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Phoenix Ash
4th September 2004, 05:41 PM
Name: DragonsPhyre
Primary Element: Water
Secondary Element: Wind
Race: Half-Elf
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Age: 309 years
Eyes: Predominately blue with grey specks
Hair: Brown, though there are traces of grey if one looks closely.
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Home: Northern part of the Forest of Analli, where tundra and forest mix.



Name of Armor: Leather Armor
Damage Absorption (rating): 4
Hit Points (rating):3
Description: Simple armor suit made of leather. DragonsPhyre tends to use spells more than weapons.


Name of Weapon: Staff of Ice
Damage (rating): 6
Description: A wooden staff that DragonsPhyre made himself. With it, he fights and at times uses it to focus a spell.

Name of Weapon: Ice Sword
Damage (rating): 8
Description: A sword gifted to him by Kid afte DragonsPhyre learned some spells from him. He can freeze opponent's weaponry that it is in contact with.

Name of Weapon: Ice Crossbow of Accuracy
Damage (rating): 5
Description: An enchanted crossbow gifted when DragonsPhyre joined the Bretheren of Elements. It uses ice pellets for ammo, and is enchanted so that the archer using it hits with more accuracy than most.


Name of Item: Soul Stone
Description: Aids DragonsPhyre's spell efforts by helping him concentrate on his spells and allows him to temporarily store energy for later use.

Water Spells:

Spell Name: Ice Shards
Strength: 3
Spell Description: Small diamond-shaped pieces of ice. Sharp as a razor, but largely ineffective on their own. Coupled with other spells or attacks, or in large enough numbers, they can cause some damage, though.

Spell Name: Ice Shield
Strength: 4
Description: Creates a small shield made of ice to ward off physical attacks and minor spells directed at the caster.

Spell Name: Ice Beam
Strength: 5
Description: Fires a beam of pure ice at the opponent. The higher the level of the caster, the better a chance of it actually freezing someone. (Fire Element immune so long as it doesn't turn into water)(credit to mc_young)

Spell Name: Fists of Cold Fury
Strength: 7
Description: A punch so cold so as to leave your opponent breathless. Encases the caster's hands in ice. (credit to kidinabox212)

Spell Name: Spike Wave
Strength: 4(if it hits)
Description: A wave of spikes made of ice come out of the ground, at random locations. (credit to kidinabox)

Spell Name: Spike Cannon
Strength: 8
Description: Ice Spikes are formed bewteen your hands and shot toward the target. Big and very sharp, so they can cause a bunch of damage. (credit to kidinabox)

Wind Spells:

Spell Name: Artic Air
Strength: N/A
Description: Summons a lot of cold breezes. Powers up all Ice attacks to double for the whole battle, until the spell is stopped or destroyed. (credit to mc_young)


Diamond Dust- You put your hands together and fire Ice in all directions. Then, you make a shield, and charge up an ice beam firing at the enemy. You clap your hands and all the ice explodes. DMG: 500; MP: 18(Credit to ThunderTelepath)

Cyclone- User summons a waterspout with hurriane-force gales to batter the opponent. DMG: 750; MP: 150; PP: 100 Takes two turns: One to prepare, and one to unleash.

Ice Ninja- When in need, you can summon a ninja of your element to help you out. The ninja's level is close to how high your level is. It can only copy one move from your stats and use it constantly in battle. Level 20^ (Credit to Mc_young)

NOTE: My stats are currently under contruction. Also revamping some stuff. :)

Gizmorc's Spells (http://www.geocities.com/nicker_the_roo/GizmOrc.html)<-------Gizmorc gave me permission to use any of his spells that I liked. If I use a spell that's not on here, chances are you'll find in Giz's list. I'll try transferring some, butyou know humans...We tend to be lazy...