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23rd October 2005, 01:20 PM
this being my first post in 5 ages i hate to say this will be my last, ive been playing koc from day 1 and seen alot of changes for the better and worce, but due to recent changes, errors, and the amount of spam i recive in koc email, i think its time to find a new game. mainly its becuse of the amount of errors ive encountered in age 5, granted i understand its a new age and it has bugs, but its making the game not fun anymore, the only time i can attack or do any changes to my army is late at night and for most of us thats not always possiable, im losing turns, for no reason, im losing gold for no reason, im losing men also for no reason....im no noob i know how koc works. i would think if all these errors are due to server over load the koc admins would limit the amount of players or make players pay dues or ask for donations to fund a new server in which i would gladly pay { and this is not bashing the koc admins, by the way thanks for a once great game} and also i really tired of the amount of spam and threats i recive on koc email, i can think of a lot better ways of recruiting officers for the game, than to randomly email people to join me, and also to the striker clan about the treats join or be sabbed....how does this make the game fun for anyone, i read a post by another guy having the same problem with the SC threats. my personal opion is that kind of recruiting should be banned( i know im probly just hung my self for the rest of the age with the SC and will be sabbed or attacked but i need to vent...... but i really do think im done with koc after this age......but sorry for the spelling errors and i just needed to vent a little....thanks for listening and thanks koc admins

23rd October 2005, 01:47 PM
they dont need dobnations, we did that back in age 0 and age 1, now they are stacked with monney from this game. After i started to use admuncher + kill java since friday KOC hasnt lagged at all and it hardlt freezes no more. So it seems to me its those ads doing the lag.
And yet again we hear SC doing the "join me or die" which is the lowest of the lowest tactic in the game, only topped by hacking.
SC just never change.. same old story of cheats and threats.
I suggest you team up with others and start chainsweeping LS chain - its defenatly the most jucy chain out there. And if they ask why just blame LS.

23rd October 2005, 10:54 PM
Trying to threaten other people to join your clan doesn't seem like a good way to go to me. I'd rather people came willingly to have fun then come under threat. Besides, ;) You threaten people.. and you never know when it'll come back to bit you on the bum.

As for the errors.. most everyone I've known has been getting them up till these last few days. I think when they redid prices and items a couple things in the programming was over looked.

Give it another week or two before you decide to walk away for good and see how it works out.

Good luck

24th October 2005, 04:06 AM
I think the sever is more stable now. I'm not loosing men, turns, gold any more.