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5th August 2005, 04:53 AM
Someone, make the first post.

Mod notes:
5 Aug 2005 - Recieved a PM that Someone got his needed seven members. Therefore, clan thread made.

5th August 2005, 05:49 AM
Intergalactic War Clan
I made some minor changes here and there. The member list is currently empty but I will add you to the list again after you have joined ICly... Suggestions are welcome. If you notice errors tell me. If you can (and want to) make a cool banner do it. It doesn't have to be too fancy, a picture of a trade federation battleship or a droideka with 'Intergalactic War Clan' on the top and 'We will rule the galaxy' below it should do.

Everyone is welcome to join, but follow the rules.
Rules (yeah yeah):
- no godmod(d)ing
- try to RP well
- basic GUA rules
- follow the rules :P

A large battleship is orbiting around a small forest moon. Such a battleship wasn’t seen since… the fall of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, at the end of the Clone Wars. The Clone Wars have passed tough; those were only tales of a long time ago… The ship was a large droid control ship, designed by the Trade Federation. Now it weren’t Neimodians that controlled the ship tough. It was home to a dark Sith Lord with evil plans. This ship is only the first of the Intergalactic War Clan, a newfound order. Vulture droids and tri-fighters made screeching noises as they entered and left the many bays of the droid battleship. Below the battleship was the small forest moon of Narsum, where the main base of the Intergalactic War Clan lies. It was a complex that was built into a large mountain. Several droids patrolled outside the temple and vulture droids flew past. This was the Dark Temple of the Intergalactic War Clan, its’ main base. If you ever try to get into either the ship or the temple, make sure you can prove yourself useful to the Dark Lord…

How to join
Create a character. This is a necessary step to becoming a member of the clan, and I suggest you take your time with this. You can choose either to become a Force user or a non-Force user. A Force user will be able to learn Force skills and how to fight with a lightsaber but will start out without any equipment. When a Force user becomes an apprentice he gets an apprentice lightsaber and a Sith robe. A non-Force user won’t, but can start of with equipment like blasters, grenades, armour…

An example of an IWC character: Kennins’ stat page (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=310096#post310096).
Creating an IWC character:
Name: your characters’ name
Sith Name: your characters’ Sith name (if he is a Force-user). You will choose your own Sith name OOCly, but your character will get it from Darth Geradian ICly.
Personality: how your character is like
Element: (if your character is a Force user it is the Force)
Class: If you join as a force user you will become an Apprentice, then a Knight and finally a Lord. Non-Force users will get ranks like 'sergeant', 'captain' etc.
Age: your characters’ age
Appearance: How your character looks like, if he’s a Force user describe his Sith robe. You can also divide this like ‘hair: none’ ‘eyes: none’ if you wish.
Race and home planet: the race of your character and the planet he/she was born on.
History: your characters’ history, why/how he/she joined the Intergalactic War Clan and so on…
Abilities are rated like this:
When you have a skill, for example lightsaber fighting you begin as a beginner, and then become a practitioner and finally a master. Each class is divided in three levels. Like level 3 in beginner makes an advanced beginner, a level 2 in practitioner makes an average practitioner and a level 1 master makes a beginning master.

These are divided in four parts:
Lightsaber skills: how good/bad your character is with the lightsaber. Everyone starts with level 1 beginner. Later, when your character becomes a practitioner, you have to choose a form. Forms of lightsaber combat are found on this site (http://swg.stratics.com/content/gameplay/professions/jedi/lightsaber_combat.php).
Special: If you want to become a Form VII practitioner, which is the ultimate discipline, you'll have to completely master at least three forms.

Hand-to-hand combat: this involves fighting with bare fists, vibro swords and such.

Force powers: Your characters’ ability to do things with the Force. Only for Force users. Everyone starts without Force powers. How strong your character is with the Force depends on your intro and how good your character page is. (so with other words: I’ll decide it)

Piloting: Your characters’ ability to pilot starfighters and vehicles. If your history reflects it you can be a decent pilot (for a Force user) or a Good pilot (as a non-Force user). But your history will have to be quite all right.

All skills can be increased in the training threads.

The description of your robe/armour/clothes Robes can be described how you want them to, as long as they make you look like a Sith.
Your weapon(s)
Your vehicle(s) Vehicles will have to be earned.
Your starfighter(s)

When you have made your character post here how he/she gets here with a link to your character page. Then I reply (of course) and I tell how strong your character is with the Force OOCly and his/her pilot skills.

Intergalactic War Clan:
Clan stats below this

Dark Lord: Darth Geradian (Someone) (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=311661#post311661)
Force users:
Sith Lords:
Sith knights:
Sith apprentices: Kennin Pas (Someone) (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=310096#post310096), Sare (JediMasterx) (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=315328#post315328)

Non Force users:

Generals:General Vicious (NPC) (http://www.theforce.net/museum/images/Prequels/Episode_3/pt-grevious02.jpg)
Commanders: OOM-9 (NPC) (http://www.z-edge.com/productimg/AGRAPHICS-357.jpg)
Captains: -
Corporals: -
Soldiers: -
Trainee: -

Additional Information:

When becoming an apprentice, you get basic equipment:
Sith apprentice lightsaber: A very simply lightsaber. It is an iron cylinder with nothing on it except the activation button. The lightsaber has a red blade.
Sith robe: The basic clothes that indicate that one is a Sith. Is made from a special tissue that offers protection against blaster bolts.

How to become a Sith knight:
First you'll need to become an apprentice. Then, when you have a few Force skills and are a level 2 practitioner in your lightsaber form you will be tested by the dark lord himself and eventually become a Sith knight. When becoming a knight one gets to know his Sith name (but actually members choose the name themselves, ICly the dark lord names him). One has to construct his own lightsaber (ICly) to become a knight.

How to become a Sith Lord:
Knights can become Lords when they are masters in their form and have a strong supply of Force skills. They are called Lords when they are strong enough and are given the rank of Lord by the dark lord. Lords can take apprentices.

Sith in battle situations:
In battle, Sith might join the fray. They get their own rank. Everyone has to obey orders from a Sith lord, even the Sky Marshal. Sith Lords can't be bossed around by other Sith lords, but need to take their ideas into consideration. Lords also can't give orders to other Lords' apprentices. A Sith knight gets the rank of captain in a fight. Apprentices can boss droids around, but cannot take large decisions in battle.

Sith names:
Apprentices will get an official Sith name with which they are registered into the archives but are called by their normal names by everyone, even droids. Sith knights and Lords are called with their Sith names and forsake their old names in most occasions.

Non Force users call other Non-Force users that are higher up than them ‘sir’.
None-Force users call Lords ‘lord’, Sith knights by their Sith names, and apprentices by their normal name. Sith call Non-Force users either by their rank or name or both.

Important threads:
- This one :D
- Training thread (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=448692#post448692)

24th August 2005, 11:14 AM
Sare's transport continued its jounrney through space. He ket gazing at the pilot as the small craft continued to fly through space, knowing that he would have to kill the pilot so no one would find out about his location. Once he saw the CIS ship come into view he turned to the pilot sitting next to him and grabbed him by the neck. The pilot was able to cry out before Sare twisted his head violently and broke his neck. The pilot slumped back into his seat dead. Sare then took control of the ship and continued to fly towards the CIS ship where his long time friend, Darth Geradian waited for him.

Sare saw numerous TRI-Fighters and voulture droids and saw 2 TRI Fighters fly up beside the transport he was on. He then heard a male voice break over the tranport's radio. The voice said "This is Sky Captain Frell. What is your buisness with the Intergalactic War clan?" Sare spoke into the radio on the ship and said "I wish to speak to Darth Geradian and join. Do I have permission to land?" Sare waited for a reply.

24th August 2005, 02:40 PM
(nice, now I have a name for an NPC sky marshal :p)

"You have permission to land. Two fighters will escort you." the voice of the sky Marshal spoke. With that the two TRI fighters flew past Sare's ship and guided him to one of the bays. They let his ship land softly and then the fighters flew off to another bay to get refueled. Two double cannons, that hung at the ceiling, identified Sare's ship as unknown, and aimed at it. Numerous battledroids were in the room. A large door opened and two large figures wielding black electrostaffs stepped through. A tall man in a long black robe, obviously an ambassador of some sort, moved through, followed by a pair of super battle droids.
"Greetings. You say you want to meet Darth Geradian? What exactly is your business with him?" the man asked in a rather gentle voice, but it was clear he was cunning and wouldn't let just everyone meet Darth Geradian. Then a voice that seemed to come from all sides of the room suddenly sounded tough.
"It is all right. I know him. Bring him to me"
The ambassador looked at the ceiling and then back at Sare.
"All right. You will see our Lord. But I'm warning you: don't try anything funny and treat him with respect, our you won't get out of here alive again" he said, then turned around and turned around. The Magnaguards followed him first. The pair of SBDs waited untill Sare had passed, then turned around and started following him.

After having gone through a series of corridors and taken a couple of elevators the small group came up to a large black metal door - actually it was a double door and it even had blast doors - that was guarded by another pair of SBDs. The door silently opened.
"Good luck" the ambassador spoke, a wry grin on his face.
He then turned around and walked away, back to his quarters. The four droids followed him. The doors slowly opened. The room was black but there was enough light to see most things clearly. At the end of the room there was a throne and a figure in a wide black robe sat on the throne.
"Come closer, Sare. I have been expecting you" the voice of the Sith lord on the throne, which sounded slightly amused, spoke.

25th August 2005, 10:57 AM
Sare followed the ambassador as he was escorted to what he assumed would be where Darth Geradian awaited for him. It had been a while since Sare had last seen Darth Geradian. He and the rest of the people escorting him finally stopped in front of a set of double blast doors the hissed open revealing a dark room. Sare looked around and nodded to the words the ambassador said.

Sare then walked into the chamber and sensed the Sith in the room. He heard the Sith speak to him and Sare went towards the large throne that the Sith sat on. He stopped about 20 feet away from the Sith and got on one knee and bowed down to the Sith and said "I have returned to fight along side you. It was you who showed me the true powers of the darkside. I wish to continue my training in the darkside and fight for the Intergalactic War Clan. So, may I join your forces?"

25th August 2005, 03:17 PM
Out Of Character:
Your entry was quite all right, but not too special. I know that you didn't have much time tough, and because you're the first to post it doesn't bother me too much.
Ok *reviewing stat page*

Unfourtuanetly for Darth Geradian, his new clan was not successful
Hehe... edit that out ;). Sare can stay with the bounty hunter clan to tough.

Home: Corusant ( Jedi Academy) I think it should be 'Narsum (IWC base)' or something now. You really have a lot of lightsabers man. You can have them, but just don't use them yet 'till you reach knight ok? Your skills should also be changed. I know you've been RPing with Sare for a while already so you can start out with some skills nonetheless.

Change it into this:
Lightsaber skills: Sare is an advanced beginner (which means a level 3 beginner) with the lightsaber.
Force powers: You can have both push and pull level 2 beginner
You can keep your hand-to-hand combat.
You can also have level 1 practitioner pilot skills.

Apart from all that your stat page is quite all right. I like your history. Put somewhere in your stat page that he's strong with the Force (not extroardinary strong, not immensly strong, but just strong ;))

In Character:
Darth Geradians' hollow laughter filled the room and a strange cold wave went over Sare.
"Of course you can, Sare. I have great plans. I could use someone like you. You have learned a lot already, but your skills are far from complete. Below, on the planet Narsum, your skills will be completed. Go back to your ship and go to the temple. You will begin your training there"

Out Of Character: added you to the list. I'm going to make a training thread now.

26th August 2005, 07:52 AM
OOC: I changed it all to what you wanted. And I only use 2 out of the three lightsabers. The Jedi one is just put away incase I lose one or something.

IC: Sare got up and nodded to Darth Geradian and said "Thank you for allowing me to join. I will not dissapoint you." With that Sare turned and left the dark chambers of the Sith Lord. The door hissed open for him and he walked out into the hallway and followed the way he had come into the Sith's chambers. He arrived at the hangar he had landed in and saw the ship he had basically stolen stil sitting there where he had left it. Sare walked over to it, opened the hatch and hopped in.

He turned on the ship by pressing a few buttons and the ship hummed to life. The small transport lifted off of the ground and flew back into space. Sare piloted the ship through space and saw that his ship was suddenly being pulled by something on the planet and guessed that it was a tractor beam that was pulling him towards the temple on the planet surface. Within moments Sare's ship landed on the planet surface on a plantform that suddenly began to lower int o the planet like an elevator. Minutes went by and the elevator stopped at the Temple hangar. Sare got out and began to walk around the Hangar and went to go and find where he was supposed to go.

16th October 2005, 06:05 PM
Seems to me this clan has been inactive for over a month, giving it 3 options:

Close the clan
Make an inactive recruitment thread
Elect new leader if current is inactive/unfit.

Give a week to make the decision with the first option as default should there be no reply.

19th October 2005, 11:36 AM
I say close it. Someone has been more inactive than myself and it loks like I am the only member.

Normally I would close it but I'd rather hear it from the leader if this clan is to be closed. :/