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26th August 2005, 02:02 AM
CheesePOWAH!, make the first post.

Mod notes:
26 Aug 2005 - Clan thread made. Some 8 days too late, though. >.> <.< I NEVER SAID I WOULD MAKE A GREAT MOD! IT'S LENIN'S FAULT I FILLED IN THAT AP, DAMNED!

26th August 2005, 08:16 AM

Anyway, When you join, if you don't already have a character with obvious psychological disabilities, you will make one after you join.
This is an invite only clan. When we see a cool insane character, we will invite them. Hopefully we will have tons of fun just being insane.


The winding yellow brick road stretches into eternity over the clouds. On your journey to follow it, you come up short of the end with a plain grey building standing at a crooked angle to the ground. At the top is a single, black boulder. You think one of many things, which may include the animals sleeping on the boulder, the possibility of it falling up, or, quote on quote, "Tryniorty."

The door is on the back of the building, and it opens out, then in, then sideways, before there is actually an opening to walk through. It's a pretty useful security feature. Somehow, you know exactly what to do to get into the castle.

Once inside, a maze curves in on itself in front of you, but there is only one path, and after an hour you end up in a large room, painted floor to ceiling and including the walls with overlapping pink circles to keep out the demons. A skinny creature in grey rags leans against the corner.


The rankings will be simple. There is none. The Points Don't Matter Just Like Capt'n Squidi's Opinion

Point system:

50 for joining
100 for completing a spar for the clan
50 for winning a spar for the clan
250 for completing a quest for the clan
100 for making CheesePOWAH! or Squidi laugh with your antics
75 for writing a great clan thread post concerning pink elephants
10 points for just being insane
-100 points for being cool
10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 points for being CheesePOWAH! (horaay)
500 points for pointing me towards a post in which you convinced those around you that it is they who are crazy.
10,000 for giving a picture of your mom in a G-String

Other points can be thrown out at random cause I feel like it.

Member list
CheesePOWAH!: lots of points
Capt'n Squidi: -10,000 points, better put up that picture

Cooler than us:
Wolve: just a few.
Vampiric Angel: just 50.
Chaos_Light: pi, cause it's different
Black_Lustre: -9,500 because he blew up a gem
Notoroius: negative a lot of points cause he asked for a ton. :P

Okay, this first post was not what the rest should be like. After now all posts will be IC and serious in an insane sort of way. We can have fun but keep it as a clan.


I know I'm missing something

26th August 2005, 08:52 AM
Michael, Teddy, and the revived little girl with the umbrella, all find themselves back in the room with the ragged maniac in it.

They all start to dance around to a musical beat that is only in their minds.

16th October 2005, 06:07 PM
Seems to me this clan has been inactive for over a month, giving it 3 options:

Close the clan
Make an inactive recruitment thread
Elect new leader if current is inactive/unfit.

Give a week to make the decision with the first option as default should there be no reply.