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28th September 2004, 02:24 PM
Cal coughed and tugged free his helmet, spitting sand across the dune, sighing and shaking his head. He was fresh from a fight with a true Immortal, and he was feeling the worse for wear after it. His armour was scrabed and marked in dozen's of places and his shield bore two great burn marks upon it. He looked down at the Black Gauntlet that was in replacement of his left hand.

Clutched in it's grasp was the symbol of the Guardian of Fire, Vincent, who had just smiled at Cal and vanished into the air after declaring the Paladin the winner. The symbol was like a blood red, curving number eight, the top half of the upper circle shorn off. He blinked, before focusing his mind on the Gauntlet, and laying his palm flat on his breatplate, on the right side, just above his heart.

He snarled and the Black Gauntlet flared with acid energy, the Dark energy burning the symbol to his armour, leaving it glowing white with heat, his armour stained with the damage done to it. Slowly the armour began to regenerate, but it would take a few hours to regain it's silvery lusture, and Cal needed to get out of this blasted desert.

"Hmmm, a distant jungle world he says. I'll take you there he says. And then he vanishs like sand in the wind!"

He rubbed his face and then scratched his head through his thick crop of black hair, looking about himself for other travellers in the desert or some way for him to rest to allow his own armour to recharge.

Duke Manboy IV
28th September 2004, 02:56 PM
In the distance, one could see a troop of creatures.
The one closest to Cal was running for its life, crawling, jumping, falling and rolling on. The others were obviously chasing him: a patrol of elite riders, each one of them mounting some sort of ancient reptile, ancestors of the dinosaurs that have once walked this Earth.
They all carried spears, bows and swords and the poor fellow in the front was obviously the underdog, being played with by his sadistic followers that obviously could have killed him any time they wanted.
Yet on the other hand, every time a spear was thrown or a sword came to close, the man running away managed to avoid it somehow, by falling over, juming forward, or using the cane he was holding.

He crawled one like some sort of primitive beast and suddenly his speed increased a lot. He was using his knuckles to lean upon and then progressed like our primate relatives do.
He rocked back to his feet and only now his size was revealed. He was quite taller then the common man, yet not of an extraordinary length. Even more important was the clear sound of a rattling chain under his dusted, bloody cloak.
The man spotted Cal.
He seemed to gain new hope. He turned around and managed to make one of those reptile like steeds to tumble over his cane, before harshly knocking that same canes tip against his foes neck, breaking it.
He started running again, and he shouted in a voice as if he hadn't drank in days.

"Help me. Please, help me."

This was Arto. He was obviously hoping Cal wouldn't choose for his fellow knights, but for the poor underdog. He would hopefully see that though these men chasing him wore fancy clothing, they were yet another bunch of corrupted knights abusing their power.
He had been running from them for four hours now. He on his bare feet and them on top of their steeds, teasing him with an occasional arrow or the fearsome laughter.
He hadn't done anything wrong, it was just that lousy bounty on his head that did this to him every time again.
He hoped this stranger would help him and wouldn't ask any questions neither.

"Help. For the love of God!!"

28th September 2004, 03:06 PM
Cal sighed and rolled his eyes, moving forwards, drawing his sword and walking past the running man, lifting his shield to deflect an arrow intended for his eyes. The Paladin growled and hefted his blade, before lashing out, cutting the legs out from under a reptile.

As it went down, Cal pinned its rider to the sand with a boot to his neck before smiling and leaning down. He held his Black Gauntlet out in front of the man's face, the weapon dribbling acid to the floor, before he smiled again and grabbed the man's face.

His screams filled the hot desert air, his body twitching as the Black Gauntlet ate into his face. Slowly his body stopped and his voice failed, his body hissing and bubbling as the acid began to eat it from the inside out.

Cal striaghtened up and dusted off his knees, looking up at the two remaining dumbfounded riders. He smiled slightly and winked.

"Well? Do you want some too?"

Duke Manboy IV
28th September 2004, 03:18 PM
A grin crossed Arto's face, be it not an enthousiastic one. He had been right: this person was a latent ally.
Without any hesitation the strange Paladin had killed an enemy, while he had been challenging a second.
Arto got new hope. Finally he would bve safe; those damned patrols that kept on replacing each other during "the hunt." That would be over now, over!
He turned around and took his cane in his both hands. He laid it upon the ground in such a way it was semi-covered by sand and nearly invisible.

Only at the last moment he raised it and the sharp tip penetrated the riders flesh. The beast though, kept on raging on and attacked once again.
Arto used his cane once again, being very experienced with it, and he somehow pole-vaulted over the beast, swinging the cane upon immediately as he rocked to his feet again, and crushing the steeds skull with the tip.
he sighed and looked at his mysterious collegue.

28th September 2004, 06:21 PM
A group of Draike flew down to meet them, their skin was silver but their forms were different than Silver Draikes. The Draikes barked loudly and prowled toward the paladin. The closer they came the more the two people there realized that these were not Silver Draikes, but the rare and powerful Platnim Draikes, the servants of Vinarkintrez, the Fire Guardian/God.

One of them, reaching a size of about a two story building lowered its head in respect to the Paladin, on its forhead the symbols of Io, and Vinarkintrez.

Tis a Honor lord Cal

29th September 2004, 03:19 AM
Cal blinked at his new companion, shook his head, took a handful of sand, wiped his blade clean and sheathed it, before trudging off across the sand once more. He reached the top of a dune, before the Draikes came into view, the Paladin raising an eyebrow as they reached him and spoke.

Recognising the mark on their heads, he bowed his own and fell heavily forwards onto one knee. Looking up, he smiled slightly, his fingers drumming on the hilt of his longsword.

"Greetings, Servants of the Fire God. What do you wish of me?"

29th September 2004, 01:56 PM
The Draikes bowed their heads in unison and trot over to accompany the Paladin, the largest one reached its head back and pulled a parcel from its back, upon it was an aincent symbol, It was a green shade and was cool and heavy to the touch, the symbol looked like this -][-, The draike bowed its head and barked a few orders at its companions accompanied by a few intelligent hisses. The other Draikes bowed their heads and trotted off before launching themselves into the sky and vanishing over the horizon.

A voice echoed about them, a familliar voice, that all could hear.

Place the ornament upon the ground, the portal will open

(After the Ornament touches the ground)

There is a burst of bright light as the Ornament touches the ground, it twists and turns violently before taking the form of a swirling vortex, in the center however, the image of a lush and fagrant jungle, teeming with life and other mysterious things.

Pass through Champion and Companion, but be prepared, I cannot help you directly on this new world, unless you come across a dragon that is...

Duke Manboy IV
29th September 2004, 02:19 PM
Arto just wanted to thank this welcome helper, when suddenly few shadows covered the sand of the desert.
Arto wanted to draw his bow and shoot the beasts to dust, afraid they were yet another party of bounty hunters, but the Paladin didn't seem stunned at all. He started communicating with them, or with something at least, as if it was completely normal to see such a group of beasts in the middle of a desert.
He wanted to speak, but out of his throat came nothing but a screeching sound indicating he was very thirsty or very awed.


He heard a voice talking, a strange voice that seemed to echoing in the different chambers of his mind while actually being far away, pure and beautiful, cruell and seducing(sp?).
It talked to him, for he didn't see anyone else that could possibly be "the companion."
Before he knew what had happened, most Draikes had disappeared again and left him with his strange, fearsome helper.
Was this a trap? To get him into the hands of bounty hunters? or was this meant to kill him for once and for all perhaps?
It didn't make sense though... this man had just helped him to defeat his foes and now he would kill Arto with his own hands.
Perhaps the Paladin and the mounted knights had belonged together and it was all a scene to fool Arto.
Aaargh... decisions. Why? He would just trust this person and see what happened.

"M...my... n..name is... Art...to... Arto. I think... We... we should ... go."

29th September 2004, 04:35 PM
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"Damn Edmund!"

That was the number one thought going through Cain's mind as he walked drunkenly through the sand dunes. Edmund had been off on creating another temporal portal. Cain couldn't remember when he hadn't been a gueni pig for the man's insane inventions. He'd come to so many worlds and dimensions... but Edmund had always managed to get him back long before this. Now he was in this blasted desert and he hadn't seen a living being besides lizards in all the time he'd been here. He was starting to think that maybe this world was uninhabited. Cain's compass has broken eight days ago and since then he'd been trying to go in a straight direction, but he felt like he'd gone ten paces in the past week. Moving from oasis to oasis and eating whatever animal or plant he could find Cain had struggled to survive. It's been two days since his last drink and Cain didn't think he'd last much longer. Suddenly, barely thirty feet ahead of his something seemed to materilize out of the sand...

"I really must be dead now..." Cain though, dumbstruck by his vision of a beautiful luscious forest... dripping wet with WATER. Behind this he could see what looked like some immense dragons and some other people but who really cared there was WATER.

No thoughts were going through his head now, all Cain's mind was doing was screaming "WATER! WATER! WATER!" as he rushed headlong through the portal ignoring the shouts of the people gathered.

4th October 2004, 05:16 PM
One of the Platinum Draikes stopped in mid flight to greet the Dieing man, it landed softly upon the red sands and lifed him gingerly and lead him to the Portal.

Time is of the Essence and the Champion is needed

The Draike stopped before the two members of the Quest and placed it down.

"Ashara Guardian Champion."

The Draike said, half translated to the Champions ears. And launced off into the sky vanishing into the horizon.