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26th October 2005, 12:03 AM
Either Alannon or AliDheren, make the first post. This thread closes on the second of November, 2005.

26th October 2005, 12:16 PM

There are many realms for adventures and adventurers. We found a new ground here, in GUA, guided by our late friend (he left), Redtigerfang. We have the mission to carry out this extraordinary idea.

The realm of superhero adventures.

Spirits of Vengeance

Come and join us in this new GUA project!

Please, post here to join and read the instructions below:


As Redtigerfang said in the origins of this idea, Spirits of Vengence isn't really a clan, but a super hero group, that tries to stop crime and natural disasters in a modern day to near future setting.

To join formally, you must create a character following the suggestions listed below.

1. Create your character
2. Post an entrance and a link to his/her/its stats
3. Wait for either Alannon or AliDheren comments and feedback
4. Soon after you will begin the adventure



This is a listing of origins and a sample of the powers of heroes in this world


Mutant- You were either born with your powers or at some point in life, some thing altered your life giving you powers.(x-men, Fantastic four)

Alien- Being born on another planet has giving you these powers or the affects of you being on this planet, but born on another gives you these powers.(superman)

Item- This origin states that you were given your powers from an object you use. (Green lantern)

Magic- you are either enchanted, by means of magic or self induced by reading arcane tomes, And some magic items.(Dr. Fate, Dr. Strange, Raven)

Drugs- Threw technology and science, Drugs were injected in your system to give you your abilities.(captain America)

Normal- This origin you really don’t have any powers, you just have weapons or object that you use.(Batman)

Hi-Tech- Using futuristic weaponry, power armor, battle suit, piloting gigantic robots of destruction fit in this category.(iron man, gundams, bubble gum crisis)


· Sorcery- Can transfer any power into a magic spell ( hover = levitate, Flame blast = fire ball)
· Mystical Knowledge- cosmic power, Postcognition , precognition, possession
· Illusion- Incorporeal, animate illusion, Animate object

· Air- flight, air walking, Teleport, Leaping, hover
· Land- super speed, Hyper running, Tunneling
· Water- Water walking, swimming,

· Summon- summon animal, storm, plants, elementals, golems
· Control- control plants, animals, storms
· Communicate- animals, plants

· Offensive- Claws, bone spines, super punch (mostly melee attacks)
· Defensive- Invulnerability, skin armor, Resistance, Body Transformation (metal, fire, ice, so on)
· Alteration- Heightened senses, Super str, Int, Nimb, endurance, Blending, invisibility, shape shifting, etc…

· Self- Regeneration, self heal, rapid healing
· Others- heal others, cure disease, Resurrection

· Animate- fire golem , ice golem , object creation(using ice, fire, etc..).
· Control- fire, water,
· Projectile – fire blast, ice blast, radiation blast, repulsor beam. Plasma shot, eye cannon

· Projectile- mental blast. Pyrokenesis, mind drain
· Control- mind control, charm, telekinesis, telepathy, Esp
· Illusion- blindness, mind illusion, astral projection


As the project advances we will be rating your experience and your character will acquire a certain "fame" after the next planned levels:

Average- 0 - 25
Good- 26 - 75
Excellent- 76 - 150
Incredible- 151- 350
Amazing- 350- 500
Unearthly- 501 +

Fame Rankings
Normal- 0 - 50
Vigilante- 51 - 100
Sidekick- 101 - 150
Hero- 151- 200
National Hero- 201 - 350
International Hero- 351- 500
Super Hero- 501 +

If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them in your join request.

26th October 2005, 10:49 PM
Yay! Superhero RPG! :D

Name: MR-147 CYBORG PROTOTYPE "Archer"
Age: [Recent Construct]
Height: 1.25 Metres
Weight: 65
Eyes: Blue, Shining
Race: Robotic Cyborg
Origin: Hi-Tech
During Snow-Field Aerial Tests:
During Snow-Field Combat tests:
During his recharging periods:
Escaping from the Facility and staring into the horizon:
MR-147, or Archer, was a recent construct at a distant research facility located near Area 51. It was rumoured top secret black project funded by the Pentagon's black budget. MR-147 was designed to be the ultimate war machine, perhaps to succeed Iron Man. MR-147 uses the latest technology supplied by Japan, and also possesses extra-terrestrial technology as well.

Archer was used in a snow-field combat once. He exceeded well beyond the Researcher's expectations. In fact, he was so good, so perfect until he eventually developed a mind of his own, but he didn't know how to use it. It wasn't until he met the researcher Dr. Raynold.

Raynold was the co-developer and also the one who designed Archer. Archer was stunned when he heard that he was being used as a war puppet and to be used in Iraq, killing countless innocent lives and commiting Genocide. This caused a sudden malfunction into MR-147's systems, and caused him to go berserk.

The Facility was left with nothing but rubble. Every single one of the other early MR-145s were sent but they were all easily demolished by Archer. MR-147 was too good. He would prove to be a dangerous threat should any enemy nations claim him to be their puppet.

Settling down in the nearby city by disguising himself as trash, he managed to recharge now and then by absorbing electricity during midnight. However, it was one fateful night when a bank robbery occured just near MR-147. The Robbers shot someone dead. MR-147 felt something that no mere robot could have. He felt an emotion of anger. He felt vengeance. Just as the Robbers entered their getaway vehicle, Archer flew straight into the front of the car. Looking at his targets with a eerie red glow, he held up his left arm, and slamed right into the engine of the car. With the mechanical alloy and special armor, he punched a hole into the car engine like a toothpick through a stick of butter.

The Robbers looked at the cyborg in shock, they were petrified. MR-147 didn't care about the Robber's life. They killed a civilian, and that was highly unacceptable in his script. The Gas Tank of the car was leaking, and his hand was still through the hole, Staring at the robbers one last time, he discharged a large amount of electricity and started a fire. The fire spread into the car, and soon...


Archer walked away unharmed. The Poor souls in the car died, and MR-147 walked away with an emotion of...Satisfaction? This was a new beginning of his entire Script. A program which never existed was written into his script and he was now a free-willed cyborg. He devoted his system to Vigilance and Crime-fighting.

Weaponry, weaknesses and Powers:
hand-mounted Rocket Grenades (Circled)
Ammunition x 10 on each hand
Highly Explosive, MR-147 can load up one from his arm into his hand and throw it like a rocket which causes a massive explosion. they are specially foldable and can fit ten onto each of MR-147's arms and inner body ammo racks.

Plasma Gun:
(I'm going to have an expert explain this gun)
Back story of this Foldable gun:
Weapon internals are highly sophisticated and current weapons are a compromise between pure energy beams and ballistic projectiles. The "magazine" is actually a nanite storage unit that can be converted to almost any metal, superheated to the point of plasma. It is propelled by extremely powerful magnets within the gun (a la rail gun) and it begins to cool rapidly when outside the weapon, enough to pierce armor, but hot enough to inflict massive amounts of pain to the victim should it hit bare skin.

The "ejection" port actually ejects the massive heat discharge from the nanite conversion, but it disperses almost immediately, providing no harm to the user unless his finger is right on the port.

There are actually four modes that are installed into this gun. Firstly, the safe mode used for discharging any used or damaged magazines. second is the Single shot Stun which fires a single stun ammo per shot. Then, third is the Full-Automatic Plasma shot, which fires like a standard M4A1 Carbine rifle, except the bullets are far more dangerous. Finnaly, the sniper shot. The sniper shot is the only one that is actually fired the fastest and the most lethal.

Other Equipment:
Highly Durable Rope:
A rope which can be fired from MR-147's right hand. It can be attached with a anchor and be used to pull something or MR-147 himself up a building. The rope is 15 centimetres long.

(Free) Psychic: Mind-Immune
Robots don't have brains. Duh.

(Free) Healing: oblivious to severation of arms or legs
A robot can't feel an arm being severed, it can only be killed by hitting the main core or the main systems.

Physical: Sophisticated Alloy and Armor
Not even a lightsaber can slash off the arm. MR-147 is highly durable and amazingly strong. The alloy can withstand an explosion, but not too long with fire.

Physical: Weaponry Expert
MR-147 is highly compatitable with various weapons including AK-47s, M-16s, M4A1s etc.

Travel: Multi-terrain unit
MR-147 is equipped with underwater seajets which allow him to propel himself in the water into a speed that rivals one of a torpedo. MR-147 is also equipped with Wings (As shown in the Aerial Combat test photo) which allow him to fly freely but not too far (Due to lack of fuel), Feet which are able to climb mountains, and also has turbo units to speed his movement on land.

Physical: Hard Fists
Highly powerful fists can prove to be a threat in close combat. MR-147 is equipped with a tough armor which can even dent the armor of a tank.

Highly Explosive:
The rockets MR-147 carries are highly dangerous. Should they come into contact with fire materials such as Magma, Lava etc, they will explode, causing internal combustion.

Easily Hacked:
Anybody who comes from the Pentagon can hack into MR-147's systems, causing him to turn on his allies. Fortunately, Archer has a self-defense anti-hack system, but it is made only out of currently existing technology, which can be easily jammed.

High Bounty:
Hunted mercilessly by bounty hunters. MR-147 is wanted for a safe and disassembled return to the Pentagon research facility.

System malfunction:
A Malfunction on MR-147 will occur should he be placed in a disturbing area with high ultrasonic sounds. This causes his systems to malfunction in high-volume locations

27th October 2005, 10:23 AM
I am in as well, as you all know. My character link is in my sig, it is the last one. You can check it out, and if something is wrong, tell me and I will edit it. It has been approved by Red, so it should be ok I guess....

27th October 2005, 01:40 PM
Here I post my char. It is weird, I know.

Eidee will work as some kind of NPC leader.

Real name: Xora Genet
(only an alias, really)
Hero name: Dzion

Origins: Laboratory
Creator: Eidee Genet

Abilities and Powers:

Extreme shape shifting
Active mimesis (It can take energy or qualities from near beings)
Symbiosis (Can hide, dwell and drain other entities)
Split form (Can turn into two equal or coordinated separate beings for a short amount of time)
Knowledge of nature (Understands the ways of nature and uses it for its purposes, either turning into them or guiding actions in order to take advantage of nature)
Hiper Physis: It adds extra strength and endurance to any being it shapes into.
Healing: By changing into a new being, Dzion heals any damage it got in the previous form.
Reception: Dzion is open to the psichical guidance of Eidee, in any circumstances.



Strange creature, nobody has ever seen its real figure. No gender, no particular signs, no individual features, no age. Dzion is like prime mater, potency to be just everything else.

Still, usually appears like a female, probably because this fashion makes it more flexible in several surroundings and people use to treat her like a woman. Those that really have the chance to know that IT is Dzion.

Being amorphous is its very power and handy as any other could be. It changes forms, specially of living things. It may stand the form of non living objects for short amounts of time, but this cannot last much and wastes much of its stamina.

When changing into a living thing, Dzion is naturally an upgraded version of whatever it choses. Faster, stronger, deadlier. When taking human features, it is revealed how much intelligence it has, and how deep its spirit knows about nature. But Dzion speaks little of itself and just pretends the role it is playing.

When hurt, Dzion changes its form in order to heal itself. The process tends to be amazingly quick.

A creature like Dzion does not lack of will, but it certainly needs to be convinced to do something. There are little things that it needs or strives for.
Thus, it is guided by the will of its developer, a scientist named Eidee that has a permanent connection to Dzion.

In real life, Eidee often presents Dzion as a her teenager daughter, Xora Genet.

27th October 2005, 07:27 PM
My character is in my sig. Tell me if there is anything wrong with it. I may not be too active because I'm usually busy with school work, but I will try to be as active as possible.

27th October 2005, 07:44 PM
Well, it does need more detail...But it's a good start. Oh, and, mine is in my signature. It's Noparton.
Well, sign up if you like the look of this, bring your friends, and be active in the clan if you do join.
Hrm...I probably should say something more interesting, but that's all I've got right now.

27th October 2005, 09:52 PM
Here's my char.

Name: Kitsune Adonis
Orgin: Mutant
Race: Human-Vixen mix (Anthromorphic vixen)
Discription: (same as the one in the link in my sig)


Keen hearing (better hearing than a normal human due to fox ears.)
Keen eyesight (Better eyesight than normal human)
Claws (Not like Wolverine's. They come from the fingers like on a real fox. Just as deadly, though.)
Hyper Reflexes (Very agile in dodging, though not completley perfect.)
Regeneration (A side-effect of her creation; allows her to heal wounds, internal and external, slowly over time.)

Kitsune Adonis is a creation of a group of scientists on the verge of putting themselves in the history books. They had discovered a way to combine a human and a fox into one body. After years of working, it finally paid off. They managed to create a fox who had the physical characteristics of a human, while keeping the ears, muzzle, tail and fur of a fox. The girl was, of course, Kitsune. The scientist made her from combining the DNA of a human girl with that of a red-fox vixen (a female fox).

Kitsune has many of the abilities of foxes but are slightly enhanced due to genetic twiking done by the scientists. She was taken in by one of the scientist, Doctor Jenny Adonis, who took care of her. The two cared for each other and were almost inseperable....almost...

Jenny Adonis, after caring for Kitsune for 17 years, was killed in a failed bank robbery. Kitsune was waiting for her, as always, in her car, her face, ears, and tail covered. When she heard the gun shots, she looked up. Two men ran out of the building. Jenny, being a couragous and helpful person, ran after them to stop them. This was not the day to be doing that. She was shot in the head, and died instantly.

Kitsune bolted out of the car to her, but Jenny was dead before she hit the ground. Kitsune cried over her body, as people crowed around, gasping in astonishment at what she was. None of this mattered. She wanted to get the guys who shoot he mother...the only one who really cared for her.

To make a long story short, she caught the men, though she did not kill them. She instead, beat them unconsious and left them tied up for the police to find. She couldn't kill them. Jenny had taught her a valuble lesson: "An eye for an eye, and the whole world goes blind."

27th October 2005, 10:10 PM
Welcome Kitsune. An awesome character. :D

I'm sure we are all looking forward to begin with the adventures and see Kitsune in action. :D

29th October 2005, 10:06 PM
I want to join this clan as well. I will have a character up shortly.


Real Name: Dustin Miller
Superhero Name: “Ace”
Power Origin: Drugs
Power Type: Multi
Age: 23
Hair: Medium length Dirty blond, usually tucked underneath a white toboggan with a green spade on the side.
Eyes: Bright Green
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 195 lbs
Experience: 0
Fame: 0
Civilian Clothing: Dustin usually wears a white toboggan with a green spade on the side to cover his head. For a shirt he usually wears a matching hoodie that is white with a large green spade on the back and a smaller one just below the pull strings on the front. He usually wears a pair of black baggy cargo pants that are nicely accompanied by a pair of black and white Emerica skateboarding shoes.
Super Hero Outfit: Ace’s outfit is basically made up of Dustin’s two favorite colors, White and Bright Green. For his head Dustin’s mask is a half mask only covering from just below his eyes up, it is entirely white with two green horns. His upper body is bare, while his lower body is covered in loose fitting pants. The left leg is white and the right is bright green and the boots match.

Personality: Dustin has evil thoughts and intentions, yet somehow he manages in the end to choose the right thing. He is a very angry person due to having these “gifts” forced upon him and tends to take this hatred out on the enemies during combat. Often resulting in less captures than kills. He is wild and over confident in his abilities, which often leads into him being hurt. Luckily one of the “gifts” that he has is the Regeneration, without it Dustin would be dead already.

History: *Will be done at a later date*


Body Transformation - Smoke: Dustin has the ability to shift his entire body or only a portion of it at a time into Smoke.

Body Transformation - Water: Dustin has the ability to shift his entire body or only a portion of it at a time into Water.

Body Transformation - Metal: Dustin has the ability to shift his entire body or only a portion of it at a time into Metal.

(Limited to Metal Form) Tunneling: Grants the ability to tunnel beneath the ground, though Dustin is limited to using this only while he is in his Metal Form.

Self-Regeneration: Healing rate is drastically increased

Flight: Grants the ability to fly.

30th October 2005, 12:11 PM
Ok Notorious. Your character seems interesting. I'll be checking your edits.

30th October 2005, 04:45 PM
Welcome to all of you who joined, since I've been a bad coleader and haven't done crud in this thread. Feel free to head on over to our HeadQuarters (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=20271) as well as our Character Interaction (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=28715) threads. We also have a clan thread, but it's out of date and I will be requesting a new one shortly. Once we have that, then we can start posting there as well.

31st October 2005, 12:24 AM
I want to join, I just don't have time to write out a character right now. Come next week, or perhaps even this Friday, I will have time, so I will post it somewhere then.

31st October 2005, 02:17 AM
Spamtu, you can always make a char in the character database, and post a link to it here once it is finished. Or edit it into your sig...

Member number...8 I guess? That should mean we have enough! Yay!

31st October 2005, 05:36 PM
Yup. We have enough for us to keep on going. I suppose I'll head over and see about getting a new RP clan thread, so we can do some stuff there. For now, though, let's just finish up the interaction. Also, Spamtu, welcome to the clan.

1st November 2005, 03:54 AM
Woohoo! Good, set up a clanRP thread and we can get something going here! Let the heroes take over the BA ;)

1st November 2005, 08:53 AM
i think we still need to make promotion and get at least one or two more members.


1st November 2005, 09:43 AM
This seems interesting. I've never role played before but i'll give it a shot :) Will edit post later with my character.

1st November 2005, 09:47 AM
Welcome Nemesis! I'm sure you will enjoy this experience. We will guide you both in roleplaying and in SoV.

One of the most thrilling factors in becoming a hero is precisely the experience of discovering one's powers and developing them, so it will make your character something interesting in itself. :D

1st November 2005, 04:47 PM
I would like to join aswell. I'm creating a character for the clan now, and I'll post in the interaction when it's finished.

1st November 2005, 07:59 PM
Well, it appears we got those two more members. And yes, we will happily help you with roleplaying, nemesis. And welcome, im4evil. Now then...I'm thinking we should probably get ourselves a banner of some sort. Anyone here any good at that sort of thing? If not, I'll see what those wizards in the art corner can whip up for us.

2nd November 2005, 05:11 AM
I will try to get something when I find the time. Probably friday, not sooner at least.

2nd November 2005, 05:17 AM
Well, it appears we got those two more members. And yes, we will happily help you with roleplaying, nemesis. And welcome, im4evil. Now then...I'm thinking we should probably get ourselves a banner of some sort. Anyone here any good at that sort of thing? If not, I'll see what those wizards in the art corner can whip up for us.

I could make a banner. You can check out some of my work here (photobucket.com/albums/b291/Nemesis-/)

2nd November 2005, 06:44 AM
(Check out my sig. What a lazy bastard I am. :D )

Anyway, I'm out of town for two nights and three days. Family is going for a peaceful vacation, so I won't be quite active in that timeline.

I'll post back soon at... say, Sunday.

Btw. Hey, Nemisis... Can ya do one sig for me of the clan using my photo? Click on my profile, look to the left for a robot picture. Thanks. :D

2nd November 2005, 02:38 PM
Sorry guys. Time's up. This thread will be closed - PM me if I need to make a new clan thread for you (if so, please specify whether it's misc or BA).