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29th September 2004, 02:40 AM
Platform: PC
Type: Strategy
Score: 9/10

Introduction – This game is a great strategy game, it is about building a city and making the people of the city very happy.

Gameplay - The game is very enjoyable, and you can play for hours without getting bored. The game uses your mind a lot so you might get tired after 5 hours of playing it the first time. [9.9]

Story – There is a scenario part to the game where you build cities to certain criteria to win that scenario. You are basically trying to climb the ladder and eventually attain the position as the right hand of the Caesar.[8.5]

Controls - The controls are very easy to master; you don’t need the Keyboard very often. You use mainly the mouse to click on the screen; you can use the Keyboard to change between views by using the Spacebar. Apart from that everything you need is on the screen, so it is very easy to use. [9.8]

Graphics – The graphics are excellent for a 2D game. You can choose between High Resolution and Low Resolution: High Resolution has the best detail. [9.3]

Sound – There is a wide variety of sounds, the sounds change as you go from the farming area to the city center. The people of the town vocally respond too if you click on them. There is a sound for every person, job, building, and area. [9.9]

Play Time – There is no time limit. You can play forever in the City Making Mode, but there is an end to the scenario. All the Scenarios take around 20-30 hours to finish if you finish them properly. On the City Making Mode you can only make a certain number of buildings before you run out of memory. [8.7]

Re-Playability - You can replay it many times, it becomes one of those games you play when you have to stay at home and have finished all the other games you have. The game is made so it can play played over 100 times over and over. There is no end to the game because you get better and better as time goes on, you might even become the best but that takes a long time to happen. [8.5]

Atmosphere – There is a great gaming atmosphere, if you do well the characters tell you that you’re the best and worship you, but if you are harsh and don’t care about your people they will shout and be angered at you. Also if the People are angered the Gods are angered, so be careful because the Gods can bring you good things and bad things. [8.9]

Appeal - The game is pretty appealing; you will find it sounds interesting on what it says on the back of the game package. You find it pulls you inwards and for a long period of time you want to play it. [8.9]

Addictiveness - The game is very addictive as long as you start a new scenario, until you finish the scenario you are addicted but then it becomes boring. [4.2]

Rent/Buy - I think the game is good enough to buy, I saw the game for $5 in a game shop. It is cheap enough to buy too.

Final Words - The game is a great game, it is very cheap and is still a great game to play on those bad days people have. The game can be played by anyone, but is most understood when you are 7+ years old.

Overall Score - 8.66

Blue Bomber
29th September 2004, 01:45 PM
nice review man. i love/loved this game. i don't play it as much now cause i kinda played it out by going into the files and changing everything's cost to 1 denari(sp). but all in all, its a great game, with decent graphics for its time...id say comparable to age of empires graphics. the gameplay can get confusing, and downright frustrating at times, especially when you are being attacked none-stop. but thats what makes it interesting, you can choose between peaceful, mild conflict, medium conflict, and high conflict senarios in the campaign section. so you can either construct a large, export city, or you can build an undefeatable army, its your choice. also, i like how you have to fill the requests of everyone in the ity, the gods, and ceaser himself...or you face swift reperations, either by your people leaving, the gods smiting you, or ceaser sending troops to destroy your city...so its a nice aspect. i also recommend buying this game if you are into strategy builders, and also because you can get it for dirt cheap..just good luck finding it. you could probably find it on ebay, or a store that sells used/older games.

24th February 2005, 02:24 PM
[B]yeah nice game if u have nothing else to do