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2nd October 2005, 05:13 PM
Band: Therion
Album: Deggial.
Origin: Sweden
Genre: Not even God knows this one
Length: 11 tracks 58 mins 04 secs

Rating: 11/10
Statement: Get submerged in the dark realm of the one who defies God

Back in the 90’s when evil death metal was a real hype on Europe Christofer Johnson started a band. Therion. The name might descend from a Celtif Frost song “to Mega Therion”. Anyway a long road this band walked when they found a way to expand their mythological imagery. With an orchestra, basically Therion has been a death metal band, a goth band, a symphonic metal band. Now the hybrid is too mutated to dare to pick a name for it.

Anyway Deggial is Therion’s darkest album since the Theli era (The Theli era is when Therion stopped playing extreme metal). For you to understand this review I have to explain the basics of choir names. Yes since Theli Christofer Johnson has stepped down from the lead vocals and now he hires a choir to do his dirty work.

the women with the low voices are called Altos
the women with the high pitched voices are called Sopranos
The men with the low voices are Baritones or Basses
Men with the high pitched voices are Tenors

Ok now you are set with the basics lets start the journey

01 Seven Secrets of the Sphinx (*****): An instant travel to the middle-east, where the mighty horns shows you around. Baritones and tenors take the first verses and the guitars start playing sololike notes to give space to the women choir. An energetic sound to deliver. Good introduction song.

02 Eternal Return (*****): Quite a composition, the song starts with a sad violing while both male and female choirs sing the first verses that might make someone cry. Then the metal comes in. A female soloist takes the vocal lead to set the song back to the gloomy mood, undistorted guitars play a big role on this piece, always playing notes not riffs. A violin break welcomes the tom tom drumming and prepares the song for a mild discharge of Choir note holding. The metal blast off again at full speed and a wicked Oboe solo breaks in backed by constant riffing. Now comes the best part, The choir of tenors sing the last verses as they get joined by the woman choir. To resume it all, a truly and complete piece

03 Enter Vril-Ya (*****): Another one of my favorites, the guitars are pretty catchy, but the best part it the choir of tenors and sopranos. The violins really give a beautiful touch between verses, but the choruses are a real eye inverser, If you catch Therion’s groove, you’ll feel like you are on heaven. Watch out those surrounding you might think you are into some satanic cult, either way is better to be a Therion Goth than a Marilyn Manson Goth.

04 Ship Of Luna (****): Beautiful slow song to calm things down from Entrel Vril-Ya, you’ll fall in love with the acoustic guitar playing and the wind instruments. Once again man and women choirs take turns to tell this tale of the Moon’s vessel across the vast seas. Well a change of rhythm is expected to keep the progression, you’ll get amazed how this changes occur harmonically unlike some other progressive bands *cough*Dream Theater*cough*

05 The Invincible (****): Perhaps the most apocalyptic piece of the whole album. The use of the whole choir might scare even your dog, the women altos take the lead, followed by the Tenors who will raise you to the next plain of existence, Tough jhonson doesn’t like to do solos the fact that sometimes he rather play notes instead of riffs is very plausible on these compositions

06 Deggial (*****): Via Nocturna’s greatest contendant, the title track from the album is meant to set anyone on the darkest mood. A massive mixture of sounds. Guitars and keys doing an excellent mid tempo job. The violins adding the rest of the atmosphere, exquisite chorus backed by acoustic guitar playing are the joy of the day.

Later the song changes, a full metal guitar breaks in and the women choir takes the spotlight, later the violins join on a acoustic orgy with the climaxes over the fast keyboard playing.

07 Emerald Crown (*****): Heff Puff, time to slow down again, but only in tempo, because this song is very powerful, especially on the vocals, the unique combination of metal and classical instruments mold perfectly.

The Violins take the bows on this song they will raise your experience to an orgasmic apocalyptic state (sorry for the ROKFD flipout, sometimes I get overexited) A guitar solo for your enjoyment finishes this one off nice and clean. Oh what a well composed solo that was.

08 The Flight Of The Lord of Flies (****): This song seem like a warm up, it’s the one that displays the most number of instruments from contrabass to sweet flutes this one has it all. It’s one of my bets friend’s favorite when I lent him the album, he liked the soprano soloist emulating the sound of the flute.

09 Flesh of the Gods (*****): Time to turn a little more traditional. This power metal masterpiece enjoys the guest vocals of Blind Guardian’s Hansi Kürsch. This song was my first Kürsch experience and since it I’ve been preaching the Hansi has one of the best unique Heavy Metal voices. Both choir and Orchestra perfectly joins the good metal act that instantly turned out a live “must play”

10 Via Nocturna (part 1 and 2) (******): The sixth asterisk is out again declaring that my pick has arrived. An eerie organ introduces this tune; later the contrabasses and cellos expand the darkness. The guitars break in, and the full choir marks the arrival of the apocalypse. I’ve flipped my eyes with this track more than a dozen times. The song calms down only to amplify it’s intensity till the fist part dies

The flute marks the initiation for Via Nocturna’s part two. Oboes, horns, violins everybody gets parts before the guitar plays the most heroic notes on the Therion’s repertoire.

Now each part of the choir has to sing a verse, the basses start, followed by the Altos. The tenors do an excellent and lastly the sopranos high pitched voices will take you to a parallel dimension. Everything calms down once again for the final march.

Another set of air instrument solos, followed by a violin break. Have I written enough to make you feel curiosity for this song?. Lets let the women choir beautifully finish this one and skip to the next song (9:33 masterpiece)

11 O Fortuna (***): I bet they’ve been waiting a long time to make this cover, looking at statistics this might be the most listened Therion song on the internet. Well to give you my honest opinion, this isn’t a good cover, Carl Off’s orchestra discharge more energy while performing O Fortuna than Therion. Reason? Obviously the drumming unnecessarily slows the song, but I guess it was something that must be done so they let people get the message that they are a rock band.

Final Words:

Back in 1999 when I first met the internets I met this Mexican goth girl that claimed that she only listened to Therion.. I got really curious of how a band can satisfy a person so I decided to order a Therion album (when stuff weren’t shitty in Venezuela) to check them out.

When I got this masterpiece and listened to it I got blown away and hid it away from the ears of my friends. Nobody was worthy or prepared to listen to this beauty. But later piracy started to move in the underground circles of my town and anybody could get a Therion album if they felt like it.

Ok so my secret has been made public, and maybe its time you benefit from it.

2nd October 2005, 08:41 PM
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