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29th September 2004, 02:39 AM
Platform: Palm OS
Type: Role-Playing
Score: 8/10

Introduction Ė This game is the first Palm OS game I have played, the game has many similarities with an Online game called Tibia. I was completely addicted with that game, and I am addicted with this game too.

Gameplay - The game is enjoying; you get to fight people and monsters, do quests and missions. You get to do a lot; you get companions. The game is enjoying because of its story and the RPG power it has. This RPG power I saw in this is only in the FF Series and in RO and Tibia, but those games are on Consoles which have great potential. This game is on a Palm OS and is as good as those games, its just that not many people have a Palm OS or even a PDA. The game is great. [10]

Story Ė The game is about your uncle dying, on the Aldonís Crossing, hence the name. You are trying to find out how he died, and you get told he died from thieves at the start, but as you go along you questions that. I canít tell you more because that would be a major spoiler. You are trying to become the prefect of Black Springs and that is the main storyline. The story is much more detailed than that and gets better as you go along, but I canít and wonít tell you because it would spoil the game for you. Believe me the story is a great one. [10]

Controls - The controls are very easy, all of them are on the screen. You only need to use your stylus or pen-like stick to click on the touch screen of your PDA to move around and everything. [8.9]

Graphics Ė The graphics are very good for this 2D game, the items and people are very detailed. But the Palm OS has limitations, so the graphics will vary from a PDA to another PDA. But on my PDA the graphics are excellent. [8.7]

Sound Ė There is not much sound, the people canít talk out. There are like a few main sounds for each place like one sound for Town, one for a cave, one for outside town, and more. The sounds is very repetitive. [3.2]

Play Time Ė The game is takes about 6 hours to finish, the game is pretty hard to navigate around, because you have to do things in order or your in big trouble. I had to start over again once because I had made a mistake, but you can save up to 20 save game files so you should save every time before you do a major part of the game. [10]

Re-Playability - After the first time you play it, you find it very boring, because you know the story. Itís a typical RPG. [10]

Appeal - The game is appealing the first time, and you might try and finish it in one go. After that you canít play it again. [5]

Addictiveness - The game is addictive the first time, but then it becomes boring so you wonít replay it. [5]

Rent/Buy - The game is free, but you should pay for the full version. The full version is cheap though.

Final Words - The game is an excellent game, anyone can play the game. I would recommend people over 7 years old should play it, the game isnít hard to understand. Its just you donít want to break the PDA, and under 7s have a tendency to want to bite the PDA and spit all over it.

Overall Score - 7.87