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13th October 2005, 09:25 PM
Hello, I've seen, lots, lots, lots of threads asking for a Mac helper, I am myself a Mac user, and I know it sucks not being able to click, or watching others click 20 times faster than you because they can use a helper and you will only be able to use Manual Mode. Or even seeing your officers not being able to click.

Well, I've decided to make a Mac helper. I am admin of Infernals Recruiter a coming and very promising recruiter, I got the recruiter itself and also a beta windows helper, but the deal here is Mac stuffs, so lets keep going, I myself started to make a Mac helper for my recruiter, and should be ready in matter of days. Now, what I need is:

#1 Mac users willing to test it and suggest new stuffs, etc

#2 Developers willing to help me building it (so far Im going good, but you never know if you will need help from other developers )

Im not doing anything complicated, all needed to help is AppleScript knowledges (A Mac is also a plus, lol ), no matter how few you know, I'd appreciate your help.

So the people that feels identified with #1 and #2. I would appreciate if you contact me through MSN:




Let the Mac users arise! :)

13th October 2005, 10:21 PM
Um... if you are using mac os x you might be able to use programs written in .net 1.1
As long as its ISO .NET CLI, it should work.

See if you can find something on http://www.mono-project.com ;)
Note though that it has to be mac os x.

14th October 2005, 12:11 AM
Here's the AppleScript code from MacWildfire, a helper I wrote when Wildfire still allowed manual use. It looked for a success page in Safari and copied and pasted the number of soldiers into the appropriate field on Wildfire's page.

tell application "Safari"
set hits to ""
set docText to text of document 1
set looking_for to "war machine"
set i to 1
repeat while hits is equal to ""
set this_text to paragraph i of docText
if this_text contains looking_for then
set hits to this_text
set i to i + 1
end if
end repeat
close document 1
do JavaScript "document.forms[1].elements[3].value = \"" & hits & "\"" in document 1
do JavaScript "document.forms[1].elements[4].click()" in document 1
end tell