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9th October 2005, 07:10 PM
Alliance Name: Live Again (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again) (aka LA)

Alliance Member Count(on forums):37 Sign up on our forums, and growing fast!
Alliance Forum Link: http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again/index.php?

Brief description of your alliance: Our alliance offers many things.

-Our alliance is particular for haveing members who have just started koc. We will teach you things and will help out with anything you need. We want newbies to join.

- we respect every member wheather they are new or if they have been a part of the alliance a long time.
- We have acess to a very fast recruiter that you can get over a 1000 soldiers a day.
- our alliance offers tips on KoC.
- we also give support for our members so if someone keeps attacking them we will make them stop.
- you will have the funnest time here.

If you are in our alliance and you need some rank boosting then we are most likey to give you a sell off. The purpose of our alliance is to help members get high ranked and to provide a place to hang out when you are bored. Im am always working on the fourms to improve them for our members. Our posting system is great. We have about 15 different boards to post on weather you like to talk serious or if you if you like to spam. We have a spam board so if you like to spam all day that is the place to go. We are a very friendly alliance. You dont have to be in our Commander chain to join our alliance. Just come and register. Our alliance is lead by myself (koc name elalb) and shawn666. If you are part of our commander chain you can receive sell offs more offtin. If you join then you can receve tons of soldiers a day. Then you will be stronger. So come and join LA!

Our allies
-Phoenix rising

You can join LIVE AGAIN!!!

How do I join?

1: Click the link below
2: Register to our forum with your KoC name
3: Follow the instructions fourms. Go to the join section.

9th October 2005, 11:43 PM
You are an approved alliance. Good luck this age. Please make sure that all members follow this tread for posting: http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=27436

Good Luck age 5. Happy recruiting and enjoy the age.

11th October 2005, 04:30 AM
We will be the best alliance in this age. Come and join us and learn how to play. How to get soldiers. We can teach you anything that there is to know. Come visit us. Just click my banner below. \/\/\/

12th October 2005, 05:10 PM
Join Live Again! (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again/index.php?)

Age 5 has started. Join Live Again to get tons of soldiers. We have access to one of the best clickers there is! More than 1000 soldiers a day!!! Get upgrades fast and you can race by the other players on Kings of Chaos. Just join Live Again TODAY! Join NOW!!! (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again/index.php?)

Join the battle!!! :battle:

New to Kings Of Chaos? Live Again is a great place to start. We will help you on your way! Join Now!!! (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again/index.php?)

Our alliance is lead by Elalb (http://www.kingsofchaos.com/stats.php?id=2075637) and Shawn666 (http://www.kingsofchaos.com/stats.php?id=2246069). If you are part of our commander chain you can receive sell offs more often. If you join then you can receive tons of soldiers a day. Then you will get stronger. So come and join LA today!!! -> Click here to JOIN!!! (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again/index.php?)

13th October 2005, 04:26 AM
Are you a newbie? Are you getting attacked by tons of people. Come here! we will help you with anything we can. I am makeing a real good guide that will teach you everything that you need to know about koc. So come here and join us! We are the best. Just click Below \/\/\/

13th October 2005, 08:39 AM
New to Kings Of Chaos? Need help? :help:

Join Live Again! (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again/index.php?) This great clan will help you get gold and soldiers. Theres no doubt you won't go up in rank. My rank did! Yours can to if you JOIN NOW!!! (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again/index.php?)

A great clan for both new players and old veterans! :biggrin:
Learn how to play the game, get hints and tips from advanced and high ranked players. Give advice and hints!! We have access to a great clicker! Up to 1000+ soldiers a day!

We have spam boards, barracks, Link Chain, Hit Lists (if anyone is bothering you) and much more. We're having fun playing the game while learning and allways gaining experience from our fellow members.. So come on! What are you waiting for? Come have some good times! Join today! :backin:

Join LIVE AGAIN today!!! (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again/index.php?)

13th October 2005, 01:36 PM
Our alliance is getting more active by the minute. Our Gua is starting to take off. We have some votes. Come and join us. We are helping every member they are getting ranked better every day. Come and join (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again)
We will help you come now! We will help destroy your enemys :saiyan:

14th October 2005, 01:47 AM
:jawdroppeWould you like to gain hundreds maybe even thousands of soldiers each day?
Live Again (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again) is a great place to join! If your new to the game and need help with different things, or if you've played a while and just need some clicks. Either way theres no doubt that if you join Live Again your rank will rise. :crazy: No I'm not crazy! It's true! My rank was at 50k or worse three weeks before end of last age! I joined Live Again and my final rank was #24,577. This age I've been a member from the start. I have a great position allready! You can too! Just join LIVE AGAIN (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again) TODAY!

We are growing everyday!!
Get hints and tips from advanced and highranked players

We have fun while we learn how to play Kings Of Chaos as best we can!
Don't Wait! :morning: Join today! \/ \/ \/

14th October 2005, 01:30 PM
It is not to late to join. Come to live again and you will never wan to leave. Join us TODAY (http://www.s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again) We are growing fast. We have some very active members. If you want to find a place that will help you with everything then this is the place to come. Join LA today just click my banner :)

18th October 2005, 06:02 AM
We have some nicely ranked players that will help you!
We can help your rank climb!!!
:enforcer: :plasma:
Want LOTS of soldiers aday?
Great protection?
Well made forums?
This is the place to join!
Live Again! (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again)

Taking your rank to new heights!!!

Check it out here===> Live Again (http://s8.invisionfree.com/Live_Again)