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19th November 2005, 09:36 AM
Alliance Name: Gods of Doom (GoD)

Alliance Forum Statistics:
Our members have made a total of 261 posts
We have 49 registered members

Forum Link : http://s14.invisionfree.com/GodsofDoom/index.php?

Brief description of your alliance:
Gods of Doom is a new and friendly community of players who help each other out and stand behind each other. Each of our members work hard to help make us the alliance we are, and each member is active and strong. Gods of Doom was made at the begin of Age 5 , and we have quickly swelled to a strong and active/loyal force.
The chain was made when rekaewt and Saladin merged!

On godzilla.cyanide-x.net, you can find us in:

GoD Leadership:

GoD Respected Members:

(You see the leadership is not based on Rank/Clicking abbillity but just on loyalty and activity on the forums.

Other things we offer:
Contests: We gave away around 20.000 clicks to the winners of our latest contest. These contests test skills in recruiting, clicking, attacking, sabbing, etc...
Sell offs : We have some nice sell off accounts and rekaewt sell off aswell.

We are a great community of players who really like each other, and are committed to helping each other out. So many alliances just get together for mutual benefit, but our alliance has really grown into a family of players who enjoy playing KoC together. From the smallest to the biggest, our alliance aims to help everyone.

So join us, I'm sure you won't regret it!

How to Join:
1- Pick a commander from our command chain (pick someone who actually needs more officers).
2- Register on our forums, and start posting!

Approved Posters:

Grtz , ~Saladin~

21st November 2005, 10:50 AM
Everything looks good, you are approved.
I will be your contact mod if you have any questions.

As the thread creator you are responsible to keep you members/posters on topic and spam-free. Please keep in mind the rules (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=27436) of posting in here.

20th January 2006, 03:37 PM
Here goes a little update on wich u can see our great clan keeps growing :)

Our members have made a total of 3,350 posts
We have 186 registered members

Our chain still keeps a lot of members but there hasent been a count so far, i used to do it for my clan in age4 but thisone is a lil bigger :p

Some other new stuff in the clan that we have a beautifull ranktracker now

And our chanels on IRC keeps groing in activity we also have our own members only chanel, if u have intrest contact a player or pass by on cyanide server at #godsofdoom.

also a little add is that aran_gra_zain isent respected anymore wich i am :p this is causse i got hacked and now had to take another and of course not as good as the old account wich is Sal-MAster.

Our clan is great friendly and certenly growing with many ppl to end in the top 200, 100 and some even in the top 50.

Our forums are active easy to use nice lay out and good shoutbox u can ask everything if u need more info.


Aran aka Sal-MAster