View Full Version : What language(s) to use?

11th November 2005, 10:35 PM
Alright, i want to write a program. The progam i want to write is EXTREMELY involved. I want said program to more or less run a company. It would do accounts payable, receiveable, inventory, scheduling of installs, be able to reserve X amount of said product, be able to convert linear feet to square feet and vice versa, and a lot more i cant think of right now. I dont care if its done to where it uses the internet or not, it needs to be secure, and it needs to work. I know the current system uses a terminal server, but am not sure what that means. What language(s) would i need to pick up to do something like this either web based or a regular computer program? I need it to work with windows. Can you guide me?

12th November 2005, 01:11 AM
Well, if you know a language, stick with it. It'll almost certainly be useful, as you seem to be fairly broad in your requirements.

Otherwise, I'd recommend you learn a language that is easy to learn, powerful, useful, and doesn't teach bad programming practice. Python would be my choice - it's easy to learn, powerful, and it's easy to get a GUI up and running with it. Others will have their own preferences.

Whatever you do, DO NOT learn BASIC. It teaches bad practice and is just dodgy in general. And if you're doing something serverside, using cgi with perl and postgresql is probably best. PHP is full of security holes, and is nigh on unreadable.

If it uses a terminal server, i'd guess it's doing something similar to telnet or slogin, and connecting to a remote (or local ) server.

12th November 2005, 04:35 PM
Well from the sounds of it, you're going to be needing a database of some sort to keep track of all the data, so familiarizing yourself with SQL might not be a bad idea. I've worked with .NET tools and that particular piece of software makes putting GUIs together pretty easy.

I also agree with rtsk on Basic. It can get frustrating to use and it's generally impractical for large or complicated programs.