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27th September 2004, 02:41 PM
Alliance Name:
Flame Imperishable

Alliance Member Count(on forums):

Alliance Forum Link:
www.flameimperishable.tk, then go to the "forums"-link

Why you would like to have an alliance thread(give more details than just " to recruit for my alliance "):
- To recruit members
- Because we are looking for a clan to merge with
- We want more allies

Brief description of your alliance:
Flame Imperishable was originally founded by Thomas and Durbtrak, but as both were too busy with other clans and real life, the clan wasn't a succes.
Flame Imperishable was shut down after a month of time and was forgotten by almost everybody.

That was until Thomas and Durtrak, wanted to merge their two clans, Fellowship of Chaos and Rage of the Sun together. They asked some friends to help them and Estrie, Andymac, Legolashah, JebadeHut, Mace, Kingman248, Mortie, Durbtrak and Thomas re-founded Flame Imperishable.
Everything went fine and the age 3 chain was formed, with Durbtrak_FI as leader of the chain, Flame Imperishable was a force to be reconed with.

Then almost everyone had to quit because of real life reasons and Flame Imperishable was shut down once again.

But now, Thomas, Angel_of_Dreams and Legolashah have started this clan again and are planning to make Flame Imperishable a succes-story.

As we just started again, we are looking for some other small alliances that want to merge or ally with us.
If you merge with us and join our commandchain, we will provide you acces to the relentless recruiter, which is one of the best ways to get more soldiers!

~ Approved = Tytrox