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9th October 2004, 05:17 AM
Durdanius make the first post please. Remember what happened to the last thread ...

type: BA

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10th October 2004, 07:09 AM
Ok, remember what happened last time. Don't let it happen again.

I'll just copy and paste the stuff from the other thread:

We are role players of evil, and our primary goal is to take over the world any and every way we can, and establish a new rule over it (i.e. mine).


This is a new system for TEA (as far as I know), and as it's my idea I'm expecting flaws. But if it doesn't work well, or you have a better system, then it shall be discussed.
Each character (yes, you can have more than one character in TEA) has a record of Hard Points (HdP). These determine how "hard" your character is, and will be awarded for various things, such as performing well in a TEA-related battle, quest, or whatever. The ranks are split into 3 groups, each group requiring a different amount of HdP to get into. To start with, these requirements will be quite low, but once The Evil Army grows bigger and people get more HdP, they will increase. There is also a "special" group for our less every-day sort of people.
Here are the groups, ranks, and jobs of each rank.

Group 1: Lords (10+ HdP)
Dark Lord: the leader of The Army, has ultimate authority and power within The Army.
Overlord: second in command of The Army, has practically unlimited power within The Army. Only the Dark Lord can overule him/her.
Doom Lord: also known as the Assassin Lord, he/she leads and commands the Assassins of The Army, both in and out of the thread.
Dread Lord: lords of battle, they command the troops in battle. Only members besides the Dark Lord who can control masses of henchmen in a clan RP activity.
Science Lord: intelligent, creative, and a totally evil little bastard, he/she is the highest of the Mad Scientists, and has the most power over which of their creations are accepted (with the exception of the Dark Lord, of course).

Group 2: Commanders (5+ HdP)
Wraith: nicknamed so because they are so silent and deadly, wraiths are higher ranking, more skilled assassins, and are their superiors, but not by much.
Enforcer: more powerful than typical fighters, enforcers can control small groups of henchmen in a clan RP activity.
Evil Genius: these are the cleverer, more resourceful Mad Scientists, although have no power over them.

Group 3: Operatives (1+ HdP)
Assassin: highly skilled, stealthy killers for The Army, Assassins get to try out all of the gadgets (in RPing) before they are issued for all of The Army.
Pwnz0r: elite warriors of The Army, pwnz0rs get to try out all of the new weapons (in RPing) before they are issued for all of The Army.
Mad Scientist: name says it all, doesn't it? They think up and develop new items for The Evil Army, which are then voted on by Commanders+ whether or not to use them. They also think up and suggest ideas for clan RP activities.

Special ranks
Ninja (3+ HdP): these are teh ultimate pwn. They r0x0r, so don't fux0r. They get the privalege of entitling themselves "ninja" and will get cool items every so often. Some other perks may be added later. Note: unlike the other ranks, ninja is more like a privalege. Not just anybody with 3+ HdP can be one.
Sh3riff: the idiot of The Evil Army, t3h sh3riff is responsible for making the occasional half-effort contribution to discussions, or pondering on why he should be promoted to god of all Evil Army. Only joking Anubis :p

Other ranks
Henchmen: standard members of The Army, they have no power, but will likely soon gain enough HdP to become operatives.
Janitors: yes, they're back. The people we don't like get demoted to janitor, and are made to clean up all the shittiest places we can think of untill they've done enough.

Ok, now that's done, what now? Members list!

I'm not sure which of the old members of TEA still want to join, so for now I'll just put who I know.

Durdanius: Dark Lord
Berlimok (The Bad Guy): Overlord
Maddox (Loco_Loco): Assassin
Zoa (DV): Assassin
Armin Sharp: Mad Scientist
Xylin (Axandran): Pwnz0r
Demordeth: Hechman
Striker 9-67 (Barrett): Henchman
Darth Draconis (Matev Kenas): Pwnz0r
Takeda (Ninja): Ninja
Ganks: Henchman
Falcon: Assassin
Anubis: Sh3riff
Spectrus: Assassin
Jimmy: Henchman
Executioner: Henchman
Simplicity: Henchman
rai2tlin: Henchman
~jinx~: Henchman

Hard Points
Note: all members of the old Evil Army who rejoin start with 1 HdP, whereas new members start with 0. The member with the most posts in this thread gets 5, untill someone else takes over, then they are removed and given to the new highest poster, and so on and so forth.

Durdanius: 1
Berlimok (The Bad Guy): 1
Maddox (Loco_Loco): 1
Zoa (DV): 1
Armin Sharp: 1
Xylin (Axandran): 1
Demordeth: 0.5
Striker 9-67 (Barrett): 0
Darth Draconis (Matev Kenas): 1
Takeda (Ninja): 2
Ganks: 0
Falcon: 1
Anubis: 1
Spectrus: 1
Jimmy: 0
Executioner: 0
*Simplicity*: 5
rai2tlin: 0
~jinx~: 0

* * - Top poster

Other stuff
The Evil Lounge (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=651)
TEA forum location (register with your GUA name so I know who you are) (http://s4.invisionfree.com/RTHD)

Current activies

Past activies
TEA vs BoE (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=956)

I think that's everything, but if there's something I missed just tell me.

10th October 2004, 10:23 AM
*Maddox entered the new halls*

So here we are again, I want to do something, get some more hard points, are we going to have another clan battle, I missed out on the action of the last one and I want to make up for it, or we could have battles within the clan, I don't mind but I want to do something, I also need some blood!

10th October 2004, 02:55 PM
I would like to become a ninja, i know this is not just going to be handed to me so can you please tell me how i can make this happen.

10th October 2004, 03:42 PM
OOC: I think this is funny my character Blankwindow has faught the TEA in several of yalls ffas. NOw i'm applying to join with ym evil little B*tch Kes.

Kes walked into the halls. She had heard many stories about them and all of them were right up her ally. Though there goal of world dominations was not something she cared about. Spreading mayhem and deceit were always good and fun. She looked around.

"Who izz in Charge of Recruiting around here?"

She said quick and in her blunt way.

11th October 2004, 11:24 AM
Fuck, I typed out a post last night but I accidentally got rid of it. Better not fucking happen again *threatens self not to fuck up again*

Anyway, in response to Executioner, get 3 HdP, stay active and loyal, keep on my good side (lol), and it helps if you have a ninjaish character.

IC: Durdanius looks around the main hall of the new Evil Army lair. 'Nice....very nice...' he thinks. Straight infront of the two large doors at the enterance is a wide set of stairs, which split into two smaller sets upon reaching the back wall. On either side of the stairs are three large pillars, holding up the upper level of the main hall. The floor is tiled, but there is a large black and red carpet from the door to the top of the stairs, and then covers most of the upper area. There are a few large oak doors around the sides of the hall, leading to who knows where.

The doors open as a newcomer steps through, and makes an inquiry. "Who izz in charge of recruiting around here?" Durdanius slowly turns to face the female, and is slightly surprised to find she is a dwarf. 'Don't see many dwarves these days.' He offers her a half smile, and then speaks to her in his quiet, ooh-I'm-so-mysterious tone. "That would be me. My name is Durdanius, and I am one of the two Dark Lords of The Evil Army. Welcome to our lair, I take it you are intending to stay..."

Brick Mullet
11th October 2004, 11:46 AM
Zoa walked infront of the henchmen and members of the army. "Report to the mission now!"

OOC: New quest, link here: http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=55548#post55548

11th October 2004, 12:16 PM
OOC: Yeah it's easy to figure out but zz equals s.

The dwarf shrugged.

"I'm Kezz, that izz my intention if you will have me."

She wasn't thrown off by his voice. She had seen many people try that over time and it lost it's powers years ago.

Wonder if this will be worth it. IF nothing else it will give me a better place to work more on my poisons.

11th October 2004, 02:52 PM
Ok i will do everything you say, i am active on this sight and my character will be ninja-like also my respect is endless towards good people.

Brick Mullet
12th October 2004, 01:13 PM
I'm sure that joining the current clan quest (link in my above post) will make you seem more active.

"good people" ????
We hate the do-gooders. We are the bad guys.

12th October 2004, 01:17 PM
so im a henchman this could be fun how do i get points?

This was why the EVil Army got put in the misc section last time. Please read the rules and then I suggest you start making In Character posts in this clan thread

12th October 2004, 01:41 PM
Ascerius finds himself walking into the halls of The Evil Army once again. He had taken a short vacation to plot small mischievous deeds among the public. It had been amusing, but not fulfilling, as the plots created by The Evil Army would be (if they ever really carried one through).

Immediately, however, he notices the mental state of the people around him, and, sifting through various emotions, manages to piece together the truth, that there is a new mission... and so he moves himself accordingly.

12th October 2004, 02:58 PM
I'd like to rejoin, don't ask questions.


As ranks arose once again from the ashes of a world turned, the Evil Army was inneveitably back. Soon their power would once again strike fear into many innocent hearts, and their reign of terror would start anew. However, things were astray. Members of old were scattered amongst the lands, blind to the new armies that were amassing... Another of the past would rejoin them once again, reincarnated through spirit, though still sharing a likeness in mind and body.

An arrow pierced the unworked earth outside the doors of the old building, a fortress in the becoming. The head stuck fast within the dirt, though on the shaft was a piece of parchment strapped on in twine. The fletching of the arrow contained the delicate feathers of a raven, black as night, yet still visable amongst the scorched land it had embedded within. Once opened, the message would be clear. Black ink from crushed roots wove it's way into the parchment, through use of a tipped quill, reading...

The name of these armies still reaps havoc amongst many minds from west to east, and I think it be my time to intervene. I have waited many months until the Evil Army's strength arose once again, and now that the power has rested with the spirits of the army, I intend to join it amongst your ranks. Have me, and great power will be yours to control.

Off in the distance, a hawk soars high over head. It's cry echoes within the valley of death. It soars high between the rocks of the mountains encircling the soon-to-be fortress. In these rocks, a woman in disguise pulls her hood up as she jumps nimbly crack to crevice down the steep slopes, bow still in her hand.

18th October 2004, 11:13 AM
Blankwindow stepped in.

"I'm sorry yall, but I must leave the clan."

OOC: In to many clans.

19th October 2004, 01:17 PM
oh i get it sorry bout that lol stupid me.

No more OOC, off topic posts, understood?
You were warned only a few days ago and you already do it again. LAST informational warning. Next time, you hit the jackpot. -qbirt

21st October 2004, 03:17 AM
Ok Jimmy, as long as you understand. Please try and put a bit more into your post though, last time we got moved to Misc because of some chatty and off topic posts, really wouldn't be impressive if it happened again :p

I think the problem with this clan is that it's gotten old and we've all lost interest. There's nothing we can really do that isn't repetitive and boring. Changing a little bit might be a good idea.
Sounds like a good idea. What shall we change? Perhaps we could create a sub-clan from it, which would act as a kind of special or elite group of soldiers (don't ask me for a suggestion of what type, you KNOW I'm gonna say ninja :p).

My activity should increase soon, as it's nearing half term so I'll be off college for a while. Anyone else be suddenly less busy within the next week or so? We could probably do some stuff then. I had some ideas the other week, but I thought I'd wait untill we got them sorted before I told you guys about them :p

21st October 2004, 12:31 PM
What, no comment about the new member? Am I even allowed to join? My past precedes me...

Inactive once again, it would seem. Shame, when TEA used to be good. So long ago.

21st October 2004, 12:35 PM
Hey, I just noticed the new thread(dam I'm slow).

So in my BA news, a new character on the way(cant garauntee its originality, shit... I cant even spell garauntee). After that Ill be ready to join in all the threads and such WE SHOULD BE MAKING SOON. Gotta get more active. Dun Dun.

Lets hope that they dont consider this off topic. psh.

Yes, we consider this off topic. You know the rules yet violated them; informational warning this time, but I'm watching you. -qbirt

21st October 2004, 12:57 PM
Sorry Simplicity, I didn't mean to be ignorant. Welcome aboard.

Ninja: hopefully not, but try not to make too many like that just in case.

Here's a challenge for anyone who wants it.
Mission: design a symbol of some kind for The Evil Army. We can put it in our sigs in addition to the banner, and maybe post it some places, such as in my first post here.
Time: the time it takes me to decide someone else's was the best, as award them before you manage to enter yours.
Reward: 2 hard points.


21st October 2004, 02:20 PM
The first of many...or a few at least.

TBG said we needed change, I agree. I say we go more corporate, instead of full out attacking people. Though it was quite amusing when BoC ate Swordsplay. Sorry, barbeque rather.

Duke Manboy IV
23rd October 2004, 11:20 AM
People. Less off topic posting, more role-playing, or I'll be forced to go back into the past and move this thread again. It's up to you, so use some common sense from now on. Warnings will be handed out too, to those who deserve them. I'm watching this thread from now on.

So short said: More IC or OOC, if clan bussiness, but no more irrelevant OOC posts. -qbirt

23rd October 2004, 03:59 PM
OOC: No problem qbirt, I think a threat of being kicked out of The Evil Army for spamming should reinforce what you've just said ;)

Anyway, Simplicity, about your entry, I was thinking more of an actual symbol or emblem as opposed to a kind of "slogan" if you like. However, I might as well give you half as you were so quick to post one, not to mention that that red writing looks kind cool :D

Just checking, post regarding TEA competition, I don't imagine it should be classed as off topic. Right?

23rd October 2004, 09:37 PM
Well if it's a slogan you want, then it's a slogan you can get! Hah, another one has arisen from the ashes of those fallen before it. Which would be...None.

Though...I was not informed of a TEA competition. Would this be against each other in the guild, other guilds, or just set up by us? Hmm? No matter, I wish to join.

Regarding the OOC thing, wasn't it already confirmed that OOC posting was allowed as long as it was on topic and not spam? Im sure that topic had been talked about many times in GUA v1.0

On another topic, do we plan to attack other clans once again? The large base battles, taking over world, etc. We may need to bring up those blue prints of the fortress this time. Will we be more open (per usual) or will it be under cover? Our methods of attacking need'nt be changed... Nah, they do...As much as hundreds of henchmen with AK's amuses me.

Days had past since Reyn had been across the mountanious ridge that lay path along the outskirts of The Evil Army's fortress. There was no sign of response, until that darkened day. Reyn was out hunting, bow taught and arrow poised. A quivering deer looked nervously around, before bending it's head down to feed on the long grass. From above, the sound of rushing air followed by a long screech just as Reyn let loose. Distracted, the arrow lodged itself just inches short of the doe's skull. Loading another arrow quickly, too late she realized her meal was gone. Looking around for a chance to strike down the nuisance that had lost her food, the only sign was a small scroll that dropped through the tree's and before Reyn's feet. Picking it up, it read...

" Welcome to the Evil Army, Reyn... "

Still muttering curses, she put away her bow and took off towards the darkened horizon, where the large mountain ridges lay. It would only take a day or two's travel, though she hoped there would be supplies and food waiting at the fortress...

24th October 2004, 04:57 AM

Here's a challenge for anyone who wants it.
Mission: design a symbol of some kind for The Evil Army. We can put it in our sigs in addition to the banner, and maybe post it some places, such as in my first post here.
Time: the time it takes me to decide someone else's was the best, and award them before you manage to enter yours.
Reward: 2 hard points.

That was the "competition" I was referring to. I assumed your cool "EVIL" thing was your entry. Anyway, about your second one, I really like it, it's plain and simply evil, although it's something that would probably be difficult to draw quickly, like on the way out of some place we've just raided. Very nice though, I think it would look cool on a website.

Ooh, there's an idea. I don't think we have a TEA website, do we? There have been a couple of boards, but I don't think there was ever a website. Anyone know anything about this?

Also, myself and two friends have recently remade our board on InvisionFree, and as I can't remember the URL of the other board (don't think anyone else does, do they?) I was thinking I could make a private area on there so only we could access it, at least until I bother my arse to make one especially for us. What you think?

IC: Durdanius stands in the main hall of The Evil Army’s new base. It’s quite big, but he’d seen many bigger before. The upper area is held up by six marble pillars, black with red impurities streaked through it. Strange, as it’s doubtful anyone has ever seen black and red marble before. Perhaps made especially for the lair, either by Durdanius or at his request.

His eyes pass the grey tiled floor as he shifts his gaze. He looks down at the red carpet he stands on, and the huge dragon image burned into it. He sniffs the outside air, even though the doors are tightly shut. He can smell it, feel it even. Allhallows is nearing, its eve being an excellent time to test the mettle of his army.

‘Yes, I shall put them through a test. See how well they cope. They mustn’t find out though, they must know nothing of it.’

He looks up again, around the empty room. A small smile pulls his lips, and he begins to plan how to go about the test.

31st October 2004, 08:58 PM

Durdanius made a quest type thing, and needed me to post about it for him.


Berlimok's bulging yellow eyes scan the large room ahead. What he sees through those eyes is unlike anything any human sees. It is far brighter. Berlimok doesn't mind the brightness, though. He has heard a call from his masters. It's time for action, and maybe some good food. He doesn't understand the exact words that the other people in the base use. He is new to any language at all, and can only understand a few things. He is completely unable to speak. His large mouth with pointed teeth and no voice box make it impossible for nothing but grunts and growls.

For such a large creature, he makes little noise as he runs through another door at the end of the hall. Seven feet tall with grey skin covered in a lair of hair he is a mangled and twisted creature. His right hand is missing, and in it's place is a large metallic tube that looks like a large flashlight. Tubes extend from it's sides into Berlimok's arms. The announcement system shouts out the call to duty again.

OOC: I suck at this so much

6th November 2004, 06:50 AM
OOC: Well, I guess none of you really give enough of a shit about TEA to post in that quest, either that or you just think I'm a shit leader with shit ideas.

In that case, fine. Who wants to take over? Just say and it's yours.

EDIT: I've made us a temporary forum on a board I admin, which we can use untill I get another one sorted. The link is in my first post of this thread and The Evil Army Lounge. Register with your GUA name, so I know who you are, and I'll make the forum accessible for you. I can change your name later if you want.

2nd December 2004, 10:35 PM
OOC:GOOD FUCKING GOD I've been inactive. What's happened?

If I remember correctly, posts asking what's going on are forbidden - I just haven't found the damn rule about it yet. So if you want to know what's going on, PM the leader. - Legion

5th December 2004, 09:01 PM
You realize that's been the first post in...a month?

As a clan, I'm nearly sure TEA is dead. Which is just about up to par with the rest of the GUA BA area's. Especially T'L...*sniff*...I wont be here much until it comes back.

9th December 2004, 09:24 AM
... o_O; Guess I should do this now... I'm not sure whether I should do this right now... God I hope BK is watching.

Guys, it seems that this clan is more or less dead. So I'm going to give you a couple of options;

Close the clan
Make an inactive recruitment thread
Elect new leader if current is inactive / unfit
Or just get plain active again. I'll give you a week to reply, but if there isn't any, I'll go and close the thread.

- Legion

PS: Simplicity, the BA and T'L are two different RP forums. T'L isn't part of the BA (and hopefully never will be).

9th December 2004, 11:48 AM
I'm here enough, it's just there's nothing to do anymore. I've made a couple of threads but little or no people have joined. Could just be my ideas they don't like though, so perhaps a new leader would be good.

9th December 2004, 02:49 PM
Erm, they better mean this thread and not touch our chat thread. We will return, all of you goddamn haters of The Evil Army, because we're so much cooler than all the rest of the BA clans. Nobody wants to admit it, but being evil is fun.

Make an inactive recruitment thread

Are you saying that a recruitment thread we make would be inactive? That is not nice at all. Meanie.

Anyway, our problem is not so much inactivity of our members, but the lack of members? So either we do a recuitment thread which will 1) flood or clan with newbies who go away after 2 days or 2) do nothing... or, we resign ourselves to the misc forum and continue our evil plotting from there. Or, we could resign to the private forum, where I might be able to share a proposition with the clan...

9th December 2004, 03:25 PM
Don't make us do a recruitment thread. Everyone would be on that so quick it'd put the mods to shame.

We have a private forum? Where?

Brick Mullet
9th December 2004, 03:43 PM
Yo, sorry I'm inactive. Halo 2 got to me...addiciting...we need a new quest to get the blood pumping. I will come up with an idea

Sorry for the double post. Here is a link to the quest.

29th December 2004, 05:58 PM
What's the link to the private forum?

Sorry for the short post...

30th December 2004, 12:43 PM
You can find it at the bottom of my first post, under "Other Stuff"

Looks like activity may be picking up, although I shouldn't get optomistic just because someone posts :(

3rd January 2005, 11:17 AM
Taero looked at the large doors before him. He grinned. The Evil Army Headquarters was every bit as grand as he thought it was, though he brutally dispised excessive flamboyance. In truth, Taero Dholm did not consider himself "evil", but that was what the general public marked him. He could care a lot less if everyone thought of him as a do-gooder, but they did not, and that is why he was here at these gates...

Putting one hand to the doors, he channeled an enormous gust of wind. The doors were instantly flung back with a resounding boom, crashing into the walls on the side. His boots clicked on the floor as he walked into the complex, with a smug smirk firmly planted into his face.

i'm BAAAAAAAACK!!! *manical laughter* meh. i hope there is place for an old member... some of you who knew me from the old gua may recall that i used a different character when i was last in the evil army. well that guy kinda went good after a character developing quest that never was finished... so i just scratched together the character of Taero Dholm as i was typing this post... i'll have a stat page up for him soon. right now... he seems to be a fire/wind mage... but i'm not quite sure what else i'm gonna make him, besides true neutralness.
Edit: scratch true neutral... i'm gonna make him chaotic neutral.

4th January 2005, 08:55 PM
ooc: My clan attempt failed miserably...

Scrimshaw walked into the headquarters of this evil place. The destruction and world dominance interested him greatly.

As he walked through the halls of the place his hair swished back and forth, sometimes blending in with the black lines on his face. His unsettling eyes scanned the rooms as he searched for the leader of these evil people. When his eyes finally settled on the leader he became as ritualistic as possible, approached the leader, and knelt before speaking.

"I wish to join these people of the vile. I wish to be your loyal dark servant on your quests for domination."

After this he remained kneeling, waiting for the leader's reply.

4th January 2005, 11:54 PM
Sorry for inactivity, my comp broke and it doesnt seem to be gettin fixed so i have to use friends comp.

*Ganks entered the lounge and looked around for anything to to. He heard the doors swing open and looked as Taero walked into the area. He smiled as he saw the new person enter, knowing he was probably here to join their army. He walked up to him and stared the man eye to eye.

"Welcome to the Evil Army."

*A smirk came to Ganks face as he walked pass the new man and into another area of the room where he began to meditate.

5th January 2005, 08:32 PM
note: Taero hates everyone. but just cause he hates you, that doesn't mean that i hate you. he also hate me... but that's ok...

Taero scowled at the man's back he walked away. He did not like people with an attitude, especially when they apply that attitude towards him. He was not angry though, nor did he hate. Such emotions were completely useless in his opinion. The only way that things got done was by physical force.

He suddenly realized that he had his gun in his hands, with a finger resting on the trigger. With a slight shake of the head, he holstered it. The gun was not an ordinary projectile weapon. While it fired bullets like normal guns, the bullets coming from this gun could blow baseball-sized holes in blocks of solid steel. Aside from small projectiles, the gun could also fire plasma, for this was a rail gun; an electromagnetic launcher capable of propelling objects at significantly higher speeds than conventional guns, which uses chemical for projectile propulsion. But increasing power meant sacrificing speed, but Taero could still get off seven shots within a minute, with very devastating results. He also carried a short sword in case hand-to-hand fighting became necessary. However unlikely that seemed, it was better to be prepared for anything.

A sudden gust from outside threw his excessively long, white hair into a fury. Glancing over his shoulder, Taero slammed it with a gust of wind of his own make. The winds were instantly squashed, returning the air to absolute calmness. He thought about getting his hair cut… but he did not like to waste time on such trivialities. Brushing a few stray stands of hair from his eyes, he strode deeper into the complex, his dark blue trench coat wavering in his wake.

He did not have to walk very far before he came to two men; with one kneeling before the other in the manner that a slave would a master. More clichés. He thought to himself, Typical.

Channeling, Taero made a minor trick of air that would accentuate sound, and walked closer to the two. His footsteps echoed as if he had stomped on the ground with all his might, though it was only a light tap. He regarded the standing man with his bright yellow eyes, staring with a coolness that could freeze a rushing stream.

“I’m guessing,” Taero said calmly, his voice like breaking glass. “That you are the one in charge?”

1st February 2005, 04:23 PM
*A tall, well built, elvish looking mercenary wanders across to the group*
"oh i guess that this is the home of the evil army, it is as more splendid than i expected" mumbles the stranger as he slows his pace, his eyes darting around the scenery. "I am here to offer my services to this clan, my name is Ver"

ooc: im sorry for the poor quality, my mom is gettin on my nerves telling me to get off the computer :p

1st February 2005, 04:31 PM
The clear and obvious dimensional displacement confuses Ascerius for a moment. He had not borne witness to such displacement for quite a long time. Examining the elf for a moment, Ascerius shakes his head. The displacement can not last forever. Either that, or it will herald a complete melding of worlds, which is not very advantageous since magic seems clearly to be the unlimited source of power.

"I'm afraid you are here wrongly... we are not truly fantasy-oriented. We represent a modern group using government projects to acquire futuristic weapons and tecnology to acquire an edge against the world. Oh, and we will take over the world."

We're not really a fantasy clan. If you want to make a more modern character (guns and other weapons like that and not magic), then sure you can join. We post here (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=651) most of the time since we don't get screwed for not posting in character. Post there if you still want to join.

2nd February 2005, 10:10 AM
An odd-looking man stepped into the room, dressed in a navy-blue army uniform dating to around 1863. Upon closer inspection anyone could see that it was a Civil War Union Army uniform. This man was a Civil War reenactor, although highly skilled in the use of modern weapons. He carried a .83 caliber Navy 8-shot revolver at his hip, and had a Remington repeating rifle on his shoulder. He lifted the suede hat from his head, and announced: "I am Ulysses S. Grant V! I am a Civil War reenactor that has been disenfranchised and is looking for a job. I have experience with the use, creation, and construction of modern technologies. If you need my expertise, I am willing to help." He fingered his pistol on his hip, brushing a bit of wool lint form its butt.

2nd February 2005, 11:54 AM
Clearly, someone had been spreading information. He would have to look into that, and probably make some people dead. Hey, more shrunken heads to sell. There aretoo many unrecognized people coming, they aren'tt supposed to know, yet somehow they reach an inner chamber. Quite peculiar, though at least this one isn't adrift in worlds.

"Ah... Ulysses S. Grant. A general to fight and preserve the United States of America. A genius, a tactician, and a fool nonetheless. A pity the world has fallen so, because of his preservation of that union.

"Why do you seek to join us? And moreover, why should I not take your head to sell right now? And most importantly, do you have people you care about?"

Answer me a few questions :D

3rd February 2005, 01:48 PM
"Ha! My head? You're a head hunter? I thought they only lived in the rainforest, although I guess the city is a rainforest after its own manner... Anyway, as for persuasion purposes, I don't believe you have my little friend Mr. Tom E. Gun..."

With that, Grant reached into his Union army overcoat and a second later produced a folding Thompson 100 typewriter, and with his other hand drew a steel sabre, and with a flick of both wrists flipped the magazine into place and brought the point of the blade up menacingly. " I don't suggest going near my neck with any blade, since I might a) fill it with holes, b) fill you with holes or c)cut your head off, although it appears to me the half of you is metal. I'm sure even half your neck severed would hurt sufficiently. But if its heads you want, a head you will get. I'll be right back."

Grant turned on his heel and strode out. A minute later he reappeared with a small child under his arm that was kicking and screaming. He put the child down on the floor, and told him: "You have until the count of ten to run away. Ten." Before the child could take even a step, 12 teflon-coated slugs had entered his ribcage from behind, shatterring the bones and erupting from his chest in crimson spurts of blood.

With a swish, the sabre swung and removed the child's head before he began to fall to the floor. Grant stooped, and stepping carefully over the bloody mess on the floor, lifted the still-dripping head of the kid, and asked:"Is this good enough for you, or do I have to behead some more people?"

3rd February 2005, 02:55 PM
Way to know everything. You can only see the metal on the right side of his face, and that doesn't even cover the whole of his face. And don't bother making decent posts here, since all it needs to be is IC, even crappy IC posts are IC...

Ascerius laughs at the man's threats, standing unwavering as the blade seems to wander toward him. He has more than enough time to dodge, should the man try to cut his neck. He watches in some odd interest as Grant brings a child in. Where the hell did he find a child? We don't have children on base... goddamn security breaches. I do think some heads will be dislocated soon...

However, Grant's sudden mutilation of the child it not something Ascerius finds amusing. Randomly killing is not quite one of the things on The Evil Army's to-do list. In fact, it's not on the to-do list. Random people should be brainwashed to serve as The Evil Army's sleeper agents. The mangled body doesn't add to this room of The Evil Army's lair either, and the blood will take a while to clean out. The head is hardly worth anything, since he doubts anybody would care, except maybe the parents. Maybe I can taunt them crazy with it... but that takes too much effort.

"Go behead some world leaders, if you need to behead people. Don't kill random people, and don't kill them here.

"Anyway, there are a few more steps for initiation... first, there is a mental test. We have to see if you are really going to be loyal, or if we should brainwash you and make you loyal... so if you'll follow me."

Ascerius walks past Grant, bothering himself to not touch the child's body, and tells a guard to call someone to clean it up quickly. Then, he walks into a hallway. Stopping at the third door, he places his right palm on the door, and it clicks open for him.

Inside, there is a large chair, much like the ones seen in dentists' offices, though this one is much heavier at the head, and has restraining straps. Ascerius walks over to a cabinet, and pulls out a couple of needles and then four wires and electrodes to attach to Grant's head for the test.

"This will hurt... a lot. Just know that, and be prepared, since this is going to be attaching to your spinal cord..."

Lifting a gag, Ascerius adds, "And this is in case you feel a need to scream. I could not hear it in other ways... except this is easier and more fun."

5th February 2005, 02:37 PM
Anyone interested in joining Marushia's tournament? I'll probably roleplay like shit, but I think an Evil Army team would kick some serious ass.

5th February 2005, 04:16 PM
Anubis: I wholeheartedly agree - a TEA team would rock, and it would also give us some more exposure to the BA at large, and perhaps net us a few members. That alone is reason enough for TEA to make a team and join.

I also find it interesting that since the tourney doesn't allow people to share primary elements, and none or few of the TEA characters have primary elements, we can pretty much have as many people as we like, although we should keep the number of people who enter low just so we don't ruin the tourney, although that would be rather in-character for us...

Anyway, I think discussion of this (And Spectrus' and Ceasap2's IC encounter) should probably shift to the lounge, since this thread is not really the thread which we normally use. The Lounge, though it be in Misc., is far more active and mostly on-topic...

Also, Anubis, are you going to post in the army section of the clan quest (here (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=9745))? I sent you a PM about it, but you never responded...

4th March 2005, 06:12 PM
Does my person in Maru's tourney have to be like one of ur guys(ex: soldier, robot....etc)?

Could have been done through PM. Please read the clan forum posting rules before doing a post such as this one. You will recieve a PM from me shortly. -- Zach

17th July 2005, 06:03 PM
This clan has been inactive for a month. You have one week to:
A) Appoint a new leader
B) Start a recruitment thread
C) Close it down

C) is the option by default.

12th August 2005, 03:57 PM
can you send me a private message of how good your alliance is or can you just let me join for starters

i am sorry if this is so off topic but i need an alliance and quick.

i have a lot of good connections and could help any of your top players win this whole thing

Thread closed since no reaction came to the message posted by Shade - BK