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29th September 2004, 02:41 AM
Platform: PC
Type: Strategy
Score: 9/10

This is one of the best games in the Tycoon Series; this is all about steam engines and railroads. This has more to give than any other Railroad Tycoon up to RRT2 (Railroad Tycoon II).

There is not much of a story line. The thing you have to do is build a large rail industry. For people who like never-ending games, you will like this a lot. But people who like ending this is not very good.
Score : 10/10

It is very easy to play on flat ground and you get lots of profit, but when you go on higher ground you just lose all your money because all your trains start to crash and you do not get deliveries any more. If your a beginner say away from hills and mountains and stay on the flat side. But if you are an advance player like me you should build on the hills and mountains because it makes the game more interesting.
Score : 10/10

The sound is heavy or excellent both the same to me. It has sound of rails and actually makes you fell like you are actually in the game for real. They are the best sounds a CD can give.
Score : 10/10

The controls are as easy as stealing candy from a baby. The only two things you need to know is how to use a mouse (the computer one of cause), and use the keyboard to type names and cities etc. That was sure easy, I think these are the best controls for this game.
Score : 10/10

These are the best graphics youíre ever going to see in a 16/32 Bit game. They are wonderful even the train graphics are good, until your zoom in that is when everything is kind of blurry. But they good for a dynamic game.
Score : 9/10

You will enjoy the game a lot, because you are never on safe ground one day you could be a millionaire the next day you could be broke. Your rail future is never certain with this game. It also has a lot of campaigns if youíre bored with building. It takes a lot of time and plenty of patience. At first you need to read the manual, then you can play the game.
Score : 9/10

If you finish the game you will not be bored to do it again, but the game is very long. After you finish the game once you get more Ideas.
Score : 10/10

I say you should buy it; it is the best thing to do. Right now in the UK you can get it for 3 Pounds Sterling so it is about the same amount of money to rent it.
Best Choice : Buy

This is on of the best Tycoon games and is not like any of the others. It rules all Tycoon games and has many more Countries and Trains than ever before, but it lacks in enjoyment and graphics. So Iíll give it the second best mark.
Score : 9/10

Hope this Review is useful.