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5th October 2004, 06:42 AM
You have recieved a message from The Necromancer named Maxanatov XIII. The letter read the following:


I, Maxanatov XIII, ask you to aid me in a quest. In this way I can not give you any detail, but it will not be extremely dangerous (I hope). I hope you will follow my request and that I can greet you soon in the Tavern in the town of Pilakos, close to the border of Mezatuful.


Maxanatov XIII
True Necromancer and King of Nezatuful

As you arrive in Pilakos, you hardly see any sign of life. It is a silent town, almost a ghost town. You see just a couple of stores. There is nobody on the streets, so you choose to follow the main road, searching for the Tavern Maxanatov spoke about. You see a small Tavern, The Red Fox, and enter it.

Inside the air is thick of smoke and stale beer. You look around, searching for Maxanatov. The mumbling dies down as you enter. You feel their eyes burning upon you. You look around, and in a dark corner far away from the other people in the bar you see a black cloaked figure.

You walk towards him. The black cloaked figure looks a lot like Maxanatov. He has the same Katana hanging on his back, and around his neck is that Pendant, shaped like a penthagram, with those strange runes. And those same runes are engraved in his bracelet. This must be him, this must be the Necromancer that sended you the message.

Maxanatov sits at the table, drifted far away in his memories. His strange white eyes, which contain small black swirls, are glassy. He stares deep in the distance. His white hair follows the small airflows that are going through the bar. Infront of him stands an empty glass. The small remaining fluid on the bottem is clear, it has been some pure water. So the staring is not due to alcohol, it is something else. You sit down and begin to talk, hoping to shake him loose out of his memories, and hopefully some answers.

OOC: I previously had the exact same quest, but it was cancelled because the clan that had to participate in it fell apart and was closed. But because it is such an important quest for Max, I wanted to do it again with some (hopefully) more active people.

If you are not invited, but believe you should participate, please PM me.
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Duke Manboy IV
5th October 2004, 10:30 AM
Striding trough the desolate streets of Pilakos was Ghorgrond; driven on by a mysterious haste, the tall figure seemed to be wandering around while looking for something.
He obviously was a stranger in these regions, yet he was expected to be somewhere here and was trying to spot this place.
He addressed several people on his path while the town slowly died out and it was time for all scoundrels to come out. Night it was now and this little town would soon change into a kingdom of crime, where innocent people were mugged and the evil people festered in their dark realms.

But not Ghorgrond.
He wouldn't be mugged and he wouldn't violate anyone nor anything either; he was a honest man with morals and wisdom. He wouldn't even think about doing something that would harm another living creature, unless that living creature was an orc or some other foul being.
No one would be foolish enough to try and steal something from him. Just take a look at this giant; Ghorgrond hadn't decreased in size yet and he still was the three meters tall person he had always been.
Covered in simple clothing and blue tattoo's while whistling a little tune and looking from window to window, from door to door; searching for the "Red Fox Inn."

Finally! There it was! Right in-between that old, dirty house and that groceries store.
With renewed speed Ghorgrond started running, his huge arsenal of weapons moving around his body and making the various sounds of metal hitting metal and wood.
His treasure though, was still his Zanbatou. The only weapon he had kept for ever; the only weapon he enjoyed killing with. All of his friends knew it and had seen its demolishing power, as Ghorgrond charged the enemy cavalry, or a single foe, and the fight was over even before it began.
This very weapon, could be the reason Maxanatov had asked for his help and guidance.

Bloody Niddhog, another problem. Ghorgrond saw it immediately and under his black beard, a grim expression crossed his face.
This door was way to small for a person his size, and so would the inn be, probably. People never thought about giants; never ever did someone have a bed long enough, never ever did a chair manage to hold his weight, never did someone have a door he actually fit trough, with the exception of the front gate of the Keep of the Forbidden One.
Bending his legs, Ghorgrond was only half as tall as he actually was, and he managed to open the door and crawl trough it.
A smell of tobacco and sweat penetrated his nostrils and his visage was blocked by the thick fog spread troughout the entire room.

Ghorgrond stood up again and slowly the whispering died away. Amazement and tension filled the entire inn because none of those simple farmers here had ever seen such a tall person. He heard the newest gossip. a giant... killed an entire army... he eats little children.

"Damn straight. I eat little children, but if you do not all stop spreading these blatent lies, I will soon eat older flesh too. I like it tough."

All faces were drained from the blood as everyone in the room became pale. One last cry of fear could be heard, yet soon everyone started neuroticly sipping his or her glass.
One person didn't join this circus and calmly sat in a corner, sort of ignoring the Vikings entrance and caring about his own thoughts only. Ghorgrond had immediately recognized his friend and while telling the frightened bartender to bring him a beer he walked up to Maxanatov.
He pitied his young friend, as the necromancer sat there, apparently with a troubled mind and vexed by his nightmares.
Ghorgrond sat down on the ground cross-legged and patted his lad on the shoulder.

"Max, old mate. I have arrived and will help you, whatever it is you want from me.
Speak, but not here. This isn't a safe place. The inn, for Thor's sake. All old ladies come here and will soon spread the word about your quest. Enemies will hear about it, assassins will kill you... and me."

5th October 2004, 12:26 PM
Maxanatov looked surprised up as he heard the voice of a farmilliar person. He is roughly shaken awake from his memories, but his face shows no expression of Anger, just relieve. "Ah Ghor! I see you have followed my request, and for that I thank you. You truly are a real friend. And that is why I have chosen to ask you to come here. You are completely correct about not talking here, but I have that coverd. You will soon find it all out. Why do you not order something to eat and drink while we are still here. On my expanses ofcourse." Maxanatov made an inviting gesture to the bar. He then looks at the door with an impatient look across his face. He knows that there is not much time left...

Paradise Wandering
5th October 2004, 03:49 PM
Eyes opened. Deep, sapphire blue eyes. Eyes like gems, with a slight glow to them. The figure stood up, stretching, several joints cracking in his back and neck, as he stretched.

He picked up his cloak, which he had laid on the ground and folded to form a makeshift sleeping bag, and he put it back on. It had a slightly magical sparkle to it.

"It is time. I have been summoned by my friend. I cannot let him down."

*Wistles loudly* A beautiful jet black mustang, with a long flowing mane gallops up to the boy.

"Lotus. We must go see Maxanotav. Be ready for anything."


The bot hops onto the steed's back right as it bolts off into the city, and sees a sign for the tavern he has been invited to.

There are two figures outside, one, abnormally tall, the other, has an unmistakeable aura of dark power about him.

"Max! Ghorgrond!" The figure is found to be Zach. His eyes glow like stars as he dismounts Lotus to greet his freinds. "Max," he began, "Are you well my friend? You look strange."

6th October 2004, 12:49 AM
Maxanatov saw Zach enter the tavern. He said: "Yes Zach, I am allright. I am glad that you have arrived. I am waiting for some other people, and then we will leave this place. Watch your back here. If you want, you can grab something to eat or drink. Oh, and if any of you two think we should have somebody else here, I will send them the same message as I send you. But it has to be a strong mage, we can not afford some weak mages or they will surely die."

6th October 2004, 07:04 AM
The road through the town, coated in a thick layer of dust from the endless pounding of feet and carts, was strangly quiet as the young woman moved along it, her bare feet leaving prints in the dirt, that twisted for a moment, before fading away to nothing once again.

She padded quickly and silently onto the cobbled main street, not twitching as her feet pressed on to the hot, hard cobbles underfoot, her pale face hidden under her long, lank black hair, her painfully thin limbs seeming to drag themselves along rather then walk, her hands opening and closing of their own will.

Though the town was empty, there where still enough people around for one of the passing men to leer suggestivly at her, before the woman, looked up, her hair falling away from his face for a moment, her dark eyes burning with a fury that would stop lesser men's hearts, her white teeth bared in a snarl behind thin pink lips.

As the man shied away, she moved towards the tavern, the frayed grey dress she wore brushing against the ground as she walked, the steady swish the only noise she made in her movements, her breath hissing into her lungs to quietly to be heard, her long fingers reaching out and having open the tavern doors.

As she walked in, she seemed oblivious to the stares of the men in the tavern, her eyes flickering round under the curtain of hair, before she spotted a group in the corner. She sighed bitterly, before moving slowly over, her limbs seeming to be as heavy as lead so slow did she move.

As she slid into a seat, she blinked and looked up, her hair partially falling away from the high cheekbones and clear eyes of her beautiful face, but still covering the entire left side. As she stared at them, a faint smell drifted from her. The stench of burnt meat.

6th October 2004, 07:06 AM
Maxanatov saw another person enter. He looked at her and stood up. The pale necromancer rose high above the crowd and said: "Welcome. I can sence great might coming from you. My name is Maxanatov XIII, but all my friends call me Max. Who might you be? Oh, and if you do not mind me asking, who has asked you to join us?"

6th October 2004, 07:13 AM
The woman blinked and looked away, her hair falling over her face again, her fingers drumming ocmpulsivly on the table, before she balled her fists to stop them. After a moment she relaxed, one of her hands, palm upwards, resting lightly on the table. In the centre of the palm was a ragged slit, bone, nerves, muscles, tendons and veins clear to sight, but there was now blood oozing from the wound, and no damage on the edges.

She laughed harshly and bitterly, before looking up, her hair falling away from her face completly, revealing something horrific and grotesque. A great handmark had been put into her face, like some burning hand had pressed into her flesh, searing it black, clean to the burnt and yellowed bone underneath, crusted blood and pus marking the wound, strips of flesh hanging from it like obsene streamers and the stink of rot and burnt flesh filling the air around her.

"I am Merryn, and I come to grow strong, that I may kill Cal, the Paladin."

Dynellen Unholy
6th October 2004, 07:15 AM
A shady character walking along the streets of empty, cold town some call Pilakos. Step by step he... or she for that matter, walks forward in the dusty road, his gender is hard to tell as a fine red cloak covers his body and this very cloaks hood conceals his face... with the exception of those eyes....

The character raises his gaze from the ground to look around, seemingly looking for something and suddenly noticing the taverns sign.

Red fox? This better be worth the trouble or I´ll start dropping some heads off.

With determination radiating from him he steps inside. The thick smoke and horrible smell of beer simply disgusts him, his senses are fine so this kind of atmosphere is anything but what he fafours, it´s more suitable for those completely idiotic humans. He didn´t have that much change clothes with him most of the time, and the smell of smoke and humans would follow him around for the next week.... Not something to look forward to. And then he noticed these imbecils were watching him, with a single angry shout of concealed rage he shouts to the peoples surrounding him.

"What do you fools want? To die? I can arrange that rather fast...."

By the time the crowd has turned away from the newcomer he has already spotted his target.... A necromancer as they call him, sitting in the corner with some others, waiting for something or someone. The elf walks to the table and with a single swift move draws chair to him and sits down, putting his cloak away for a bit, revealing katana hanging from his belt. But yet still he keeps his face hidden among the shadows of his hood, only glancing Maxanatov with his eyes..... eyes of eternall burning fires. Some say eyes are mirror of ones soul if such case stands then none would ever want to know this persons true soul for such darkness is hidden in those very eyes. He wears an armor made of finest leathers and apparently enchanted with some dark powers, it reaches from his wrists till his legs, his boots are of the same material. His race would be hard to determine without seeing his face but the agility of his hands, quickness of wrists and his slim, thin body gives out his heritage. An elf... but no elf, servant of good would ever have such overflowing aura of dark around him.... All this one with trained eyes can notice within few seconds and soon the elf speaks, this time with a silent voice wich yet still can be easily heard by everyone around the table. Voice of power, and of dark.

"What do you want of me? Isn´t teaching you ways of dark enough? You may very well be called master of dark by some, but never forget who taught who, who is your master. What do you want of me Maxanatov.... my student?"

6th October 2004, 07:18 AM
Maxanatov looked at Merryn with a mingling of surprise and disgust after he had seen her face. But this only flashed over his face in a fraction of a second. Maxanatov knew better then judging someone on their appearance. Maxanatov said: "Well Merryn, this quest will be a real test on your strength and skills. If you do not believe you can handle it, you better leave. Else you are welcome here. Order some food or drinks and sit down." Maxanatov sat down again with an impatient look on his face. Time was getting short, they had to leave soon.

Maxanatov saw Dynellen enter. He waited through the angry tirade of his master. He knew him so well and said: "Dynellen, why do you not sit down. Order something to eat or drink. I will explain everything later on, but not now. This is not a safe place."

6th October 2004, 07:36 AM
Merryn simply sat quietly, not moving or speaking, the open wounds on her face and hands still viable and obvious, the young woman's eyes burning with a bitter, endless rage as she sat, still as stone.

Dynellen Unholy
6th October 2004, 07:38 AM
The elf simply grinned, a tiny flash of teeths under the red eyes among the shadows of his hood.

"Food and drink? If you would go around asking servants of light they would likely say that I drink blood of innocents and feast on the flesh of saints... Not exactly to my liking but I highly doubt this abomination of a tavern has anything I´d call anywhere even NEAR food. Humans and their feasts..... if I wouldn´t know somewhat better I´d say most of them feed themselves on pure grease and beer.... I prefer elven wine, even if the finest of them are forbidden for me to drink and hard for me to obtain as majority of my race either ignores me or attacks me on sight. I don´t wonder why, I did destroy every single bit of my bloodline and the village I was born at in the same time."

Dy´nellen seems to actually enjoy telling bits of his past, grinning wide as he remembers how his experienced katana holding hand bypassed his very fathers defense and sunk deep into his flesh, ripping his lungs, tearing stomach apart.... He had even killed his unborn family member, cutting the head of his pregnant mother with a single slice. It had been far too easy for the burning eyed elf to perform, he had been banished from his race, from his family only because of a single mistake during training session. He had only wanted to achieve title of swordmaster..... Too bad for his bloodline, he achieved that title only to return to cause horrible suffering with his skills. Suddenly he returns his senses, shrugging his head a bit to fend of the memories of ages long ago.

"It´s not safe here? Bah hurry up before I get completely bored with this lowest scum of the race of man."

6th October 2004, 07:44 AM
The girl twitched, an eyebrow raising slightly and her lip curling in disgust at Dy'nellen's words, her eyes flickering up to his face to stare at his features for a moment, encasing them into her memory, ensuring that she could obliterate them once she had the power, her face clearly displaying her distaste, dispite her horrific wounds.

"Elves. Humph."

Dynellen Unholy
6th October 2004, 07:48 AM
The elf simply grinned at the girls comment, his eyes gazing her.

"I couldn´t agree more with you, pathetic creatures who obey false gods and serve non-existing light. Me? I wouldn´t consider myself much of an elf anymore, racial charasteristics are perhaps still in me but that doesn´t make me what elves really are..... I´m Fallen elf, ask any elf out there about me and they will refuse to answer, to elves I don´t exist anymore. I was never born, I never existed and I shall never be considered part of their 'noble' race."

6th October 2004, 07:53 AM
"Nobility is a fleeting image of a vain and proud race anyhow. I'm no more human then you however, so do not lump me in with these, creatures, that inhabit this tavern. I'm more then them and I'm better then them."

She spoke with barely concealed fury, as if she longed to unleash her power and burn the entire village to very ground, reducing it to cold, barren ash.

6th October 2004, 07:55 AM
Maxanatov raised his arms in a relaxing gesture. "We have to wait for two more to arrive. When they arrive we will leave. Believe me, I do not feel comfortable here aswell." Maxanatov sat down and looked at the door, his impatience growing every second.

6th October 2004, 08:09 AM
The paved street was emptying out, craftsmen of all kinds returning to their homes as their job was done for the day. Grim faces of a hard day's work, their eyes stared into nothingness as they walked along the zig-zagging paths that made up the slightly chaotic architecture of the town. Amidst the pattering of footsteps upon the grey stone, a figure walked, fairly tall and with an expression of vitality of his face that, compared to the townsfolk, was exceptional. Where his green-robed appearance cast shadows over the small buildings alongside, eyes looked up, some in joy, some in distrust.

Baggy black pants hung straight from a leather belt, brown though several journeys had visibly taken its toll on it. The nearly transparant eyes of the albine mage walked over the folded paper... the letter he had been given. Remembering the sight of his former companion, Maxanatov, he took a deep breath. The man had something powerful over him, though Dracadas could not clearly define it as an aura. The metal gauntlets quickly shoved the letter back into his pants as he looked upwards, the millimetred hair atop his head set in an illusion of flame as the rays of the sun carressed it.

It was the Inn where the first meeting was to take place. Upon entering, dampened smells and alcoholic odors penetrated his nostrils. Dracadas grinned as he looked around, his eyes stopping at the group that had assembled around one particular table, veiled in the shadow and smoke of the other clients. Of course Dracadas knew this was it. The great image of Ghorgrond was hard to miss, and of course there was Maxanatov, exactly as Dracadas remembered him. His black boots thudded slightly while he tried to keep the two sheathes on his back from attracting too much unwanted attention.

Quite a company we've got here...

The thought passed his mind in a rush while he realized that there were more people gathered around, the cloaked figure which could only be a man, and a wounded girl for whom the spirit mage instantly felt compassion for the damage that her hull had undergone. His pale face turned to Maxanatov.

"I am here, as you asked. It's good to see you... and nice to see you as well, Ghorgrond."

His eyes once again went over the group, sensing their auras. That of the girl was rash, uncontrolled, and seemed dangerous, though Dracadas knew that Maxanatov probably knew what he was doing. He instantly moved away from the cloaked figure, as there was an invisible, yet sensible glut of corruption and decay around him. The young mage's was quite calm, yet something restless remained behind his sapphire eyes.

"I am Dracadas," he spoke with soft voice, yet hearable through all the rumble of the now quite crowded tavern, "and would somebody be as so kind to tell me who will take part in our journey?"

Duke Manboy IV
6th October 2004, 08:41 AM
Ghorgrond nodded as one and all entered the tavern, unnoticed yet with the necessary politeness.
He hadn't spoken a word yet, but he had done something far more important; he had been observing.

What he had seen here had troubled his mind and he had discussed this with Thorgal, the man he trusted more then any creature alive. Thorgal had been his mentor, but the old man had been killed by Ghorgronds father and wandered the paths of the magnificent Walhalla.
From time to time though, if Ghorgrond needed mental help and guidance to deal with the situation on Asgaard, he heard that calming, strong voice ranging in the air again.

They had been talking for hours, though only mere seconds had passed; they had been estimating each persons worth and they had been discussing this party's chances to survive.
If they would continue arguing like this, those chances would be none.
Had Maxanatov lost his mind? He had brought together a group of the most dark and impulsive people Ghorgrond has ever seen.
Those people... one wrong word and the tavern would become the setting of battle and butchery.

Finally a distraction. The bartender had found the guts to approach this table, full of strange people, and he handed over Ghorgronds beer.
One big sip was all the giant needed to drink this... refreshment as some would call it.
He shrugged and took the word.

"Nice to see you, Dracadas, Zach. Nice to meet all of you strangers too, though I'm not sure whether I like this company yet... I tend to be jolly while travelling."

6th October 2004, 10:26 AM
Maxanatov looked up as he heard the voice of a newcomer, which sounded farmiliar. "Ah welcome, Dracadas. It is nice to see you again, and I am glad that you have followed my request." Maxanatov turned to the others and said: "I suggest you keep your cool. It is very important that we do not draw to much attention. We do not know who are here. We do not know if there are spies here which might overhear us. So please, sit down and behave as normal as possible. If our cover is blown, we will be in big trouble. We are not in a hostile area, not yet, remember that!"

8th October 2004, 08:29 AM
The doors of the tavern swung open and a dark cloaked person walked calmly though. The short body was totally straight, yet the black hood stopped any from seeing the true identity. A slight metal on metal jingling sound followed each step the person made.

Making its way toward max the figure held out a gloved hand, the light catching the black leather. A small note was folded between the small fingers of the gloved. Handing over the note to Max the figure took a step back.

To Max
I have been delayed by urgent business and cannot make it in time. I have sent a friend. I think that you will be surprised by the talent.

The figure looked down at Max. Two blue eyes seemed to shine out of the darkness of the hood.

8th October 2004, 09:24 AM
Maxanatov looked up from the message the person just gave him. "Well, tell me. Who might you be?" Maxanatov was a bit puzzled about this person. He never had met him before. He is wondering about everything about him, but Maxanatov shows nothing about his eagerness to find all about him. Maxanatov sits back and awaits the answer. Once he got that, he is ready to go.

8th October 2004, 09:35 AM
A deep sigh flowed out from under the hood. Slowly the hands reached up the hood and pulled it back. The blue eyes seemed to dim in the light as Leona’s face was lit up buy the light of the tavern. Her soft lips parted letting the smallest stream of air escape. Each word dripped with innocence and charm.

“Why I am Leona, it is nice to meet you.”

Here blue eyes looked around the room quickly before she pulled the black hood back over her golden hair.

“When do we leave?”

Paradise Wandering
8th October 2004, 09:55 AM
One of Zach's eyebrows shot up as he saw the girls beautiful face. But he didnt do anything about it, nor did he make a coment about her beautiful eyes and face.

"Maxanotav, what is that note?" He rose up from a chair in the corner, eyes darting around suspiciously. "Is it from Talen?" He walked up behind Max, cloak flowing etherialy behind his small figure. Reading the note from over Max's shoulder, it occured to him that Talen wasnt coming, or, if he was, he would be late.

"So no Talen... Yet. Who else is coming Max? I hope they get here soon. I dont like this town..."

8th October 2004, 09:56 AM
Maxanatov looked a bit surprised as he saw that the person was a girl. But he had himself quickly under control. He stood up and walked to the bar. The bartender almost ducked down under the bar as Maxanatov started to rumble in his cloak. He was probably expecting that Maxanatov would grab a weapon, but he just put some goldcoins on the bar. He turned to Leona and said: "Now."

Without saying any other word, he turned around and walked outside. He strode through the village and left it. He reached a spot in the forest. It clearly was an old camping site, but Maxanatov had prepared it for them already. It was completely dark in the forest. The trees were planted so tight upon eachother, that the light from the moon could not penetrate their long and thick branches. In the distance one could hear the scavengers from the forest do their work. Maxanatov sat down and used a bit of his Fire Energy to light the campfire. In the near surroundings some horses made noises, but he paid no attention to them. He just sat there and waited until the others would reach this forest.

8th October 2004, 10:04 AM
Leona turned and followed Max out of the Tavern. She had to suppress the urge to choke the man that had taken it upon himself to read the note that was for Max’s eyes only. She had not even looked at it.

With next to no sound she walked to the camp Max had set up. Her hood drawn as to hide her face from any thugs that fancied a go at a girl. She could handle her self, but it would waste time.

8th October 2004, 10:07 AM
With mixed feelings, Dracadas left the comfortable atmosphere of the inn while he stepped into the fairly fresh outside air, following Maxanatov as the dark mage steadied his pace. After taking a look around to ensure that the others were coming with him, the spirit mage set his feet firmly upon the pavement, the obscure density of trees clear before his eyes. Not to lose track of Maxanatov, Dracadas walked more quickly, yet he did not run for he knew that would attract too much attention, even at this hour.

Dampened odors passed his nostrils as he stepped into the forest, the air instantly becoming more humid, slightly warmer than the outside. Flourishing fungi made their way over tree-trunks, or adorned the ground in a flashy output of rare colors among the dark green, brown, and grey of the woods.

To the spirit mage's relief, Maxanatov had lit a campfire, small yet providing enough light and warmth to be comfy. However, the sounds of the forest that came from the outside suggested the presence of animals, maybe even predators. With a few more steps he stood by the cloaked figure of the necromancer, awaiting the eventual plan that Maxanatov had come up with.

8th October 2004, 10:14 AM
Merryn sighed and growled, curling a lip at the new-comer, the 'pretty' woman. Such was the womans anger that she felt that Leona's very existance was mocking her, throwing Merryn's lost beauty in her scarred face.

She rocked upright and staggered slowly after the group, blood dibbling from the wounds in her hand, dark flames dancing and sparking in her eyes. When she reached the forest, she absently reached out and brushed some of her blood against a tree. It ignited instantly, burning with a black flame that consumed the tree in mere moments, ignoring the others when she reached the camp.

Duke Manboy IV
8th October 2004, 10:46 AM
Ghorgrond didn't show any emotion as the new-comer slipped her hood. There was no reason to be surprised this was a girl, and there was no reason to feel sorry about this too.
In the past girls have proven to be great warriors and Ghorgrond had the funny feeling they would prove to be fearsome fighters once again; if only these two exemples of the female species, wouldn't end up killing each other in an ordinary cat fight.

Everyone left the bar, while the note was left undestroyed. Ghorgrond shook his head and took the note, putting it in his mouth. After chewing upon it several moments, he swallowed it and gave a curious serf his foulest look.

Only then, he followed the others, outside into the nature.
On the camping spot, he sat down near the fire, and he closed his eyes.
He was resting, yet he would hear and remember any word they would speak.

People. No need to rush those posts. This makes me rush my posts too, and then they will become worse.

Dynellen Unholy
8th October 2004, 11:11 AM
The shady elf simply stood up and calmly walked outside the inn, letting loose a truly relieved sigh as he stepped out of the building, fresh air freely passing through his body made him feel alot better, it almost made him forgot the fact how much his clothes had already absorbed of the nine times cursed smoke. Suddenly an unexpected breeze of wind came out of nowhere, grabbing his hood and dropping it to his back and revealing the elves, wich could now be truly clearly seen, face. His hair was whiter than what most humans have by the time of their deaths, if they would have hair left at that point that is. He would´ve looked rather normal by elven standards but it was too obvious that he had seen many battles, too many perhaps. Very few elves would look so tired, so old, at his age.

Dy´nellen was somewhere over 200 years old, far from old by his race but he had been betrayed several times, he had fought creatures of heavens and hells. He had trained generations worth of Dark elementalists and all of this had taken a toll on him. Small scar running through his left cheek, skin tight above bones, as if he wouldn´t have gotten enough food or would´ve been tortured somewhere along his life journey. He was somewhat pale, having spend years inside his halls, among shadows in complete dark, not really seeing sun for years had changed his colour from that of normal elven, as they spend most of their lives living straight under the sun.

With a calm pace the elf followed his student towards the forest, moon making his hair clearly shine among the shadows before the darkness of the night and forest concealed him.

Usually he follows me not the other way around... Well some change for life I quess.

When the party of sort arrived at the already arranged camp Dy´nellen simple sat down, his eyes suddenly turning black in the dark as well. No longer they shined as beacons of fire among the shadows. But when Maxanatov started the fire the elf suddenly covered his eyes and let out a cry of pain and rage, quickly jumping up and turning his back to the fire, blinkind his eyes rapidly, making the darkness disappear from time and returning them to normal.

"You got any cursed idea how much that hurts? You could´ve at least warned me, when you see as easily as in the day with Eyes of night let´s just say bright sudden light seriously make your eyes ache...."

The elf slowly turned around, blinking his water bleeding eyes, trying to re-adjust them to the sudden light. Finally the elf sighs and somewhat calms down, taking few steps away from the fire and sitting to the groundfloor. Then suddenly speaking again with a voice equal to a whisper in strenght, yet everyone could hear it loud and clear.

"So what do you want? I see we have a nice party gathered here, the necessary weakling mage, strong brute, beatiful lady and of course the must to have 'dark one' to ruin others fun...... Real heroic party indeed... with the exception that heroic is the word that could be used as the true opposite of what I´m."

Duke Manboy IV
8th October 2004, 12:42 PM
"'Arrogant' could be used as 'what you are,' dear sir. We haven't even met yet and you have already prejudged me as the 'brute barbarian.' I demand respect from all of you, and I do respect all of you, but that might change."

Ghorgrond stood up, revealing his fully body length. The Viking was immense, at least eight foot tall and built like a tree, his massive limbs lined with iron hard muscles.

Suddenly the runes painted upon his skin started glowing. They spread a light even brighter then that of the silly fire. If hells interior would have been blue, it would be this kind of blue, burning one's eye.
If only it was to prove the fact he wasn't just a brainless warrior, if it was to mock Dy'nellen and his apparent fear of the light, Ghorgrond enjoyed his little show, and a sincere grin crossed his face as he did so.

8th October 2004, 12:47 PM
"You won't get respect from me, you ape. You remind me to much of Cal. Now, sit down, before I melt your face off, you hunk of brainless meat."

Merryn smiled bitterly as she threw a black fireball from hand to hand, the energy playing about her fingertips and sparking through her hair as she laughed.

Duke Manboy IV
8th October 2004, 12:52 PM
"Go ahead and melt my face off. I am not afraid of you, nor of your futile treats."

Ghorgrond bowed down, in such a way Merryn could easily do anything to his face she wanted.
A huge risk of course, but Ghorgrond wanted to see if this girl was as good as she claimed to be.

8th October 2004, 01:06 PM
Merryn hissed, her ahdns erupting into flame, the dark energy lighting up the clearing with a strange glow, almost seeming to dampen the brightness from the fire, sucking all the heat away from all the living things in the area as she bolted forwards, a quick and lith opponent in her rage, her frailty of limb left behind as she reached up with a smile and clamped her hands over Ghorgronds face.

A dull hiss filled the air, smoke riseing from Ghorgronds face, the sharp tang of charred meat filling the air as Merryn's screamed in rage, the heat in her hands immense, the grass underfoot smouldering and writhing as, with two distinctive pops, Ghorgronds eyes popped under the pressure, leaking fluid down his face.

She laughed and stepped back from the blinded giant and admired her handiwork, the two burnt handprints on his face, the charred meat and yellowed bone and the holes where his eyes used to be.

"Cocky savage."

Duke Manboy IV
8th October 2004, 01:17 PM
Right after Ghorgronds flesh was burnt to cinders, a soft breeze filled the area.
Ghorgronds body seemed to exist out of dust, ashes and soil, and suddenly he turned into a pile of nothing, divided by the wind and swirling about Merryn for a slight moment.

Behind the evil woman's back though, a pillar of mud had formed, but it wasn't the common pile of mud. It was moving.
Slowly, it became a statue, details being added every heartbeat. Soon one would recognize Ghorgronds proud form.
A second gust of wind and the soil was forced to become one with this statue.

Ghorgrond grasped for breath. His new body had been created, completely similar to his old one, and he had awoken.
A smile passed his face as he spoke.

"It isn't nice to call someone a savage, and I'm not the cocky one here. You can show me some respect. I have proven to be worthy of it, haven't I?"

8th October 2004, 01:37 PM
"NIce party trick, but no one alive is worthy of my respect anymore, other then my sister. You, savage, certainly don't deserve any. Now, get away from me. You odour offends me."

Duke Manboy IV
8th October 2004, 02:07 PM
Ghorgrond felt insulted to the core of his being, but he managed to control his violence, come back to his senses, and think wise.
Attacking this woman both physically and verbally wouldn't help him any further. The best would be to stay away from her as far as possible, but he hadn't forgotten about the insults yet.

With perfect hatred and frightening bloodlust in his eyes, as if he wanted to suffocate this woman and completely tear her apart, he took some steps back.
He sat down at the fire and started staring into it, while speaking.

"Max, speak your mind about this quest of yours. If it isn't important enough, I might just ponder leaving you."

This isn't over yet, woman. One day I shall have my pride back; one day I shall drink your blood and I shall be defouling the graves of your relatives and ancestors. I am a Viking, no one insults a Viking without punishment.

11th October 2004, 07:59 AM
Maxanatov still sat infront of the warm fire place. He said: "Please everybody. Stop your arguing and sit down. Leave your personal battles and listen up. You will need eachother where we are going. But let me start explaining it all..."

Maxanatov fel silent and his eyes got a glassy stare as he rememberd it all. With a cold and dark voice he started to speak. "I am Maxanatov XIII. I am the thirteenth descendant of a very powerfull line of Necromancers. My father, Maxanatov XII, was king of Nezatuful like his father before him. We have been kings as long as this family exists. When I was born, my father realised I was more powerfull then he ever would be. He had never trained me, afraid that I would surpass his level. Instead, he started to beat me up every day. My mother saw it all happen, but she was to afraid to say anything about it."

Maxanatov sighed. It were very painfull memories, but he had to continue. Those people, willing to help him deserved an explanation. "At my thirteenth birthday, my father snapped. He realised my powers were awoken, ready to be tested. He went berserk. He beat me up, almost killed me. My mother could not take it anymore. She jumped between me and my father. He unsheeted his Katana, the one strapped upon my back right now. He diabolicly started to stab her. He killed her. This enraged me so much that my powers were set free. What happend then I can not tell you, I do not even know it. Only thing I remember was that he was gone. All that was left was this cloak and this Katana. I picked them up and left my home. Now the King was dead. The clans in my Kingdom realised that I could not rule my Kingdom yet. So, they took over. It is now seven years later, and there is still a horrific civilwar raging. I have returned to bring peace back. And for that I need your help. If you do not want to help me, or continue your little arguments. Then please leave. In such case you are not much of help."

Maxanatov sat silently infront of the campfire. Staring in the flames. His eyes were glassy and one teardrop fell from his eye, but he did not even realise that. He was to caught up in his memories.

11th October 2004, 05:20 PM
Leona moved over to Ghorgrond, pulling her hood down as she reached him. She pulled off her black glove and placed a soft hand on his face. She gently touched where only seconds ago Merryn had burnt. She looked into the man’s eyes, her head leaning back because of his height.

“Don’t worry, pain sometimes gets the better of us all. She will have to learn that.”

She turned back to Max to hear his story. Her mind knew that she should feel bad for him, but her heart did not. It seemed like everyone had some dark secret and looking over at Merryn, Leona knew some were worse than others.

11th October 2004, 05:26 PM
Merryn silently seethed, her pale flesh blothed red with anger, her hands sparking and rippling with dull flame, the light shinging blackly in the night, almost like an anti-light. She shot venomous looks at nearly the whole party, before she looked down again. Until an armoured hand fell upon her shoulder that is. Black Armour, traced with gold that merged seemlessly into silved armour that made up the rest of the figures protection, a full faced, blank helm without vision slits or breathing holes over his head.

Merryn's jaw dropped as she recognized the man before she screamed in fury, her entire body erupting into flame and flung herself upon him. The surprised Cal, the Paladin, took a step back, his hands lashing out to close about Merryn's wrist, hisarmour glowing but apparently otherwise uneffected by Merryn's wrath.

"Erm, could some one tell my why my Ward is so angry?"

12th October 2004, 09:30 AM
Dracadas had looked over the events with a seriuos look on his white face, his glance travelling over each of the party members. Uncomfortably wiggling his arms around, he felt like he was in the center of a volcano about to erupt. Looking at the young girl, the spirit mage recognized the truth behind his comparing, his lips widening until they formed a smile, a very unlikely image amidst the brewing violence between the members of the party Maxanatov had assembled.

In growing awe he listened to the necromancer's story, never having it heard before, and he understood the grief and anger that were contained within the dark mage for a hearbeat. From far away, the spirit mage heard the sound of critters making their way through the dense underbrush that covered the deeper parts of the woods. Again, he looked towards the rest of the group, Maxanatov finishing his story in a deep tone that prophecized little more than violence and death...

"I will join you, Maxanatov. I think you already figured..."

Suddenly, Dracadas's attention was turned to the young, flammable girl. However, what he saw was little more than a giant flame, and he shook back in surprise of the outburst of energy. In the light of the girl's flame, the trees became painstakingly monstrous, and through the flickering shadows the spirit mage could see another figure, holding the girl by her wrist. Shining armor forced Dracadas's eyes to squint, yet he could still see that the arrivé that was a man, clad from top to toe in armor, surprisingly dangerous to the eye. In silence, the spirit mage hoped that the man's intentions weren't hostile.

Just having recovered from intense listening to Maxanatov's painful story, the sonore sound that came from behind the helm of the armored man seemed unusually hard and civilised compared to the soft, restless sounds from those who had made the forest their habitat. Slightly obstructed by the campfire, Dracadas turned around to face the newcomer in full, answering his question with a calm tone.

"If we knew why she was, things would most certainly be more friendly. However, she doesn't seem to be in the mood to get to know the rest of her companions..."

Pausing for a short period of time, Dracadas looked over the beautiful armor of the man, intrigued by its forgery. Realizing that he was being rude to stare at a person that way, he quickly shifted his transparent sight to the spot where he suspected to be the man's vision, the blank helm lighting up eerie in the reddish glow of the fire.

"Speaking of which... Would you mind to share with us your name?"

Duke Manboy IV
12th October 2004, 09:44 AM
"This man, Dracades, goes by the name Cal. If I remember correctly, that is. I met him in a bar some time ago, but never joined his quest."

Ghorgrond had listened to the tale of Max' life, and in the end he had felt drained from all power, like a piece of paper.
He had never known this about his young friend and surely would have acted otherwise towards him if he wouldn't have been so ignorant.
Then he had noticed Cal, the Paladin. He had peered down upon the man, who despite the fact he wasn't as long as Ghorgrond, was taller then any other person present.
It all made sense now. Merryn was Cal's Ward. Ghorgrond suddenly understood the situation, but his gaze was pulled back to Maxanatov, sort of forgotten with the new appearance.

"Max, I will join you, as I have said before. Even if we have to fight all demons in hell.
Cal, I have a question too. What is it that you seek here?"

12th October 2004, 09:50 AM
Cal dragged his gaze away from the group and stared at his Ward, his blank helm still seeming to display his annoyance and disappointment. He let Merryn go and stepped back, the Black Gauntlet over his left hand dripping corrosive liquid to the forest floor, the leaves hissing and bubbling as they dissolved. Yet the stuff seemed to have no effect on his armour or the sword that hung at his waist.

"I am, as the large gentleman so correctly pointed out, Cal. I am a Paladin, from the world of Night, the same as my Ward here, whom I have been searching out for the last three weeks. My Lady, what have you been doing, pray?"

Merryn hissed and howled in rage, her hands clentching and unclentching at her side before she spun to Ghorgrond, her eyes lit with rage.

"You want my respect, all of you? Then KILL HIM!"

12th October 2004, 10:01 AM
Maxanatov rose from the campfire and shouted: "STOP! Woman! You have terrorised this quest and party with your hatefull words long enough! I will not obey your commands just to get your respect! I insist you leave now, I do not believe that you can help us. I was willing to accept you, but you have behaved yourself so badly I will not dulge your presence here any longer."

Maxanatov turned to Cal. "I believe she belongs with you? Could you be so kind to remove her from our presence? She is slowing us down with her fighting. In this quest we can not use any form of arguments or fights. This leaves us with a gap however.... Would you be able to fill it up?"

Duke Manboy IV
12th October 2004, 11:00 AM
Ghorgrond gasped for breath as Maxanotov spoke. His words had been sincere and full of authority, but apparently Merryn didn't accept any authority. She had been a bomb until now, but Ghorgrond felt as if that bomb was to explode right now.
A painful silence crossed the scene after Max' words, but the Viking wondered how long it would take for Merryn to violate this silent moment.

13th October 2004, 10:04 PM
Leona stood and watched the preceding with a slight smile. This woman as she was supposed to be was infuriated at the paladin. Though something he had said seemed to reverberate inside her head. A paladin of the night, but then how could this be? The question seemed to lead to only an ugly conclusion. Leona shook her head, the long blonde pony tail swishing behind her like a fountain.

“What has Cal done to you Merryn?”

The words floated out into the silence, and Leona was sorry that she was the first to break wall. She steeled her self against any answer that might come here way, but she was not stupid. If the answer was not right she would be ready. The metal pieces that hung under her cloak were slowly polarising. Soon they would become magnetically charged and join together. Leona wanted her trident ready just in case a fight happened.

14th October 2004, 05:06 AM
Merryn ignored Maxanatov and whirled on Leona with a hiss of outrage, her finger pointing to the ugly burn scar across her face. Her eyes where bulging and her pale flesh dotted with red spots of rage and anger.

"It's his fault I have this! He caused this! It's his doing!"

Cal groaned inwardly, before removing his helmet, escaping air hissing across the clearing. He shook his head, his handsome features topped with a thick crop of pitch black hair, his eyes dark and penetrating as he stared at each of the group, before lifting the Helm and sliding it over the unsupecting Merryn's head.

Instantly her outburst faltered and stopped the woman swaying on her feet as the Helm clamped down about her neck. Cal gestured impatiently at the ground and the girl instantly sat, without a second thought.

Cal - "My apologies on her behalf. She is docial, for the moment. Now, what can I do for you all?"

14th October 2004, 06:32 AM
Maxanatov looked at Cal and said: "We are here on a quest to start freeing my Kingdom from its terrible civil war. I have just explained everyone else what has happend, and I do not think that I can take it to explain it again. As I said, the behaviour of Merryn can not be tolerated. Where we are going, she can lead to our demise, completely unnecesairy. I would like to see that you remove her from us, and you join instead. We need some stable figures, or else this quest, and we, are doomed."

14th October 2004, 07:17 AM
Leona snarled at Cal. The metal shards under her cloak fell to the ground. Less than a second later they joined together forming a long trident. Leona flicked the trident up and caught it expertly.

“Take that thing of her, or I will stick you like a pig.”

The air around Leona seemed to crackle with rage. Small sparks appeared along the length of the trident.

“Take it off right now.”

14th October 2004, 08:52 AM
Cal smiled and nodded to Maxanatov, before rubbing his face with his Black Gauntlet, the dribbling acid dissolving on his flesh without doing him any harm. It was fairly clear however that this was due to some virtue of Cal's flesh and that the touch of the Gauntlet would be most unpleasent.

"Regreatably, I cannot send her away. However with the Helm on, she will obey all our orders so that will not be a problem. She will fight and fight hard. But if I where to send her away, then if I where not there to give her orders then if she where attacked then she would certainly die.

Yet, again, if I where to remove the Helm, she would simply persue us until she had procured either my death or her own."

He was about to continue speaking, in the same level, polite tones, when Leona sparked up in outrage, and the Paladin ended up staring down the length of a sparking trident. He blinked, before reaching out with his Black Gauntlet, his fingers closing around the tip ofthe weapon.

With a swift movement, he stepped forwards and jerked the Trident into his breastplate. Sparks rang in the air and a blinding light, before fading away to leave a gently smiling Cal, the Trident having had no more effect upon his armour then a feather would.

"You will need something much stronger then a simple weapon to pierce my armour. I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch your name? But besides, she is in no pain. It's simply projecting peaceful images into her forebrain. I would imagine that this is the happiest she's been in some months now."

14th October 2004, 09:11 AM
The actions of Cal took Leona by surprise; she had not expected him to act so directly in response to her. Quickly she recovered her disposition and gave a small smile. A spilt second later her left hand flew through the air and stopped less than an inch from Cal’s face.

"I am Leona and armour cannot cover all. If I find that you have hurt a hair on her body, no armour with protect you from me. Clear?”

Leona pulled back the trident with her right hand and placed the butt on the ground. She lent slighlty on it, thinking about this 'Cal'.

14th October 2004, 09:52 AM
Cal blinked and stared down at Leona, his handsome face invariably honest, yet revealing little about the man behind it. He smiled genuinely and half-bowed, one arm on the pommel of the longsword at his side.

"But of course, My Lady. It's a pleasure to meet you. I would not harm my Ward for anything on this world or on Night. To protect her and her sister is my soul reason for being. Though I fear what she has discovered about my past. I used to be a mercenary, working for the creature that maimed her, but when I brought the two girls into him, he wiped my memory and was going to have me put to death.

However, I escaped and took them with me. It was only recently I rediscovered my past. It is something I now deeply regret, and the only way I can ever make up for it is to protect them both until I can kill the Dark One who did this to them, and to me."

15th October 2004, 08:59 AM
Maxanatov nodded and said: "Very well. I suggest you put her helmet on right now, and stay with us. For help and watching over her. For all of you who need it, a couple of feet up north I have located some horses, which are free for you to take. Except the black one infront, that one is mine. You will recognize it when you see it."

Maxanatov guided the group towards the horses. Infront of them stood a tall and beautiful black horse. It had a black leatherd saddle, and a red blanket underneath it with a capitol M sowed into it. Maxanatov climbed upon his horse and said: "It is time to go, pick a horse and let us go. I know that Ghor does not ride horses, and it would seem cruel for them to do so, but if anyone else feels he or she needs a horse, take on of the remaining ten. They are all in a perfect shape and condition, so you do not have to worry about that. We will leave as soon all of you is ready. We will enter the Kingdom of Nezatuful soon, and head for the city of Nakoli. There I hope to find some information, because that is one of the few remaining cities that are still loyal to my family and thus me. But remember, from the moment we leave this country and my kingdom, it is important to keep a low profile. So do not attack anyone without any good reason. But for you warriors, I will draw in enough enemies from the moment we enter. So, prepare yourselfs, so we can go."

15th October 2004, 09:18 AM
The spirit mage was relieved that he could take a breather and get away from the quarreling group. As it seemed right now, Maxanatov's quest already seemed doomed to failure. Yet even in this isolate mood, Dracadas had not given up all hope. In some way he trusted that the small fellowship would be forced to unify once they had to fight for their lives... The necromancer's voice shocked him out of his thoughts, back into the harsh reality.

With firm steps Dracadas walked up to one of the horses, several twigs bursting under his black boots as he walked into the open area. The horses seemed healthy, all saddled and ready for the trip. Used to travel on horseback, the pale mage swung himself on a calm-looking brown stood, a white spot covering its right eye, its black saddle shining as if it had just been rubbed clean. Stroking its neck, Dracadas slowly let the horse get accustomed to his lightweight toil, then slowly had it walk over to Maxanatov.

Keeping a low profile... The spirit mage hadn't been planning it any other way. Silently, he looked around the group from his seat. However strong their combined powers may have been, Dracadas did not doubt that they would surely perish when confronted by the realm's army. With his gauntlet, silvery like moonlight, he pulled the green hood that was connected to his robes over his head. He was sure that albine people were a source of attention, he had encountered the problem many times. Only his nose and mouth were visible as he encouraged his horse to step next to Maxanatov.

"Ready," was the only word he said, his voice rasping more than normal. An unusual grim look shimmered past his face, though there was no one to see it.

17th October 2004, 08:06 AM
Leona nodded at Cal, though her eyes were pointed down never meeting his. She listened to Max giving slight nods to show that she was listening when in truth she was far from it. She thought of the woman and of the scar that Cal had plainly admited to having a part to. Leona blinked and turned her thoughts aside, she needed to focus on this quest that Max had asked for help on. She had promised Talen that she would help, and she would never let Talen down.

Her dark cloak moved silently as she reached the horses. She swung herself up onto the horse feeling strange that noone seemed to notice that she was not riding side saddle. Leona laughted to herself, why would the care?

"Well Max, where are we going?"

22nd October 2004, 02:57 AM
Maxanatov rode back to the group and cleared his throat. "We are leaving first for the village of Klopiaks. This village is friendly to me, but we need to get some information about the clan we are going to chase and who are in their territory. The clan we are going to chase and eradicate is very big. The members are mostly normal humans without any magical powers. There are also some orcs. The leader is a very powerfull mage. His name is Lipkosa. If we can kill him, his clan will die. We will never be able to completely exterminate the entire clan because of its size. You all know the saying right? If one cuts of the head of a snake, its body will die."

Maxanatov turned to Cal. "Well Cal, will you join us and keep Leona under control?" Maxanatov hoped Cal would answer quickly, he wanted to leave now.

22nd October 2004, 03:20 AM
Leona looked at Max with her mouth gapped open.

"L..l..ook after me?"

She turned to Cal, her mouth still open with surprise. Had it been a slip of the tongue or had he been suggesting something? She tried to ignore the queston and ride on.

22nd October 2004, 05:19 AM
Maxanatov looked at Leona with a sheeplike grin across his face. He made an apologicing bow, for so far possible in a sadle and said: "I am sorry My lady. I have the annoing problem that I do not remember names that good. Ofcourse I did not mean you."

Maxanatov turned to Cal and said: "Please forgive my mistake. Ofcourse I ment Merryn."
Maxanatov felt real stupid about his mistake, but he raised his shoulders about it. Anyone could make such a mistake, and it was not that bad. He hoped that it was settled now, and that they could get going.

22nd October 2004, 10:42 AM
Cal lifted his Ward up onto the back of a horse, swining up behind her, the docile grey sidestepped as it adjusted to the weight. Clicking his tongue, the Paladin drove the horse around in a drifting circle, getting a feel for the movements.

"Yes, Dark Mage, I will accompany you, and in doing so I will watch for all your well beings, whether you desire it or not. But, should you speak my Wards name in my hearing again, I will cut your tongue from you mouth. Shall we ride on?"

23rd October 2004, 02:55 AM
Maxanatov nodded. Ofcourse he realised that the answer from Cal was a very offensive one, but he did not react. He was used to those threats and did not care actually. Cal would probably a good reason, and if Maxanatov did react angerly, Cal might leave and Maxanatov would not dare to risk that. Maxanatov turned his horse around without saying anything. He kicked it in its sides and rode of into the forest.

The forest got darker and darker as they continued deep into the dark forest. Suddenly Maxanatov stopped. He realised that he did not hear anything. Something had disturbed the life in the forest. Something dangerous enough for all the animals to fall silently. Maxanatov could not hear one sound, not even an insect. He kept on looking around. Slowly he started to ride again. He kept on checking the area, but he saw nothing. It could be a wild animal that caused this, or maybe an enemy. He had to be carefull.

Duke Manboy IV
23rd October 2004, 05:05 AM
Ghorgrond had padded off into the forest a long time ago, for he knew the horses could catch up with him any minute if he wasn't running at full speed.
The awkward silence in the forest was only shattered by Ghorgrond's mighty feet hitting the soil, yet the Viking knew something was wrong.

He stopped and started looking around, finding a lot of extraordinary things.
Suddenly Maxanatov arrived, almost to be sliced to pieces by an alert, paranoid Ghorgrond.

"Mate, don't ever do that again, or you might find yourself even more dead then you already are.
There is something wrong with this forest; not only the animals are silent, the trees are dead and even the rocks are infected by something I cannot define."

24th October 2004, 05:40 AM
The spirit mage had noticed that their progress had become slower, more silent, and the fact that Dracadas did not know what hid itself in the underbrush sent shivers up his spine in this darkness. He was used to travels, whole mountains he had conquered over the years, but this was somehow different. Like an invisible wall was blocking them, hampering their progress. Looking around, Dracadas wondered how long they would survive with this group. The company sure didn't seem to be willing to work together.

The air was quite thick here, and suggesting smells made disgusting images pass the spirit mage's mind. His hearing appeared to have been blocked from the outside world, for even the breathing of their horses sounded like hammer clunking violently upon steel anvils. Quietly, Dracadas stroked the neck of his horse with his gauntlet, yet even through the metal he could feel that the animal was afraid. In a glance of the moonlight, he saw small drops of sweat that had manifested itself upon his steed. Like driven by paranoia, the mage shook his head from side to side to see what could have possibly stirred the horses.

Somewhat further, they met Ghorgrond. The giant looked more on his guard than ever, and Dracadas's feeling of being watched only increased, though he doubted that anything could live without making a sound. Silently, he steadied the dark leather sheathes that hung from his back, the trusted feeling of armaments calming him down to a certain extent. He did not dare speak, afraid to awaken something that was better left alone. Again, he had his horse relax with soft strokes, while his pale eyes turned to the group, to see if anyone had an idea of what to do now.

26th October 2004, 12:13 AM
Maxanatov saw that Ghorgon, his old friend, was a bit jumpy. He understood that the environment of the forest had this effect on him, just as on any others. He did not bother that Ghorgond almost killed him but just simply nodded and said: "Ghor, relax. I understand that you, especially as an Earth Mage, can feel that there is something wrong within this forest. This is totally true. It was not a wise decision from you to leave before us, because we have enterd Nezatuful. Here anything can happen. The most horrific creatures you have ever seen live here. And next to that we still have a bloody war going on here. We have to be carefull and stick together. It is not a long ride from here to Klopiaks. But stay on full alert untill we are in the village."

26th October 2004, 12:25 AM
"Well lets go!"

Leona blurted out the words louder than she had wanted and instantly fell silent. She looked at Max, her brow furrowed with concern.

"Shouldn't we keep going?"

She looked around the forest, her soft blue eyes looking for any sign of trouble.

26th October 2004, 01:17 AM
"But offcourse." Maxanatov kicked his horse in its sides, and it slowly started to walk. Maxanatov could see at the stance of the horse its ears it was a bit scared. Maxanatov padded the horse on its neck, trying to assure him. The horse slowly walked on and suddenly stopped. It started to move wildly, totally in panic. Maxanatov could hardly stay on it, and talked to it calmly.

Then Maxanatov saw the reason of the fear of its horse. Infront of it laid a rattlesnake on the ground. Maxanatov was still strugling to get his horse under control and yelled: "Someone kill or remove that snake, now!" Maxanatov was almost falling of his horse which was wildly kicking around. If he would fall, Maxanatov could get trembled by its powerfull legs, a death Maxanatov did not forsee for himself.

26th October 2004, 10:26 AM
Cal ficked his horse forwards, the Ward clinging to his back instaintivly, the man, leaning sideways, his right hand coiled about the reains of his horse, the immense animal struggling to remain upright, as it bolted past Max's horse, the Paladin reaching out with his Dark Gauntlet and brushing a fingertip across the length of the snake, from head to tail, it's instinctive bite sliding off the Gauntlet's armour. A moment, passed, before a strange keening sound split the air, eminating from the snake, the creature writing and bucking on the floor, it's back splitting open to reveal rotting, yellowing bone underneath.

Cal watched, his face stern as the snake collapsed into a pile of mouldering bones, it's lfe given up in a matter of seconds, before he looked up at Max. He smiled slightly and half-bowed from the back of his horse, before spinning the creture round, walking it back towards the rear of the grouo, touching his forehead respectfully as he passed Leona.

26th October 2004, 12:14 PM
Maxanatov managed to stick on his horse and nodded back to Cal in thanks and graditude. He kicked his horse in its side, but still could not control the feeling that something was wrong in here. Still there were no sounds in the entire forest. Maxanatov kept out an suspecting eye around him, which almost caused that he missed the man that suddenly stood infront of him.

Man: "Halt! Who are you?"
Maxanatov: "We are just a small caravan of traders good sir."
Man: "Well, then you better wish to turn around, there are a lot of thieves in this area."
Maxanatov: "We will be able to handle ourselfs, we are pretty well armed."
Man: "Maybe I did not make myself clear. We do not want outsiders here, turn around or die!"
Maxanatov: "But why? We have not harmed anyone,"

The man did not respond. Maxanatov his attempt of a peacefull solution had failed. The man just snapped his fingers and suddenly about twenty thieves came sliding down from ropes in the trees. Maxanatov unsheeted his Katana. If they wanted battle, they could get a battle. The men grinned openly about Maxanatov his seeming futile resistance. The party was outnumberd big time. And they had to keep a low profile, the usage of Magic could result in a terrible massacre. Not just them, that did not bother Maxanatov, but innocent people as well. And that was not what Maxanatov had in mind. He just hoped that all the party members understood the importancy of keeping a low profile. That was why he had hammerd so much on it.

Three thieves ran towards Maxanatov. One on each side and one infront of him. The two men aside of him, closed in upon him. They were trying to pull Maxanatov of his horse, but Maxanatov was on to them. At the moment the men reached him. He unsheeted his dagger with his left hand and stabbed the man on the left with his dagger deep within his throat. The blade was totally sunken into the man his throat. He started to gurgle, fighting for oxigin. But Maxanatov was already busy with the other man which was a bit more carefull. He had unsheeted a rusty small sword. Maxanatov had to fight him a bit, but he outclassed him with the sword and soon the man laid on the ground, bleeding to death.

Maxanatov did not climb of his horse, he had advantage over the thieves from his position. It seemed as if the thief realised that he was dealing with something more as the average traveler, since Maxanatov showed such skill with weapons. Maxanatov rode forward, towards the thief. One moment, Maxanatov saw a small spark of fear, which immediatly turned to a suicidal form of Anger. Maxanatov realised that this man would give his life to kill him. Maxanatov reacted quickly. Even before the man had strapped the gigantic axe of his back, Maxanatov had decapitated the chanceless thief. Maxanatov hoped that his example made clear that magic was out of the question at this time.

Duke Manboy IV
26th October 2004, 12:43 PM
Ghorgrond knew what was going to happen. With a strange delight, he cracked his knuckles and was jumping from one leg onto the other.
Several men approached him, though frightened by his posture, comforted by their numbers.
In but a moment, the giant had grabbed a tiny thief in his mop of hair, lifted him off the ground and given the foul man a butt of the head.
Dropping the pathetic used-to-be creature, he treated the others a gloomy look, as if he would be their private apocalypse. A grin crossed his face as the battle took a turn.

Two of those bullies unsheathed their swords, but Ghorgrond was too swift in his motions; he immediately smashed their heads together in one mass of blood, bone and brain.
His enemies got more cautious, the three of them left, and obviously preparing for a more organised attack. Yet Ghorgrond wasn't just going to stand and watch. He pulled his heavy sword out of its scabbard, strapped onto his back, and just to show his strength, he tossed it from his left hand to his right and back multiple times, a mysterious smile still playing on his face.
Innitialy this hadn't been but an ordinary pub fight to the giant, but now their foes became serious, unsheathing their sabres and attacking Ghorgrond in some sort of primitive flying vee.

Eventually, they had reached the giant and on impact, the latter stretched his arms forward; he blocked the three weapons, yet the bandit in the middle was smart enough to lift his weapon and strike once more.
The sight of his ripped clothes and the smell of the blood gushing out of his shoulder made Ghorgrond furious.
Enraged, he simply ignored the two others and punched the man on the chest, causing the scoundrel to grasp for breath and his lungs to collapse.
One more punch was enough to dislocate the mans shoulder and to eliminate him.

He stretched his right arm outward and obviously stabbed yet another of those morons, while viciously kicking around to keep the other one away.
It was just the two of them now.
Ghorgrond made a gracious move while swinging his sword above his head in a mighty arc, making it come down as if it was the hammer of Thor itself. Such destruction; the man simply didn't stand a chance, because he was no match for Ghorgrond when it came to physical strength, nor was any of those people present here.

he turned around and wanted to engage in combat with a new group of those rascals, but to no avail. A fearsome sound shattered the silence as an arrow was flung from its bow, only to penetrate Ghorgrond's right leg a moment later.
Proud and stubborn as he was, the Viking managed not to cry out his pain, but a single "hmpph..." indicated it had hurt him.
He immediately pulled out the arrow and stumbled towards a tree, positioning himself there and trying to find those archers, probably up in the trees.

"Comrades, they have archers, be on your guard."

26th October 2004, 01:41 PM
The gauntlet repeatedly crossed through the sweaty hair of the horse, calming, while three bandits approached Dracadas cautiously. Already having been in for a surprise, conjured by two of his comrades, they seemed to have chosen for strategy instead of raw power this time. Quickly, the spirit mage bound the horse to one of the trees with experienced hands, patted the trusted steed on the back, then turned his transparent eyes to the attackers.

"God have your souls..." he whispered, like a light breeze making its way through the trees.

"Whaddaya say, fool?" the center man started, though the two next to him seemed uneasy with the mage's relaxed look. "You makn' fun of us now? I'll enjoy gutting you!"

The big man made a grab for his sheath, but his hand stopped in mid-movement as Dracadas thrusted forwards with his head, hitting the poor man upon the nose. A horrific sound of cracked bones indicated the power of blow, but the spirit mage's emotions had already fledged to another plain. All that remained, was excercise, endlessly repeated to survive in a harsh world. While his opponent tilted backwards, Dracadas spun around his axis while he unsheathed his two swords. Like two shadows, they cleaved through the air, until they were finally covered in the crimson fluids that sprouted from the man's now open throat.

The other two villains had already got a hold of their short swords, yet they hesitated in their movements. Dracadas only waited there, like a puppet of some sort, his eyes empty, stationary in front of his horse like a tower guard. Both men charged at him, yet they were reckless, as the spirit mage could feel in his ethereal sense of reality, where no feeling could assess him. His dark blade knocked away the sword of the man to his right while the mage's opposite sword pierced through the man's unprotected belly. Quickly Dracadas retracted the blade and spun away from the other man in a flowing aesthetic. He could not stop his opponent from making a small cut in his left arm, almost too shallow to be noticed.

"Comrades, they have archers, be on your guard."

Ghorgrond's deep voice came from behind a buzz, and it took a few seconds for the spirit mage to realize what had been warned for. Looking about in slight panic, he dived behind a tree while a black crossbow bolt hit his chainmail vest, the projectile being not back but leaving a painful bruise nonetheless. Looking up from the ground, the spirit mage saw that the last of the three bandits stood there in pain, his groin impaled by an arrow.

Poor guy...

Like a reflection of moonlight, the albine figure crawled behind him, and Serrath soon sliced through the man's throat. Immediately, Dracadas curled up and rolled back to his horse, which stood behind a big tree-trunk. In relative safely, he looked over the battlefield to see if their company's lines were holding.

29th October 2004, 05:31 AM
Leona looked with shock at Cal as he had killed the snake easily. Had she been the one to handle it she would have simply thrown the poor creature into the brush. Leona nodded back at Cal, the incline of her head slight but noticeable.

As the man was talking to Max, Leona was in still in thought, the responsibilities that she was being faced with, the journey and the people in it were starting to get too much to handle. The sudden appearance of thieves shocked Leona. Her horse started to buck as fighting started. Unable to keep her balance the blonde girl slid off the back of the horse and landed hard. The horse moved forward, but cornered by the thieves it truned back toward Leona and lashed out with its back legs, smashing into one of the thieves chest. The hit shattered ribs and crushed the mans heart, his limp body falling to the ground dead. The horse shot forward away from the fighting and back down the track the group had traversed.

Leona stood back up and brushed the dirt and leaves from her cloak, they fell in a cascade to the ground. Suddenly an arm grabbed her. She turned to see the face of one of the attackers glaring at her. Her anger suddenly flared within, thoughts lit light petrol through her mind. How dare he touch her, how dare anyone touch her. She felt power surge through her body, her senses tingled with electricity. The man suddenly gasp, the full force of the power transferred to his unprotected body. He let out an audible gasp before collapsing on the ground, his entire body burnt by the massive electrical charge.

Leona looked at him with a wide mouth. She had not meant to unleash that sort of power; in fact she had not meant to do anything. She backed away from the body and looked at the others her blue innocent eyes wide.

29th October 2004, 10:24 AM
The others out of their own mind decided to kill Leona,

Leona with her last grasp of breath said,

"it was the man with the rapier"

29th October 2004, 10:39 AM
Maxanatov noticed how Leona suddenly released her magic. This made him so terrible angry. It was so important for them that magic would not be used! Otherwise he could easily eradicate those pesty humans himself with one blast. His thoughts were interrupted as he saw an arrow flying towards him, followed by many others. He could do nothing but fall from his horse, where he painfully fel on his left shoulder.

Maxanatov stood up, but was botherd by his shoulder. He started to run towards one of the archers while the arrows flew around his head. It was some sort of miracle, but Maxanatov reached them unharmed. Now that he was so close by, they could not use their bows any more. They had to switch to their small daggers that were hanging on their belts. Maxanatov had killed already three of them before they could unsheet those weapons. One of them threw his weapon away but missed him by far. Now he stood unharmed infront of Maxanatov. But Maxanatov was concentrated upon the fifth archer. This was a smarter and more skilled man. He stood in the classical knivefighters pose. Slightly bend over. His arms and hands wide infront of him, his legs slightly spread.

Maxanatov slashed a couple of time to keep the man away from him. The slashes the man made towards Maxanatov his abdomen missed because of the smaller reach. They kept on dancing around eachother, untill Maxanatov made a surprise attack. He jumped forward and pierced his sword straight through the man its heart. He fel dead of the sword of the Necromancer. It was time for the last one which was easily killed. Maxanatov looked around and found himself trapped within a circle of bandits. "Er, a bit help here, please?"