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29th September 2004, 02:42 AM
Platform: PC
Type: Strategy
Score: 9/10

Introduction Ė This game is one of my favorite games. I have played it again and again, itís a classical game that you can play over and over again. The game is excellent, it doesnít direct you in anyway you choose how to win, and if that is a good way to win you win. There is no right way to do everything.

Gameplay - The game is extremely enjoying. The game can is in your hands, you can build anything you want that is medical and you research medical drugs that save lives, if you take risks your patients might die and some might not. The game is controlled by you, you donít have to do what the game tells you, you can build and buy more land. You can kill and save lives of people.[9.8]

Story Ė The game is based on levels, you start of as a small surgery owner, and you build a few rooms for doctors, build a reception, recruit staff. You can recruit doctors, nurses, cleaners, and more. You have to control the heat and water levels among your patients, keep them happy. As you go up and up the levels you get higher criteria, like you have to have saved 1,000 people or something like that. And from time to time you go on to rat shooting levels, and some times you see clips of what happens throughout the story. You have rival hospitals, you get medals and cash for being the best out of all the hospitals; those will be given annually with other things. You get visits from VIPs, you get funding for research. You get sick VIPs coming in and pay you a lot for saving them, but if they die in your care you will loose a lot of popularity. The main storyline is you have to become the best hospital out there. [10]

Controls - The controls are very easy, you mainly use the screen and only need to type things from time to time. You mainly use the mouse to click on people and then send them somewhere or to answer a fax, but when you need to send a fax you need to use the number pad on the keyboard. [8.9]

Graphics Ė The graphics are excellent for a 3/2D game, you can choose between High Resolution and Low Resolution, High Resolution has the best detail. The graphics change as you upgrade the equipment and different people have different faces, coats, and things like that. [9.3]

Sound Ė There is a lot of sound, when people puke you here that, when you save someone you here a sound and when someone dies you hear a heavenly sound. Every person has a sound when you click on them, but the people donít talk which is a shame. Talking people would make the game much better, and would help the hospital owner to make the hospital better. [7.9]

Play Time Ė There is no finite limit, because even when you reach the set criteria you can continue with the hospital you are currently owning. But if you choose to do all the levels then it would take you about 40 Hours to finish the game. The game is long near the end, in the 40 Hours you mustnít allow a patient to die, so you must spend a lot of money on research. The 40 Hours does not include using cheats. [10]

Re-Playability - You can replay the game many times, but you find you really only want to replay the last few levels because they are the most interesting and challenging, because there is no right way to win you can try out a very wide range of strategies to win. [10]

Atmosphere Ė The gaming atmosphere is good as long as you donít get dead people, as soon as dead people are in the game then the patients begin to become unhappy and complain a lot and your popularity decreases. But generally if you keep your patients happy you get lots of money and your happy. [10]

Appeal - The game is very appealing, you feel like play the game a lot. The game gets you in then the addictive parts of the game kick in. [9.8]

Addictiveness - The game is extremely addictive; I spent hours on end playing the game I just couldnít stop. This is the first and last game so far that is not an Online game and is very addictive. [9.9]

Rent/Buy - The game is worth buying, you find it pulls you in and you canít stop playing. Itís an magnet, so buy the game donít rent it. The game is probably $5 now. But I would say it is worth $20 still.

Final Words - The game is an excellent game, anyone can play the game. I would recommend people over 8 years old should play it, because they would most understand it.

Overall Score - 9.47

Rpg fan
29th September 2004, 07:16 AM
I very much enjoyed theme hospital. It used to be my favorite game until my cd broke *tears*. However, I want to point out that giving this game a 10 for story is somewhat impossible. The game has no storyline. Its a "sim" game, where you basically try not to get the game over screen.

great review, great game.

I need to write some reviews again >_<;...........

14th October 2004, 03:42 AM
theme hospital rocks... I remember playing that game day and night almost no-stop. Recommend for "simulator" fan players. ^^

25th October 2004, 05:16 AM
yes... that is a pretty good game... and i was a HUGE cheater in that game... most cheats were typed in by the fax machine...
but i don't play the game anymore coz my mother broke the CD (purposely, because she had a mood swing with me and my PRECIOUS games... LOL)