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30th September 2004, 04:16 PM
Alliance Name: Knights of Domination/KoCD

Alliance Member Count (on forums): 418

Alliance Forum Link:http://www.worldsoflegends.com/forum/

Why you would like to have an alliance thread:

To offer our services to all players of the game.

Brief description of your alliance:
Welcome to the Knights of Domination and KoC Domination. Our goal for this clan is to make sure that every member has as much fun as possible while playing Kings of Chaos. This alliance was formed in age one by a group of real life friends. We are one of the oldest alliances in the game. Since then we have grown into one of the most powerful alliances in the game, and one of relentless' closest allies. We are led by Cri, Pleknor, and Adhlssu07.

KoC Domination is the main alliance. Knights of Domination was formed during Age2 in order to provide new players and new members of the alliance a training ground to learn the ways of this alliance and prove that they are good enough and loyal enough to become a member of KoC Domination. We finished Age 2 with 5 players in the top 100 and 25 players in the top 500. This was with no command structure in place, and many of our players selling off to insure that Orc00 would win the age. During the beta and for Age3 we have established a command chain and many of our players have improved their ranks and soldier count significantly in the beta.

We offer friendship, protection, our own clicking system, access to the relentless recruiter, as well as many other tools and tips for our members. In return we ask that you post regularly on our forum, and not be in any alliances that are enemies of relentless.

If you think you have the dedication to become one of the best players in KoC then we welcome the opportunity to help you improve in this game. We are not about making one person great, we want every single member to reach their goals in this game. If you have any questions that are not answered in this welcome message, or on the stickies in the forum, you can hit the alliance chat button on the menu of this page. This will take you directly to our chat room on irc. There is almost always a leader from this alliance online that will be able and willing to answer your questions.

Good Luck, and we will see you on the forums.


~ Approved = Tytrox

2nd October 2004, 03:40 AM
I have been in this alliance a long time, nearly a year, they never stop giving and giving and helping and helping, ive never been in such a friendly alliance in all my koc time, join them they can help you lots to :)

8th October 2004, 10:25 PM
This is one of the alliances I created, and it is here to help the new players. If you are new to the game this is a great place to come and learn the ropes. There are some great active people around to teach you how to play and there are some old veterans like me that still hang around and give a pointer or two to help you get started.

21st October 2004, 07:30 AM
this is the best alliance ever ever ever ever. i have been a member for a year now (well, it will be a year in a week), so i am fully qualified to tell you how good it is. this is a place where you can make strong allies, as well as good friends. there are always people ready and willing to help you out with any kings of chaos related issue, as well as to chat about other things.

while we may not be big, we are a close alliance. it is not like in many other alliance where no one knows one another and only join to get clicks. we are much more than that. we are about developing a community and strong players.

please come visit our forums or our irc channel (#kocdomination on chatchannel). if you have any questions, send a message to me or one of the other members. we are nice. seriously.


if you join us, i will give you a cookie.

21st October 2004, 11:10 AM
this is the bestestestestestess allianc ein the world xD

21st October 2004, 06:40 PM
I can only said that if you want to be on a great alliance that is not only based on clicks, you must try Knights of Domination/KoCD here you can make good friends, you will always get your questions answered (even if you are not asking something about the game), and theres always a member that will help you if you have any problem.

So if:
You have an army of three soldiers and you think is time grow a little? you can get a lot of clicks in this alliance with the clickmaster or the Relentless recuiter.
You feel like you are alone? you will make good friends in here.
You have an adiction to spam? you will be able to demostrate your spam abilities plus you will have a lot of fun.
You need someone that helps you againts big armies? we have a lot of good ranked players around willing to help.

So what are you waiting for? if you answered yes to one of those questions you should join us now.......stop looking this thread and join us, you won't regret it.

19th November 2004, 07:55 PM
this if the best alliance .... no matter if u are pr or rr ... or mny others
we can accept and help all people

9th December 2004, 06:32 PM
Man this alliance is great, not only do they treat you with respect, but they would also give you some of the most greatest strategies. I've been with them last age for a while they were really great.