View Full Version : Game Review :: Power Rangers: Wild Force

29th September 2004, 02:35 AM
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Type: Action
Score: 1/10

Introduction – This Game is about the Power Ranger Wild Force TV Series, all the power Ranger Games are on the TV Series.

Gameplay – The game was extremely easy to beat, this is very boring and each player only has 2 moves. You find that you are basically easily beating all the Orgs, and the Super Orgs are damn easy, I could just close my eyes and press the A Button and I would win easily. Also there is little movement in the game and you get told where to go, which totally spoils it. You only need the A button and you can beat the whole game easily.

Story – There is nil plot to this, you don’t even get told what has happened and who the rangers are, not even names. You get told like 10 words before each level. You don’t know who the Orgs are (apart from their names, even their names are bad, like Fumigator Org, guess what he does) they only come and attack no talk. Also you don’t even get told what the Zord (the machine the Power Rangers use to kill the big Orgs) does when you get one.
Graphics – The game’s graphics are bad. There is little change in graphics, nearly all the same screens. The GBA can produce much better graphics; the game is not using the full potential of the GBA’s. I could draw a map of the game by just taking a picture of the opening level and copy and paste, just that people start in different locations.

Sound – The game sounds the same everywhere, your lucky that you can switch off the sound or you might go mad. The sound rarely changes, maybe for one or two seconds on each level. They only use three different sound tracks and one is always on and the others pop up when you get a Zord or when you start fighting a Super Org.

Play Time/Replayability – It takes about 50-60 Minutes on Hard Mode and 30-50 minutes on Easy. You could replay it but you might fall asleep and get a headache. I tell you the maximum you can play it is 2 times, before you get a headache.

Final Recommendation – This game is the worst game I have ever played, so if you get it as a present try to return it. The shops probably won’t refund because they know how lame it is. If you see the game anywhere look the other way. But if you have a brother or sister or you are Under 6, this game is good for you because even a One Year Old finished it. Rent it only if your Under 6 or just steer clear of it.

Score - I would give it a 0.5 but I can't, so i'll be nice and give it a 1.