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23rd September 2004, 02:40 PM
OOC: A one on one spar only. Anyone can join. First one to post gets to spar me :)

*Inside a massive desolate valley lay a barren mountain. It is constantly drenched by a never-ending storm that hovers all around the area. An occassional crack of lightning can be heard. The only thing you can see on the hillside were rocks and the bleak darkness covering the valley. All around the mountain is nothing but rocks and pebbles. A lone figure stands at the top of the mountain, walking slowly, running his hands along a boulder. He was drenched in rain from head to foot, but he didnt mind. He was reminiscing his past as a lightning master, training many pupils into full fledged lightning users. He smirked, remembering some of the good times. Rain dripped from his eyebrows off and on as he walked. He stopped in place and stared forwards, glancing at the training area he had used, the flat area on top of this mountain. Many a student practiced sparring there. He even caught a sight of the cracked boulder in the distance that was used in his more powerful spells. As he was looking around he heard something or someone come behind him, he slowly turns around and begins to speak, revealing his red eyes and his dangling sword in its sheath*

"Welcome to my home away from home....Why have you come here to this desolate location?"

23rd September 2004, 04:11 PM
OOC: lol, well then I think I'll take up the challenge.

Delita slowly strode forward, himself also completly saturated by the rain. He glanced at Vincent, a slight smirk playing across his wet face.

Delita: "To be honest, I'm here to test my skills. And who better to test them on then the legendary Vincent. The ultimate test to prove who is the better Ex-Lightning Master if you will."

Delita chuckled a bit, moving his left foot back so he was standing with his right side to Vincent, his cloak swashing around for a moment and then coming to a stop, the weight the water was adding to it made it nearly impossible for the cloak to move. However it had moved enough to reveal Delita's sword, Draconus, the yellow gem on the hilt dripping with water along with the rest of the sheath. Delita's smirk faded, replaced by a grim frown as he waited for Vincent's response.

23rd September 2004, 06:54 PM
OOC: Hey Delita, long time no spar ^_^

"It has been a long time, Delita, and I see that you are as strong as ever in the art of lightning. It would be an honor for us to, shall we say, duel?"

*Vincent was impressed that he upon all people would come to meet up with him. He enjoyed this prospect, and grabbed his sword, fusing it with the energy of lightning that he contained within him. His sword began to glow and spark, making it one of the few light sources in the region. A flash of lightning struck the side of the mountain. With the rain dripping from the sword's tip, Vincent spoke once more*

"May the best lightning wielder win!"

*Vincent began to run towards Delita, keeping his sword close to his chest as he ran. The rain-soaked clothing made it harder for Vincent to run, and as he did run, he had to watch his step carefully. When he was in striking range, Vincent spun around (in a full circle from his right to left) and sliced towards Delita's chest, hoping to release some of the energy contained in the sword into him, but not all of it*

Let us see if we have both truely mastered the arts of lightning...

23rd September 2004, 10:29 PM
OOC: lol, yes it has ^.^ this is gunna be fuuuuun ^.^

Delita chuckled as Vincent acknowledged him, nodding to the powerfull warrior in recognition of his power.

Delita: "The same can be said of you, Vincent, you still seem as powerful as the last run-in we had, lets hope that this is true. A duel sound perfect."

Delita snickered, watching as Vincent drew his blade and prepared to do battle by infusing the sword with some of his lightning energy. Delita's hand instinctivly fell to the hilt of his sword, gripping the wet hit tightly and also energizing the weapon with lightning energy, though he did not draw it out just yet.

Delita: "Yes, may the best lightning weilder win! A duel for the ages, a fight to go down in history books will be fought today!"

Delita cried out as Vincent began his charge, the cunning warrior performing a spinning slash towords Delita's chest. (I'm assuming that if you're spinning from right to left, it's coming from my left side.) Delita quickly yanked Draconus out from it's sheath, sparks flying out from the length of the blade as it scrapped against the metalic edge of the sheath. With one fluent motion Delita's blade cut through the air, slamming into Vincent's weapon, sparks flying in every direction, though miraculously none hitting Delita, though it was no mere accident. Deltia had created a faint magnetic field around him in anticipation for the blades collision, knowing full well that any lightning that hit him now would be amplified ten fold because of the rain and how wet the two fighters were.

Delita: "Not bad, you've still got alot of power behind your swing, this is going to be a great fight!"

Delita said exitedly as he also spun to the right, keeping Draconus up against Vincent's sword until he had cleared it's length, comnig to a stop at Vincent's left side. After stopping Delita made a quick dash for Vincent's left arm, raising Draconus high into the air, and then slicing down, the air whistling around the blade as it bore down of Vincent's left shoulder.

OOC: I appoligize for the lack of stats... I absent-mindedly forgot to back them up when we migrated ^.^;

24th September 2004, 05:28 PM
OOC: Thats alright, I only have like 10 spells when I used to have like 30 lol, plus I had to redo my whole profile. So dont worry. And what you said about the sword clashing thingy, its right ^_^

*The rush of adrenaline came as soon as both swords collided. Sparks flew in the air momentarily, some fusing out in the rain. Vincent could feel a wave of electricity between the two opponents (and the two swords), a feeling that was moreso than he had felt before. It was like a bond between two strong lightning cores...There were two lightning elementalists dueling it out, after all. Both fighters stopped for a moment, holding their ground against each other, as Delita began to speak. Vincent replied, still holding a smirk across his face*

"This will be an awesome fight!"

*Vincent felt the wave of energy change in the area, so he knew his opponent was going on the offensive. Delita moved in a similar fashion as Vincent did, swirling around from his rightside. He felt drops of rain that came off of Delita slam against his face as he did this. Vincent watched with a steady eye to see what he was up to. Delita was an excellent sword fighter, he could tell. And the weapon he was brandishing...it was amazing. He snapped himself back to attention as he realized that his arm was the target. As soon as his body would let him, he moved his arm out of the way, not caring to strike, but to come out of harms way. But he judged the sword's location wrong; it aimed instead for the shoulder! Vincent quickly kneeled down and raised the sword up, holding it with both hands, and felt the immense pressure press down upon him. He could feel the electricity in his opponents sword as it shook Vincent's own sword. He winced as he tried to hold up against the pressure that was becoming unbearable. He released the hold between the swords and the water splashed around Vincent as he rolled to Delita's right side. He got up and took a few steps back, and pointed his sword towards Delita*


*Vincent concentrated on the remaining energy within the sword. He concentrated the energy into the base of the sword, and in a burst of energy the sword flew away from Vincent's palm, flying at an increadible pace towards Delita. Since the sword wasnt fully charged, he knew it wasnt a guaranteed hit*

Aye, I miss these times...

24th September 2004, 09:46 PM
OOC: Wahaha, this is the most fun I've had since the boards switched over ^.^

Delita couldn't stop himself from grinning, it wasn't often that he had the opportunity to challenge such a worthy opponent such as Vincent to a duel, and what a duel it was. Vincent's form was flawless, matching Delita's moves to the letter, when the swords collided again sparks flew through the air, lighting the area up in their glow. However it was short lived as Delita was brought back to reality abruptly when Vincent rolled away, allowing Delita's sword to strike thin air. Delita eyed Vincent cautiously as he backed away, no doubt preparing for some sort of magical attack. Sure enough, Vincent had held his weapon out, and mear moments later the sword flew from his hands at speeds almost too hard to see. With a few seconds to react, Delita desperatly made a spin to the right, though he wasn't fast enough and the blade managed to glance across his arm, cutting through the cloth and mesh easily and drawing a bit of blood as well as giving Delita a powerful shock. Delita stumbled to his right, wincing in pain, but he didn't have time to tend to the wound, he still had a fight to win. Lifting his sword up over his head again and smirking, Deltia began to speak.

Delita: "Not bad, now it's my turn!"

Delita shouted, bringing Draconus down in a wide arc, releasing the remaining energy withing the sword in an arc of lightning that shot out from the blade tip and rocketed towords Vincent. As it cut through the air the rain that hit it would cause it to spark violently and make it spin in the air, almost making it into a spiraling vortex with Vincent ass it's target.

26th September 2004, 02:37 PM
OOC: Yeah, this is fun! (Im such a nerd ^_^)

*Vincent smirked as he watched the sword fly at lightning speed, and saw how his opponent reacted. A smart move, but it failed. In the pouring rain he could make out a splash of blood and a wincing of pain from his opponent. He had succeeded. He drew back the sword into his hand, noting a thin layer of blood on it, proof that the attack had succeeded. He had almost forgotten about his opponent when looking at his sword. A fatal mistake. He looked back up and saw that he was about to retalitate himself. His sword was raised high, as if he was pointing to the dark sky above him. After he spoke, he saw Delita release a spell of his own. Vincent quickly sheathed his sword and prepared to leap out of the way*

I dont have much of a chance, considering its speed...

*Vincent attempted to leap but before he could even prepare to, he was jutted with the full force of the electricity...in his ass! He shook for a moment and fell to the ground, a splash of water flowing away as he did. He rubbed his head as he slowly got up. He smelled something and looked at his behind. It was charred, right through his cape even. The feeling reminded him of his first time wielding lightning, man does it hurt! He started laughing after a moment*

"You always had a sense of humor, Delita"

*After getting back up, he cracked his neck and stretched his shoulders*

"Alright, lets try something new...we are both worthy sword wielders, no doubt about that, but what about magic?"

*Vincent gathers lightning energy from the surrounding area into his body, and then transfers that energy into the palms of his hands. He cups them together, fusing the energy together. After a moment he opens his hands, laying both his palms flat, and exposes two lightning orbs*

"Im sure you are familiar with these, Delita. I hope you know how to avoid them..."

*Vincent lowered his hands. The orbs floated by themselves in the air, Vincent only using his concentration on them. He pointed his head towards Delita and they flew over towards him. One flew towards Delitas left side, aiming towards his left shoulder, and one flew on his right side, aiming for his right shoulder. He knew that if Delita was a worthy swordfighter, he was also worthy in magic wielding. Only time will tell what he will do...*

20th November 2004, 06:27 AM
Sorry for the dissapearance, I'm currently deployed, and I don't have much access, in fact this is the most I've had since I was deployed. I'm really sorry for just dropping off the face of the earth. And the ass thing was a typo, but my god I nearly died laughing when I read your post ^.^

Delita smirked, doing his best to contain his laughter as Vincent was struck square on his rump, though it was not his intention to hit him there as his aim was thrown off during the attacks travel through the rain.

Delita: "True, I'm always up for a good laugh, but I have to admit, I didn't expect that."

Delita said chuckling, but the laughter was cut short as Vincent made it apparent that this was not going to remain a simple dual of swordsmanship as they had both demonstrated near flawless form with a blade, this fight would be determined by their knowledge of the lightning element. Just as Delita sheathed Draconus, Vincent had launched another attack, this one seemed to be simple lightning orbs, but Delita knew better than that, Vincent was far smarter than that, he wouldn't throw a few measly lightning orbs at Delita. This thought was reinforced when Vincent sent the orbs in a flanking pattern, one at his right and one at his left. Delita was sure that these orbs would follow him no matter what he did, so he opted to use that to his advantage. As the orbs bore down on his, Delita dropped to the ground, landing on his belly and pushing forward with his arms, creating a thing magnetic feild under him to keep his body from hitting the ground. He flew towords Vincent, darting up into the air and over top of Vincent, creating two lightning orbs of his own in his hand and throwing them at Vincent's head. He touched down behind Vincent, spinning to see if his plan to hit Vincent with his own attack along with the two lightning orbs he had created would work or horribly backfire on him.

21st November 2004, 04:17 PM
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*Vincent watched in amazement as he could see the faint light glowing from his orbs head towards Delita, but that wasnt what amazed him. What truely amazed him is what Delita did to counter Vincent's move. It shocked him though when he saw Delita though the pouring rain come at him at amazing speed. Vincent quickly crouched down and wrapped himself with a lightning shield, in reaction to the sudden attack. He saw his opponent land behind him, and he was curious as to why. When he turned around, his suspicions were confirmed: suddenly there were 4 orbs headed in his direction!*

Absolutely clever, Delita...

*Vincent knew that he wouldnt be able to take care of the other orbs, so he controlled his own. He concentrated on the two, as hard as it was when his opponent was right behind him, and tried to make it go around his shield. He did, although they only struck the ground next to Delita. He then felt great pressure hit the shield, and he felt some of the shock from the orbs*

"Heh, I think im going to easy on you..."

*Vincent withdrew the shield and stared at Delita, once more feeling the cold rain hit his skin. He was close, really close, and he knew what he would do next. Vincent concentrated on the lightning energy coursing through his body, and centered it around his abdomen. He then looked at Delita in an evil yet knowing fashion, and then released his spell*


*A small but powerful wave of lightning energy expells from his body, hitting in all directions around Vincent. If Delita could dodge this, then he knew that he was in for more trouble than he expected*

19th January 2005, 05:34 PM
heh, yeah, I'm a bad boy ^.^ but I can't just let this thread go without finishing it

Delita smiled, things went down better than he expected, though not as good as he had hoped for. However there was no time to contemplate as Vincent had already began his counter attack. A wave of lightning energy erupted from all sides of Vincent as he launched one of his more notable attacks. Since the attack was coming from all sides there was no way to actually dodge it without running in the opposite direction and exposing himself to another attack however, as any good lightning mage knows, lightning does not affect lightning, and since the force of this attack would overcome a simple lightning shield, Delita opted for a more advanced allbeit dangerous technique. He transformed his body into lightning just in time for the energy to pass through him, although the energy from Vincent's attack did nothing, the rain that was hitting him was causing significant problems for Deltia as he focused on keepinmg his form up until the attack had passed. After the attack was out of the way Delita reformed to flesh and blood, though he was far more tired than before.

Delita: "Taking it easy on me eh? We'll just see who's going easy on who."

Delita said with a cocky grin on his face. With one fluent motion, Deltia thrust his arms out in front of him, joining them at the wrist. Just as the connected, a bright yellow light formed in front of his palms and burst out in front of him at Vincent in a beam that was approximatly three feet in diameter.

Delita: "Lightning Blast!"