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29th October 2005, 01:20 AM
Why and how do the top rank people already 100,000's of soldiers. The first day of age 5 opened people already had 100,000+ soldiers. is there some trick in getting so many to start with?

29th October 2005, 01:39 AM
Most of the top ranked people are in PR, and they host a clicking program called Click whore, They tax 4% of all people outside of clickwhore for using it. That 4% equaled a couple 100,000 soldiers alone in the first few days where they had like 4,000 or 5,000 people clicking in the first few days. Some of them have like 500 officers or more. They get half of what their officers get for clicks. So say they spread that 100,000 clicks they got from taxing people to 100 of their officers; that alone is 50,000 tier bonus soldiers they will get. Then they just need the other 400 officers they have to be clicked on an average of 250 times each. 400 * 250=100k so that would be another 50k in tier bonus. so thats 100k soldiers.solders in one day.

You've gotta think, even if they didn't bother to steal, I mean tax clicks, with 500 officers, they could just have all the officers click on each other if everyone clicks their own link, and clicks on all their other fellow officers thats 500 * 500 = 250,000 divided by 2, because they only get half of what they get.. for a total of 125,000 soldiers in one day.

So, to get a giant army, you ned lots of officers

29th October 2005, 01:52 AM
To put it simply 2 reasons.
A) Having lots of people in the chain

B) Having players in that chain clicking. (because a commander gets 1 man per 2 clicks an officer gets, 1 for every 4 a sub officer gets, 1 for every 8 a micro-officer gets and 1 for every 16 a nano officer gets)

29th October 2005, 02:36 PM
Well, here is a thread simmilar to this one about how a person gains men so fast (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=27837&highlight=unique). Basicly, you download a program were you click peoples links. This program is called a recruiter (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=12897). The concept behind a recruiter is simple, you click tons of peoples recruit links, they click your link. You all get soldiers. As you probably know, you get one soldier for every time you click your link. In a recruiter, you click a lot of peoples links each one time and they each click your link one time. Well, say you click 1000 peoples links, your link will be clicked on 1000 times in return. Say you have 1 officers, and each of them is clicking 1000 times and are getting 1000 clicks in return, well for every 2 clicks your officer gets, you get a soldier. So 10 officers x 1000 links is 10000 links / 2= 5000+ your 1000 clicks= 6000 soldiers a day from clicking! Now supose you have a commander, you would be giving him 3000 soldiers a day from all that clicking. You get guys that lead clans that have 100-200 officers, each clicking around 1000 links a day (of each others links and of your link.) you get a TON of soldiers.

Edit: I also wanted to add, that for a clan leader 100,000 men a day sounds difficult, but possible if his/her clan is really active.