood and sighs "I do hope I make a good impression on everyone."

18th December 2005, 03:00 PM
jumps out of her chair at the sound of someone screaming "who or what was that?"

18th December 2005, 05:33 PM
" I was in this fuckign room before both of you," The bald man said before screaming again, "AND YOU IGNORED ME NOT THIRTEEN SECONDS AGO, TOO!"

bows her head "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't not see you there. Please forgive me. My name is Scarlett Angel. Angel for short or Scarlett. Call me which ever."

18th December 2005, 05:49 PM
bows her head "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't not see you there. Please forgive me. My name is Scarlett Angel. Angel for short or Scarlett. Call me which ever."
letting his lips pull back from his teeth in the parodie of a smile as he looked at the 'man'? "My name is Darius Draconus head of the Third Order and your name?"

18th December 2005, 06:03 PM
Winking in sexual exaduaration at the woman, "Forgiven, my little angel..."

Turning his head toward the snarling beast of a man, "I am the big bad mother fucker named Ned. Truely a name fitting forgreatness. I hold no titles... other than Master. You can call me the latter if you deem fit, as you're only Third in the race I fear."

Ned licks his lips in excitement, "I was told we were going to have a fight soon. A nice big one. Me and my friend here," Ned gestured to the whirling death at his feet, "really like to see crimson adorn the walls..." grinning at the man "if your bloodlust must be sated soon the slave quarters are at the rear of the keep there should be an unfortunat soul you can test your 'abilities on'"

18th December 2005, 06:50 PM
"I have no lust or desire for blood. I simply enjoy how it looks on the wall. Why sould I kill an ally when I could, with more enjoyment, kill an enemy?" Ned goes wide-eyed and begins hopping up and down, "And who the fuck doesn't enjoy them selves a good fight!" "I believe
we all enjoy a good fight, though I prefer it for its test of skill more than the asthetic value of the blood on the walls"

18th December 2005, 06:57 PM
QUEST!! (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=570300)


18th December 2005, 07:01 PM
My characters name is Djinn Xion… hope you like him. :D

Darkness. It filled every nook and cranny of the keep and allowed for easy movement around its many halls. Hovering just inches above the ground Djinn made his way down the halls through the darkness in silence. The torches that lit the way before him would burnout just before the vampire came into view, the only thing visible of his figure was his cold milky white eyes that seemed to peer their your very soul.

Remaining in the shadows Djinn made his way through the keep and observed many of its occupants from the shadows. His sinister eyes watch with great attention, taking in every bit of detail that they observed. The long black robe that covered his body hung low enough to barely touch the ground and cause him to have that “grim reaper” appearance.

Still the vampire remained in the shadows as he made his way through the halls. Just down the hall three people could be seen, two of them appeared to be men but Djinn could sense something else both of them. The other was of vampire blood and gave off a unique smell from a distance… a female?!

Djinn blew out every source of light on the hall that marked his path up to the two, leaving only the last one that lit up where the two stood. Allowing himself to touch the stone floor again, Djinn began to walk towards the conversing members of the Dark Hunt Alliance. He figured now was as good a time as any so he stepping just into the lit and allowed himself to be seen.

“Greetings, I assume you two are members of this alliance as well. Well it is only fitting that I introduce myself. My name is Djinn Xion… What are your names?” Said the vampire as he stepped fully into the light.

His robe was open which left his body visible. His flesh is extremely pale and appears to be extremely cold to the touch. Upon closer inspection his milky white eyes are actually a beautiful blue. Djinn’s narrow jawbone and high cheekbones give him a sinister look and his long white hair doesn’t help that. He is quite muscular and seems to be in peak physical condition, it is obvious that he doesn’t miss a meal.

18th December 2005, 07:14 PM
apperantly not having been spotted yet Darius grabbed a torch out of a wall scounce and stood "come stand in the light so we may get a better look at you" he said as he stepped forward allowing the torchs glow to play over the vampires features.

18th December 2005, 07:25 PM
Scarlett smiles softly, lowering her hood her sliver hair shining in the torch light. "Welcome Djinn. My name is Scarlett Angel. Scarlett for short. Or you could call me Angel. Which ever fits your style." Scan's Djinn slightly her sapphire blue eyes taking in every inch of the male vampire before her. "Darius, please sit down and welcome Djinn."

18th December 2005, 07:35 PM
sits back down replacing the torch "so that is 4 of us as soon as the other 2 heads of the orders arrive and I beleive we also have one more to arrive today. by the way please have a seat" gestures to a row of seats.

18th December 2005, 07:37 PM
smiles softly to Dairus. "Thank you dear friend. I shall never forget the day you saved my life."

18th December 2005, 07:40 PM
smiles back "least I could do for a beautiful young woman like yourself"

18th December 2005, 07:42 PM
smiles softly as she pulls her hood up "thank you darius"

18th December 2005, 07:48 PM
Smile to himself knowing she is blushing under her hood.

18th December 2005, 07:51 PM
smiles and continues to look around the room

18th December 2005, 07:56 PM
Runs gaze over the other members of the room. Especially watches the 'man' with the creature on the leash trying to figure out exactly what he is.

18th December 2005, 08:01 PM
sighs softly "darius, who else is suppose to be showing up?"

18th December 2005, 08:06 PM
"Kelly Daxter head of the Lycans, one of his order, Kelly Daxter head of the Vampire, and a Dhampir from my order I beleive is all we are waiting on."

18th December 2005, 08:08 PM
"Kelly Daxter head of the Lycans, one of his order, Kelly Daxter head of the Vampire, and a Dhampir from my order I beleive is all we are waiting on."

nods and smiles softly once more "Thank you for filling me in."

18th December 2005, 08:12 PM
"not a problem m'lady"

18th December 2005, 08:15 PM
smiles and sighs

18th December 2005, 08:46 PM
Grins as he waits for the other 2 Alphas.

18th December 2005, 08:49 PM
looks around the table unsure if she should speak or not

18th December 2005, 09:05 PM
Kirersul looked around and noticed that it was way to perky for a clan of lycans and vampires. "What the fuck is going on around here?" he asked.

18th December 2005, 09:08 PM
looks up her sapphire blue eyes locking on the man who had spoken and then lowers her hood once more "sorry sir"

18th December 2005, 09:13 PM
"Greeting Kiresul Seregul Grandsire of the Vampires. Any idea as to when are lycan counterpart will choose to reveal himself?"

19th December 2005, 07:08 AM
ok people, listen up cuz this is for your own benifet.
Ive recived a unoficial warning from a head hauncho that if the one liners dont stop that Mr smitty will come in swinging the warning bat (<.< actualy its more a warning spiked club.)
farly forwarned ye'all now are.

"The lycans will come when they are bloody well ready to come."

*strideing out from the darked hallway materialised the sorc of the voice, a young woman somewhere in her late teens. dresed in a green windbreaker, faded, slightly riped and blood stained blue jeens and a pair of sneekers that were proberbly white some time in there life time. her face was pale, corps like, but weather this was make up or a natural look was unclear. of all these though the most strikeing detail by far was the severd arm she held in her right hand like a club, grasping it by the white bone where it had been riped from its previous owners body. she stoped in the thresh hold, on the line cast bettwen the light of the counsle chamber and the darkness of the hall. she looked from face to face for a moment, judgeing reations, when she spoke again it was with an amused smirk.*

Kelly ~ "you were exspecting some big bad wolf with a scar on his left eye? sorry if i disapoint you but Im kelly, and Im a SHE not a he.
some one mind telling me why we've been called together like this? i was in the middle of something..."

*suddenly realiseing she was waveing the bloodied limb around Kelly self consiusly hide it behind her back...*

19th December 2005, 08:10 AM
A lone figure slowly made its way towards the dark, ancient mansion at the top of the of hill outside the ancient city of Menelgwath. A closer examination proved that it was a young man, probably only nineteen by what his physcial appearence let show, with flowing dark hair and skin only slightly darker than parrafin. The youth was clad in traveller's clothing and had a thick, black traveller's cloak wrapped around him.

Mysterious Youth: "This must be the place..." he said with an emotionless voice.

Opening the massive doors with his right hand, the youth strutted into the grand hall. He observed the group that had gathered, they all looked human but the trained nose of this youth knew far better. The stench of dried blood and animal fur, yes this was the place where they were asked to gather.

Closest to the young man was an attractive female...or rather she would have been, had she not been hiding a human arm behind her back. The youth spoke up again in the same soft, emotionless voice...

Youth: "Excuse me, but is this the gathering place of the so-called Dark Hunt Alliance? My name is Virgil Faust...I was asked to come here."

OOC: Okay, my char is a Dhampir by the name of Virgil Faust. He's much older then he appears, but I haven't made any decisions yet. Are we going to make formal character sheets for this clan?

19th December 2005, 08:59 AM
sitting next Daruis, Scarlett looks up at the youth that walked in the doors her sapphire blue eyes scanning him up and down as she replies "Hello Virgil Faust. My name is Scarlett Angel. Welcome to the meeting." Scarlett smiles softly as she looks around at the few that have gathered. "Please take a seat Mr. Faust."

19th December 2005, 11:20 AM
Looks up at Kellys and Vigils entrance nods to them both then looks to the high Vamp and Lycan "Looks as if we are only missing one newcomer today should we go ahead and start or wait and see if he will show?" Sits calmly waitng for the Alpha's replys

19th December 2005, 03:01 PM
I got the same PM, but Hoax took care of things. Also, it seems no one noticed the quest I set up:


I think I forgot to clarify that all members of the clan can post, it’s just that the first post is the basic storyline for the Vampire Faction.

I’ll be doing most of my RPing in clan-related quests and spars as things actually get done that way. Also, the fact that most of us are in opposing factions kinda throws things off ICly.

Kirersul pushed open the doors of the great hall and entered to find Djinn and Scarlett within. He approached them with an air of urgency about him. They were among the last vampires remaining in his coven. “Gather are remaining brethren and meet me in the great hall in an hour,” he instructed the two. He then went off to the rooftop to gather his thoughts for the later meeting.

19th December 2005, 08:31 PM
My first post woot...!

The trees and mountains loomed over the lone figure like giants peering down at him. The dead leaves and underbush crunched softly under his feet as he scurried forwards. His arm hung in a sling, a bandage over the shoulder, red from the soft touch of rose blood. He sat against a tall oak tree that seemed to have no end. One hunting dagger sat at his side, his only form of defense against attacks. He took the bandage covering his shoulder and threw it to the ground, pulling a fresh one from a small pouch hidden from sight in his claok of rusty balck.

As he continued he noticed ssratchings on the trees and holes in the dirt. "Boars" he noted to himself, looking for more marks. A snufflnig broke the slience of his stopped movement. He saw a nest in the ground, larger then any birds. It was filled with wild piglets. 'The mother is here' he thought, moving swiftly towards the nest. He took a baby pig and sprinted, heading for a hill near the incoming edge of the forest. The mother boar was chasing, so he put on more speed. Finally he reached the hill, climbing quickly, reaching the top he lay down with the sacred piglet. The mother boar tried to climb but couldn't manage.

He looked out over the hill and saw a castle. A old castle hidden inside a vally of hills. 'Strange, this must be it' he thought. Walking quietly he made his way to the castle. The large doors infront of him made him feel like he was being watched. He knocked, his young face scanning the door. "I come to seek refuge, are you those who find my kind well?" he yelled, looking around for a sign of life.

He soft brown hair rustled in a slight breeze, since it was short hardly any movement was seen. A scar on hisface was producing no blood, yet it seemed frech. He nose was straight, un-broken or damaged. He lip was bleeding into his mouth, filling it was a tangy taste that he dis-liked. His tatttered shirt of dull grey was hidden by a lrage coat that hung to his knees. Pants of black and red coated his legs in slick sweat after the run. His breath wazs raspy, for more then one reason. The skin around the wound on his shoulder was going a paty white, dying under the pressure of the bandage. Basic shoes that were worn out alot lay on his feet, standing out aginst the grey pavements under them.

21st December 2005, 11:42 PM
I come to seek refuge, are you those who find my kind well?

A large guard in chainmail and Plate with A coat of Arms emblazoned on his armors chest peice appeared suddenly in the doorway. "That depends 'Whelp' exactly what kind are you?" The guard sniffed for a few moments then nodding "You are a lycan then and a dirty one at that but no help for it follow me to the Masters and we will see." With that the guard turned and quick marched towards the council chambers not looking behind to see if the man followed but keeping an ear out just in case.

22nd December 2005, 04:38 PM
Paladive followed the guard, who had gave him a small fright which he kept to himself. He ran to keep up with him, trying to remember the way they were going. Soon they were at a large door, that looked like it led to an impostant place. He saw the guard reach for the brass handle, going to turn it and open him to the Clan.

24th December 2005, 10:35 AM
The guard opened the large double doors so that the lycan could enter into the council chamber. He then calmly walked over to Darius and whispered into his ear for a few moments. Darius then looked up at the newcomer "Your name and species if you would be so kind as to supply it." He then turned to the guard and said "send an extra set of guards I will be along shortly to deal with it." and waved the man off. The guard wasted no time in hurrying to the door. He turned back to the man and stared into his eyes as he awaited a reply the mans reflection shining in the Argentites golden eyes reflection which shined for a moment.

Scythe you may want to go ahead and post to Maru's quest as well

26th December 2005, 12:45 AM
"My name is Paladive. My race would most likely be Huamn and Lycan, wolf-like. I am here to request my joining to yuor socalled clan. If this is what you are..." he replied, looking at the Leader.

[oo]I'm wating for me to be accepted before posting there. What if you said leave now... if I had posted then what about that...[/ooc]

26th December 2005, 02:57 AM
"My name is Paladive. My race would most likely be Huamn and Lycan, wolf-like. I am here to request my joining to yuor socalled clan. If this is what you are..."

*Kelly turned to face Paladive, grinning wickedly at him as she sized him up...*

Kelly ~ "oohoo... what have we hear, another scrumsius plaything straight out of life and into my "club"? you smell new little boy, like fabric softener dose on freshly mowed astro turf *giggle* oh, Im not frightening you, am I puppy?"

26th December 2005, 08:05 PM
"oohoo... what have we hear, another scrumsius plaything straight out of life and into my "club"? you smell new little boy, like fabric softener dose on freshly mowed astro turf *giggle* oh, Im not frightening you, am I puppy?"

Darius grins at Kelly then shakes his head laughing softly "don't toy with the pup but please find something for him to do before you have me laughing on the floor"

27th December 2005, 05:21 PM
Paladive grimanced. 'Pup? PUP?! What am i to them, a small insignafiagant creatuere! WEll, I'll show my true colours soon anough. "Why, scaring is only a part of life. A emphuria of evil lurks around you, which wouldn't come down kindly on a human mind. So, maybe I'm scared, but only because I reconise you as the killer of my parents. But after my.... birth, I have found different upon the way of life. We are higher in the pack of all, yet you made me higher. I must thank you, and place my utmost loyalness with you. What you request will be done if in my power, which I'm un-aware of."

14th January 2006, 03:33 PM
I've noticed we don't have an OOC place to discuss the current plot lines and character interaction. We should probably make one.

Virgil followed the young female vampire he'd encountered on to see a very well dressed vampire come running and call them to gather their "remianing brethren". The two vampires then left quickly afterwards. Why is it that everyone here is always in such a rush? Virgil wondered.

After a while Virgil found and overheard an interlude between a group of lycan. Not wanting any unnecessary attention Virgil promptly left. The young dhampir walked about the ruined mansion following the smell of blood the vampires he'd met earlier left. It led outside and in the direction of an abbey...Virgil simply marched forth confidently to the location of his charge.

I really just felt like using this char for something since the quest has been kinda dead as of late. This post simple leads up to Virgil's original post in the quest.

14th January 2006, 07:32 PM
Kelly ~ "such an interesting specimen, but the beginnings of a pain in my ass for sure.
first off, i don't know what the hell your trying to acusse me of, "killer of your parents" and all, but i don't like it.

second, Id exspect nothing less from a new pack member. if you don't like running with the us then theres always the alternatives. at least with us you can learn your true place in things, and the laws that guide our centurys old society...

and lastly. your task...
something relatively easy, but challenging enough that it will test your skills.
theres an old alchemist who works in the basement of a monastery on the edge's of town, this "holy" establishment has been known to 'dabble' in "demon hunting". the demon hunters in particular aren't what interest me, nor the fact that they have effectively put down more than one rouge werewolf or vampire. no, what interests me is this alchemists latest project, a new mystical silver bullet, he calls it "the gospel" its composed of a rare alchemist cold-silver enscribed with ancient Anochian enscriptions and texts all intracetly carved to give it additinal fire power over a standard silver slugs. a little bird has told me there going to be test firing one tonight. this will give us an exselent opportunity for you to play the super spy.
do whatever it is you think is best...
Interrogate the alchemist, steal one of these gospels or even sit in on the test firing, I dont realy care, I just wana know more about the gospel. what ever you do the monks at the monastery cannot know that a werewolf was there. the back fire, if this gospel is as powerful as its said to be, could be greater than we could handle alone...

that said, if the shit dose hit the fan, then use this. we'll know to come pull your preverbal ass out of the preverbal holy fire..."

*Grinning her trade mark wolfish grin Kelly handed Paladive a small gun with a barrel 6 times larger than looked right. closer inspection revealed it for a flare gun...*

Kelly ~ "you do know how to use that right?"

fair point about the OOC place, ill look into it, get somehting up soon for us.

Shibby: you wanted a task :-p and i need a new plot device for the quest, how about telling Kelly what you found at the monistary?

14th January 2006, 08:55 PM
Is it all rped by me? Or other people?

Paladive laughed at Kelly.
"Do I know how to use that? DO I KNOW HOW TO USE THAT??!! Ofcourse!"
He smiled, walking upto Kelly and grabbing the gun angrilly, staring down and thinking about how to work it. He saw a trigger and guessed that he pushed that down to fire it.
"Do you want to know the workings of the bullet and gun pr just what it can do?"

22nd January 2006, 04:03 PM
Kelly ~ "The gun is but a gun, its the bullet that hold the punch. we only know what we have heard, and what we've heard is enough to make us want to see. you my eyes tonight Paladive, try not to get killed."

well.... duno, might make a seperet quest, might make it in the one maru started. lets see how it gose.
(if you wanted then you could make a solo quest...)

22nd January 2006, 06:19 PM
Ok, well, in Maru's or not?

"Oh I won't give you that pleasure. So this bullet, which supposedly destroys us, is being studied by a... one of us. HWy not send some other thing? I mean, it cant harm them as much as me?" he thought about the goings on of the area, and what would happen if he got shot by one of the bullets.

22nd January 2006, 08:16 PM
Kelly ~ "the bullet was found out by chance. one of our hunters caught some rookie vampire/werewolf hunter from the order, in an effort to try and save his own skin he began blabing about this "gospel". he quickly relised he didnt meen the bible, before he died his babalings did reveal one thing, a time and date that is suposed to be the testing night for the "gospel".
we dont actualy know what it dose, we dont even know if it will work, and thats why were sending you in.
unless you want me to give it to some one else wet nose. no shame backing out if you dont think you can handle a little infiltration..."

I think i will make it a seperet quest.

24th January 2006, 09:51 PM
"Pfft. Ofcourse I'm not backing out. I ain't no coward. So, when is this testing? And isn't a flare gun abit obvious. I know you said when it turns bad but when it is bad, I shouldn't draw more attention to my presense..."

Uhh, Serpent quest?

18th December 2006, 03:27 PM
Darius entered the Fort his spear shouldered casually as he made his way to his main office to go over reports and troop deployments.

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