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10th October 2005, 01:59 AM
ok no offence to the ppl who came up with this site and so on but this is what i would call compealty rigged... I only supected this untill now but its totally confirmed.... people are abusein the unique links by way of proxy or something..... usein a reribule ip address to repeaditly click there own links.... its NOW about say 2-3 hrs after age 5 started and....

Lor20_PR 5,764 Humans ??? Gold 1
Dragongem 4,036 Humans ??? Gold 2
gizmokitten 2,397 Dwarves ??? Gold 3
Gem- 2,627 Dwarves

.......... we need to fix this or in my opion change the way unique links work like limitin them to max out number of unique link clicks of those in your entire aliance startin from the lead comander and all hiz offficers officers and so on

so that those ppl who are cheatin thru proxy just to gain rank instead of playin legit like most of the rest of us this is not real war its who can cheat the most.....

my only sudgestion i can say is there needs to be some kinda limit to unique links as far as max # clicks per day = to or realitive to your entire alinace from top to bottom and everythin inbetween

and age 5 should be imeaditly shut down and restarted..... 3 hrs after it started and ppl have over 5k soligers..... and im watchin them just sky rocket abut every 5 min they are goin up around 50-100 i know that could be legit if it was on a REALLY highly traveled msg board but... never the less quite a number of people are cheating

if u have any logs of when and what ips the links was clicked by... ill bet u that those links get clicked constantly for about a hr or few then totally stop for a wile till that person logs back on there comp... unless like u say in agreement that its not fair to use a program to click links...

PS: this is a great game and lots of fun but bottom line..... CHEATERS SUCK!!!!!

in the few min i have wrote this msg the new ranks are as follows

Lor20_PR 6,292 Humans ??? Gold 1 500 clicks in about 10 min at most..... likely usein program
Dragongem 4,368 Humans ??? Gold 2 just over 300 likely to use proxy manually clickin
gizmokitten 2,627 Dwarves ??? Gold 3 probly on proxy
Gem- 2,928 Dwarves ??? Gold 4 same
Jedi_Master 1,646 Humans ??? Gold 5

10th October 2005, 02:16 AM
These people use recruiters, which are perfectly legal, so there is a negligible risk of cheaters here. Also, cheating accusations are not allowed here.