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3rd October 2004, 05:31 PM
Cryptix, Formerly XA
CX Forums (www.bradstavern.com/xa)

We currently have 95 registered members on our forums. We have members that speak all languages, and from all over the world. We also a special places for Dutchies, where only dutch is spoken, and a special place Where only spanish is spoken also. We also have a training area for people who are new to the game, we have people in the alliance whose job is to help these people in KoC, so they can prosper in the game.

About us
CX is the new and improved version of The old XA. In age 2, XA was lead by CrazyLife who finshed number 3 i believe, He went on to continue to be in the top 5 during beta, until the big reset (lets not talk about that though) after that, many members decided to leave XA, and make their own alliance. After that, XA started to get weak, and CrazyLife became les and less active, LightDark who took Crazy's place Just couldnt run the alliance anymore, and made the decision to shut it down, which was for the best. Reconciliation took over the setup, and revamped the boards, and gave the alliance a new name. We have new and improved forums, and we are under new command. Our board Laout is very well organized, and is very friendly to people who are new to KoC.

CX is on the LoP recruiter with Evo technology. Someone with a Good connection Could easily click 30 clicks per minute, and some with a 1+mb/s connection, and is good with the mouse can click 50-60 per minute.

So, with all that said, i really dont see any reason why you guys shouldnt at least check out this great alliance. :)

4th October 2004, 05:34 PM
Well, many of you already know me, or know of me. We've taken XA and removed all those inactives and those enemy spies to create a more friendly environment. CX is now dedicated to active members and good players. We like people to keep in contact with each other.

We're working on our database system right now creating a more secure way of keeping stats. With the help of PIBM our php systems will be up and running soon.

Need help in html? We're here to help.
Need help on your homework? We're here to help.
Need strategy or cheats for games that aren't online games? We're here to help.

CX is one of the alliances you should definately look into. Allied with many of the large groups such as TLA and PR, we are formidable advesaries for our enemies. Our activeness within our Recruiter makes us stronger. As soon as we start to play KOC as an alliance you will see us on top once again, as we did with Crazylife in Age 2.

6th October 2004, 05:01 PM
We will Rock Age 4! Will you be a Spectator, or Join one the Greatest Alliances in KoC? We have the LoP recuiter with EVO ! The only Transwarp Recuiter Accellerator !
Come Join Us, and be a part of the Great Battle to Rule Chaos.

10th October 2004, 01:06 AM
i know that all of you getting sick about hearing: JOIN CX
but it's really important
we are just an beginning aliance with 100 members or something
but we are all really active and playing alot of games

it's not only KoC BUT also Darkwars, Riseoftyrants and RiseofChaos
it are all really nice games were we are pretty owning

in DW is the best ranked person Nr. 7
in ROT was the best member ranked 7
in ROC is the best person ranked 5
and in KoC atm not really good but that's because it was before XA and then our leader left, but he was still on the top of the chain, so we didn't were possible to grow :wtf: (but our best ranked person was there 200 ranked, but next age it wil be alot better)

also we have in KoC a spot on 1 of the fastest recruiters: the LOP-recruiter of Lords of Peril
we have our own section their so we can click and get clicked alot

all i can say now is: JOIN CX

(our CX forum (www.bradstavern.com/xa)

30th November 2004, 06:21 AM
heya join this alliance it IS the best alliance i know because ive met many great friends and they are all over the world and you dont get USED and ABUSED they will help you in any way plz visit our forum and see what we all can do for ya


10th January 2005, 04:55 AM
Le invito a jugar "Conquista Morella", un nuevo juego español en línea. ¡Es muy interesante y sobre todos .... GRATIS!
Gracias por su tiempo !

28th January 2005, 06:44 PM
This alliance is really good folks. They have a great environment, friendly, helpful, and don't put up with cheaters. They support many games that will help you succeed in all, and with age 4 coming, a new/old rise coming back....