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11th August 2005, 12:24 PM
This is an recruitment thread for the Asylum. CheesePOWAH!, please make the first post. This thread closes on 18 August 2005.

PS: I hope you'll get it. Sounds like you're going to produce a lot of interesting characters.

11th August 2005, 12:59 PM

Alright. So, this clan will be full of crazy people. Sounds very fun already huh? You wan't to join right? All the cool people are doing it.

Anyway, When you join, if you don't already have a character with obvious psychological disabilities, you will make one after you join. After the recruitment thread, the clan will become an invite only. When we see a cool insane character, we will invite them. Hopefully we will have tons of fun just being insane.


The winding yellow brick road stretches into eternity over the clouds. On your journey to follow it, you come up short of the end with a plain grey building standing at a crooked angle to the ground. At the top is a single, black boulder. You think one of many things, which may include the animals sleeping on the boulder, the possibility of it falling up, or, quote on quote, "Tryniorty."

The door is on the back of the building, and it opens out, then in, then sideways, before there is actually an opening to walk through. It's a pretty useful security feature. Somehow, you know exactly what to do to get into the castle.

Once inside, a maze curves in on itself in front of you, but there is only one path, and after an hour you end up in a large room, painted floor to ceiling and including the walls with overlapping pink circles to keep out the demons. A skinny creature in grey rags leans against the corner.


The rankings will be simple. There is none. The Points Don't Matter Just Like Capt'n Squidi's Opinion

Point system:

50 for joining
100 for completing a spar for the clan
50 for winning a spar for the clan
250 for completing a quest for the clan
100 for making CheesePOWAH! or Squidi laugh with your antics
75 for writing a great clan thread post concerning pink elephants
10 points for just being insane
-100 points for being cool
10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 points for being CheesePOWAH! (horaay)
500 points for pointing me towards a post in which you convinced those around you that it is they who are crazy.
10,000 for giving a picture of your mom in a G-String

Other points can be thrown out at random cause I feel like it.

Member list
CheesePOWAH!: lots of points
Capt'n Squidi: -10,000 points, better put up that picture

Cooler than us:
Wolve: just a few.
Vampiric Angel: just 50.
Chaos_Light: pi, cause it's different
Black_Lustre: -9,500 because he blew up a gem
Notoroius: negative a lot of points cause he asked for a ton. :P

Okay, this first post was not what the rest should be like. After now all posts will be IC and serious in an insane sort of way. We can have fun but keep it as a clan.


I know I'm missing something

11th August 2005, 01:43 PM
I don't think I should have -10,000 points just because I get -100 for being so cool! Oh wait, my opinion doesn't matter........ DAMN YOU!!!!! Now to have some fun with Michael and Teddy! :D

After a long journey, Michael, the mentally immatured man, and Teddy, his animated and dilapidated teddy bear, finally made it to the room with the interlocked pink circles, which formed a chain around the room. The man casually took a step forward, his emerald gaze locked on the frail and ragged man in the corner of the room. Teddy rode on his friend's high shoulder and whispered in his ear, "He doesn't look too good. I wouldn't get any closer." The childish man ignored Teddy's wary comment and kept walking forward, a smile on his pale face.

"So - err - I like what you've done to the place," Michael said politely, "It's - umm - very cozy." Teddy jumped off his shoulder and landed on the hard ground with a squeak, as Michael brazenly drew closer to the rogue man. "So," Michael started, "I didn't come all this way for nothin'! Where's the free buffet? I'm starving - I think I'd kill for some food!" He whipped out his rusty and supposively "lucky" dagger from his right, thigh-high boot and held the crimson-stained weapon before him. Teddy watched from behind and didn't need to see the expression now imprinted on his friend's face, to know that his final statemeant was true.

O joy! I love insane characters! Tee hee, this clan should be pretty chaotic and interesting In Character :D!

11th August 2005, 02:45 PM
A blur of light from the door and someone else entered. The pink of the wall became a barrier between Artis and the approaching woman. She wanted a necklace, and she wouldn't get any.

He mumbled a quiet response.

"Nothing here ma'am."

12th August 2005, 08:59 AM
As he made his way up the yellow brick road, Darius' mouth was agape. In his craziness he had accepted an offer that had been brought to him by post, in which he was invited to this place. He had not known anything about it, yet something had drawn him here. Had it been his madness? Had it been some magical enchantment placed upon the letter? No, it had been something quite different. It had been his dream about the pink elephants.

Pink Elephants were all around him. They were standing on a bright blue plains, with a yellow sky full of green dots. It was pretty damn hot in the place, so Darius liked it. Drooling as a beautiful female pink elephant came near, he heard her lovely voice say: "Follow the letter! Follow the letter!".

With a shock he had awoken, right as someone had knocked on his door. He had opened, received the letter and had immediately left the Armies of the Forbidden One Keep. Arriving some later, without any coherent time line during this part of the story, he was now entering the building which had a door at the back. Noticing two figures around, he walked over to a corner and started to pee.

I want 50 points for joining, 10 points for being insane, -100 points for being cool since I'm the first member to join you two, 100 points for making you laugh about these ridiculous demands and 75 points for having pink elephants in my post. That makes: 135 points!

12th August 2005, 12:20 PM
Michael decided that the ragged man was too pitiful to kill, and that his hunger for revenge couldn't possibly be satisfied by killing him. He put his dagger away and his whole form seemed to relax. He turned to the side to see a new visitor peeing on the walls. Teddy waddled over and climbed back up to his shoulder and then said to Michael, figuring that the ragged man wouldn't understand anyways, "I think someone forgot to take his pills this mornin..."

12th August 2005, 03:31 PM
An oversaturation of noise. And a steady trickling sound. The pink on the walls became swirling vortexes of color, pulling his sight deeper and deeper into them. A soft fuzz of voices, and then nothing. But it started again, and Artis huddled deeper into the corner. They would leave. They always did. But the wards had not surrounded him yet.

Because someone was dirtying the magic. He rose and pulled a dagger from underneath a rag. Crawling towards the urinating teenager, he raised the dagger and swung it.

Ten feet closer and he would have hit. Instead, a scratch ran down the gray cement of the wall, ruining the wards more. And the noise grew. And he pushed his head into the floor. His legs pushed against the ground, propelling him around in small circles. The crushing pain forced the volume down. Down into the sun.

Vampiric Angel
15th August 2005, 12:05 PM
It was dark. So dark it felt like he could see lights. He had been riding inside the pink elephant's stomach for hours, hitching a ride to the castle. Enorym felt comfortable inside the gooey yet warm interior of the elephant. Then Enorym felt the creature stop and slowly he started to move through the elephant's system.

Then, Enorym heard an ambient voice of a woman. Comforting yet way too calm. The words she spoke began to repeat themselves and slowly they became clear: All passenger's aboard the Pink Elephant Express may now depart. Thank you and have a nice day! A bright light at the end of the tunnel. Enorym didn't know what it was but he felt himself being pulled and pushed towards it.

The teenager slowly began to fall out of the Elephant's rectum, covered in a clear viscous fluid. He fell to the floor in a fetal position rapidly shaking from the cruel and sudden bitterness of the outside world. The boy came to his senses a few moments later and rose to his feet. He was amazed at the sight laid before him; a yellow brick road, ever winding into the clouds.

Enorym followed the road trying not to think what just happened. Almost in an instant he had traveled to the end of the road to face an odd gray building. A boulder, he noticed sat on top of it, like weighting the building down. The boy went to the door watched it in it's weird and fascinating dance, and walked through. A maze confronted him now, but somehow he knew the path. Walking to the end he found a large room full of scintilating colors and odd people inside.

((OOC: I hope this is crazy enough for ya. Yea...))

15th August 2005, 09:13 PM
She'd long grown accustomed to the disorienting hallucinations that her 'treatments' had bestowed on her, but this one could charitably be called a doozy. Her head slowly lilted to one side as she tried to decide just what aspect of what she was seeing was the truth, and what was a perfectly normal, stress-related reaction to the weirdest shit she'd ever seen. Had anyone behind her been actually extant, they might have heard her mutter, as if trying to recall a long-forgotten dream.

"Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road."

And yet, no matter how she tried to keep walking, her feet seemed always to lead back to the grisly monochrome planted askew in the dirt. Half of it seemed embedded into the earth, and half floated lazily above the ground. The path led off into the air, curving into an abrupt 90-degree upwards arc. After a moment's deliberation, she decided that was the illusion, and went 'round the back of the grey, foreboding and yet so hauntingly familiar building. And the door folded in on itself.

"If ever oh ever a wiz there was..."

It's okay, she told herself as she paced through the convoluted corridors that seemed to double back on each other and proceed through the space they seemed already to have occupied going the other way, and thus distracting herself from the surreality that was almost a reprieve, by comparison. Try not to think about pink elephants.

16th August 2005, 03:34 AM
Madien Compeltrius walked into the room, and suddenly felt as if he finally belonged.

The man was tired from his arduous journey, and it showed almost embarrassingly upon his withered physique, his slight chest heaving away like a bellows as he fought to stop himself from passing out amongst these strange, unfamiliar surroundings.

A fist-sized gem, affixed solidly to a gaudy silver chain, dangled obtrusively around his skinny neck, and it leapt and spun energetically as its bearer’s violent attempts to catch his breath shook it from its otherwise flaccid positioning upon his breast. Normally the jewel sparkled and shimmered with an unsettling fervour even in the faintest of light, like freshly minted gold in the full glory of the sun, but now, as though it could sense what was about to come to pass, its surface was faded and dull, and it stared mutely into the darkness as it patiently awaited its grim fate.

Madien’s hands were visibly clammy, and amidst his huffing, he continually smeared them against his trouser legs, struggling to rid them of their seemingly perpetual moistness, even as his mind struggled to comprehend the true nature of his situation.

Why was he in this place?

Somehow, even though he had no concrete answer to that question, he did know why, and, for reasons unknown even to him, he knew exactly what would transpire here.

As he gradually recovered from his extensive trek, he risked a quick glance about the place, blinking uncertainly as his eyes painstakingly adjusted to the grey pallor of this room he was in. It held five, no, six, if you included the scurrying doll that, like him, darted cautious eyes about the interior of this makeshift prison, people; and each and every one of them seemed somewhat…


His guts screamed like tortured madmen, telling him that all that he had laboured for throughout his entire life would be lost in this place; and at this, Madien’s fingers crawled spider-like to the gem around his neck, his half-chewed fingernails clinking faintly upon the gem’s firm surface as he absorbed the full implications of that last thought.

All of it.


This place.

He felt his feet shuffle forward stiffly, as if their every movement was commandeered by some power-hungry puppeteer, and they dragged like lead weights across the dusty floor. He flinched as the strangers turned hostile eyes towards him, and felt his cheeks burn as they continued to stare impassively.

These people were obviously outcasts from society, and yet, they were like him, and he, them. Not quite alike yet, but he knew what he had to do in order to rectify that. He had waited all his life to belong, and he would be damned if anything was to stop him now.

He wet his lips cautiously, and then hefted the silent gem from about its place with ever quivering hands.

This jewel controlled all his madness.

This jewel kept each and every one of his split personalities in check.

This jewel prevented him from becoming a monster.

This jewel had to go.

And with that, Madien flung the precious artefact into the far wall of the room, where it shattered into nothingness amidst a cloud of rainbow shards.

16th August 2005, 07:16 AM
BL loses a thousand points for screwing up artis’ moment of sanity!

More noises. More people entering. But still his wards were damaged. It was no good. The static wouldn’t leave him now. Too many souls filling the airspace. So artis stood. And it stopped. Suddenly, he could hear again. And there was no demons here. Just screwed up humans.

He walked towards the teenager, but stopped short as the sound of breaking glass echoed around the room. Suddenly, the demons were back. Released from that gem, they were flying, circling the room like vultures.

And he was a corpse.

They became a funnel, spiraling down to his head, screeching and clawing at his skin.

He ran in a circle, babbling a powerful enchantment to keep them away.

They had the counter to it, though, and kept attacking.

He fell to the ground and twitched in seizure-like motions.

16th August 2005, 11:00 AM
Michael started to dance around the room while Teddy sang a song. More and more lunatics came into the room, and the ragged man then fell to the ground, twitching and fidgeting uncontrollably. Michael jumped over him in his dance motions and Teddy continued to sing from his shoulder:

"I was walkin' on the yellow road
My best friend at my side
Then I saw a flying, pink toad
Then......... It died"

Vampiric Angel
16th August 2005, 09:44 PM
Enorym watched as more and more people flocked to the building. Glass, Enorym suddenly thought as the sound echoed throughout the room. His eyes snapped to where the gem had fell, breaking upon imapact. Then, like a domino effect, a man fell to the ground screming. He became silent and started to twitch rapidly.

Enorym slowly walked over to the rithing man. Someone was dancing over him now and with a singing teddy bear on his shoulder. Enorym pushed him out of the way and stood over the man on the floor. A thin long metal stick with claws to grasp appeared in his hands out of nowhere.

The young teenager then crouched over the man and stuck the metal stick up his nose. He then grasped the man's brain with the claws and swirled it around in a spinning motion. After about five seconds he stopped and pulled the man's brain out through his nose, which made the man go limp. The brain was intact, Enorym thought to himself as he inspected the gooey organ.

Enorym turned the brain around looking for anything to do such a thing. Suddenly, he notice a big chunk of dirt lining a part of the brain. Enorym took in a deep breath and blew the dirt off and quickly took another inspection. "All done," Enorym mumbled to himself forgetting about the room's recipients. The young boy took the brain and shoved it up the man's nostril, forcing it through the the small area with his metal stick. The brain then slid through and let out a large SLURP before finishing it's entry. Hopefully this would do the trick to cure the man of his twitches.

17th August 2005, 12:29 AM
Out of the darkness that cloaked the forest emerged a figure. The outline of the figure gave off his basic appearance; he was average height and appeared to be wearing a jester’s cap. Held in his left hand was the being’s weapon, a small butchers axe that was already coated in dripping red blood. With each skip that the man performed the distance was tightened between him and his destination, which he was currently unsure of. Upon reaching a rather large tree in the middle of the forest the Jester stops and eyes the base of the tree. Poking from the earth at the base of the tree was four large mushrooms each a lime green color with white dots.

“Yummy, my favorite… psychedelic mushrooms will always make a trip through the forest better. I’ll probably end up seeing little purple fucking gnomes and shit running around at my feet. I guess I will just have to stop those little bastards…”

Exactly what we should do. You always come up with the best plans. I wish I were as smart as you.

Looking over his shoulder the Jester rubbed his neck before looking back at the shrooms at his feet. Bending down the man brought him self closer to the fungus, wrapping his fingers around the stems the Jester used his long nails to cut the stem with a pinch. Placing the shrooms in his mouth the man proceeded to chew them up for several minutes before swallowing.

“Do you really have to tell me that my ideas are good?… I mean come on. I’m a fucking genius and you’re just a stupid retard that haunts my every movement.”

Continuing through the forest the man found himself at another large tree, but this one was different. In the middle of the tree there was a large door with a small golden doorknob. Smiling the Jester took hold of the knob and turned, as the door swung open it revealed a golden path. Following the path it lead into a castle that set crooked on the ground and a rather complicated door system, much harder than those spinning ones.

“This place is GREAT! Look at the fucking colors, this has to be a dream… or maybe it was those damn shrooms. Hehehahaha this is awesome!”

Shouted the Jester in uncontrollable laughter as he made his way down the long hall covered with pink circles. The man walked with a stagger and held himself up along the walls as he became lost in the pattern. The drug was obviously taking hold of his brain and he was loosing control of his motor skills.

Yeah it sure is, this place is great.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop with the compliments! I’m tired of them!”

Sorry Jay, didn’t mean to. I’ll stop.

“You better you freaking idiot. I’m tired of hearing your lip.”

Upon finally coming to the end of the hall the Jay spotted a few people gathered. So he decided to introduce himself. Holding his arms wide to give the people a better look at him his appearance became more obvious. The man’s face was covered in white and black face paint, he was skinny and covered in tattoos. His pants and boots were both tattered and torn, underneath the dirt the color purple could be seen. On top of his head was his long black hair and covering that was his jester’s cap with three points. The cap was black with purple decoration, on the tip of the points were hanging skulls.

“Hello Everybody! I’m Jay, the angry Jester with a few addictions. My shrink said I was naturally crazy, but I have come to the conclusion that the drugs have control. It doesn’t help that I have little aliens living inside of my hollow skull, but shhhhh! That will be our little secret.”

With that grand entrance Jay proceeded to start cutting backhand springs all over the room before coming to a halt on top of a table. Pulling a joint out of a cigarette pack in his back pocket Jay fired up the doobie and began to smoke.

Yeah something to calm us down.

“No shit dumbass. Now, I am going to say this for the last time. SHUT UP!”

Okay I deserve alot of points for two reasons. The Drugs. The Crazy Clown. And because I make this 7 members! Yeah those two reasons will do.

Go Crazies!

-envisions a group of psychos thinking they are the X-men, they run into a building to save the day but instead they end up killing everyone. Including each other.-

17th August 2005, 10:09 AM
1. Sorry ya’ll, but formal introductions are a little against character.

2. VA, let’s not do that.

Nothing. Floating through the void of emptiness. Waves of nothing floating by his glowing form. But suddenly he was back, on the ground, convulsing more violently than before.

Air … full of comets … falling ... always falling … towards him … into his soul … returning in the air a second later … he raised a hand to ward them off … but they kept coming … and became laughing demons, horns jutting out of their foreheads, their massive grins covering his vision. Their mocking voices forced him out of sleep, back into the world where he lay in freezing shock.

26th August 2005, 02:00 AM
My apologizes for the wait. Thread will be up shortly.- Here you go. - (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=448124#post448124)