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15th July 2005, 05:34 PM
Heres your thread, solid snake make the first post please.

15th July 2005, 05:36 PM
Keepers of the Tomb Charter

I. Updates
II Introduction / Background
III Team Members / Ranking
IV Clan Rules / Point System
V Armory

I. Updates

One other update, removed former updates that have no importance anymore are gone.

IMPORTANT Everyone, no more just rping day to day events in the main clan thread, we were told by BK to post here http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=28403&page=1&pp=10 for our just rping needs, sorry for the change, but totally out of my hands

[*IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b128/Beardhomestead/tombbanner.gif[*/IMG] Put it in yer sig, without the *'s of course.

http://kottgames.proboards26.com/index.cgi The clan forum, sign up, since for the ranks you need to post there

II. Introduction / Background

For ages, mankind has lived in peace with the few brethren it cohabitates the earth with. All was calm and well until a series of portals around the earth opened up, releasing a series of powerful, aggressive, and terrifying monsters loose upon mankind. A chosen few were gifted with the ability to capture these monsters and send them back to the time and place from which they came. These gifted warriors are the Keepers of the Tomb.

The Tomb is the site of the largest portal, which was the original vortex to open, spewing forth countless monsters. Located in an abandoned cavern, deep under the calm plains of the earth, this Tomb serves as both a meeting-place for the Keepers of the Tomb and a battle grounds which has already witnessed epic wars. It is rumored that the tomb houses the soul of Odin, one of the most powerful warriors of all time.

III. Members / Ranking

Current Members and their ranking, complete with points:

Solid Snake- Grand Tomb Guardian (No points)
Tommy21- Apprentice (750 Pts)
Calypso- Warfare General(750 pts)
FalconWarrior- Official member (150 credits)
Soma-Official Member (150 credits)
dedomi- Magician (750 pts)
Alannon- Official Member (150 pts)
Marik- Official Member (150 pts)
Shimizu- Grand Mage (300 pts)
DemonShifter- trial Member (200 pts)
SAbian- Apprentice (300 pts)
Lrbearclaw- Official Member (100 pts)

First of all, DO NOT PANIC. You are not stuck within a single role for the duration of the clan. In fairness to all involved, I felt that starting over gives everyone a fresh chance to evolve their role as they see fit.

The Ranking System is as follows:

_____________________Grand Tomb Guardian
Chief Engineer____________Warfare General_______Grand Mage
Master Smith_____________ Lieutent_____________High Wizard
Apprentice_______________ Corpral______________Magician
_____________________Official Member
_____________________ Trial Member

After your promotion to guard, you have the choice of several paths. Here is the breakdown on status / promotion.

Trial Member: Everyone is welcome! Generally someone who has not been in the KoTT before and has not committed to being a full time team member. In order to be promoted, a Trial Member needs only 2 people to speak on his or her behalf and they quickly elevate to Official Member. A Trial Member is not allowed in any quests or battles that an Official Member is. Salary: 100 creds/week

Official Member: Still somewhat low in rank, the Official Member is a certified and accepted member of the team. He is not yet allowed to enter training, but can participate in any quests/wars that the other members may partake in. In order for promotion to guard, you must be a contributing member for 3 consecutive days and give at least 5 high quality posts to the clan (either in the Clan Forum thread or private Forum). Salary: 150 creds/week

Guard: The start of every great career within KoTT begins at guard. You can train as a guard, but first you must choose your destiny. The Chief Engineer, Warfare General, and Grand Mage will eventually become what is known as “The Council” and will make the major decisions for the clan. For promotion, you must be an active, contributing member with a working stats page linked in your signature and either the KoTT banner or KOTT as a clan affiliation. Be proud! Salary: 200 creds/week

The Chief Engineer Path

Generally designed for the more creative members, this path will specialize with crafting items, warfare, and tools for the advancement of the clan. Of course, the engineers are still expected to be warriors, as we all have to fight.

A. Apprentice: Fledgling in the skills of the trade, the Apprentice is a new-found member of the Engineering path. The apprentice is given the power to create items for the Armory, but is very limited. If an apprentice tries to make an extremely powerful weapon, the chances of it working are not good. He must answer to the Lieutenant and Warfare General in combat. For promotion, the Apprentice must be remain at his position for seven days minimum, give fifty posts to the private forum and clan thread (mix of both), 10 to the clan training thread, and create 5 simple items. Salary: 300 creds/week

B. Master Smith: More learned in the ways of his trade, a Master Smith is allowed full reign over the abilities to create items. Some Master Smiths will actually be able to create better, more effective items than the Chief Engineer if they are creative enough. He must answer to the Lieutenant and Warfare General in combat. To be promoted to Chief Engineer, the Master Smith must remain in his role for at least 10 days, and spar the Chief Engineer for his title. Should the Chief Engineer position be vacant, Master Smith must undergo a trial by the Grand Tomb Guardian. Salary: 1000 creds/week

C. Chief Engineer: A member of the High Council, a Chief Engineer is simply unlimited in his abilities to create weapons, items, etc. for the clan to use. He must answer to the Warfare General in combat. He has a major say in all the ongoing events and happenings within the clan. A highly distinguished position. Salary: 2000 creds/week

The Warfare General Path

Ten-hut! In major wars and battles, the Warfare General Path creates the most elite weapon wielders on the planet. Learning all the survival skills and battle tools deemed necessary to be a fierce warrior, very few can stay with these soldiers in armed combat.

A. Corporal: Essentially one of the most difficult titles in the clan to assume, the corporal is low-life scum when held next to other humans. He is a meat shield, always ready to be sacrificed to the opposition should the need arise. He must answer to the Lieutenant and Warfare General in combat. Of course, he also needs only stay in this title for seven days, give forty posts to the private forum and clan thread (mix of both) and 10 to the clan training thread, as well as pass a fitness test in order to escape this dubious role. Salary: 300 creds/week

B. Lieutenant: A hardened soldier, the Lieutenant is a mighty warrior who has seen a bit of combat in his day. Gristled and hardy, the Lieutenant has the power to command any Corporal, Apprentice, Master Smith, Magician, or High Wizard on the battlefield in combat as he sees fit. In order to be promoted, the Lieutenant must defeat the existing Warfare General, or be judged with a rigorous test issued by the Grand Tomb Guardian if the spot is vacant. Additionally, he must serve as Lieutenant for 10 days. Salary: 600 creds/week

C. Warfare General: The commander of the KoTT army in armed combat, the Warfare General MUST be at every major event and quest. He is responsible for the battle formations and basic strategy employed by armed combatants. He must answer to the Warfare General in combat. A member of the High Council, he also has say in every pressing matter the KoTT faces. Perhaps the most powerful role of all besides Grand Tomb Guardian. Salary: 1200 creds/week

The Grand Mage Path

For those who enjoy the dark arts, The Grand Mage Path offers some extensive power that will be critical to the survival of the clan. Without the powers of the Grand Mage, some of the larger cretins which erupt from the Tomb will never be stopped.

A. Magician: Anything from David Blaine to a young Harry Potter, the magician is far from powerful. In fact, chances are he is not yet powerful enough to melt ice. At the same time, he has the potential to grow, and could one day become a very powerful wizard. He must answer to the Lieutenant and Warfare General in combat. In order to be promoted to High Wizard, the magician must post 40 times in the clan forum and thread (mix of both), 15 times in the clan training thread, and learn a suitable amount of basic incantations. Salary: 300 creds/week

B. High Wizard: Prestigious and powerful, the High Wizard can learn the command over any spell available to the clan. Additionally, he learns the ability to create spells, subject to the Grand Mage’s approval. While powerful, he must answer to the Lieutenant and Warfare General in combat. To become Grand Mage, the High Wizard must study for a minimum of ten days, and spar the Grand Mage in an RP battle. Should the spot be vacant, he too is subject to testing from the Grand Tomb Guardian. Salary: 800 creds/week

C. Grand Mage: All magic spells in the clan are learned upon promotion to the Grand Mage position. The ability to create new spells and teach magic to underlings is given to this mighty warlock (or witch, as the case may be). Answers to the Warfare General in combat. This warrior is a member of the High Council, and has a large say in all the inner workings of the clan. Salary: 1500 creds/week

IV. Clan Rules / Point System

A. Rules

-First Violation: Written Warning. Will be formally noted.
-Second Violation: Loss of 25% of KoTT Credits.
-Third Violation: Single Level Demotion. Trial Members banned at this point.
-Future Violations: Loss of one rank per violation

1. Spam: Not tolerated in general thread. Not tolerated in private forum outside of Spam Forum.

2. Posting out of rank: If you try to be a hero and either assume a higher rank than given, or blatantly ignore the responsibilities/restrictions of your title, then you will be demoted until you learn to deal with the rankings.

3. Restrictions – Mostly listed in the ranking section, but here are a few KEY elements you may miss.
- Only people in the Chief Engineer path may create items
- Only people in the Warfare General path may command others in battle. ::NOTE: This is not to be abused! Flaming is not tolerated!::
- While others may still use magic and learn clan spells, the strongest spells are the property of those in the Grand Mage path. If you want training, seek out the highest ranking Grand Mage (or the leader, if there is no high-ranking Mage).

B. The Point System

Whether you call them points, dollars, credits, coins, or lira, the points in KoTT are very useful for your success. You are given a starting payment of 100 credits, and a base salary for your title. This will increase as you increase your rank. Salaries are paid out at the end of every week.

Points can be used to purchase items in the armory. Point values will be attributed. If you truly wish to create an item and are not in the Chief Engineer path, PM myself or the head ranking member of the Chief Engineer path. Your input is appreciated!

Points can also be used to bribe your way into a higher rank… but this is extremely expensive.

Games will be created, and gambling your points will always be a key element of our clan. Additionally, we will institute some beast battles which you can bet on.

V. Armory

Note: Weapons and armor found in quests can be purchased here, so don’t throw away the treasures that YOU wouldn’t use. Of course, there won’t be much haggling…

A. KoTT Items

1. Weapons

Dagger: Hack, slash, and keep it up. A short blade, not exceptional in any way. Makes a solid backup weapon. Cost: 50 creds

Short Sword: Standard Sword, two foot blade. Strong steel, garnished with the letters “KoTT” crafted into the simple handle. Cost: 100 creds

Axe: Double edged battle axe. Brutally powerful, obnoxiously slow. Cost: 175 creds

Claymore: Long, two handed sword. The preferred weapon of many barbarians, this sword offers massive strength, great range, thrust capability, and is still lighter than the axe. Cost: 500 creds

2. Armor

Basic Buckler: Very weak wooden shield. Deflects minor attacks. Cost: 50 creds

Metal Shield: Strong, medium weight shield. Can usually stop the short sword attack. Cost: 150 creds

Paladin Shield: Very heavy long shield. Used by the Romans, this completely covers the front and nullifies straight on attacks. Cost: 800 creds

Light Keeper Armor: Made of tanned leather, this armor can stop a punch or glancing sword shot. Does not restrict motion at all. Cost: 100 creds

Heavy Keeper Armor: Made of steel, this heavy armor covers the chestplate, helmet, and greaves. Adds significantly to your defense, but slows you down considerably. Cost: 2000 creds

3. Items

Small Healing Potion: Heals very minor health HP. One time use, this glass vial is a lifesaver for low level fighters. Cost: 10 creds

Large Healing Potion: Heals a good ammount of hp. One time use, this potion is expensive, but effective. Heals you faster than the small healing potion, and works 100% of the time. Cost: 100 creds

Anti-Venom: Keeps you from getting poisoned, or de-toxes a poisoned character. Always keep a few on you, they are enormously helpful. Cost: 25 creds

Floating Elixir: Float like a butterfly… But this stuff ain’t free! Spell of Float affects your character for three turns. Cost: 40 creds

Miraculous Recovery: Rumored to bring a deceased character back, this elixir actually comes from the spring outside the Oracle at Delphi. Not guaranteed to work, but it is your best bet. Cost: 5000 creds

B. Special Items

Executioner Axe: A common axe used by executioners of lore, this weapon has a decent reach and high weight. Blade is sharp and deals decent damage. Cost: 250 creds

Dagger of the Asp: Short Dagger that normally does very little damage. Handle of the knife his hollowed out, and filled with poison of your choice. Dagger is made of a crystal, not steel, so when it enters an opponent, it is very easy to snap the blade off and send poison into the enemy. Replaceable crystal blades available for multiple uses. Cost: 800 creds

Belt of Warning: Strong, Dragonhide belt. Belt glows from brown to white when evil draws near. The whiter and lighter the belt, the more evil the creature is present. The belt does not damage or lessen the sight of user, nor can another but user see the light, so as not to give away user. Cost: 1200 creds

Extendable Staff: A staff of magic, with the ability to extend from an inch, to three hundred feet (football field). The staff bought has no magic, but can still extend. An element's power can be imbued into the staff, making it a current for magic, increasing all magical spells by 25%. The cost for any one element is an extra 5 points, and only one element can be imbued into the staff, forever. No changes, no second decisions. Cost: 3000 creds

Shield of Return: An oval shield, this shield has rings around the outside, and one large one in the center. If a weapon of magic should strike the center ring. The weapon shall be thrown back, ricocheted off the shield. User of weapon may lose control of weapon/drop weapon. Cost: 4500 creds

Mask of Atrocity: When this mask is worn allows user to summon 3 small shadow ninjas (once per fight). They Regenerate once after being killed and have low hp, regeneration is instant. Their swords deal rather low damage and ninja stars give a venom that slowely ddamages them untill healed.. This ornate mask is powerful, but not cheap. Cost: 5000 creds

Gravity Box: A box of metal, 4 inches wide and tall. If user holds the box out on his/her palm and touches it on the top, then once on all four sides in the right order, the box unfolds into a platform. The platform will float in midair, and whatever direction the user leans to, it will go. Cost: 6000 creds

15th July 2005, 08:12 PM
Hi. Just posting to let you know I am all in and plan to be active. However, you forgot to direct members to the KotT banner with which to place in thier signature. Also, I would like more info on this "stat page." It is for KotT related stats, right? Inventory, acheivements, ect. I was in this clan last time it was around, so that makes me an official member, right?

15th July 2005, 08:26 PM
Ok, let me ask DeathSoldier to give me a link, and if not I'll tell him to host it (DeathSoldier was the old leader)

16th July 2005, 11:24 AM
Hey, can I join? I was in it til' the day it went to hell, and like to see what happens this time. And does that mean I get to be an official member already?

19th July 2005, 07:01 PM
Hey Soma. Remember me? And, yeah, you would be an official member.

19th July 2005, 07:25 PM
ok, I am Death Soldier, some people found out, but looks like they are giving me another chance, least according to some s-mod, ok guys, lets get this clan going, I'll make a quest soon, just need to wait for a few more people to confirm they are in. I"ll put the clan banner up soon (I have it on my computer)

20th July 2005, 02:48 AM
Well, things haven't changed last time you spoke to that smod ...

Anyway, just a word of caution here, when making sole OOC posts, make sure they have to do something with the clan, otherwise they will be considered spam.

Ok, let me ask DeathSoldier to give me a link, and if not I'll tell him to host it (DeathSoldier was the old leader)

Cause this kind of thing isn't necessary, I thought I told you last time we spoke such a sherade wasn't necessary. VB3, everyone got a new chance.

Now in the request thread, it said this place had 7 members, I would like to see them all make an entry post in here for one.

just need to wait for a few more people to confirm they are in

If you are still waiting for people to confirm things, then this is a recruitment thread, not a clan thread. You need to have 7 people to make a clan, make sure you have them.

To respond to this if need be, use the PM system please, thank you

20th July 2005, 06:51 PM
Hello, it's been forever. I am so sorry that I wasn't here sooner. I was online twice a day for four weeks running, and full plans on keeping it up, but my internet racked up a helluva bill, and now I owe some serious cash. They disconected my internet, so until I pay (mid month, end of month, For sure by the end of august) I will be dreadfully inactive, so sorry. But I am indeed a member, I hope. I was recruited over pms. Should there be an in character in this post? I should say something, because I will not be able to post in some time.

20th July 2005, 08:06 PM
I'm goign to make a clan quest (or if not enough people in the clan wanting to do a quest then mabye an open quest) soon, it will involve the relationship between my two chars (brother and sister lol, not like love or anything, unless wanting to kill each other is love lol)

22nd July 2005, 03:00 PM
I'm in, yea... i join... count me in.... be there be square... right... yea... Hi... lets do it... git r done.... kekekekeke... k bey.

22nd July 2005, 04:12 PM
This looks interesting...I take it there was one before this, but I wasn't here for that one. I guess I'd like to join, if no one has any problems with it.

22nd July 2005, 10:55 PM
I too would like to join this clan. It looks interesting.

22nd July 2005, 11:58 PM
Hey everyone, I made a quest to anyone who's interested in joining, its not just for members of the clan, though anyone who would like to join please feel free to. http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=22705

26th July 2005, 11:04 PM
Hey! It's Tommy21! Back in the old clan WHICH I wasn't actually very active in I was known as someting else, don't ask me what cuz I don't know. Anyway, just checking in and saying I'm in, and oh yea, joining the quest when I can and yea, I'm here!

5th August 2005, 10:01 PM
Kenja walked into the main room of the clan with a man in a black cloak. "Hello, this man will come up with new ways for us to spend our points, some games to get more and some to get prizes, he has a game for gambling points, I suggest all try it out, it can pay off very good if you are lucky, good luck, goodbye"

OK, this game is set up for straight gambling of your not-so-hard earned credits. Using my two dice, I will roll for people that want to gamble.

Each roll costs you a minimum 10 credits. You MUST pick a number, and if you are correct, then you receive a payoff as listed below. Remember that you can bet on more than one number, but if you bet on two numbers with a ten credit bet, then you receive payoff for 5 credits.

# Payoff
2 40-1
3 20-1
4 12-1
5 10-1
6 8-1
7 7-1
8 8-1
9 10-1
10 12-1
11 20-1
12 40-1

5th August 2005, 10:06 PM
Tommy walked into the room which Kenja showed the clan memebers. He walked to the table at which the man was set up at. He checked his pockets. 150 gold. He checked out exactly how the game worked and decided that it wouldn't hurt to bet a few coins on it. Tommy dctated a few bets and passed the man the neccessary coins.

All of these are on the same roll.
10 points on 6
10 points on 8
10 points on 4
10 points on 10
10 points on 12

5th August 2005, 10:14 PM
The man rolled the dice and got a 6 and a one "Tough luck, wanna try again? you may get lucky" Kenja wrote on a piece of paper that Tommy lost 50 points to the man in the cloak. "Better luck next time"

5th August 2005, 10:15 PM
A looks of slight dissapointment crossed Tom's face. But he thought "hell" and decided to make the same bet again. Tommy passe dthe man his coins and adjusted his glasses.

Same bets.

5th August 2005, 10:18 PM
The man rolled the dice again, a 2, and a 2 "Hm, looks like you got a bit more luckly, what would it hurt to push your luck a little more?" Kenja looked glad "Good job Tommy, now your ahead a little."

5th August 2005, 10:19 PM
Tommy took his winnings and thought about it. He decided to. Like the man said, what could it hurt. "Same bets."

Same bets. lol

5th August 2005, 10:22 PM
OOC: Hmmm, time for a new character again. Good. I'll throw one together over the weekend and next week. For now I'll just go with making a name for my first female character. Hmm...hope I can play 'er well.

Tyra had grown bored with the wait and was happy for a diversion. Sure, she may not be very lucky, but she needed something to alleviate her boredom. Walking past Kenja, she approached the table with the man behind it. The game looked simple, which was for the better, and she pulled out a few coins and tossed them onto the table for the man.

"I'll bet ten on six and ten on seven."

5th August 2005, 10:25 PM
The man rolled the dice again, a 2 and a 4, he looked frustrated and said "You win again, darn, here you go" He noticed a new person who was making a slightly more riskey bet, "good, here goes!" He rolled the dice twice, the first one was a one, the second one was..........a 2 for a result of three "Well, you didn't get it, mabye next time"

5th August 2005, 10:28 PM
Tommy watched as the man rolled and he took his winnings. He was up fifty gold. He watched as a girl made a bet and lost, but wasn't discouraged. He thought he'd make one last bet and then he'd call it a night-or day, whatever works. "Same bets, one more time, please." Tomm passed him the coins.

Guess what? Yes, same bets.

5th August 2005, 10:32 PM
Smiling slightly at the outcome, and knowing she's wasting her money, Tyra decides to bet again.

"Well, I guess I'll go with ten on 3, ten on a 6, ten on a 9, and ten on 12. What's the worst that'll happen? I lose?"

She tosses out the money, hoping that she'll win something but figuring that she won't.

5th August 2005, 10:33 PM
The man hoped he could get his coins back he rolled a 4 and a 5 for 9, which he didn't bet on "Well, broke out even kid, I'll have some new games soon, be sure to participate, they will have much more interesting rewards than this I assure you!"

EDIT: Didn't see alannons post, I'll do that now.

The man rolled the dice and got a 5 and a 3, an 8, which he didn't bet on "Well, you lose again, your bound to get lucky sometime!"

5th August 2005, 10:36 PM
Tommy frowned. Damn. "Owell, I guess I'll just wait for the leader to announce the clan mission statement or whatever he's gonna do...."

Tommy walked from the table with the same amount of gold in his pocket as when he had come. He walked over to the other side of the room and waited for something to happen.

7th August 2005, 09:44 PM
The portal began to glow, it was turning black. It made a faint sound like an explosion. Kenja looked at the portal and smiled. "Everyone! Prepare for an attack!" Kenja quickly loaded her crossbow with three arrows and aimed it at the portal ready to shoot whatever came out. She was unsure what types of things could be in the portal. From the portal so wasn't sure what to expect. A voice could be heard from inside the portal and it seemed almost like a whisper, yet everyone in the room could hear it, "You will all die, the souls locked within here shall be freed." In a flash a ninja totally in black jumped out of the portal towards the celieng and kicked off launching himself near Kenja, Kenja launched two crossbow shots a the ninja, one right when he got out of the portal and the other when he launched himself at her. The first one missed sompletely but the second one the ninja blocked with his left short sword, even having to block an arrow he was able to use his other blade to knock Kenja's crossbow out of her hands and cut it in two, he did this while spinning and put the other blade to her throat. "Do you really think you are faster than me? Too long have I been stuck in this portal, my spirit shall be freed" He spun around her holding his short sword to her throat the entire time and was behind her and was holding the sword to her throat and the other one extended ready to attack anyone who got near. Kenja's eyes widdened then he applied enough pressure with his blade to make her neck bleed a little, but not enough to apply a lethal blow. The ninja seemed glad of her fear, "Anyone want to see this elf dead? If so just try to stop me from getting out of this wretched Tomb!"

7th August 2005, 10:17 PM
"Anyone want to see this elf dead? If so just try to stop me from getting out of this wretched Tomb!"

Tommy's back launched off of the wall he was leaning on. Before he knew it his hand had gone from in the air to his hilt to at his side, holding his short sword in a ready position. He looked right at the ninja-dressed in all black and wiellding two short swords. The ninja had moved so fast that Tommy had scarcely realised what had happened until the moment at which he was looking the ninja right in the eye, sword drawn, a few meters away from this new adversary. Tommy thought of what to do. This enemy was obviously much faster than him. Should he use magic? He wasn't sure. He wasn't a "master" of the Light element yet, and so he wasn't sure exactly what he would be able to do to help the situation anyway. He settled for staring the ninja in the eye. He fidgeted with his light green glasses with his left hand, while he gripped his sword tight with his right.

"What do you want with her!?! What did she do to you!?!"

7th August 2005, 10:44 PM
"You know why I hate you all! Believing you deserve to control the fate of all, punishing all those you don't like for all of eternity, instead of just letting us die, you have to make it so we will always be in suffering, who gave you the right to control the fate of so many? Then those few who accually get out of the portal, you insist on forcing them back, you have no right to make us suffer like that!" He sounded extremelly pissed off at everyone there. He blammed them for him being in there. Thinking about his time in that portal a tear went down the left side of his face. Kenja was talking the best she could, but it hurt her throat whenever she did since his blade had so much pressure, "Everything th...at is trapped in th...ere, de..ser...ved it..." The ninja moved the sword a little from her throat and hit her nose with the hilt of the blade in his other hand as hard as he could making her nose make a cracking sound and bleed freely. He then put the sword back on her throat where any movement would be enough to risk seriously hurting her. "How dare you! You don't know what it's like in there! What gives you the damn right?!?!?" Kenja didn't say anything scared of what he might do. The ninja looked really pissed but then an evil grin crossed his face. "Elf, you gave me an idea, I thank you." He started to move her closser to the portal with his blade still at her throat and the other one still extended ready to attack anyone who got near. Kenja, realizing what was happening looked shocked and had the worst look of fear she's ever had. No, he couldn't, he wouldn't.... THe ninja smiled, "Now elf, see how you have made us suffer for so long", he stepped back about another foot and was very close to the portal. "Time for you to see what we truly went through!"

8th August 2005, 09:17 AM
"Well, damn. Okay, take the money; I had expected to lose it anyways."

Turning around, Tyra walked away from the man and his table and took a few steps towards Kenja. She was still a decent distance away when the portal opened and the attack started. In a flash Tyra had a 9" knife in each hand, holding them at the ready. Even though they looked like normal knives, Tyra had taken the liberty to modify them some. Now, upon impact, two smaller blades would spring outwards. If used correctly, they could prove quite devastating.

She didn't attack just yet; she hated wasting her knives, and this enemy seemd much too fast for her to hit. She needed him to get distracted. She watched in silence as he attacked Kenja and then bashed her nose. She was moving slowly towards the enemy, trying not to be noticed, and preparing to attack. Steady...steady...and...yes! The ninja had to turn to push her into the portal, which gave Tyra the chance she needed. After taking a quick but accurate aim, she threw the blades. One flew straight towards his back, aimed towards his spine but would be able to damage him greatly no matter where it hit. The other flew to the back of his neck and would be able to decapitate him if it hit correctly. She didn't expect that one to hit, but it would be nice if it did.

OOC: I'll just leave controlling the NPC up to you for now...

8th August 2005, 05:48 PM
Before the ninja knew what was happening both of the blades made contact with him and he screamed out in pain, in doing so, his hand with the sword on Kenja's neck lowered giving her a chance to get away. In the second she had shejabbed the ninja in the stomach with her elbow and quickly stepped away from the portal. The ninja didn't take long to regain his composure and was in a fighting position once again. He faced Alannon and laughed. Even though one blade appeared to be in his spine and the other through his neck he seemed fine. "Well, if I was still alive that would have killed me, but thats too bad for you isn't it?" With his left arm he grabbed the knife out from the back of his neck and from the front, you could even see through his neck a little. Kenja hearing this started whispering, "Restless spirits be put to rest, allow them to move on, thier fate shall...." The ninja heard her "My spirit will not be released untill I have taken my revenge..." In a flash his left sword was spinning in the air and he pulled a dagger from his ninja robes and threw it at Kenja, before his sword fell he grabbed the handle, the speed he did this was impossible for any normal human to do. The throwing dagger hit the left side of her chest and got her really bad. She fell down and looked stunned. The ninja looked glad, but in about a second his attention went back to Alannon, much to quickly for him to do anything. "Now where were we?" He smiled and pointed his right sword at the man standing before him. Behind him Kenja passed out and was bleeding quite heavily, if something wasn't done soon she wouldn't make it, and having a ninja twice as fast as any human ready to kill everyone didn't help much either. The situation looked pretty hopeless.

8th August 2005, 08:00 PM
Tommy didn't like the situation. He watched as one of the girls in the bunch of new recruits makes two swift movements and then the flash of two daggers striking the clan's adversary in the neck and in the back. Both sunk into the flesh pretty deep and it looked liek the adversary was taken cared of. Or maybe not. To Tommy's utter amazement, the ninja pulled out th dagger from his neck, put his left hand sword on "hold" and threw the knife towards Kenja with such speed that is struck her chest and was past her in a split second. The ninja then snatched his sword from the air with such superhuman speed that Tommy wanted to pinch himself to see if he was dreaming. He didn't knwo what to do. The ninja beckoned for someoen to strike him. Tommy's legs stuttered forward as he argued between helping Kenja and attackign the ninja. He chose Kenja. He dropped his sword, and without thinking, grabbed a paper-knocking the whole stack of paper over-that seemed to be blank from a nearby table and ran to Kenja. He immediately fell to his knees and suddenly hesitated-embarassed as he looekd at where she was struck. He realized that this girl wouldn't have to worry about etiquette where she was going to go if he didn't help right away. His hands pushed down on her wound, the paper sheet soaking up the blood as it padded it. his hands got covered with blood and he realizsed this one sheet wouldn't be enough. He whipped his torso around, practicall pivoting on his hip, and grab some of the fallen papers-a few written on, a few blank, but he had no time to getany other material to suppress the wound. He returned to applying pressure to the wound...

8th August 2005, 08:31 PM
The portal started to make a noice again, something else was comming out. The shadow ninja seemed surprised, "What, no one else was near me when I exited the portal, how could something else come out so soon..." Another ninja, this one dressed in red jumped out of the portal getting to the other side of the black ninja, this ninja was obviously a girl, as you could tell by her build. She was very skinny and had a somewhat small chest, though that would be the least of anyones concerns right now. The black ninja, now knowing her slashed at her but she ducked, she kept sidestepping and ducking to avoid his attacks, not using her two swords at all, then after several slashes he connected perfectly but the blade went through her like it was nothing, he looked surprised, "What the fu...." Before he could finish what he was saying a clean slice cut his right shoulder off and another ninja, looking exactly like the one that just came out of the portal stood behind him. "In case you must know, it was an illusion." While she said this she knew he would listin so she took her other sword and cut from the ninja's left armpit to where the other shoulder previously was. The black ninja was completely decapitated now, though being undead he was still partially alive, and with one arm connected to his head he attempted one more slash at her, but she blocked it with her left sword and at almost the exact same second used her right sword to cut the mans head in half, finishing the job. She realized the others in the room might think her to be the same, "Wait, I really didn't deserve to be in the portal, let me explain!" With that the previous threat was eliminated and this female ninja stood before them claiming to be different.

8th August 2005, 11:46 PM
Mother of God thought Dedomi as he watched the scene unwravel before him. It took not 10 seconds for one man to die... well he should have died, and for the girl apparently named "Kenja" to get absolutely demolished by this evil freak. Taking in the situation quickly he rushed forward and slid on the ground to Kenja. Dedomi looked over at the man trying to help her and nodded.
"Go back to battle, I'll watch over her." And with that, he pulled out his own medical kit, taking out his extra clothes, several medical bandages and whatever else he could use, Dedomi applied it to Kenja's chest.

Keeping the pressure on the wound, Dedomi continued to wrap Kenja's body with a strong sticky cloth to keep the bandages in place. He tied it tightly and secured the primitive bandage to her. Dedomi took his coat off and folded it up and put it under her head to support her.

Dedomi looked up to check on the situation. From what he could see a new person, a girl in fact, had cut up the Ninja who lay limp upon the ground. This new threat did not ease Dedomi, and he did not have enough bandages for more than one more person, and it could not be as serious as Kenja.

Who was this new person and hopefully she was not a threat.

8th August 2005, 11:56 PM
Tommy watched as yet another person burst forth from the portal. This one was also a ninja, but this time was dressed in red, and was a girl. Tommy decided that this place was becoming too full of surprises for his taste. As the girl made surprisingly quick work of the enemy who had seemed so powerful before, Tommy saw one of his new clanmates run over-to help Kanja apparently. This new stranger urged him to go back to fighting and said he had it under control. Tommy had no medical experience and as he pulled his hands away and turned around to go get his sword he saw that this person obviously did as they pulled out their medical equipment and did a much better job than Tommy was at helping Kenja. Tommy sprung from his knees to his feet and as he ran over to his sword he leaned over and swept it up mid-motion. As he did this the second ninja explained that she did not want to fight-or something to the same effect. Tommy wasn't sure what to do now. Behind him was a possibly mortally wounded girl and in front of him was someone obviously capable of doing the same to him. He settled for gripping his sword in his right hand readily in case he got uncomfortable and questioning this new portal-dweller.

"What do you mean, didn't deserve to be in there?!?! What's going on!??!"

9th August 2005, 01:06 AM
The female ninja sealthed her twoo swords, since having weapons out wasn't exactly the best way to show how you arent hostile. "I am from a previous generation of you Tomb Keepers, me and my brother were sucked into the portal in order to prevent an all out war between the two realms. This portal is a link to the realm of the damned, the souls there are always trying to get out, it's hard since the portal itself has defences, but those who get through is what we are here to defend. I used stealth and followed that ninja there" She pointed to the pieces of the undead ninja "Following him I escaped the realm, though my brother Scott, doesn't use stealth, and getting through with an all out ashault is almost impossible. There are other ways to sneak through, but he's having a hard time, please, put your weapons away. I mean you no harm, if I did I would be killing you right now."

10th August 2005, 12:52 PM
"...I mean you no harm, if I did I would be killing you right now."

Tommy looked around to see what everyone else was doing. The man who had rushed to Kenja was still helping her it looked like... The ninja was right. She was obviously more skilled that Tommy and probably anyone else here. It didn't do much to settle Tom. He wasn't sure what to do. He was never elected spokesman for the clan to strangers or anything, but no one was saying anything and the silence was starting to nag at him. Was this one a Light elementalist too? She had used some king of illusion to kill the first ninja,... Tommy focused on the situation at hand again. He slowly sheathed his sword and stepped back. He turned around and picked up the papers he had dropped and started putting them back-he had reacted a little foolishly, but at least he could say he reacted, the other clan members seemed dead besides the man who threw the knives and the man helping Kenja. Tommy turned around, looking at the newcomer, and decided to let the ninja continue explaining.

10th August 2005, 01:34 PM
Dedomi kept noticing the young warrior staring at him. He couldn't help feeling nervous in front of these skilled warriors. Having no skills others than basic knowledge of weaponry and simple medical training, he felt intimidated around these other soldiers. It didn't help that this new ninja came through feigning innocence, but Dedomi did not trust her at all yet. It was exactly what was told to him before he was attacked and paralyzed for over 20 years.
"Prove your innocence ninja! Throw down your weapons, prove that we can trust you. I've seen this all happen before with disastrous results... how do we know there isn't someone else coming through that damned portal?"

11th August 2005, 05:00 PM
Quarre entered the main area of the clan, only to discover that her clanmates were under attack by a well armed ninja. Quarre herslef was armed with nothing but her gloved fists. She was a member of the clan, though new. She hoped to acquire more points through the clan to graduate to her weapon of choice. As little prepared for battle as she was, she was ready to defend he clanmates, however she could.

As it stood, the ninja was being challenged to prove her trustworthiness. Quarre watched intently, to see which way things would turn.

Hey guys, I'm an official member, just check the list. This was my first post, sorry for the shortness. I had prior said that my internet was cut off. It's not anymore, so I'll be more active.

11th August 2005, 08:09 PM
The new ninja seemed like she would comply easily. Instead of just dropping her two swords, she tossed them in such a way so as they landed right in front of Dedomi. "If I had any intention to fight, I could kill you easily, plus. Tell me if you would have had any chance against that other ninja, he would have slaughtered you all." She noticed the girl on the ground bleeding. "Well, she's in a pretty bad state. I think you should focus on keeping her stable, not on me, if you don't trust me, thats just too bad. If you think I'll just attack you then go ahead and attack me now, my weapons are at your feet." She obviously didn't fear these people, she was sure even without her swords she would be able to get away, they didn't seem to skilled. From her ninja robes she pulled out a canteen of water and took a gulp of it and out it away. The whole time she was looking at the others ready in case they were to attempt to strike her.

11th August 2005, 09:36 PM
Dedomi walked forward leaving the propped up Kenja to rest alone. He picked up the swords and walked toward the ninja.

"The last time I trusted someone like you, I spent over 20 years in a bed injured beyong repair. I will not trust you willingly or quickly. For now your swords are mine. Prove yourself a friend, and then... and only then will you get them back."

With that Dedomi turned and spat on the ground in pain of his memory. He walked back toward Kenja. Standing over her, he turned and said "She'll need proper medical treatment. I need a more medical equipment and a bed in a room with proper airflow or she is not going to make it through this. I don't know how the blade dug itself so deep into her body. She is dead lucky it did not hit her lung, but unlucky it almost went through her body. I'll need those two things very quickly if I'm to help her."

11th August 2005, 10:48 PM
The ninja walked over to Kenja and could have easily gotten her swords back, but wasn't going to kill these people. From her robe she pulled out a vial of a blue liquid, "Ok, this should do the trick, she'll still need some rest, but Kenja should be ok." She said that like she already knew Kenja, without waiting for anyone else to say anything she put the potion in Kenja's mouth. "Ok, get her some rest, that potion should make the healing go much faster, but she still needs medical attention." SHe looked at Dedomi, "Do whatever you need to to heal her, but if you screw anything up I will personally see to it you suffer for that, got it? My potion will make it faster, but not instant. You'd best be able to help her, she's way more important than the rest of you." She obviously knew Kenja from somewhere though wasn't saying from where.

12th August 2005, 02:26 PM
Quarre had heard stories of ninjas from her cousin, and his many travels. They could be extremely sneaky, or open, at times. He had said that it was odd, that a ninja, so reknowned for their trickery, could be so open at times, and this was normally about making peace. Quarre trusted the female ninja, but knew it could be fatal. Her cousin had also said they could base a ruse on such openness.

Quarre approached Kenja, wondering who she was that she was so much more important than the rest, in the ninja's eyes. Quarre checked her wound, and that it was properly covered and tightly wrapped. "It should be cleaned before we allow it to heal. Infections of this magnitude of wounds could be deadly."

12th August 2005, 03:59 PM
Dedomi kept the blade raised and poised to strike as this new ninja came close. He knew she could have probably killed him if she wished, but it made him feel better to keep his guard up, maybe wound her while he went down. For some reason he stood frozen, rooted to the spot unable to speak as she poured the vial down Kenja's throat. He wanted to protest, to ask what it was, and not suggest taking it, but he could not say a thing. When she spoke it was cold, but she seemed to have helped for Kenja's face loosened a bit.

"Yes, she'll need her wound cleaned, that's why I need the room. If we could get her there as soon as possible that would only make things better. What was it you gave her and what shall we call you?

12th August 2005, 04:39 PM
Quarre observed the ninja, wondering the exact things that Dedomi had asked. Quarre, too, wished to know the identity of this helpful ninja. She had a clam exterior, especially for one whose weapons were removed, and in the presence of hostility.

12th August 2005, 06:21 PM
"What you should call me? If you want call me x, untill Kenja awakens I will not tell anyone my name. Only reason I"m even still here is that I must return a favor. Seems she really hasn't gotten too much help for this place. You guys arent very good at dealing with someone you find to be an opponent. You've seen how much room my robe offers, yet you think I have nothing to fight with but my swords." She didn't take them seriously at all, she couldn't imagine how this group of people had delt with anything that got out of the portal. Most were ill-equipped, and didn't know really how to deal with an opponent who surrendered. "Once Kenja comes to, I so need to help her train you guys."

12th August 2005, 10:18 PM
"Well...X... if your speaking of me, then you are correct. However, I do not know any of these people, I am a mere passerby interested in joining. So do not make such claims on my behalf, they seem fit enough to face most enemies. That... thing" Dedomi pointed to the peices of the fist ninja, "Was not like most enemies, that was not alive."

With that Dedomi watched the man who had helped Kenja earlier try slide a sort of tray under her so that she could be carried. With a sunken face and what Dedomi thought was kind of an evil glare at "X" he wordlessly ordered Dedomi to pick up the other end of the tray. Dedomi did not look back as they left the room momentarily.

13th August 2005, 09:37 PM
Quarre watched as the girl known as Kenja was carted out of the room momentarily, along with those who assisted her. Quarre didn't know anyone here in this clan, and things weren't so friendly yet, which made her twice as glad that she had convinced her cousin to join her here in this clan. Some here may know him, though, and disapprove of his presence in the clan.

Quarre's cousin, Calypso Kerauac, was a reknowned bounty hunter. He fought with twin swords bordering on the length of a claymore sword. He had trained for the better part of his life with many different masters. Afterall, the half-phoenix bounty hunter was nearly two millenia old. He also had a reputation as a dimension traveller, and thus often seen as a specter. He was often anti-social, but all the same, he was her cousin, and they were each others only family, so she felt safe around him. He was due here any moment.

And just on mental cue, Calypso entered the room. He knew the area, but only from very long ago. It had been a few centuries since his last visit, and then there was not a clan based here. His dear cousin had nearly brought herself to tears to get him to come here, the least he figured he could do was humour her.

Quarre leapt to her feet and ran over to Calypso and gave him a huge hug. Calypso didn't pull away, though he'd prefer a zero-contact rule be held in high regards. "Don't be so cold," Quarre whispered to him. He relaxed somewhat, if only to stop her from reducing to tears infront of strangers. Retain some pride, please.

The ninja left in the room caught Calypso's attention soon after. A ninja... Calypso tried to recognize the ninja clan by any identifying markings she may be wearing, but to no avail. He tried to recall where he had seen ninjas of her calibur. Still nothing came to mind. Calypso thought it best to introduce himself to the ninja, unaware of whether she was friend or foe, armed or not.

Calypso released himself from his cousin's grasp, and approached the female ninja. He extended his hand in a friendly gesture. "I'm sure I've seen you somewhere before. My name is Calypso Kerauac. The honour is mine to have met you."

13th August 2005, 11:50 PM
Kenja saw the man before her raise his hand to shake with hers. Without moving her body at all, "I don't know you, and could care less who you are, the only reason I'm here is for Kenja, got it?" Not exactly the most polite person to meet, but at least not hostile. She was trying to make it obvious that she had no intention to talk to anyone much untill Kenja awoke. She raised her voice so everyone could hear her, "I could care less about any of you untill Kenja wakes up, get that through your damn heads!" Since Dedomi dropped her swords to help Kenja (how could he hold two swords and help pick Kenja up at the same time?) She immediatly sheathed the two swords not wanting to seem hostile. She went to the corner of the room and sat down. "Leave me alone everyone, I could care less about you all, got it?" She obviously found no one in this room worth her time, and was making it quite clear. Kenja better make it, since without her, I'd so be out trying to find some work right now, I need some more gold since I really doubt over these last 20 years that no one has touched my money.

14th August 2005, 10:20 AM
Calypso watched as he was, expectedly, snubbed. And promptly at that. This ninja obviously wanted nothing to do with anyone except for Kenja, and Calypso could respect this. He often disliked constant chatter from others also. And especially for one earlier wanting an enforced 'no-contact' rule. Well now, if she doesn't think anything of me, and finds only Kenja worth her time, and wouldn't consider speaking to anyone else. I feel I have to prove myself here. Well well well, but perhaps she won't accept? Following her current attitude patterns, she'll a) ignore me, or b) accept to do the opposite: and teach me a lesson.

Having it already decided in his head, Calypso again, against her wishes this time, approached her where she was in the corner. Calypso was as close this time, as for a friendly gesture such as a handshake, he gave her room, as though to strike at him. Calypso looked at her, hoping for eye-contact before he presented himself.

"You, X, as you wish to be called. I wish to challenge you to a spar. I'll keep it friendly, but I have a bad habit of needing to prove myself to those who unwittingly deem me unworthy. Do you accept?" Calypso knew that most ninja with a code of ethics were similar to amurai, in that they would rarely turn down a challenge, that was, if it was a challenge. Often they would see it as a waste of time. "Besides," Calypso added, "it may be some time before Kenja awakens, and I'll do nothing short of annoy you with mindless banter." It wasn't actually a threat, but it was what it was. She'd have to take it for face value.

Quarre worried for her cousin. She had seen the after affects of the encounter with the first ninja. And if Kenja was that important, she must not have been a push over, and look what happened to her. Quarre could tell that Calypso was off to a rough start. He never made any friends.

14th August 2005, 09:53 PM
[*IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b128/Beardhomestead/tombbanner.gif[*/IMG] Put this in your sig without the *'s! thats the clan banner

"I'm really not up to it, ok? Getting out of that portal was no easy task, ok?" Unlike just a couple minutes before she seemed very tired. Her eyes were barely open and she was breathing sort of heavy. "God dammit, this shouldn't be happening...." She coughed and it was blood she spat out. She was strarting to breath harder and harder and seemed to be having a hard time doing so. She got up but seemed very weak, which was odd concidering just minutes earlier she was fine, she didn't even have enough strengh to stay up, she fell down. She really didn't want anyone else to bother her right now. Dammit, I get out of that damn portal to find out that the stupid demons poison did work, just took a while to take effect She looked like she was hardly going to be able to stay awake, something was obviously wrong, "Are there any....beds... here....." As she was saying that she seemed to fall asleep.

14th August 2005, 10:11 PM
Dedomi walked back into see "X" slump to the floor. "What happened?" he demanded looking over at the rest of the room. A dark figure caught his eye. "Who are you and what have done?" Dedomi said accusingly.

"My name is Calypso Kerauac a bounty hunter, and this X ninja fell on her own. She said something about getting through the demon portal coughed up blood and fell down."

"I have a very hard time trusting people." Dedomi looked around at the rest of the room "Is that what happened?" when he recieved a few nods, he looked apologetically at Calypso and knelt down next to X. He looked her over, listening to her breathing and checking her heartbeat.
"She seems fine, but may be just that... tired. She's far more exhausted than anyone I've ever seen. I don't know how she managed to kill that ninja with an exhaustion like this. Dedomi put her arm around him and helped her to her feet.
"I'm going to put you in the bed next to Kenja, is that alright?" X nodded weakly and they stumbled off together toward the room. Dedomi laid her down on the bed, and moved to the window. He removed several small objects from the window he could not indentify to allow more windflow to keep the room fresh.

After about fifteen minutes of examination, Dedomi finally found a reason for her sickness. This poison is extremely powerful. I don't have the right ingredients to heal her. I need to seek out a white wizzard to help her. Someday I'll become a white wizzard... and I can help people like this... but not yet... not yet.

15th August 2005, 11:00 AM
"I'm really not up to it, ok? Getting out of that portal was no easy task, ok?" Hm, I've exited and re-entered many portals such as this before, and have created them. There's something else. Calypso watched as her expression nearly completely flipfliopped. Before, she looked strong and stoic, now, though still a little rude, she appeared more, helpless, for lack of a better term. She obviously needed help, but Calypso wasn't sure if it would help, what he could do. That potion was still untested, and it could possibly make things worse.

"God dammit, this shouldn't be happening...." Now Calypso knew that something was wrong. He let down his gaurd, she wasn't a threat. She seemed to be injured. Breathing became difficult, it seemed, and like she was going to fall asleep. Calypso considered the symptoms, and then applied his alchemist training. Poison. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. She coughed up blood, and fell to the floor.

Dedomi returned from the other room, and immediately put the blame on Calypso, who responded with the truth of the matter. Still not believing him, Dedomi asked for second, and third, opinions. Calypso wasn't big on trusting people either, and so he really couldn't blame Dedomi. Dedomi then went to aid the fallen ninja, and helped her into the room where Kenja was resting.

After about fifteen minutes of waiting, Calypso was fed up with it. Another one of his character traits, upon not trusting, was being impatient. Calypso walked swiftly out the door, into the rest room. He looked at Dedomi, "Have you already figured out what's wrong? I have something that can help, but it's still rather experimental..."

Dedomi, please refrain from taking the liberty of playing my character in the future. I believe this is considered godmodding. Stick to your own characters, and hope the others follow. You may leave suggestions as to what you wish them to do. But to make my character speak without my permission is unacceptable.

15th August 2005, 01:54 PM
OOC: Fine, i'll never control any characters again... even something as simple as stating who you are.... whatever...

Dedomi looked at Calypso out of the corner of his eye, "She's badly poisoned... I've never seen any poison this powerful. What do you have with you that might help?" Dedomi had seen how much that potion X gave to Kenja helped, he wondered what this Calypso had that could help against this type of poison.

Dedomi put a hand over his face in almost fustration at how little he could do. He had medical training a long time ago, but it didn't help that every injury he had to deal with since then has had some sort of magical change that complicated it. It was fustrating that no one had just a plain injury he could patch up and they would walk out of the room looking better than they did when they walked in. I have to learn some magic...

16th August 2005, 12:29 PM
"She's badly poisoned... I've never seen any poison this powerful. What do you have with you that might help?" Calypso looked at Dedomi, he looked frustrated that there was nothing that he could do, and skeptical, that Calypso could do anything either. Calypso walked around the bedside, to see how bad X was. The poison seemed to have been administered a while ago. It snuck through her systems, gaining in potency as it went, before it's symptoms even became noticable.

Calypso looked at Dedomi, "I spent a good century training under a very talented alchemist. I learned much from him. Most of it consisted of attacking potions, or status changes, but a good chunk revolved around healing." Calypso reached into his coat pocket, and revealed a feather. Red, from a phoenix. "I produce these, from time to time. I am a half-phoenix, but the potency of my feathers doesn't differ from that of a full phoenix. But alas, feathers only have the power of ressurection." Calypso paused there, thinking of how best to word this next part.

"I'll put it this way, I've devised a way to combine my alchemy training with ressurecting feathers. The feathers alone are potent, but only in reviving, so, to heal, I needed to alter the purpose of these feathers." Calypso reached back into his pocket, and revealed a vile, holding an odd purple liquid. "This," Calypso raised the vile to the light, so he could just barely see the lights rays through the near opaque liquid, "is what I've come up with. I've only tested it once, and the person said it hurt like hell, but the pain stayed for only an instant, and was gone."

Calypso looked from the vile to Dedomi, then to X, laying on her bed. "The only problem is, that the potion isn't 100% efficient. It cannot change the purpose of the feather." Calypso paused again, then admitted what the true results were, "Essentially, it kills them first, ridding their body of the plagueing illness or wounds, and then ressurects them. It's not that it's risky, or anything, it works. It's just, painful. And the person must have the will to come back." Calypso left it at that, waiting for Dedomi's approval, or disapproval of the idea. If push came to shove, they would have no choice. As far as Calypso had seen, X had the will to come back, she seemed to need to talk to Kenja. That wasn't of any concern either.

Death_Soldier, I know I'm moving really quick, but I believe I've been contributing to the clan, I have the KoTT banner in my sig as well as a link to Calypso's stat page. I choose the Warfare General's path. May I please go on to a Corporal?

16th August 2005, 01:37 PM
Okay, I was given an invite to this clan, but I never came, so I'm going to join now if that's alright.

Shimizu walked into the clan room. He looked about at all the faces and knew he didn't know any of them. This oughta be fun. smiled. "Hi everyone!" he said, loudly. He lifted his right hand and smiled, "I'm Shimizu Uziki and I'd like to join you guys." he looked around, wondering how many people would look at him.

He looked at the blood on the floor, that X had spat up, "That doesn't look too good. What happened?" he looked back at Quarre, her in particular. He glanced at the rest of the group, to see if anyone would answer him. He had sensed the portal opening, since he was a spiritualist, not a very good one yet, but a spiritualist. He was confused to say the least.

16th August 2005, 01:38 PM
Come to think of it Scott, (Death_Soldier's irl name) you never posted how to get promoted....

Tommy paced back and forth in the portal room as all of this went on. he was unsure of what to do. he had come here expecting to join a group of people who were to join in the cause of protecting this portal which apparently was a threat... Tom was all for it if the portal was really that big of a deal... But now it seemd that chaos surrounded him, with the only one anyone in the place trusted unconscious and probably in a critical state although Tom knew nothing of what that really meant or what in medical terms her chances were. he wanted badly to help, but he didn't know how. What was he supposed to do? He had not practice in the art of medicine or alchemy or anything of the sort. He settled for his pacing back and forth for a minute...but then became interested in the portal. He walked up to it to get a closer look....what exactly was it? How did it work? He put his hand out to touch its surface.....

16th August 2005, 02:04 PM
Hey, Tommy21, he did post how to move up in rank, if you'd bother to check where you're at. In his first post with all the other information. In the category Official Member it explains what you must do to graduate to Guard. In the Guard category listing, it tells how to move on to your chosen path, and so on. Get it? I've already graduated to Guard, and am waiting for a reply on Corporal.

Quarre snapped out of her deep thought when Shimizu entered, with a very loud 'Hi.' She spun, her gaze falling on Shimizu's. She could sense, as a fellow spiritualist, that Shimizu was also, intuned to spiritual goings-on. The boy introduced himself to be Shimizu Uziki. He politely asked for an explanation on what had happened here. He was looking at her. She felt a little uneasy, but he seemed friendly enough.

"My name is Quarre, Quarre Amarfi. I'm pleased to meet you." Quarre looked back to the portal. Shimizu had obviously felt its presence. She saw Tom inspecting the portal, looking as though he were curious about its full potential. Quarre followed Shimizu's gaze to the blood on the floor.

"Oh, that. Someone exited the portal," Quarre motioned towards the portal in the centre of the room, "and she was apparantly badly poisoned. Dedomi and my cousin, Calypso, are in the other room, tending to her, and our fallen comrade, Kenja. But I'm afraid I don't know many people here, either."

16th August 2005, 03:09 PM
Shimizu smiled at Quarre, "It's nice to meet you too." he listened patiently to the explaination of what happened. "Oh, alright." Shimizu nodded. Then something hit him,

'Dedomi and my cousin, Calypso, are in the other room'

"No way..." he mumbled. "Not him..." his eyes opened wide with terror, he slowly turned his head to look at Quarre, "Your cousin is... Calypso!?" he looked at the door leading to the other room, "Not him!" he said, not too loudly as to annoy anyone else. "I run into that guy everywhere!" he took a few quick steps to Quarre, dropped to his knees infront of her and asked, in a begging fashion, "You have to be joking! There's no way that psycho phoenix can be here too!"

16th August 2005, 07:35 PM
*cough* <feels stupid> anyway! I think I'm also allowed to step up a bit huh? I think I'll take the Engineer Path, Apprenticeship here I come!

Tommy realized more people were coming out of an apparent trance. He heard conversation going on behind him. There was some kind of reunion or something of the sort going on behind. Tommy pulled his hand from the portal and turned around. He didn't know anyone around here. He walked over to a table and sat down quietly. He looked around. In the other room they were apparently still busy with Kenja and her wound. Some newcomer fell to his knees about some kind of dramatic realization about a "Calypso". Who the hell ARE these people?

17th August 2005, 10:34 AM
Yup, I've checked your stuff. You have at least five high qual. posts, and you're three consec. day were the 8th through the 10th. You should now be allowed to graduate on to guard! You are only allowed to move to your path if you have been a contributing member, and have the banner in your sig.

Quarre was rather startled at the reaction she recieved from the younger spiritualist. "Oh," she said, still quite surprised, "You know my cousin? Where from? That is so cool! Well, if you know him, then he knows you, then it should be alright if I get to know you, too. Okay!" Quarre smiled, if Calypso traveled with this Shimizu person once before on a quest, he must be trustworthy enough. Then, just as slow as Shimizu on this one, she noticed something. The manner in which Shimizu spoke Calypso's name, and was on the floor, begging for it not to be true.

Wow, thought Quarre, He must be really excited to see him again! That's so sweet! Quarre smiled, "He's in the other room, he'll be out in a minute. Don't worry, you'll get to see him again real soon!" She smiled with every word of the sentance. She was very happy to find someone that she could befriend. Her older cousin was really strict about that. 'Don't trust anybody, especially the opposite gender, they'll just stab you in the back.' That's what he always said. Quarre knew that it wasn't that he hated females, it was a relationship issue he had had a few centuries ago.

21st August 2005, 09:37 PM
Shimizu nodded, "Yeah. Well, this portal is just a portal. A dragon could be inside of it. I personall, have a dragon friend. His name is Zimaru. He is friendly though." Shimizu noticed Baltor get nervous. Shimizu reached over and gave him a good comforting pat on the shoulder. Shimizu was good at reading faces. He knew Baltor was probably wondering if this portal was powerful. "This portal is probably more powerful than all of us. But that doesn't matter. It's not how powerful the portal is, it's what comes out of it that matters. Besides, you've got friends like me hanging around to help you out of a sticky situation."

Shimizu smiled at him and gave him another pat on the back, "So calm down and enjoy the peace while it's still here, because if that portal acts up again, there won't be any peace for a while." Shimizu looked at the portal, "Also, I try not to think about things much. If the portal is stronger than you, just ignore that fact and keep going. That's all there is to it."

21st August 2005, 09:53 PM
Baltor smiled. He was happy that Shimizu was trying to make him fell better. He looked at the portal again and sighed and looked back at Shimizu.

"What are dragons like I was wondering since you have a dragon friend. I've never seen one but I've heard of them in tales. All of them were bad in the tales."

He placed his hammer down on the floor relieved to not having to hold the heavy thing. H eonce again looked around in the room and saw Tommy again. He had some kind of feeling he knew this guy from somewhere.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Out of Character: I have to go see ya'll friday.
__________________________________________________ _______________

21st August 2005, 10:11 PM
For the sake of not having to precidt our spar, my guy forgot who won lol

Tommy was working on on the repeater crossbow still. He was working on getting the accuracy a little better-alot better. Also, after a few more test runs he found that the reloading mechanism actually jammed after a dozen or so shots. That was a very bad sign. Tommy went to work madly at it. He thought that the problem might be one of the pieces of metal getting in the way of the rope,...Tommy sensed another person walking into the room. He seemed to be tense as he shouted about something. There were the sounds of more introductions.

Wow, today is just "Get to know everyone!" day, isn't it?

Tommy found it odd he was thinkign this. He was usually so friendly with people,... suddenly he flet like he was being watched. He looked up and couldn't believe his eyes. It was Marcus, a young man he had put on a little bit of a "show" with for a small village of people. The spar had been pretty exciting, and Tommy thought they both learned a bit in the field of magic as well as physical combat. He stood up from his chair. And walked over to Marcus, suddenly back into talkative mode.

"Hey! Marcus, been awhile huh? never saw you after the "show",...who won that anyway?" Tom chuckled quietly, happy to say one familiar face.

21st August 2005, 10:47 PM
Dedomi did not leave his room. Instead, he stayed confined within the death-smelling walls of his quarters. His dream had inspired him to do something. He could not think what. He tried to remember exactly what happened. Images flooded his mind, but they didn't make any sense. It took him some time, but he finally peiced the images together and the dream came flooding back to him.

He understood somewhat it's reasoning, but the timing and just about everything else about the dream made no sense to him. His inspiration instantly turned to magic. Gotta find something to use magic on. I have to learn to use magic. I have to become powerful... I must... be...powerful! Dedomi saw a bug out of the corner of his eye. He ran to it, but slowed as he approached, as not to scare it. Grabbing the bug in his hand he began to form in his mind how spells were performed.

For hours he sat with the bug in his hand, chanting, imagining, and anything else he could think of. Suddenly, he felt the bug dissapear in his hand. He opened his eyes and his hands, and a greenish slime covered his hand. A rush flew through him like none before... he had used magic to do something!

22nd August 2005, 04:30 PM
I can't believe I missed all of page 9. I was only gone for one day!!

Calypso sighed in frustration. Everyone sided with him, but they shouldn't. He didn't like them much at all. Latias looked as though he was happy-go-lucky, and friendly to everyone. Calypso didn't like him. To hyper, he'd probably break a vase or something in the near future. Then again, Calypso didn't know his coordination, it may be quite good.

Shimizu. Calypso had never liked the guy. He was a young annoying little kid. and he drank too. Calypso was surprised he didn't smoke, who knows what. There really was nothing wrong with it, it was just that, Shimizu was really young. It wasn't that which bothered Calypso anyway, it was Shimizu's constant nagging or whining about something. Well, he wasn't whining now. He was just being a nice guy. But his mind never matched his lips. He had trained his eyes to. Calypso could see that Shimizu was a professional liar, though only in terms of trying to be nice to some one. He proved once again while being nice to Quarre, Latias, and then Baltor.

Quarre was family, and Calypso did love and care about her, but he didn't trust her as far as he could throw her. He didn't trust anyone. Not since that one time... Not the time. She should watch her mouth more, but then, Calypso would probably dislike her for being like Shimizu.

After thinking about this, Calypso spoke, "Quarre, I appreciate you saying what you really meant. I just didn't like what it was. I'm glad you stood up for yourself. Now go to bed."

Quarre was surprised to see this kindness out of her cousin, and jumped off the couch to give him a hug. Calypso slipped away. She frowned. Quarre looked at Latias. "I'm sorry for what I said, can you forgive me?" She heard Latias ask to be friends, and took that as a yes. She quickly went up to her room to go to sleep, before Calypso yelled at her for taking too long.

Calypso watched her retreating form bound up the stairs, knowing exactly the reason for her speed. "She still took too long to get to her room," Calypso mutters, hoping Latias grasps the situation before feeling rejected at her swift exit.

Calypso saw the newcomer, and left Shimizu with it. They'd still be there in the morning. Calypso went up to his room also. He thought along time into the darkness before going to sleep. It seemed to him that he was the most experienced healer there, though it wasn't his specialty, just a hobby. He decided before he went to sleep that he'd offer Dedomi some instructing on potions and the like the next day, and fell into a peaceful sleep.

Calypso rose the next morning and walked downstairs. Quarre was already waiting in the kitchen, for breakfast. There didn't seem to be any hired cooks, so Calypso got to it, knowing that everyone else would probably want something too.

22nd August 2005, 06:02 PM
Latias stood there happily, Quarre accepted him. "I forgive you! Why wouldn't I?" he watched her fly up the stairs, his head cocked to one side. Calypso stated in an indirect way why she was going up so fast. Latias nodded his head, "Alright. Well, good night everyone!" he called to the rest of the room, and ran off to find one of his own. He picked an empty room, a nice one. He smelled something as he passed Dedomi's room. Since Latias was half fox demon, his sense of smell and hearing were remarkable. Latias crinkled his nose at the dead smell. "That's gross..." he mumbled.

Latias went to sleep, covering his nose. He woke up in the morning and noticed something, someone was making breakfast. He sat up straight, "NO!" he yelled. He bounded down the stairs and bolted toward the kitchen. "I can make breakfast! I'm good at it!" he skidded into the room, standing next to Calypso, in a begging position, "Please, let me make breakfast!"

22nd August 2005, 06:31 PM
Shimizu grinned at Baltor. "Dragons? He's my best friend. Not all dragons are like him though. Most are evil and destructive. Mine's friendly. I saved his life, and he's saved mine. You don't have to be afraid of my dragon, but I would advise having some fear for others." Shimizu smiled at him, "Being afraid sometimes is healthy." Shimizu noticed Tommy said something to Baltor, "Marcus?" he asked, a bit confused. "well... we'll get back to this tomorrow morning. I'll see you then. You can find your own room, right?"

Shimizu stood up and waved good night to Baltor, as he went up the stairs. He found a room and flopped into bed. Morning rolled around and kicked Shimizu out of bed. He stood up and went and stood in the kitchen. He was groggy and tired, all he said was, "Breakfast..."

23rd August 2005, 12:00 PM
Calypso was in the middle of preparing many different types of food, pancakes, waffles, eggs of many types, flap jacks, grits, you name it. Latias practically flew into the room, and was begging Calypso to let him make breakfast. Calypso thought, looking into Latias' abnormally large eyes, let's see, give up a chore that I suck at, and get a free meal. Ha, no question about it. Calypso smiled at Latias, "Sure, you can take over from here." While Calypso was at it, he left Latias with a large breakfast order. Quarre, having been waiting already, looked at Calypso and whined, "Me first! I've been waiting longer!" She also made a breakfast order, hoping that Latias could keep up.

"Fine," said Calypso, "I'll be upstairs. Call me when mine's done." And with that, Calypso disappeared back upstairs. He walked to Dedomi's room and knocked on the door, awaiting a reply.

Hey, does anyone think it would be alright if I set up our first clan quest? That way we'd look somewhat active while Death_Soldiers away. We would base the plot on 'our leader(s) are out, and have to do it ourselves.'

23rd August 2005, 12:55 PM
Latias clapped his hands and smiled at Calypso, "Thanks! You won't regret it!" He quickly got to work on breakfast. Since Latias had been living in a restaurant all his life, he was an expert at making food. His breakfasts had been said to be the best they had ever tasted, so Latias was sure these people would like it. He made Quarre's order and set it in front of her. He noticed Shimizu and decided that since Calypso wasn't there at the moment, and probably wouldn't come down anytime soon, Latias made Shimizu something to eat.

Latias waited a moment, then he decided to call to the rest of them, "Anyone else hungry?" he waited. While he waited, he made Calypso's food. The large order took him a little while to make, so after about twenty minutes, Latias called, "Calypso! Your breakfast is ready!"

23rd August 2005, 01:21 PM
Shimizu smiled and sat down next to Quarre. "Good morning..." he said to her. He looked at Latias, who excitedly took the chore off of Calypso's hands, Oblivious... He thought about the new cook. He awaited his breakfast, and once it was set in front of him, he promptly ate it.

Short... pointlessness abounds!

23rd August 2005, 02:42 PM
Quarre received her food first, and was pleased. "Thank you, Latias." She said politely, trying to forget yesterday. Now that she actually brought herself to look at Latias, she saw that he was really, really cute. She smiled to herself. Calypso was right, I don't know anything about him. She didn't feel so bad about Calypso hitting her now. She saw his point.

Quarre looked at Shimizu when he sat down beside her, ready to eat. "Good morning," she said in return to Shimizu's friendly greeting. She looked to her food. She began to eat, and was surprised at how good it was. He really is a good cook, isn't he? She thought to herself, thoroughly impressed. Although she knew her cousin would never notice how good it tasted, he'd simply just scarf it down, and leave.

Calypso stopped a moment, he heard Latias call that his food was finished. Calypso sighed, he called to Dedomi, "I heard your interest in that potion yesterday. I was thinking that maybe I could teach you some, if you're interested. I'm going to go eat." And then Calypso went downstairs. He sat far away from Shimizu, and got his food from Latias. He ate it quickly, as he was accustomed, normally eating on the run. As Quarre had predicted, he didn't notice what he was eating, or how good it tasted.

23rd August 2005, 05:05 PM
Guys, sorry I havn't been posting much, got in trouble with parents and got my keyboard taken away, the rping looks good, um, I think I missed lik e3 pages can someone inform me on whats going on? Since I seem to have missed alot of posts, besides th at, Ig ot the clan forum up, gonna add some new sections right now http://kottgames.proboards26.com/index.cgi (Clan forum, make sure to check it out)

23rd August 2005, 06:06 PM
Shimizu finished breakfast and went and sat in the portal room. He yawned a few times and thought about somethings. He figured he'd better get to work on learning some new spells, or else he might be in some trouble. He began chanting some things he had heard other spiritualists do during his life time.

He knew some spells, but he needed to learn some new ones or else he might get rusty in the magic department. He noticed that Calypso didn't even care to taste the food at breakfast, "That reminds me..." Shimizu mumbled to himself, "I've only seen Calypso eat once, and that was just recently. A new experience... he eats like a pig..." Shimizu figured he shouldn't talk to himself, or else he might get into trouble. "Well... pigs get covered in food, I'd say he ate like there was a monster chasing him or something. I only finished in half the time it took him to eat his, and I got mine after he got his..." Shimizu shook his head and went back to studying.

23rd August 2005, 06:16 PM
I'll be there in just a minute. So, we've given up on talking to X, though there were many questions asked, like; 'Who is Sakudo?' 'How are you aquainted with Sakudo?' and more that I can't remember. Dedomi practiced using magic on a bug. Calypso offered to train him, though he has things to do. There's the new guy. Quarre insulted Latias, and Calypso hit her. Things are doing better. They just finished breakfast. I'm probably missing stuff... Oh yeah, Tommy21 made a crossbow.

After Calypso finished his breakfast, he went to explore the area, trying to locate a training facility. You didn't become Warfare General by sitting on your but. Calypso decided that he would ask Dedomi again later.

23rd August 2005, 08:30 PM
Arg, yea I know I'm not doing alot of character interaction,...lemme see if I can somehow get myself in here,...

Tommy opened his eyes slowly in his bunk room of the Keepers of the Tomb. His experience he so far had not been exetremely social. He was now lying down staring at the peeling ceiling of his room. He felt a little odd. Why had he stepped into this place anyway? Maybe he needed to settle down. After all, he had been traveling alot,...it had been awhile since he had "belonged" anywhere...but how could he "belong" without knowing anyone? Perhaps he better try and be a little more talkative today. Tommy sat up. He was feeling a little tired still, but he thought he heard the rest of the "Keepers" stiring,...and he thought he smelled,...food? Was there a kitchen in this place?

A portal to who-knows-where, bunk rooms, and a kitchen,....where the hell am I?

Tommy stepped into the portal room still looking gorggy, and without his light grey coat. He went over to the table that he was working at the last night and leaned the chair against the wall. He laid back in it,..and decided to "just "rest" his eyes for a bit,...

23rd August 2005, 10:05 PM
Dedomi heard a knock on his door. He thought he also heard the word breakfast or something, but he ignored it. He examined the remains of the bug in his hands.
"So I can do it too?" Dedomi said outloud to himself. "This is truly amazing... I always imagined myself as the one guy in the corner who didn't have it in his blood, but this... this is real. These remains... they are real, and so is this. One day, I'll be able to kill more than a bug..."

Dedomi smiled to himself and stood up. Using a rag and some drinking water, he cleaned his hands before walking downstairs to the kitchen. I'll check on X and Kenja later, they need as much rest as they can get. I need some food before I do anything... to damn starved. It's been way too long since I've had good food to eat.

Dedomi walked into the kitchen. He took a good look at everyone, and then sat down,
"Is this a cook your own meal jig or do we have a cook? I would be most appreciative for a good meal."

23rd August 2005, 10:18 PM
Ok guys, I'm trying to get the forum all set up so we can advance a bit behond simple rping here, I got the training thread open! its only for physical training, anyone who is interesting in heading the magic training contact me and we'll work that out

24th August 2005, 11:24 AM
I plan on doing the magic training... I'll get around to it sometime.

Shimizu sat and practiced his magic. He noticed Tommy groggily trudge by to a chair. He watched him sit, and 'rest his eyes'. "Heh, of course." Shimizu went back to his spell casting. He was getting rusty, he forgot all the spells he knew, or at least he couldn't remember them at the time. He continued to try one he was sure he knew. It was supposed to be a ball of light that appeared in his hand, that was supposed to light the way in dark places, but he couldn't get the stupid thing to work. He sat there cursing for a while, then he tried to make it work again.

24th August 2005, 12:50 PM
I have a few misunderstanding of the ranks, and how to rise through them. So, does posting here, in this thread, count for anything at all?

Quarre laughed quietly at Latias. He was just so excited to see people, and help them, too. He was right at home in the kitchen, and was more than happy to make food for everyone. She was excited, to say the least, that Latias had forgiven her, and that she could be friends with such a nice person. She still had a few moral kinks to work out, but those would go away with time. She had slipped up royaly, but all seemed to be ok now.

Quarre walked over to Shimizu, who was cursing about not getting his light spell to work correctly. "Whatcha doing?" She asked, playfully. She was bored, and if she didn't occupy herself quickly, Calypso would drag her out for training. She didn't like fighting at all, and preferred to stay away from the physical training. Her cousin always aspired to be the best, and if anyone got ahead of him, he'd put them in their place. Whether he was permitted to or not.

24th August 2005, 05:14 PM
Calyspo, good point, ok, new revision I"ll go make, for the posts in the clan forum, the thread will also count, since I want people posting here not totally blowing it off, thx man. I"ll go revise that now, sorry I"m not rping in here much, I"m more worried bout the stuff with forums and that this is going smooth than what happens with my chars ( plud dam school)

26th August 2005, 12:40 AM
BearClaw and Claw woulda been too hard. I'll explain why Khongol later...

26th August 2005, 12:43 AM
Okay. I understand! No problems here!

30th August 2005, 10:36 PM
Thanks Tommy, but I already had (look at siggy) See? It's not there, but my sig is. Someone should tell The Truth that we got in trouble for that... >.<

"I'd be glad for the help. You must explain everything, I want to understand it all. This alchemy... its marvelous, I have to find out how it all works."

Calypso smiled, glad for the acceptance. He shook Dedomi's hand strongly. Calypso, though nothing to sneeze at magically, was very powerful physically. "I'm glad, I've known many people in my time who would chance death rather than accept my help." Calypso thought of the after affect of this comment, perhaps Dedomi would think Calypso's help bad luck, or maybe Calypso himself a shady character.

"I will explain the potion first, in full. Alchemy is based on a number of things, and is usually referred to as magical chemistry. It's easier to think of that way. To help it along, you will need a combination of ingredients, chemicals, and objects of magical essence, as well as magic wielding abilities. The stronger the magical object in your potion, the less energy needs to be spent on using it."

Calypso stopped, he wasn't really explaining his potion, more like using it as a reference point. "Should we sit down? This will take a while to explain."

Calypso moved to a lounging-type area to sit and explain this. He waited for Dedomi to join him, and then continued, "The potion I used, was used with what magical item, can you guess?" Calypso was teaching in an involving way, if not involved, pupils tend to not pay much attention, or so Maomarka had once instructed him.

7th September 2005, 04:12 PM
Guys, I made a clan quest, I just realized I posted it nowhere, post in it, heres the link. http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=25412. It's a copy of one I made before that died, but I made a few changes, ok people, post in it

18th September 2005, 01:54 PM
Cal said what it looked like in his other posts, didn't he?

18th September 2005, 02:13 PM
Re-read and removed request lol

21st September 2005, 05:01 PM
I vouch for Preditor (since I invited him). He's now a trial member, lacking only one Official member's vote.

Calypso appreciated the help from Khongol as the berserker began to take care of the crab creature. Calypso was about to join the fray, when Raven landed on top of him. Calypso let out a small yelp of surprise, quite uncharacteristic of him. He accepted the help back up to his feet.

Calypso re-drew his long twin swords, and headed back into his original battle with the crab monster, hoping that the new comer would be able to handle himself.

Quarre had been too near the first monster and was now covered head to toe in blood. "Ew!" She exclaimed, "That stinks!" She looked at Khongol blamingly, but he was already on to the next one. Quarre saw Raven fighting the newest creature addition. "Raven!" She exclaimed, excited to see him again. She was concerned about him when she had left to find her cousin once more. He had said that he would catch up to her, and now he had. Quarre rushed in with her own twin swords to help Raven out.

2nd October 2005, 10:18 AM
OOC I think you mean a needle in a hay stack

7th October 2005, 04:06 PM
WHOA! Slow down people! It's just a clan thread! Preditor, Cal said wait for me! Can you not read? lol

Shimizu's eyes widened when he saw Calypso's signs of life. He watched Calypso for a bit, wondering what was going through his head. Maybe he's blaming me, or coming up with a word that's worse than idiot. Shimizu waited for Calypso to say something, but nothing came out of the half phoenix's mouth.

"Calypso, I'm sorry." He looked into Calypso's eyes, sincere about what he was saying, no jokes or lies. "It was my fault that you were hurt." Shimizu lowered his gaze to the floor, "I'll understand if you want to hold it against me."

19th October 2005, 10:10 PM
May I guide everyone of you to the following thread, especially the section which goes to IC posting ...


Now what you have been doing can perfectly be done in the BA, but this kind of posting is not for the clan forum ... hell, I think I could move the last 200 posts to the BA ... and I just might to ...

20th October 2005, 06:35 PM
Sorry! well, it was fun while it lasted hereV_V

20th October 2005, 11:31 PM
Simple. Cal since this surrounds you make a thread to continue this.

21st October 2005, 01:59 PM
lol, ha, this is my fault, alright, I'll go continue it.

EDIT: K, here's the new thread:

21st October 2005, 05:16 PM
That sucks! Now what are we going to do with this stupid clan? We're going to put everything in that other place. This thread's gonna be empty except for when people go to look to see if the updates have happened yet.

21st October 2005, 05:26 PM
Khongol rises and nodded at Latias's statement on his cooking. "Glad you are with us then. Now if you excuse me..." He rises and heads to his room. He grabs his battle ax and ammo belt. He rests each on a shoulder and goes outside to exercise.

We'll make it work. No worries.

21st October 2005, 05:51 PM
Make what work? I'm confused. Isn't what's going on, on the other thread, the one Cal has in his post above? What's Khongol up to? ... T_T I'm confused...

*reads previous pages* Oh, I get it now. Didn't you read BK's post? What you just did was spam.

23rd October 2005, 05:56 PM
Guys, the other thread will work just as well, if thats what you guys like about the clan, then go to that thread, I just wish they'd have said something before yall got used to it like that, and people, just post there, no use complaining here, please don't complain, not my choice. And I really don't want anything else to be spam ok? I want to keep this clan on the same track it was on before, it'll still be a good clan, ok?

Edit: Oh SAbian, thank you for your input about this, "stupid clan" lol

24th October 2005, 03:28 PM
lol, sorry about that. I didn't really mean it was 'stupid' just, what's the word I'm looking for? Different? yeah, that's it. So what will we use this place for? I only REALLY liked coming here for the actual RPing thing we did... what, are we supposed to do that gambling thing that had been set up earlier?

1st November 2005, 04:07 PM
Guys, whoever is still posting in the clan quest stop, your making WAY too many ooc posts in the clan quest, if you wanna continue the quest be my guest, but I'm out of it, I figure it's over, least for me

2nd November 2005, 06:59 AM
What kind of person who runs a quest quits it? That really pisses me off when people do that. If you're not going to continue the quest in a different one, ... I don't know what I'll do... but quitting is an option on my list. I'm getting tired of this.

2nd November 2005, 04:20 PM
I thought it was over, the attack was over, I settled the battle between X and Sakudo, somtimes it seems obvious that there is no where else for it to go, god, though I am making another one soon, lets see if I can finish it today, and if a quest has no where to go theres no need to continue it, I'll get it going by end of tomorow

6th November 2005, 07:20 PM
SHim control yourself, youl get warned for that post! it's good that your speaking your mind so people know what not to do, but the cursing is realky close to flaming!

26th December 2005, 07:17 AM
This clan has been inactive for a month or more. As such, your options are the following;

1. close the clan.
2. elect new leader if the leader has become inactive.
3. recruit new members.

If no solution is chosen within a week, this thread will automatically be closed.

26th December 2005, 08:34 AM
OoC- Sorry BK, real life stepped in on Shim, SAb, and Cal. Dunno where Pred and DeathSoldier went... So I was quiet. lol I invited my only other friend on GUA into the clan but he declined. Thus my "disappearance".

26th December 2005, 09:34 AM
I'm sorry too, the explanation on my disappearance is in my journal. I say we elect a new leader, although... Cal and SAb won't be able to come back for another long while... and neither will I... Are we gonna have to close it?

26th December 2005, 09:53 AM
I'm afraid we're gonna have to close it guys... It was an awesome scheme to try and keep the characters active, but it didn't seem to work. I can't be on, Cal can't be on, Shim can't be on, With all of us gone, Lrbearclaw won't do anything, there's no way any moron would join this clan... Plus i think someoen scared preditor away, and our old leader hasn't shown his face. It's over.

27th December 2005, 10:59 PM
Damn it, it just kind of died, do any of you guys still do ba at all? since I have been getting more time lately to do this, though with school it's been harder, I have at least 2 weeks where I'll have time for the clan. But guys, which of his choices do you want to do?

1 Close it (It's become inactive but I think we coul dget it back going...)
2 Elect a new leader (If you wish to have somone else lead, possiblys omeone with more time then you can vote on it)
3 We could have a recruitment thread to get more members (If you want to have a recruitment thread to get more guys we could do that)

Vote people, in 3 days Iw ill tally the votes and we will make a choice for the clan, ok?

28th December 2005, 07:27 AM
I say 1 or 3... hate the idea of the second... because I know who it'd be by default.

I've tried to play in the BA but largely it's been spars or closed quest that are going... and until last night the open quests I join die. I just started in one (if they'll have me) so I have to see how that one goes.

28th December 2005, 11:42 AM
k, err, lets count that as one for one and one for 3 since yer undecided between the two. I'd say 3, cause I think I get it going again and don't wanna close it, and I do still wanna be leader if you guys want me to.

EDIT: If no one else votes, I say we have another recruitment thread

31st December 2005, 03:59 PM
Hello! How long has it been? Almost two months... that doesn't seem so long, not in real life, but on GUA, I suppose that's a tad too long.

I would just like to say hi to everyone. I'm not sure If I will be able to use this connection. I'm at home, on my own computer, but it's my dad's girlfriend's internet connection. Whenever she's over, I suppose. So I guess that means I'll be online every weekend, at best. That IS good news, right?

Anyway Lr, who did you mean the new leader would be?

I would have, two months ago, voted that we have a new leader. I was online everyday, and DS was inactive all the time. But after my absence, I feel I've lost the right to voice my opinion in this clan at this moment. I would suggest, now, that you open a recruitment thread, unless you already have..

31st December 2005, 05:47 PM
I'm with Cal on this one. Heh heh... I wouldn't have minded a new leader and all, but I'm not really able to do much either, it seems. It's a different connection huh.. I didn't know that... Anyway, I also vote you put up a recruitment thread, IF you want to keep this thing going, not promising too much here..

31st December 2005, 07:23 PM
Haha You disappeared to. And I had meant that that mantle woulda been forced on me if I wasn't careful. =P But I wouldn't know how to go about a recruitment thread anyway. But DS and I have talked a bit... he's getting more access so maybe we can pick this up again.

1st January 2006, 11:10 AM
Maybe. Holly's connection works pretty well, but I'm not sure if we'll be able to get on when she isn't here. Heh, you see yourself in a pretty high place, doncha? Well, let's try to pick this up. Where do we start?

1st January 2006, 02:39 PM
High place? No. I never look for leadership... it's normally "forced" on me.Basically when I'm the only one willing to try... or when there is no one else. haha

And where to start is a good question.... I'll bounce an idea off DS.

1st January 2006, 02:47 PM
Kenja walked out from her room into the Keepers of The Tomb common room and made an announcement. "There will be a meeting for this clan, it starts in one hour, everyone meet at the dinner table so we may speak for the future of this group." She sat down at the end of the table, fearing that they needed mroe people to defend the portal as many were going off for personal reasons (being inactive, but I had to come up with an IC reason) She awaited everyone who was still helping guard this portal.

1st January 2006, 03:13 PM
Khongol enters the comon room, battered and bloody from a trip. He looks like he fought a one-man war. His 'hawk is messed up, his kilt is tattered, his chainmail shirt has holes in it, he has wounds finally closing from what must have been his Cascading Rage, but his battleax is perfectly fine (save the dried blood on it). He slumps into a chair weak and weary.

There will be a meeting for this clan, it starts in one hour, everyone meet at the dinner table so we may speak for the future of this group."

He glances at Kenja and puts a hand on her shoulder, and crouches to face her. No words come to mind so he just runs a finger along her cheek and smiles. He then walks away to clean himself up a bit to be more "presentible".

1st January 2006, 06:30 PM
Quarre entered the room after being summoned, still extremely worried about Calypso's on going disappearance. No one had been able to find him after he disappeared into the depths of the basement. Quarre was worried sick, and would not be able to concentrate. She knew this much, that if Calypso did not return soon, she would leave in search of him, or ask Maomarka, who had conveniently been stowed away in the library, studying and practicing his alchemy.

A whole lot of help he was, he showed for the meeting. He had, unkown to the others, been studying up on dimensional rifts and the effects of the portal. He held the portal in account for Calypsoi's disappearence, but since he could not back that statement scientifically, he said nothing about it at all.

He met Quarre at the entrance to the dining hall. Neither said a word to the other, and simply entered the room, taking up what now seemed to be their normal seating arrangement. Both inadvertently gazed upon the seat which had been Calypso's, before he was taken away by something. Maomarka also thought back to the depths of his mind, that this could also be some of Xander's doing. But wouldn't have a clue why. That would be something he would have to dicuss with Khongol, who surprisingly, knew more about the evil entity than himself.

2nd January 2006, 10:14 AM
Latias had no where else to go at first, when the other guys began to leave. But he had remembered Jack, his old friend back where he used to live. Latias had taken his own little trip to see Jack, just to catch up. Latias had to take a long journey for this, so he disappeared for quite some time, sort of like Calypso had.

Latias walked into the Keep and smiled, "I'm back!" He called in, wondering if there'd be a warm welcome for him or not. Latias went upstairs and placed his bag on his bed and then trotted down into the kitchen. Latias looked around, happy to see this kitchen as well. He remembered back to when he walked into his own restaurant back home and nearly bounced off the walls he was so happy.

This time, Latias controlled himself and began to rememorize the kitchen. He sat down at the table when he heard Kenja call for a meeting, Latias smiled. "A meeting? I've never been to a meeting before!" He immediately ran off, getting ready. Latias clearly didn't understand the significance of a meeting.

Hey, I made a picture of Latias and Saital together, they're in Latias' profile in my sig, if you wanna know what he looks like.

2nd January 2006, 10:40 AM
Shimizu had been out, saying he wanted to see something about his home town. The disappearance of Calypso bothered him. Shimizu walked into the Keep, scared, like Khongol was. Shimizu also looked like he fought a one man war, but it was nothing like that. Shimizu's clothes were tattered and parts were burnt. His hair was dirty and messed up. He didn't take his eyes from the floor, so his hair hung down over his face.

Shimizu stumbled to the stairs when he heard Kenja say there was a meeting. Shimizu looked up, his eyes hazed over, no life in them. He then continued up the stairs. Once at the top, he heard Khongol coming. Shimizu was a slow walker at this point, so he moved to the hallway's wall, wanting to make room for Khongol to pass.

Shimizu awkwardly walked into his room and placed his remaining things on his bed. Shimizu looked at his clothing and decided he should change them. He did, although very slowly. Looking up into the mirror, he stared at his own reflection for a moment. Shaking his head, he went out his door and down to the dinner table. He dropped himself into a chair and allowed his head to make a loud 'thud' as it hit the table.

2nd January 2006, 11:01 AM
Quarre's head snapped up at the sound of Shimizu entering the room. "Shimizu!" She exclaimed, happy to see him again. She hadn't a clue where Raven was, but that could wait. She got out of her chair and ran to Shimizu's side. "Shimizu, are you ok? What happened? Did you find Calypso?"

Maomarka could tell by the look of Shimizu that he didn't need the half-phoenix's name mentioned upon his arrival, but Quarre was a little less sensitive to these matters, unfortunately. Maomarka looked at the ever bouncy Latias. "Welcome back," he said, without really looking at him. He knew Latias would feel ignored or abandoned, or something silly like that, if know ackowledged him.

The doors swung open and the lights flickered. Calypso entered the room silently, his body quivering a little, and his left eye twitching madly. He stalked to the Northern end of the hall, and stood quietly in the darkness now cast there. His eyes watched all in the room, his hands lay on his sword handles, in a rather threatening manner. The whole scene was rather eerie, and it was obvious that Calypso was in no mood for talking with anyone.

2nd January 2006, 12:05 PM
Khongol returns from his shower in only his kilt and boots. He was carrying his ax because he learned to never be away from it. He looks at the half-baked Shimizu and the p*ssed Calypso. He sees most of the group is there, even Latias (who seems to be his unofficial sidekick) was in the kitchen. Khongol does something the others are afraid to. He looks to Calypso and speaks, "Greetings, old friend," and places his ax on his shoulder (just in case).

2nd January 2006, 02:12 PM
Kenja looked upon her clanmates and sighed, "Ok, it has come to my attention that we are really not prepared in case of a real attack from the portal, too many people have left the tomb for personal reasons (IC excuse for being inactive) I think we should try to recruit more members into our group to help us defend this portal. Normally I would say only people who find out about thhis on their own, but I'm starting to think we should place posters in some towns to get more people interested in joining this group (basicly, a recruitment thread lol) What do you all think about doing that? I wish to take a vote with you guys, either that or mabye we need to seal this tomb off forever and just gope to god that nothing will attack earth (that means close the clan, which I don't wanna do) So everyone, lets take a vote, much a sI"d rather not I find the need to look for more assistance"

2nd January 2006, 02:38 PM
Khongol grunts out, "Sealing it not wise... something will eventually break loose. If there is no one to defend them our children or children's children will suffer for our mistake. I vote to find more help."

2nd January 2006, 06:14 PM
Shimizu glanced up at Quarre, he then notices Calypso and nods towards him, answering her question. "He's right there..." Shimizu muttered under his breath. He looked up at Kenja and nodded his agreement with Khongol. "I agree with the berserker..." he muttered again. "We shouldn't close it..." Besides... He thought grimly, I've nowhere else to go.

2nd January 2006, 06:21 PM
Latias plopped himself down in a chair. He smiled at Maomarka, "Thank you!" Once he saw Calypso, he hopped out of his chair again, but stopped. Staring hard at Calypso, Latias felt something was wrong. "Calypso? Are you ok?" Then he saw Khongol, "Hi Khongol!" He said excitedly, waving like a maniac.

Latias quickly put his attention back on Kenja, thinking on the subject. "I think that maybe we should try and get Raven back, he disappeared." Latias stared up at the ceiling for a moment, "Yeah, we should put up posters. But what if no one comes?" He looked back at the rest of the group.

2nd January 2006, 06:50 PM
Calypso's swords were out in a flash, proving that Khongol's placing his axe on his shoulder was not in vain. But Calypso slowed when he heard Kenja announce whatever it was. Calypso cared less to hear it, but his opinion was being asked of him. He twitched again, some unearthly aura surrounding him. He calmed down a little, life slightly returning to his eyes, when he replied, "Fine, recruit more members. Meeting ajourned?"

Quarre wondered what was wrong with Calypso, and Shimizu. Both of them were acting weird. Shimizu didn't even speak to her when she asked him a question. Becoming huffy at this, she turned towards the door. With a small 'hello' to Khongol, she left Kenja with the answer, "It makes no difference to me," and left.

Maomarka looked at Shimizu, "You know that's your fault, right?" Knowing Shimizu didn't need to hear it from him, he turned to Kenja, "There are not many who seek to join clans nowadays, I hope you understand. It will be difficult to meet the requirements. Members are hard to come by..." Maomarka trailed off, having made his point that this was not the easiest route. But at least they were not giving up, and would still fight the good fight. But Maomarka was beginning to doubt the true intentions of the Keepers of the Tomb in their entirity. The last exchange with Sakudo and his minions had left them for worse, and it displeased many to be so poor in aid to the clan. What it was, exactly, that took away their ability to do anything, Maomarka wasn't sure.

2nd January 2006, 08:32 PM
Khongol gives Quarre a slight wave and then looks at Cal's swords. "If you have issue with me, bring it to me as a friend and a man. If not then stand down. I'm not such an easy foe. Shouldn't you remember that? Or shall we go back into our little contest of wills?" He rest his ax in his hands ready incase the overly p*ssed phoenix wanted to screw around. "Now I'd recommend you say two words to your cousin because she was worried about you. Unless she, like the rest of us who care, don't matter."

He turns his back to Calypso providing a way to strike like a coward if he so wishes. He could read Shimizu's face. "If worse comes to worse, Shim, you could stay at my home village for awhile... or move into the nearby city Qeynos. You could find work there. Many magic shops and guilds. Even acouple taverns. Women are nice too... but no one beats a good Halasian wench."

To Maomarka, "Of course not many are looking for clans. No one gets famous or rich by sitting about in a keep watching a water-door and praying something gets out so he can taste a enemies blood on his lips after hacking it apart. As nice as the dummies are, noting beats a dangerious foe. That is why I left for a while to visit family... and kill some gnolls. But I thought most of you were here... had I known many left I woulda stayed. I do hope nothing has been loose... for too long."

3rd January 2006, 12:45 PM
Latias watched Quarre leave, "Quarre? Where are you going?" Latias' ears flattened to his head, "I'm sorry..." he mumbled, not knowing it wasn't really his fault. Latias looked at Calypso, "Stop that! What's with you? Everytime I see you you're always drawing your swords on someone. What happened to you before?" Latias was speaking about the basement.

He looked over at Khongol, thinking that if there was something seriously wrong with Calypso, it wouldn't be smart to turn your back on a possessed man. You could end up losing your head.

After hearing what Khongol had to say about the enemies, "You blood thirsty tyrant!" Latias burst out, "Not everyone loves to take another's life! How could you be so full of hate!?" Latias was serious, he'd never taken someone elses life on purpose, never wanted to. Now, he was hearing Khongol speak like it was every man's dream to slaughter someone.

3rd January 2006, 01:03 PM
Shimizu looked up at Khongol, he didn't have anything to say to that. He didn't want a job, he didn't want Khongol's pity either. All he really wanted to do was crawl into a hole and die. Quarre's getting huffy didn't help. Shimizu knew it was his fault, he didn't need Maomarka telling him so.

Shimizu looked at Kenja, "The meeting, is it over?" He didn't wait for an answer though, he got up and followed Quarre out, knowing he should talk to her else he'd regret it later.

Walking up behind her, Shimizu placed a hand on Quarre's shoulder, "Quarre..." he said, trying to get her attention. "I'm sorry I didn't speak to you... I ... I'm not feeling like myself... Please, if you wish to hate me, tell me now..." Shimizu lowered his gaze to the floor, waiting for her response.

3rd January 2006, 01:24 PM
Quarre looked into Shimizu's overly saddened eyes, "What's wrong with you?" She asked, bottom lip quivering, "all I did was worry about you and you brushed me off completely. My cousin hates me, and is probably possesed, and no one is doing anything to help him. I know I don't have the power to, and Maomarka is keeping as far away from the whole situation as possible." She paused, trying to calm herself, but failed. She nearly screamed, "And that stupid berserker cannot help anyone if he tried!" She tried to calm herslef a second time. She wished she could take that back, she was just very troubled right now, and like she said, felt that no one was there to help her.

"I admit, when Raven was around, all he did was hold my hand and ask if I was alright. It bothered me to no end. He was like a broken record, and didn't even have a hint of a sense of humour. You were always so fun, and cheery. Now you're broken too. I may as well go sit with Latias, for as much good as anything is doing me. I don't have the self control to comfort myself, nevermind give you the pity you're searching for. If you don't want pity, than don't act so pathetic. I don't want to upset you, but this is ridiculous."

Maomarka threw a vile at Calypso, just as he was about to skewer the back of Khongol's throat with his left long sword. This vile exploded instantly on impact, and caused Calypso to immediately freeze in place. Completely immobile. Maomarka sighed, and looked at Khongol, "It isn't very wise of you to turn your back on Calypso. If he is indeed returning to how he was a couple hundred years ago, it doesn't matter if it is your back or otherwise that he is attacking. You do not know Calypso well enough to diagnose what is troubling him. Sadly, neither do I."

Upon saying that, assuming no drastic reactions were taken, Maomarka gathered Calypso up and brought him to his room.

3rd January 2006, 04:47 PM
Khongol looks at Calypso after Maomarka saves his butt. "Well.... I think we got the answer to that test. He definately has something wrong with him. But what happened a century ago? He only told me part of his past..." he shakes his head "And I made a promise to never say what."

His head lowers when he hears Quarre shout about his lack of ability to help anyone. He looks to Latias, "Yes, I do enjoy the kill. You've seen me fight. I enjoy the battle, the thrill of the danger... when death is a heartbeat away I'm strongest. You see, I had a hunch that Calypso would strike. Why then did I give him a chance? I knew someone had my back. Call me a "blood-thristy tyrant" if you wish. But Calypso and I had a chance to kill the other and we didn't. Throughout the fight we held ourselves back. If I'm so evil why would I? ALL of my kilings were in battle, not vengence. Combat, not cold blood. If I'm evil how can I restrain myself to that? And you didn't think ill of me when I gave my all to save Raven, or the vilagers, or anyone else for that matter. Did I sink lower in your eyes?"

He sits at the table by Kenja and looks between her and Latias. "How can we defend anyone if we cannot trust each other?"

3rd January 2006, 06:14 PM
Latias closed his eyes, listening to Khongol, "I understand what you're saying Khongol, but tell me. What caused those battles? I'm sure that not all of them could have been someone elses fault. Was it your rage that started those battles? Your love of taking others' lives? Your love of fighting? I know that being angry is a part of life, and that is why I've hurt others, but you have more rage than anyone else I've ever seen, I would call you a liar if you said that your anger has never harmed someone before."

Latias knew that Khongol lived for fighting, but that wasn't what he was trying to get at. He was trying to say not to group all men in with the life of a berserker. Latias knew that he himself could not plead the innocence of a man who had never killed another, but there were those out there who could, and they would never raise a weapon to a friend or an enemy. But you could also say that those people had nothing to protect, nothing to lose. And yet, they could also have been heroes for such an act.

3rd January 2006, 06:26 PM
Shimizu looked at Quarre, he understood what she meant by the pity. "I don't want your pity..." he said, his tone getting firmer. "I'm sorry Quarre." he shook his head a few times and looked into her eyes, "I'll stop with the gloom and doom act, 'kay?" He smiled, his smile was small, but it grew bigger as he looked at her further. "Don't be so hard on Khongol, he's a big guy, and big guys are usually clumsy." Shimizu put his arm around her shoulder.

"I'm sorry, I'll help you find out what's wrong with Calypso, he does seem out of it." Shimizu glanced back at the other room. Shimizu felt determined now to help Calypso anyway he could. Shimizu watched Maomarka carry Calypso's frozen body upstairs. "Do you know what's wrong with him?" Shimizu called after the alchemist.

3rd January 2006, 07:39 PM
Quarre smiled and gave Shimizu a hug. "I'm glad you're feeling better. Even if it is just an act, it'll become real enough if you act it long enough." Quarre watched Maomarka take Calypso upstairs.

Maomarka froze on the steps and looked at Shimizu. "I have some hunches. And like everything I always encounter: When it comes to people, together they all have the answer. But if none speaks to the other, they will never find the solution. We must work together to find what it is. And what we do must be for the greater good, and not for the sake of a promise."

Maomarka sighed heavily and layed Calypso down, returning downstairs. "I hate people. I hate anything human. Shimisu, I hate you. I hate Khongol. Even if he is a berserker, that must have human roots. I hate half of Latias, and Quarre because females are worse than humans. But that will not stand in my way, at the moment, of helping Calypso. I despise speaking to anyone, and working in groups is laughable. These are my major disfunctions. You may think them small and insignificant. Or eve trivial, but I regard them highly. I will set this all aside to work with you all to help Calypso, although he would unlikely do the same for us. Will you work with me?"

Quarre stared at Maomarka, "You, my fine chemist friend, are not good with words or people, and your pep talks suck ass. But I will help. I'm worried about my cousin." Quarre looked at Shimizu hopefully. "Please?" She knew Shimizu would be insulted deeply by what Maomarka had said, but she hoped he would still help.

Khongol and Latias (especially Latias) had undoubtedly heard what Maomarka said. Quarre walked into the dining room once again to find their response. She looked at Khongol, "You know as well as I that Calypso does not like or eve stoop to the cheap shot he took against you. That's not like him. Will you help?" Quarre looked at Latias, "Calypso's practically the only one who leaves the cooking entirely to you. And you're so kind hearted, would you please?" Quarre had less to say to Latias than Khongol. It was more of a matter of buttering him up, than anything else.

3rd January 2006, 08:40 PM
Oblivious to the conversation upstairs... he only heard Quarre because she shouted. Khongol looks at Laitias.... who seems more in control then ever and replies, "I was raised a child of a Berserker who fights for justice and a Warrior. Mom believes in no gods and Dad follows the Tribunal's way of justice. My kid sister took the path of a BeastLord, that means she has a natural friend and pet in a wild wolf. It would die to protect her or anyone she called it to. Then there was me. With no magical abilites I was unable to be a Shaman or BeastLord. Not nimble enough for a Rogue... that left a Warrior in Mom's eyes... she didn't want to risk he son and her husband. But I was kicked out of the Warrior's guild for losing my temper in training and almost killing a fellow student. We were trained in combat to defend those unable to defend themselves. And with our village under constant attacks by gnolls and the dragon living in Permafrost near my home... you get the picture. I went one day shortly after starting my training as a "Zerker" into the gnoll's home to wipe out as many as I could. I had been given an old axe that made light in the dark from my dad. For good luck I guess. There I met two people in trouble. Many gnolls were chasing them. That was when I for the first time gave into my rage.

"You need to understand, it is like a drug. And under the right circumstance... it can give life as it takes it. That day I saved two people. You want to know what caused the battles? Normally innocents. The thought that someone can be hurt by MY inaction is wrong. If you have the power to help someone and-" At that moment Quarre interupts with a request. The Zerk looks from Latias to her as she speaks and when she is done (though he knows he risks insulting her he continues... and gives his answer.

"If you have the power to help someone and don't then you never deserved that power in the first place."

He waits to see if either reply and then clears it up: "What do we have to do? And Quarre, we were just talking about it. I was willing to die to see if there was something wrong with Cal... if I wouldn't be willing to die for him... how can I call myself his friend?"

4th January 2006, 12:31 PM
Latias shook his head. He wasn't quite sure if Khongol was saying it was innocents that caused the fight, or the gnolls attacks, the dragon off in the Permafrost, but Latias didn't hear Khongol say directly it was his rage that caused a few fights. "I didn't say anything about saving others, Khongol. I wanted to know, have you, or have you not caused a fight with a comrade or someone else because you were so angry? I did hear you say that you almost killed someone in your training, because you lost your temper. Does that not mean your anger can do more harm than good?"

Latias put his hand up in a gesture toward Quarre that meant he'd get to her question in a moment, "I realize that everyone makes mistakes, and that anger has saved lives before, but that isn't what I'm asking. Do you understand, Khongol? I'm not looking to upset you, I just want to know, does being a berserker, a blood thirsty killer, make you feel complete?"

He then turned to Quarre, his eyes suddenly brightened. "Of course I'll help with Calypso, you don't even have to ask." Latias smiled at her. He didn't like what Maomarka said much, but there wasn't anything he could do about it, it was Maomarka's opinion and that was final.

Lrbearclaw, what did you mean by; Latias seems more in control than ever?

4th January 2006, 12:50 PM
Shimizu smiled at the hug he received, "Thank you Quarre," he murmurred. He looked at Maomarka, "Yeah, yeah, yeah... You hate everyone, got it. Anything else you'd like to say? No? Good." Shimizu put his arms behind his head, "Of course I'm going to help Calypso, not because I promised, not because you're asking me to, because I want to. Calypso is one of my friends, even though he thinks I'm very annoying. Like Khongol said, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't help?"

Shimizu walked over to Khongol and patted the big guy on the shoulder, he leaned up and whispered to Khongol, "Don't worry about Latias, guess he's a bit touchy after talking with his friend." Shimizu knew full well that Latias could hear him perfectly, and expected a glare from the little half demon.

"So, Mr. Sour-puss-alchemist, what's the plan? How do we help Calypso, exactly?"

4th January 2006, 08:43 PM
Maomarka joined Quarre, Shimizu, Latias, and Khongol in the dining room. "Like I said, we have the answer. I have and answer, and each of you has an answer. But to see the rest of the little peice of it you grasp, we all need the rest of us to fill in the blanks. Alright, Quarre, since you should in theory be closest to Calypso, what's you guess to the situation?"

Quarre looked at Maomarka, "You're his second sensei, you probably know more than I do, or are you waiting to go last? Whatever." Quarre cleared her throat. "First off, I beleive we all know Calypso's origins. Not only is his father a phoenix, but his mother was a half breed herself: Half human, half elf. That sort of makes him a mutt* among beings, if you understand. And that would make anyone's life difficult. I know my mother, his aunt, hated him thoroghly, but I had personally never actually met my cousin until I found him here at the Keepers of the Tomb, so I don't know him at all."

Maomarka thought about this, "Surprising. I thought you knew him better. What about you three? What can you share about Calypso?" This was directed at Khongol, Latias, and Shimizu.

*A mutt in canine terminology is a dog that is not pure bred, or half bred.

5th January 2006, 10:09 AM
I had meant he's not as.... high-strung. lol And we gotta be careful mods may step in and tell us this is a no-no.
Shimizu whispers in his ear an Khongol tries to finish this deb... sharing of personal views because it is getting them no where, "Do I feel complete? With each battle? Each broken enemy? You need a reason you fight for that feeling. And yes. My reason is to help those that need it. Why do you think I'm here? If I was completely blood-thristy would I fight for and with honor? Or instead wouldn't I just murder men on the streets. Perhaps you won't understand... considering Saital has more pleasure in death than I do. I rarely start fights... but I finish them."

Maomarka and the others join their "chat" and the subject shifts to Cal. Quarre give a summary of Cal's life. And Khongol, Shim, and Lat are asked to share whatever they know. 'Your promise.... remember your promise...' echos through his head. Khongol looks Maomarka in the eye and sees a distrust... a loathing in his eye. 'Maybe one day I'll learn why, and either earn it or his trust. But maybe he'll understand me here and not press the issue...'

"All I can say that I know is that Calypso was trapped in an eternal torture for around nine hundred years. I also know this isn't his home world... he is from a dimension, alternate reality, where our old "pal", Xander, took over the world. May account for some trouble that him, myself, and Shimmy had with him. Back when I first met the those two." He looks over to "Cal's" chair and leans back putting his seat on to legs. He rubs his chin and thinks as the others talk. Hoping that they wouldn't try to get more from him.

6th January 2006, 08:45 AM
Woah! Bear, what did you get a warning for?

Maomarka looked at Khongol, returning the staredown, which he beleived was characteristic of Xander, but the matches were always interrupted... Maomarka looked to Latias and Shimizu now. "I hope you are more willing to help than he is. I'm not saying that Calypso is going to like what we have to say. No matter. I'm sure I know what Khongol will not share." Maomarka was hoping to use this to get Khongol to spill the beans. Truth was, whatever Maomarka knew, he pryed and spied to find out. Calypso never shared anything with him. And no matter how Calypso changed, his feelings towards Maomarka always remained the same.

I have to let Ash post, else she'll hurt me for running off with things... All else fails, we could put this back in the KotT Daily Events thread, where it's supposed to be. >.> <.<

6th January 2006, 09:48 AM
Sorry I disappeared, I got sick and threw up about 7 times, heh, I doubt any of your guys would want to post after that. And Bear, fist, where did you get that warning, and second, Latias can be every emotion at once, not just high strung, heh heh, sorry, what you said there made me laugh.

Latias looked at Khongol, about to answer, when the others joined the conversation. Latias' attention was immediately on the Calypso subject, his attitude changed severely, but one word stuck in his mind, rather, one name did, Saital. He can't mean... Saital got out... didn't he... Latias stared into space for a moment, thinking about this. He hadn't known about that, why didn't some one tell him?

When Maomarka looked at them, Latias snapped his head up and listened to what Khongol had to say, "All I know about Calypso is that he's not a pure bred phoenix. That's all I know. He hasn't told me anything and neither has anyone else. I'm sorry I couldn't be of anymore help." Latias began to wonder why Calypso only talked with Khongol, did Calypso hate him for some reason? Latias' ears dropped flat to his head.

6th January 2006, 10:03 AM
Shimizu grinned slightly at Khongol and Latias, trying to continue their little conversation. I guess Khongol really wants to make an impression with that little guy, oh well. If he pisses off the half demon, that's his own problem. Shimizu leaned back and listened to what Quarre had to say. Shimizu thought long and hard about what he knew about Calypso. He frowned when he realized that what Quarre just said was almost completely new to him.

He looked up at the group, very puzzled. "I'm sorry to say that I didn't even know he was part elf..." Shimizu leaned back in his chair, thinking about this. "If this is the only thing that will save Calypso, he's doomed because the only person here who knows anything useful at all, won't tell us." Shimizu turned his gaze on Khongol. "Sorry buddy, but you are going to be Calypso's downfall, just because you didn't want to share any information that could save his sanity." He closed his eyes, thinking about this again.

"Maomarka, what exactly is this doing for Calypso? We don't know the first thing about him, or at least most of us don't. Congrats to those who know something and decided it'd be better for them if they didn't share." Referring back to Khongol, trying to get the, 'Zerker' to spill.

Ewwww... too much info there SAb, I was gone because my dad's trying to ground me because I called him a stalker yesterday. Heh heh... My bad.

6th January 2006, 01:04 PM
Khongol tried to ignore the jab by Maomarka... and when Shimizu pushs it he grows a little... perturbed. He pounds the table with as much force he he can muster while standing quickly. The table begins to crack after the hit. "YOU THINK I'M HOLDING BACK FOR ME?! HE" Khongol points upstairs, "TRUSTED ME WITH SOMETHING HE NEVER TOLD ANYONE! I CAN'T BREAK A PROMISE THAT I MADE. SHIMIZU, YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT THAT DAY HE AND I WERE JOGGING BEFORE HE BLASTED YOU?"

He sits, trying to calm down. "It was that. He trusts no one. Because when he did trust someone they stabbed him in the back. And he suffered... for nine HUNDRED years. Is it selfish to not want to break a beginning trust. Why does he talk to me? Because we are alike... road is the same and yet the paths are different, he also believes he has no friends despite whatever anyone tries.

"Trust me, if I thought for a second that he'd let me say the details... that may or may not help, than I would. But if he told no one else here... then isn't it possible he isn't ready for us all to know? And I am bound by honor to not go into details beyond what I said... and it was too much. It was too much when I opened my mouth..."

The warning was on an off-handed joke in the religion forums. Someone had asked if Satan lost his job as most evil who would get it. I made a crack about I could think of some people here on GUA that'd fit. Oops.

7th January 2006, 10:49 AM
Latias' eyes narrowed when Khongol stood up and shouted, punching the table. After the berserker sat down again, trying to calm himself, Latias shook his head. "Exactly. That is exactly what I meant." His tone was stern and a low growl could be detected. "You are starting a fight Khongol, because you can't control your anger. We are not in combat and thus you should calm down and think before you shout as you did." Latias' eyes were beginning to change, pupils could be seen, instead of the eggshell colour as before his eyes were tinging red.

Latias shook his head, and lifted his hands up and put them into his hair. He groaned slightly and stepped out of the room, fearing he'd do something he'd regret.

Oh, well I had a warning before about not being specific as to why I like a character in an anime. Heh, silly little things.

7th January 2006, 11:44 AM
Shimizu looked over at Khongol, figuring that he'd get angry. "Don't break the table, it isn't yours." Shimizu muttered, not afraid of Khongol and his ax or his rage. "Don't bother Latias," Shimizu said, straightening himself in his chair. "If he doesn't want to tell us, he doesn't want to tell us." He had to admit though, at least Khongol shared some, although Maomarka probably already knew that much already.

Shimizu watched Latias leave the room, "Now look what you did," Shimizu spoke to Khongol, "You gave him a headache." He then looked back over at Maomarka, "Now that we know all that we ever will about Calypso, what now?"

I hear ya, Lr, some people around here... Heh heh, no offense with the characters, right?

7th January 2006, 12:48 PM
Quarre looked harshly on Latias as he left, "Stupid half breed hypocrite. If you're so intent on having poor Khongol start the fight, it's best that you don't start it first." Quarre was thoroghly upset with everyone picking on Khongol. The only thing that set the berserker apart from the rest was that he actually knew something and was useful. Many people in the room couldn't claim that at this very moment.

Maomarka sighed, "I have not been sharing everything I know. Now then, a little brainstorming. When I said he was reverting to how he once was, I meant 550 years ago when he first came to me. I understand what Khongol is saying about distrust. Back then, Calypso was 1050 years old, and judging by the timeline set up, he had only recently escaped the nine hundred year hell hole vacation. He came to me seeking to learn alchemic potions concerning dimension travels. It seemed rather obvious he wished to leave the world he resided in."

Maomarka shook his head, "I suppose after those nine hundred years, the world he was originally from was no more, and he was therefor sent to a different one. I don't know if he wanted to get home, or was following someone. At any rate, when I met him, his english was poor, if it could even be acknowledged, and I had a little grasp on the phoenixian that he hadn't spoken a word of in nearly a millenia. Very short tempered fellow when people don't understand him."

Quarre sighed, "Right then. Only problem is, our home world wasn't destroyed."

Maomarka then realised a hole in his explanation, "See? I didn't know that. You helped bring us a step closer. But I haven't a clue what would have happened had your world not been destroyed."

Quarre smiled, feeling useful, "The threat was halted. At the same time Calypso disappeared, the sorceror that had threatened the life of the planet also died, thanks to Leto. She was amazing! Taking down that sorceror single handedly!"

If Khongol remembered Calypso's story better, he'd know that something was off about what Quarre just said.

Wow, this seems like a character test. It's tough for me, simply because I know everything about Calypso, yet my characters here know little. Fun fun.

Also, that's the great thing about RPing with friends; you can have them nearly gouge one another's eyes out, but know it's only the characters, and you yourself are not really alarming your friend.

7th January 2006, 03:33 PM
When Latias's eye shifted to red Khongol mutters one word so he could hear as he left. "Saital."

"Now look what you did, you gave him a headache."

He shakes his head, "It wasn't a headache. It was an old friend wishing to play. Lat is trying to control him." He glances at Quarre, knowing Latias probably can hear them, "Don't be hard on him. He has a battle we cannot fathom... even if we knew. His demon part tries to take control when he gets angry... much like my rage. When Saital takes over he looses himself until the demon allows him to regain himself... normally after alot of death. I saw Sait back when Lat, Shim, and I were defending that city."

Maomarka gives more to the tale of Calypso and then Quarre says something fishy.

"The threat was halted. At the same time Calypso disappeared, the sorceror that had threatened the life of the planet also died, thanks to Leto. She was amazing! Taking down that sorceror single handedly!"

He looks to Quarre in the eye for a brief moment allowing her to see he knows the story. "Tell me, Quarre. Who was this sorceror? Was the name Xander?"

7th January 2006, 05:08 PM
Shimizu grinned at Khongol, "I know it wasn't a headache," Shimizu was clearly lying. He had regained his sense of self and was the same easy-going idiot he had been earlier. Shimizu looked at Quarre, "You people really have to stop keeping so many secrets. Friends are friends, right?" Knowing very well that was not the case at all.

He was leaned back in his chair again, ready to hear some more about Calypso, he had wondered so much about him since he had met the guy. Listening to Khongol comment to Quarre, Shimizu sat up in his chair again, "Not Xander! Ugh!" Flopping back again, hand over his eyes. "If I ever have anything to do with that guy again..." He groaned. "So, what does this have to do with Xander? He was the sorceror 1000 years back? Why am I not surprised by this?"

I love character trivia! PMing back and forth tells you alot about characters!

7th January 2006, 05:29 PM
Pffft! Nice avatar Shim! rofl

Latias sat seething right outside the door of the kitchen/dining room. He could hear them, although he clutched his head in his hands, concentrating. What... am I? Who is this? He opened his eyes slightly, the colour back to its regular pupil-less, eggshell colour. He looked at his fingers as he lowered his hands to his face. "What..." he muttered.

Latias did hear what Quarre said, his eyes widened, "No I..." he glanced into the room, "I didn't mean to..." He leaned back again, and clutched his knees. A voice echoed in his mind, "Hate them... Let me out and I'll take care of it..." Latias' head snapped up right, "Hello?" He asked the hallway infront of him, "Guys?" He whispered back over to the room. They were talking amongst themselves, not to him.

"Latias..." It echoed again, and again in his mind. Latias started beating on his own head, trying to shut it up, "Stop! Leave me alone!" He stood up quickly and ran up the stairs, darting into his room and under his blanket, covering his head.

"Latias, if you won't let me go, the least you could do is kill one of them, like Calypso. He's defenseless. Frozen in place. That one should be easy enough for a half breed mongrel like you to kill." Latias' eyes glowed red, "Yes..."

8th January 2006, 09:58 AM
"Then perhaps it is you who should be ragging on Latias for his anger getting people killed, hm?" Said Quarre smugly.

Maomarka looked at her. "Lay off." Maomarka thinks back to what Quarre said. And then Khongol's response. 'Perhaps if we could find Xander, he would know a lot more about Calypso. That could help. But how could we possibly...?' Maomarka followed that thought through some loops while the others conversed.

Quarre looked at Khongol, "I think it was Xander. Mother told me about this one. The sorceror, by whatever name, was killing the planet. He had taken a forbidden magic into the caves in the northern part of the continent of Tevaria. There he created a summoning circle. This sucked the life out of the planet at certain, controlled quantities. It then inverted the life power into it's deathly shadow energy, and fed it to the sorceror. Or Xander, if that's the case." Quarre sighed, "That is how the story goes. It's a legend back home by now. Leto stopped the sorceror by using some sort of Forbidden magic herself."

Maomarka hoped into the conversation at that point, "I took particular liking to that story, because I found it lined up with Calypso's mutterings after he came to me 550 years ago. He said he was used as a sacrafice. I didn't know anything else. But the magic Leto used would require a living sacrifice. And I know that she herself walked away from that battle alive."

8th January 2006, 10:42 AM
Shimizu was sitting still, listening intently. He figured this would be the only time he'd ever get to hear anything about Calypso. "So... this story, the legend doesn't line up... I've heard it before, once or twice, I don't claim to be an expert of it though. I didn't know Calypso had anything to do with that legend, if I'd known, I'd have paid more attention."

Shimizu sighed and leaned back, "So, if Calypso is part of that story, this Leto sacrificed him?"

Ha ha, yeah real funny SAb, it's hilarious. I find it to be cute!

8th January 2006, 11:09 AM
Okay, if you say so.

Latias walked slowly down the hall, heading toward Maomarka's room. He stepped up to the door and creaked it open. He stared down at Calypso's frozen form, wondering if Calypso could feel anything that way. He walked up to the half phoenix and lifted a fist, ready to strike down.

9th January 2006, 09:56 AM
'Come on people... put two and two together...' Khongol thinks and then realises something. "The life of the planet? Explainshis raw power.... Hold on, if Latias is going to help he should know about this? Any ideas where he went?"

9th January 2006, 03:20 PM
Okay, I invited a guy to our clan, so he'll be joining us next time he's on, okay? Everyone alright with this? If not, too bad, he's joining anyways. He can join, ... right?

Latias was about to strike down on Calypso when he caught himself, "N-no! I won't do it!" He pulled back, "S-somebody!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, "Somebody please stop me!" Tears ran down his face as he held onto his own arm, which was trembling, trying to strike Calypso dead. "Ahhhhhh!!!"

9th January 2006, 03:38 PM
Shimizu nodded his head, "Yeah, maybe Latias wants to hear what's going on... He went upstairs, didn't he?" Shimizu stood up and started walking toward the staircase when he heard Latias' screams. His eyes widened, he rushed upstairs to see what was happening. "Latias? What're you doing?" He called as he ran down the hall way.

Yeah, it's fine with me. Let him come. I wanna see how long he'll last, the other guys didn't for very long.

10th January 2006, 04:48 PM
Calypso's form did not move when Latias moved to strike, unable to. But another force was present, one not Calypso's own, that would not allow it's host to be harmed, regardless of Latias' rage, or self control.

Quarre sighed, "I think I know... Calypso, we had heard word from him. My mother hates him. He had said that he was going to save the planet, but he wasn't looking for any glory. He had put himself on that path himself, and sought help from any elven warriors that may've joined him. My mother rejected him, saying that the planet was doomed anyway, there was not point in sending someone down to aid him. He was only a half breed anyhow."

Maomarka smiled, "Yes Shimizu. Judging by Khongol's grim expression of out stupidity at what is obvious to him, but not to us. And Quarre's revelation. Calypso was infact on that journey. And someone was sacrificed. It was him. That's where the hell hole Khongol mentioned comes into play. And also why Calypso is so cold thereafter. Now, we now he has a past with posession. Correct? That could easily be linked to Xander, or maybe a side effect of the hell hole he was sent to. Who knows what all thrived in there?"

"Then," Quarre started, "We need to find Xander? Or a descendent of Leto? She's obviously no longer alive, but her bloodline is."

Just then they heard Latias' anguished shouts from up the stairs. Quarre bolted from the table to see what was the matter...

'll give him my vote, but two is already enough for him to be a full member, so break out the wine when he gets here. WAIT!!! WHO THE HELL IS HE?!?

10th January 2006, 05:15 PM
Uhmm, his name is Lord_Asiram, or that's his user name. But I dunno if he wants to come anymore, Calypso, you sort of scared him off I think.

Latias' eyes were squeezed shut, holding his wrist, trying to stop himself from attacking Calypso. "Hurry!!!" He shouted, looking backwards. He thought he saw Shimizu and heard Quarre running up the stairs.

"I don't think so, my little host. Heh heh, I'm coming out this time..." Latias was trembling, "No, you won't!" He strained to say, pulling on his arm. His teeth were gritted as he hissed to hold himself back. Saital's low growl could be heard from deep within Latias' throat as he grasped his half demon host's spirit. "Now I've got you!" Saital laughed harshly into Latias' ear.

The red haired boy's hand balled into a tight fist and came flying down unto Calypso's head...

10th January 2006, 05:35 PM
Okay, so is he coming or what?

The crack of a whip halted Latias' asault on Calypso's head. Shimizu's long ranged weapon was wrapped around the half demon's wrist, as Shimizu held tight on the other end, causing Latias' arm to be pulled back. "I don't think so." Shimizu hissed. "Calypso may be a jerk but you can't just go and kill him when he's down." His eyes were glaring into Latias, severely angry at the thought of Latias' actions.

11th January 2006, 12:52 PM
Khongol follows and enters after Shim caught Latias's hand, but not one to stand aside he charges at the fox-demon and smashes him into the wall where he grabs the child's wrists and then lifts him from the floor. "None of that Saital. Now give possession to Latias. NOW! Don't try to fool me. I know you well."

"Shim, Quarre, is he okay?"

11th January 2006, 11:16 PM
ooc: Guys, I hate to say this, but you should elect a new leader, every time I say I"m gonna start being active I end up just forgeting about it or just not having time or get grounded. Guys, who else do you thnk might mke a good leader for the clan? I'd really rather someone lead it that will accually help it than me leading it and it just die

12th January 2006, 03:33 PM
Sorry to hear, Death Soldier, seeing as how it is your clan, as was once something great on the old GUA, though I was never there. In that case, I elect myself. I have experience in leader clans, as well have been in numerous others. No one else here can boast that. I have been associated with GUA longer than any other here, an I am of the highest ranking in the clan otherwise and got that title the quickest. I had been offered the co-leader position once, but had turned it down. Anyone disagree? Agree? I vote that Death Soldier at least be given a co-leader position, though we still do not have enough members. Once/if elected leader, I will go to one of the BA mods and ask for a new recruitment thread. I'm hoping after all that Lord_Asiram shows up. I'll ask Istar_Magnus. That'd make seven again, enough to be here legally. Speak up people.

Quarre watched as Shimizu saved her dear cousin. Dear? She almost laughed. Latias was in rough shape, they should never have let him leave the room earlier. It seemed that Khongol knew what was going on, however.

Maomarka walked into the room, he looked at Latias. "Another legend. Zafona, the dear child, Saital, the tyrant demon. A fox demon god." Maomarka left and came back moments later, holding a vile in hand. He extended his hand to Latias, "Drink this, it should hold him back." Whether or not Latias would be able to hear him, never mind grasp the vile, Maomarka was not sure.

12th January 2006, 03:35 PM
Okay, I'm not really interested but looking at the characters (because it is they who get the role not really us), the only ones who is not as much a follower are Khongol, Maomarka (who just is hateful lol), and Calypso who is a wee bit insane currently. lol Come on, try to argue that logic. But whoever is picked I'll help. *shrug* May not have GUA leadership experience... but I am leader of my EverQuest guild... or rather co-leader.

12th January 2006, 03:49 PM
No, it is ther user, not the character. Especially in reference to quest creation and recruition. But whatever. 'Sides, I'm more confident. ^.^

12th January 2006, 04:49 PM
Okay, I've got this god awful feeling that me and Shim are the ones who are the deciding people, aren't we? Well, I did read that Lrbearclaw doesn't want to be the leader. You said so yourself Bear. Sorry, oh, and Cal, looking at bit arrogant there, sorta like your avatar... Heh, Yzak much? Anaways, I vote Calypso, but only because she could hit me if I didn't

Latias looked at the vile, his eyes gleamed a little, "NO! I won't take it! Put me down, vile beast!" Saital's voice could be heard within Latias'. "I won't take it!" he struggled against the berserker, in vain. In his current body, Saital wasn't strong enough, in the body of a half demon child. "Curse this wretched body!" He shrieked.

Suddenly his hand reached for the vile, "What!? No! Latias! Stop!" His voice straining, trying to stay in control, trying to stop Latias. His hand grasped the vile and lifted it to his mouth. He dumped it down, cursing all the way. Soon, Latias was in control. He immediately dropped the vile he drank from and began to spit, "Ohhhhh gross!" He complained, lifting his hands to his mouth and started to wipe his tongue. "Yuck! Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!" He squeaked.

Glancing up from his tongue, he looked at Maomarka, "Thanks." He said, still holding onto his tongue.

12th January 2006, 05:12 PM
Wow, choosing a new leader? I'd say vote me, but I don't wanna run a clan that's doomed for failure anyway. Heh, I'm going to vote for... Hmmm... You know what I love about voting? The two candidates suck up to the voters. Whatcha got to offer me? I'm just being an ass.

Shimizu smiled as Khongol charged forth, "Where were you? Took ya long enough." His smile widened when he saw that Latias couldn't squeeze free. He recoiled his whip and put it away, figuring that Khongol could handle it from here. Maomarka's entrance was an educational one, "Zafona? I've heard of her... but from where..." He shook his head, his mind a blank, something had been erased from his memory.

"Saital, that's his name... Saital? That's Latias backwards. Nice, real nice. Very imaginative." Shimizu put his hands behind his head as he watched Latias retake his body. "Don't worry Khongol, Calypso's fine. Didn't touch 'im."

13th January 2006, 05:38 PM
Khongol stares hard into Lat/Sait's eyes and when they finnally are "normal" he lowers the kid. "Sometimes it pays to be a brute doesn't it?"

"Don't worry Khongol, Calypso's fine. Didn't touch 'im."

"Good... I was a bit more worried the kid here would do something he'd live to regret..." He looks at Lat. "And if he wishes I can try to help him to learn to control Saital by controling his temper." He shrugs. "Apparently I have some control if I don't attack you all in your sleep." He grins to show he isn't angry but sympathetic.

If Cal WANTS to lead, fine by me. I was typing my reponse when she was.

14th January 2006, 07:17 AM
Whoa! Don't get upset, Bear, it sorta sounds like you are.

Latias' big eyes stared at Khongol as he was lowered to the floor. He looked at his wrist where Shimizu's whip had been holding him still. "I didn't do anything.... Did I?" He looked back up at Khongol, hearing the words, 'live to regret' come out of the berserker's mouth sounded almost like a threat. Latias' fox ears turned back on his head and flattened down into his hair.

"Controlling... Saital? Is that what that thing is called? I think I heard it once, but lately, my memory has been a little foggy." He lifted his hand to his head. "What is he?" He looked at Maomarka, who seemed to know something about it.

14th January 2006, 07:27 AM
Okay, I'll vote Calypso then, if he/she wants to soooo badly. Don't feel bad, Lrbearclaw, it's just one leadership position. You'll get your chance someother time.

Shimizu smiled and nodded at Khongol, "Yeah, Calypso's fine, physically. He's not doing so well mentally though." He looked at Calypso's frozen form. He looked back at Latias who was inspecting the marks on his arm, "Don't worry about those Latias, they'll go away soon enough."

Shimizu then looked at Maomarka, "Well, alchemist, you seem to have all the answers, don't you? So, what's with this Saital?"

14th January 2006, 12:37 PM
Nope, not mad or upset. lol I don't want another online responsiblity. I'm already co-leader of a guild that is sickly... why would I want leadership of a GUA clan that is the same way right now? If Cal desires the "glory" (for want of a better and more appropriate word) of leading let her. BearClaw is more a leader than Khongol... because it is more than us, the characters must get the duty too.
Khongol looks to Latias and notes his expression. "I meant no threat if you too it out. Hopefully you have a long life, you don't want past sins adding guilt to your days." He raises a finger. "That is lesson one. What do you say. Want to learn how to control the beast inside you and how to focus your anger and rage when it is called for?" He remembers his outburst just moments before... "Be warned sometimes you will loose control for moments... it is in those times you will either be grateful for the "training" or you will regret your actions."

He looks to Maomarka, "What does Zafona have to do with this?"

To Shimizu, "You know the name because we encountered her before. On my last exploit I ran into the Requiax and that meeting forced me through the "memory wipe" our time traveling friend put in our minds before he disappeared long ago. You too can remember. Be warned, some is unpleasant. Some is ugly. Some will hunt you for as long as you dwell on it. But it could be part of the key to save our fallen comrade." (ooc: hint to a quest my buddy and I may be working on to get some or all of you in along with a couple others lol) "Trick is this: focus on HOW you knew me. How you knew to get a message to me to get me in the Keepers. Start there and everything should come back."

He looks to his wounds and thinks aloud, "I sore and still injured so I'm going to excerise and train. Latias is welcome to come if he chooses to become a Berserker... if not I'll see you all about dinner-time."

He waits to hear replies and then heads out if there aren't any questions. Out to collect his "toys" and go "play".

15th January 2006, 08:46 AM
Okay, just making sure you weren't upset with us. Oh, so I'm going to assume that Khongol remembered the Revenge Seeker quest? Must've tried pretty hard to remember it. Anyway, a quest you and a friend have been working on? I'm working on one too, although you know about it, sort of. Trying to get a quest of mass destruction in there instead of just thinking. So far, everyone has told me not the Cronus quest. Don't know why. I thought it was interesting.

Latias looked at Khongol and nodded his head. "Okay, I was a little worried you were going to chop my head off with your ax." He then looked at Shimizu, "I've never heard of a Zafona before either, who is she?" Looking back up at Khongol, his ears perked up again in curiosity.

To be a berserker.... The thought lingered in his mind, To control Saital... Can I really? Is it possible to stop him? Latias shook his head. "Okay, Khongol. I'm going to come with you." He said, after the berserker stated he was going to exercise. Latias followed Khongol to go get his toys.

"Um, Khongol... I'm sorry about before in the kitchen when I was asking all those questions and acusing you of being a tyrant. I barely know who you are, so I can't say that, can I? I'm sorry..." Latias was following Khongol every step of the way, his big eyes staring at the back of Khongol's head.

15th January 2006, 12:14 PM
Hey, SAb, I noticed you made the 'Jason' link in your sig an actual profile, nice. So Calypso's leader than?

Shimizu looked at Khongol, "So, why is it you remember this, and I don't? Did our little 'time friend' like you more or something? Who is our little time friend? Dammit I'm confused." He shook his head, "Anyway, what does Zafona have to do with this?" He looked to Maomarka.

When Khongol said he'd be going out to execise, Shimizu shook his head, "No thanks, I'd rather stay here. I don't really feel like working out all that much right now."

15th January 2006, 10:17 PM
WARNING- Lack of sleep so may be incoherent... My baby niece kept me up all night last night.
Before he leaves Khongol answers Shimizu and Latias's questions, "Cronus wiped all our memories. On my last adventure I encountered Requiax... a creature that was freed when we "killed" Ieyama. Seeing the creature forced me to remember. Maybe if you try you too can remember it. And Zafona is the infromation seeker for Xander (before he went completely off the deep end). Nice lady... kinda weird how she seemed to know our thoughts."


To Latias as the he towards his room. "No need to applogize. I've heard worse from friends I've known longer. But I should applogize too... I made it sound like a promise to control Saital... when I am not sure you can completely. But I'll do what I can... I'm a warrior not a magician. I leave those arts to those with skill in that area."

Taking his axes and heading outside he adds, "Now, your talents in battle are your fists. So we can use that... no need to carry large weapons when you can appear weak and helpless." He cracks an evil grin. "Perfect sneak attacks."

When they are alone and outside he finally asks, "Now. What is the one thought that sets you off and throws you toward Sait-mode? I need you to call it to your mind... but do not focus on it. Understand?"

Bear with me... lol Never gave "training" before.... and BTW if Cal is leader who is War general then? Or does she have dual roles?

16th January 2006, 06:18 AM
Prolly has dual roles. Anyway, it's okay, I've never been trained before, so you bear with me as well. Lol

Latias smiles at Khongol, "I don't think I was there." (OOC:Latias wasn't in that quest, his future self was, and that future self stayed in the future. This is the younger, present, Latias.) Latias follows Khongol into the hall anyway, knowing he must not have been anywhere near this Zafona or Cronus.

"I didn't think that you could help me control him completely." Latias said, walking down the halls after Khongol. "He's too powerful, I doubt I'll be able to hold him down for longer than five minutes if I get angry. Which can be a split second in time, at any time. Some control would definitely help that."

Watching the berserker take his axes in hand, Latias stands in the door way for a moment, "You're right, my fists are my weapons." He looks down at his hands, which must be stained with someones blood, almost Calypso's. "When I use them, the person I hit, their muscles deteriorate. Or so I've heard." Latias smiles at Khongol's evil grin, not knowing exactly what the berserker meant, but sneak attacks sounded like a good thing to him.

Latias trots after Khongol, now standing outside. He breathes in the fresh air and realizes that he's calm for once. "I understand, Khongol." Latias turned and faced the berserker, "But, I don't know if I can control concentrating on it or not. I mean, to bring it to my mind, wouldn't that mean concentrating on it?" He shrugged the thought off, "Okay...." He closed his eyes and tried to get the thought into his mind without concentrating on it.

The words, 'Damn half breed!' Came to his mind. Just as, 'What are you looking at, you dirty animal?' 'Hey! The mutt has a tail too!' 'Don't look, it's not human, it could hurt you.' 'Freak!' Latias' eyes burst open. "No! Stop it!" He dropped to the ground and latched onto his head. "Leave me alone! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!"

16th January 2006, 05:48 PM
SAb, you net hog! No, I'm just lazy. Well, I gladly accept the duty of running this clan. I've never been able to get one off the ground myself. I've invited three others to join already... I'll ask for a recruitment thread. Ahh, meh. Nice ava Shim, completely coherent bear, and stop with all the bad jokes lol, or the same repeating one.

"What I meant about Zafona and Saital," Maomarka continued, "Was the legend. Long ago, far before Calypso would even think of existing, there was a young demon boy. A full demon, the little demon was named Saital. He was a natural black colored kitsune, meaning fox demon. Fox demons of black coloring were beleived to be good omens, but something was radically screwed up in the cosmos on this one. Little Saital had but his first tail. He was a little monster. Every one hundred years, a kitsune would gain another tail. Saital was rotten, and commited crimes bad enough to lose a tail or two. As legend goes, each tail bestows the kitsune with a new power. At 1000 years a fox demon receives it's tenth tail, and becomes a god. Saital took 1200 years to reach this stage, but he reached it all the same."

"And this is when he became legendary. As a fox god, he did whatever he pleased. He terrorized the country side relentlessly. Other demons were afraid to even come near what Saital claimed as 'his' territory. A village girl 300 years into Saital's terror reign, was to be sacrificed to the tyrant demon. Saital, for a breif instant, had spared the girls. The villagers burned down the forest in which he lived, sorcerors of the viallge cast whatever spells they could. Out of pity, the little viallge girl known simply as Zafona fused her sould with the fox demon god Saital's spirit. So throughout the ages Saital's spirit has been living on within a human bllodline."

"Until now Saital could not even have the option of control, for there was not an ounce of demon in Zafona's bloodline. But Latias is half demon, and that is why Saital is now a problem once again."

Quarre stared wide eyed at the lengthy explanation that Maomarka had just spewed.

"Oh yes, this was all around 4500 years ago, the start of it, anyhow." Maomarka concluded.

Just then Calypso rose from his bed. He shook his head twice to clear his mind, and passed them all by on his way downstairs, not bothering to ask why they were all in his room, they were odd balls anyhow, asking would not change that fact. He'd squeeze it out of Shimizu later, perhaps. They all seemed dubfounded about something, though, and Calypso wasn't entirely sure what.

Quarre watched as Calypso rose and walked down the stairs, just as though nothing had ever happened. "Now wait, what IS going on here?!" She huffed getting really confused.

17th January 2006, 09:00 AM
Khongol looks at Latias on the ground. "Kid, no one is saying anything. It's in your head." 'Now what?' "Ignore the memory now... try to focus on something good while you hear whatever it is."

Yes short.... get over it. =P Should we start using the clan site again?

17th January 2006, 04:28 PM
Heh, thanks Cal. I like to change my avatar. BTW, nice sig. Don't worry about your posts being short, Bear. Yeah, we should probably start to use the clan thread again, 'cept for the fact we can't change anything since it's DS site.

Shimizu nodded his head. "Yeah, I suppose that makes sense. So Saital can't be controlled, or can he?" He then spotted Calypso rise. "Calyspso! Are you feeling alright?" Brushing by with out saying a word, Calypso heads down to the stairs. Shimizu frowned, looked at Quarre and shrugged, also confused. "He's not getting away from me that easily." Shimizu muttered.

He ran down the hall after the half phoenix. "Calypso!" He shouted as he grabbed hold of Calypso's shoulder, "What's going on? What happened to you back there?"

17th January 2006, 05:14 PM
Nice sigs to the both of you.

Latias looked up at Khongol with a stressed gaze, "The won't shut up!" He covered his ears, trying to hide from it. "Good... good..." He whispered in a hiss, breathing heavily. He focused on something Jack or one of his other friends had once said to him. He calmed down and loosened his grip on his ears. "Right..." Latias looked up at Khongol. "I think I've got it-" His eyes widened again, he felt a pain surging through his body.

Latias lurched forward, holding onto his throat, "Agh!" He groaned. His right hand quickly rose to his mouth as he started to cough, shaking violently. Hacking, Latias was on his knees, holding onto his throat and mouth, trying to stop something. "He's-" Latias tried to speak in between coughs, "He's trying t-to-*cough*get out-*hack*He's trying to- trying to-" Latias lurched forward again, and this time blood fell out of his mouth as he coughed. "He's trying to crawl out of my-" Latias started to gurgle a little, he held his throat tighter, trying to close it off.

17th January 2006, 09:49 PM
Khongol rests his hand on Latias's shoulder. He hisses into the kid's ear, "This is your body. YOU are the master NOT Satial. YOU tell him what is to be done. All you need to do is believe this truth and not his lies. He can help you survive... but CANNOT control you if you don't let him. Don't let him."

18th January 2006, 03:30 PM
"N-no!" Latias tried to tell Khongol, "He's not i-in-" He stopped for a moment, staring down at the floor blankly. He lurched backward, knocking the berserker's hand away from him as he fell onto his backside, twitching, trying to cough, seeming to be choking on something. A hand shot out of his mouth as he lay on the ground, hands clutching the grass tightly. His eyes staring blankly into the sky, concentrated on the pain in his neck.

The hand was pale and bloody. It's fingernails were long and sharp as it thrashed for a moment, then retreated back into Latias' throat. Latias coughed and began to breathe again, "He's trying to climb out of me..." He wheezed as he breathed heavily, his eyes half open. His gaze shifted to Khongol's face, blood leaking from his mouth.

24th January 2006, 06:10 PM
Two hands grasp around Latias' face. They push him downwards and a white glow begins to illuminate from their palms. Raven was back, and he was not about to let his presence be unknown. He screams loudly as if in pain and all of his powerbegan to leak into Latias' mouth. the white glow began to grow larger around him and latias as the antidotal spell fills Latias with intense resistance to his, unwanted guest. as every ounce of strength in ravens body began to fail, the aura bacame smalled and duller.

"Hold on Latias! Just a little longer!" Finally the ground around them cratered and Raven flew backwards. as he hit the ground, he rolled backwards, stopping in a kneeling position. There was something diferent about him, and it was completely obvious. His clothes wher white, and the scar on his face grew to both sides, creating a pattern of tribal like, blue markings. His hair was plate silver and the tribal patterns on his coat wher now a light blue.

As he rushed over to Latias, he kneeled down looking into his face with concern.

"Are you alright? Speak!"

25th January 2006, 05:34 PM
Latias' eyes flared open when Raven began the process of stopping Saital's continuous disturbances, for now. "Yes..." he breathed, "Thank you..." he was exhausted, heaving and breathing heavily. Latias looked up at Raven, "Thank you..." He sat up for a moment, then passed out again. Unconscious, but safe from Saital.

Inside Latias' mind...

Saital hissed at the light that stopped him from getting his control. "Dammit! Why can't he just roll over and play dead for a while? Damn half breed!" He shouted, retreating back into Latias' mind, hiding, waiting for next time's opportunity.

25th January 2006, 06:00 PM
Raven puicked up Latias and slung him over his shoulder. He Carried him over to the nearest door into the HQ and tried to open the door put he couldn't let go of latias.
He looked over at Khongol with a strained expression on his face.

"Ugh.....hey....could I get some assistance here, I think latias needs some medicine, don't you?"

25th January 2006, 06:06 PM
Nevar? What's up with that?

Shimizu frowned at Calypso when he didn't respond. "Alright. I get it." He walked off, "Geez... You could show a little compassion and say something to me." He walked down the hall when he heard Raven shouting at Latias to speak. "What in the world?" He ran over there and opened the door, "What's going on? What happened?" He asked, face to face with Raven.

25th January 2006, 11:20 PM
Remember Khongol's lesson was OUTSIDE near his tree... his "private" clearing.

Khongol takes Latias from Raven and carries him to his room. "Raven come with me, I wish to talk." Was all he said to their missing friend. He takes Lat inside and passes Shimizu. "Find Maomarka, tell him Saital tried to get out of Lats. See if he has any meds to help the kid."

'See what happens when you try to push someone as you pushed yourself. You almost killed him.'

26th January 2006, 05:36 AM
Quarre's eyes lit open as he felt a familiar presence. Calypso had been completely out of it, and she was worried for him. The others believed he was fine, but there was still something wrong, if not worse than before. She got up, walking, at first, toward the familiar presence, and then running when she felt the power surge.

She ran straight into the scene, and saw her beloved, Raven, was back. She smiled, from ear to ear. Tears almost roling from her eyes, "Raven..." she whispered, very happy to see him again. She ran up to him and gave him the best hug she could while he was carrying Latias. "Where have you been? I've missed you so much!" Then Khongol said he wanted a word with Raven...

Alright guys, we've almost got enough people to legally be considered a clan again. I'm not sure if Death Soldier intended to come back after he gave me the leader position, so I'll count him until further notice. SAbian, Shimizu, Lr, Preditor, and myself. That's six, right? Well, I invited another to come. He's working on a character as I type. Istar_Magnus, if anyone was curious/knew him. That makes seven. Just enough. Any suggestions to better the clan, feel free to ask me.

26th January 2006, 08:19 AM
Khongol stops and turns his head. "I'm sorry, Quarre. I didn't notice you. Since you two are one you can come too. Don't worry, I was gonna play nice with your man." He then sets off and when he is in Latias's room he lays the kid in his bed and sits down in the vacant chair. Waiting.

26th January 2006, 11:00 AM
Raven Accepted the hug with great warmth. He looked into her eyes with great relief.

"I'll tell you when we catch up with Khongol!" Raven then kisses her on the lips and runs to latias' room. His newly colored hair whisking to the side as he slides acrossed the floor on his feet, almost missing the door into his friends' chamber. as he opened up the door, he saw Khongol sitting down in the chair.

"What did you whant to talk about?" Raven asked, panting.

26th January 2006, 02:28 PM
"Slow down. I wanted to first say I like the new look. I'm guessing that you had some big changes while you were MIA." He sighs and sobers when he looks at Latias laying in his bed. He looks back at Raven (and Quarre if she came) and speaks in a tone that must scare them... his tone was worried. "What was going on back there?"

26th January 2006, 03:41 PM
Sorry Cal, can't think of anything. I think that Lord_Asiram might come again, I was talking with him and he said he'd come but has had difficulties getting on the computer.

The words that his friends spoke were heard by Latias, but Latias couldn't respond. His mind refused to get out of recovery position. He wanted to tell them he was alright, that he would be fine but then Saital spoke to him, "Latias, are you thinking that I won't take control? It's only fair, I've finally awoken and it just so happens that I awoke inside your body. You're destined to allow me control of your pathetic body, half breed."

Latias' face contorted in a disgusted manner, but that's the most movement his body would allow after Saital pushed him so hard. Khongol... Latias thought, It's not your fault! Saital just happened to try to come out at that moment! Don't blame yourself! Please! Why can't I speak? His features relaxed, his body tired and sore from the little encounter. Please...

26th January 2006, 03:45 PM
Shimizu watched as Quarre and Raven kissed, he scowled, but that soon disappeared as he regained control of his emotions. He looked at Khongol, "Right, I'll go find Maomarka." He ran off, scanning the hallways, looking for the shrewd alchemist known as Maomarka.

26th January 2006, 07:46 PM
Istar_Magnus Oh no you did NOT

For years now the world has been threatened by beasts who have come through strange portals. Only a small band of select warriors has been able to keep the chaos to a minimum. However, their numbers dwindled and soon the world was threatened again.

Once more, a portal was opening...but this time, help was on the way...

Well, not exactly. Deep within the crypts of the Kandon Mountains of the far off world called Sarla laid the workshop of the most brilliant gnome engineer in all of Sarla, Quiggle Cogscrew. For years Quiggle had been working on an arch, this arch would create a gateway, and this gateway would take you anywhere that the cooresponding pathway led. Cidulfas Valen was a young human apprentice of Cogscrew's, for it was not uncommon for gnomes to apprentice humans, and Cid, as he was called, had helped build this archway.

Cid was a young boy, only about 17. He was much taller then his master, a little about six feet tall. The clean-shaven boy, for one could not have a beard when working around cogs and other do-hickies in a workshop unless they desired a swift death, had blonde hair tied back tight behind his head in a ponytail. His blue eyes glimmered with hope and the desire to learn and tinker, and he always came dressed to work in a short-sleeved shirt, grey overalls, and leather workman's glove's.

However, one night Cid fell prey to the greatest folly of all craftsman...curiosity. The archway was finished and work on the next archway was to begin soon, but Cid was curious as to where the gate would lead without the other arch as the exit. Cid activated the gateway...simultaneously, a portal opened in the other world. Cid went inside the gate, he had no idea what to expect. Inside the gate Cid's body felt like it was being flung from a catapult! His body soared through the tear in space and time created by the archway. His body felt a rush of electricity, frigid cold, and intense heat.

Finally, it all ended. Cid was flung through the portal on the other side. He was in a barren land in the middle of the afternoon. Where am I? wondered the curious engineer. Cid knew he had to find shelter...so he headed off in the direction of what appeared to be a tomb....
That's 4 characters I've made/helped make that've been thrown into the BA because of a space/time rift. Wonder if it's a pattern? Anyways, my character sheet isn't up yet, but I'll make it soon. This is Cidulfas Valen, you may call him Cid. As per the post, he's an apprentice engineer by trade so that means I've got my eye on that 'Chief Engineer' job.

27th January 2006, 04:26 PM
Welcome! Istar_Magus. Sorry about the 'magnus' thing. (I assume that was what you were freaking over) He was a character in a video game, and I wasn't sure if the n was there or not in you user name. Heh heh.

Quarre smiled, and accepted the kiss. She followed Khongol and Raven into the other room. She had also noticed the change in Raven, but was waiting patiantly to hear his stories after they caught up with Khongol. Raven seemed so full of energy! It was magnificent. Now, he had been here for more than five minutes, and hadn't even gotten hurt! It must've been a record.

Khongol started in on grave matters, however, once they entered Latias' chambers...

Shimizu wandered about the halls. Maomarka wondered exactly what it was he was doing. "Shimizu," Maomarka called in a half cold manner. "What was that screaming? Wait, Latias. What are you doing down here? I was looking for Calypso, I saw him come by here not too long ago. There's something still unbalanced about him." Maomarka waitied imaptiantly for 5 seconds for a response to all he had just said. "Can. I. Help. You?" He asked in a choppy, rude manner when the five second passed.

Calypso wandered outside the tomb, completely lost. "What happened to me anyhow? If anyone would know, it would be Xander, that asshole. Xander, where are you? You f***ed everything up for me. So many times. You're pure evil, and yet you are occaisionally helpful. You had better not believe that makes up for it you devil child." Calypso muttered as he walked. He had just been temporarily released from a possesion he didn't know he fell victem to. His mind was blurry, and so was his vision. He didn't even see Cid when he walked right into him.

27th January 2006, 05:40 PM
Hey cal, when you say Maomarka gave him five seconds, why don't you allow me to respond next time, huh?

Shimizu turned and looked at Maomarka, "The screaming was Latias, you're right on that one. I don't know or care where Calypso is, the stupid jack ass just blew me off. And about the 'can I help you,' Yes. You. Can." He stated in the same choppy, rude manner. "Or at least you can try. Khongol said to come get you because of Saital inside Latias, tried to get out again. He wanted to know if you had some medicine for it."

28th January 2006, 12:57 PM
I gave him a f***ing vile already. Do you not remember? Before Raven showed up. God, no one notices anything. Stupid, that's what everyone here is, STUPID!" Maomarka muttered. He quickly turned and looked Shimizu in the eye, nose-to-nose. "Well," he said seductively, "maybe I could do something else for him..."

29th January 2006, 09:53 AM
Latias groaned slightly, he tried to sit up. His body wouldn't allow him to, but he tried anyway. He didn't want to lay in a bed for days on end while everyone else stood there and spoke like he wasn't listening or dead. "I-I'm fine..." He muttered as he strained himself to sit upright. He held his body up with his left arm while his right hand rubbed his face, which was covered in a cold sweat. "I'm okay..." He looked at Khongol and Raven, his vision blurred slightly and then his arm gave 'way and he hit the bed again.

29th January 2006, 11:27 AM
Shimizu stepped back. "Alright, Khongol wanted to know, not me." He turned his head to the side, still looking at Maomarka out of the corner of his eye, "Sheesh." Maomarka went on to call everyone stupid, Shimizu turned to face Maomarka again, "Hey! We're not stupid! If we are, so are you." He was going to point at Maomarka but was interrupted when he was nose to nose with the alchemist. "What? What else is it that you can do?" He stepped back so he wasn't touching noses with the crazed and bitter man infront of him.

30th January 2006, 05:01 PM
"I can put a f***ing stake through his heart! That's what I can do for him!!! THINK THAT MIGHT HELP!?" Maomarka's left eye twitched violently as he shouted in Shimizu's face. He thought he was doing well for himself to hold up Calypso's dark spirit, but that was NOT what was bothering him.

30th January 2006, 06:44 PM
Cid was minding his own business, trying to find a place to stay. Suddenly, some strange man ran into him! Somewhat upset Cid cried out...

Cid: "Hey! Excuse you!"

Cid realized he had no idea where he was and that this stranger might be able to help him. So, the young engineer changed his tune...

Cid: "Er...sorry. My name is Cidulfas Valen, apprentice to Quiggle Cogscrew. I don't exactly know how I got here...one minute I was in the workshop...the next I was shot through the gate and ended up here."

The young man realized he probably should just get to the point...

Cid: "Could you tell me of a place to stay?"

Cid smiled and awaited a reply from the stranger who had run into him...

30th January 2006, 07:40 PM
Hey guys. I got a invite so I hope it's okay for me to post here

The young man with crimson hair was walking through when he noticed the exchange between two men. The first was a young man, blonde hair, and a very exubarant spirit about him. Canaan smiled, because he was always able to make friends with people like that. The other, he couldn't get a good glimpse of, but his aura was very hot. 'A fire master,perhaps?' he thought to himself. The aura was very confusing, many emotions conveyed at once, so he looked past it.

Canaan walked up to the two individuals after the first exchange, and before the second man could reply, he turned to the blonde, and said:

"Hello there! My name is Canaan. I'm wandering currently, looking for a place where I can rest. Could you possibly help me?"

31st January 2006, 03:27 PM
Latias pulled himself up again. He didn't know if Khongol planned on talking to him or anything, so he stumbled his way out of the room. He could hear Maomarka yelling at Shimizu, "Are they talking about me...?" He whispered, looking up at the hallway which seemed to be twisting and turning about. Latias stumbled to the stairwell and commenced his way downward. It didn't take him long to lose his balance and tumble to the bottom of the stairs.

Latias landed on his left shoulder and slid across the floor a few feet. "Owww...." he groaned as he sat up again. He looked up at the stair case and it looked as though it were laughing at him. Shaking his head, Latias pulled himself to his feet and stumbled toward the Keep's entrance. He could smell new scents in the keep, strange ones he hadn't smelled before, so he went to check it out.

Latias stepped into the doorway and spotted Calypso talking with two new faces, or at least being spoken to. Latias took a few steps forward, wavered a little and then slipped back to the floor. He tried to stand again, but his arms weren't strong enough to hold him up. His head crashed down to the floor and he could see the newcomers shoes from where he lay. "Hi..." He muttered, lifting his hand slightly to wave at them.

Your post isn't a problem with me.

31st January 2006, 04:47 PM
Shimizu's eyes narrowed at Maomarka. "You even try and Khongol will probably have your head." he turned and walked back to Latias' room, he looked at Khongol. "Maomarka says he doesn't plan on it. He has nothing." He looked at the bed, "Where's Latias?"

31st January 2006, 05:25 PM
As the leader of the Keepers of the Tomb, I'd like to welcome you, Lord_Asiram. I hope this clan has a positive influence on your RPing skills.

"Oh?" Calypso said, startled about his run in, an unusual happening. Calypso quickly collected his thoughts. He looked around the landscape, spotting the Tomb not too far off.'When did I leave? Whatever, I'll ask Khongol or Shimizu about it.' Facing the newcomer, who had just introduced himself as Cidulfas.

Just then another young man approached. Calypso could sense that he was another up and coming fire user. 'A popular element, it seems. It used to be, anyhow.' The young man introduced himself as Caanan. 'Reminds me of Kaanan, Shimizu mentioned her once...' Shimizu would not have expected Calypso to have remembered such a thing, but Calypso was more attentive than most assumed.

Calypso found it entertaining that Caanan would ask the lost looking wandering fellow who had just asked for assistance, for assistance. 'Good at analyzing situations, aren't we?' Against his better judgement, Calypso decided to let these two travellers into the tomb. Who knows what their true intentions really were? They may be masking them under ignorance to get near the portal. Though, they could become good guardians.

"My name is Calypso Kerauac, newly leader of the Keepers of the Tomb. Which is..." Calypso pointed behind him, to the Tomb, "That way. I'd like to say something mystical like: 'I was expecting you,' but it'd be a load of bull. Follow me, at the Tomb, I can bring you up to speed with your dimension rifting, I'm somewhat of an expert in that field." Calypso began walking towards the tomb.

Maomarka watched Shimizu leave, another triumph for him, another loss for the pitiful spiritualist. Maomarka smiled smugly, hoping Shimizu could feel it through the back.

1st February 2006, 06:58 AM
Why is that red-headed guy asking me for directions. What's the Keepers of the Tomb? Calypso Kerauac...that's a funny name! Cid said to himself. Cidulfas somewhat lacked in conventional social skills, having lived in gnome workshops since he was apprenticed to Quiggle Cogscrew at the age of 6. The young engineer followed the mysterious Calypso into what he'd called 'the Tomb'.

Cid: "Umm...excuse me, Mr. Kerauac...what'd you mean when you said you know about my 'dimension rifting'?"

Okay, I know that was a little short. Anyways, I thought it would be fun to comment on Cid. He's probably the most naive character I'll ever play. I know Calypso is supposed to be a hardass, but Cid is gonna be that goofy guy that gets under the cold-hearted exterior if it kills him. LOL, hope you can handle that Cal...he's a man on a mission!

1st February 2006, 08:19 AM
Okay, Istar, Cid will most likely end up with Shimizu on the list of "To Be Fireballed". That's how Cal handles those that annoy him. Welcome to you both. And if anyone was wondering where I went... well I'm gonna update my MySpace blog explaining. lol

While waiting on a reply from Raven, Khongol sits watching Latias. After a few moments, the fox-demon makes himself sit up. 'Slow down. Don't go so fast,'' he thinks. Lat's arm gives out under him forcing him to rest again. He seems to lay there a couple more minutes ('Raven, must be collecting his thoughts.') then Latias sits up and STARTS wandering out. "Get back here, kid, you need to rest a little bit. You other half took allot from you. Need to learn that sometimes we need to rest and recover." *thump, thump, thump, thump*

'Bet that hurt.' To Quarre and Raven: "I'll be right back. Gonna check on the kid." He walks out and noted the bellowing. 'Musta found the Shaman.' After the brief pause, he makes his way to the stairs and as he gets downstairs he notices Latias isn't there. 'Blasted, kid where'd he go...' He looks around and sees leaves inside the front door. "Outside." He gets to said door and goes outside. 'Am unarmed for a change... should be okay.' He sees the two familiar forms of Cal and Lats.

He is a large man with a kilt and a mohawk. He walks toward them. When Khongol reaches Latias he doesn't ask or give a chance for react. He wraps Lat's arm around his neck and puts his arm around Lat's neck to help him. Standing up, he realises Latias cannot reach the ground so he hunches over to help him walk back to his bed. The Berserker whispers so Lat can only hear, "There is a time to fight and a time to rest. You need to rest for now."

He reaches his spare hand out to each. "Hail. I'm Khongol Hackinemupp. Berserker from the friggid North. And who are you two?"

For you two new members to know. Khongol is my character from EverQuest. So he referrs and thinks as such. So Maomarka isn't a Shaman in reality but in EQ Shamen are the only ones who can do alchemy.

1st February 2006, 09:04 AM
You know what's really funny, Istar? That's Shimizu's job! He's been trying ever since he and Cal met. It's hilarious!

Latias lifted his head and glanced around. He looked at Khongol, "I know... but I thought I noticed something..." He looked up at the newcomers and nodded, "Oh, I did notice something. Hello..." He lifted his hand weakly to wave at the new members. His red fox ears were drooping since he was so tired, along with his tail. Latias dropped his arm and looked up at Khongol again with his tired, eggshell coloured eyes, "I feel a little funny..." He muttered, his eyes now half open.

Latias eyes stayed open, but now unblinking. His vision blurred and it looked as though Khongol faded away. "Huh!? Khongol?" Latias looked around, "Where did everyone go?" He was inside his own mind, it was dark and cold. Latias lifted his arms up to begin trying to return his heat. "Hello? Is anyone out there?" Latias felt lighter, his body not so heavy and in pain.

"Hello?" Latias called again, his call was soon answered by a flash. The room began to flicker as Latias came nose to nose with Saital. "Not you!" Latias scrambled back. It must've been a little strange for Khongol, who was holding Latias upward. Latias' eyes unblinking and his body had gone limp, he just stared straight forward like a corpse.

Saital grinned at Latias, "Not getting away from me this time, you little half breed!" He lashed out at Latias, claws hooking into the poor boy's skin. "Heh, I'm taking this body." Latias struggled against Saital, but he wasn't strong enough to push him back.

Latias' body suddenly twitched, a sharp convulsion. His eyes flickered to life again and then turned red. He removed his arm from Khongol's shoulder and jumped back a few feet. As he landed, his hair turned from a bright red to a black. His ears grew larger and also changed colour. Saital straightened up, to just one inch off from being Khongol's height.

"Hello, Berserker." He said, his voice almost multi-toned. "I suggest not touching me and my host again. It wouldn't be smart." He lifted up his claws and wriggled his fingers a little, cracking them as he went, "It also wasn't very smart not to arm yourself before coming out here." His toothy grin was sinister as he began to take a few steps forward, threatening to lash out. He stopped for a moment and glanced back at his tail, "Wait a moment..." He murmurred. "There's only one... Where did the other eight go!?" He grabbed hold of his tail, "It took me years to get them!" He growled.

"Damn this stupid half breed body!" He put his claws to his skin and tore through it, "Take that!" He seemed to be speaking to Latias. The scar was deep and blood gushed through it, but that soon stopped because the wound healed up. "That'll shut you up." He growled, staring at the healed wound.

The worst part about Saital hurting himself, or others harming him, he can rejuvenate by using parts from Latias' own body. It's almost as if they have two seperate ones, so Saital takes spare parts when he needs them. Since he just scarred himself and it healed, Latias now has that same wound Saital gave himself. Inside of their head, Latias was holding onto his arm, You wretched animal! You'll never get away with this! Khongol won't stand for it! Saital froze for a moment and began laughing. "Him!? What's he going to do? Throw his axe at me? I don't think so." Saital then grinned back at Khongol. "I'll just be leaving with my body now." he stated, as he turned away from the berserker, showing he wasn't afraid.

BTW Calypso, it's not 'Caanan, it's Canaan.' Just to make sure you knew. ^_^

1st February 2006, 09:25 AM
Khongol's fears came to light when Saital came out "to play" again. he fires a glance at their new members, "Never a dull moment." He grins.

He pulls out a throwing ax to fight with. "Cal, you able to get my axe for me?" To Saital he speaks, "Wrong, dog-face. you heal. So I am not afraid of fighting, just need to hold back mortal blows. Latias, I know you can hear me consider this training-in-action. And Saital, I'm sure he'd want me to kick your a** all over the place."

He charges and grabs Saital carrying him into the keep. Taking any slashes that is given. "You aren't getting away, coward."

1st February 2006, 01:44 PM
Shimizu shook his head, "WHY IS EVERYONE IGNORING ME!!!!???" he shouted at the top of his lungs. He speaks to Calypso in the hall way, nothing, speaks to Khongol in Latias' room, nothing... This was starting to piss him off. "GAWD! I HATE THIS STUPID PLACE!!" He screamed again, and huffed out of the room, growling to himself. He walked down to the entrance of the keep and spotted Khongol outside with what seemed to be a darker version of Latias. Shimizu had never Saital himself, so this was a first. Shimizu shrugged, "Khongol prolly asked Calypso to get his axe, Calypso probably didn't hear him... stupid jerks." Shimizu walked back upstairs, still grumbling to himself.

1st February 2006, 02:01 PM
Saital smiled slightly when he saw the throwing axe. "That's funny, I honestly thought you were an idiot.... oh wait..." He didn't get to finish his thought, though. Khongol charged him. Saital used to be like a god, since a kitsune with 9 tails is given the option to become a god and (as Saital stated in my recent post) Saital used to have 9 tails. He was quick enough to have been able to dodge Khongol's charge, but he decided to go along for the ride.

He laughed, "You're willing to take any hit I give you? Did you know that Latias got his powers from my blood flowing through his veins? I have the same ability he has when we punch you." He lifted his fist, if Khongol allowed himself to be hit and didn't drop Saital, he would have the muscle in his left arm deteriorate in a mere second.

1st February 2006, 02:33 PM
Really Istar, I've been waiting for someone to do just that. I can handle it quite well.

Calypso cringed at what most would see as disrespect in such a situation, save for the 'Mr. Kerauac' title. There had been others that called Calypso 'Mr. Kerauac,' although it still sounded strange to the half phoenix prince.

"I learned how to jump through dimensions. I've been through several different worlds and I may be able to help you with your mishap." Calypso explained the comment on 'dimensional rift.' The fact of the matter was, Maomarka would be better suited to assisting Cid in such matters as dimension travel. Calypso looked at Khongol, who had come to collect Latias, and some interest.

Both introduced themselves, then Latias phased out for a moment. It appeared as though his body went into grand maul seizures before he was up and about again, only this time as Saital. 'That f***ing bastard.' Calypso could not help but hiss in his mind. Saital was more trouble than he was worth to anyone. Calypso was getting really tired of this...

In a flash Calypso's swords were drawn, and Saital's closed wound on his arm was open once more, and bleeding like mad. Calypso was not aware of the condition Latias' body shared with Saital's, but under the circumstances, Saital could not replace the wound and heal it, because he already used that part of Latias' body only a moment ago. More and more blood poured forth from Saital's wound.

To Cid and Canaan Calypso woud appear heartless in this act. A fallen member of his own clan transformed and was in need of assistance, and Calypso began to cut him down to size. Luckily for them all, Calypso was gaining a strong grasp on his own mind again, becoming less and less easy to posess.

Khongol then at this moment charged Saital, who dodged it, but was carried to the Keep anyhow. He boasted his powers as they approached the keep. Calypso looked to the newcomers. "Make yourselves at home when you arrive. I'll tend to your questions in a moment." Calypso ran and released his wings of flame, taking to the sky going on ahead to get Khongol's ax for him.

Maomarka laughed. "You? Saital? Lost a few tails, did you? You forget an important aspect of our little half-breed freind: True, in his veins flows your blood. But he also has Zafona's blood in his veins. You do not. But that was thousands of years ago. Those powers inherited from her would be long washed out of the gene pool, or deeply dormant. A big laugh, right? Here's a tid bit of information for you:" Maomarka paused, smug in his near bottomless pit of knowledge."Latias's father is none other than Xander Inertia. Xander's blood flows strongly through Latias' veins, pumps profoundly through his heart. Xander's powers are within Latias, moreso than they were with Cronus. Xander's own child will not be defeated by the likes of you."

With the revelation revealed for all to see, Maomarka was sure that Saital had more than a strong chill run down his spine. No one of Saital's standing could not know of who Xander was.

Calypso entered his room's window and went down the hall to Khongol's room to retrieve his axe. Calypso then trotted down the stairs to hand it over to the berserker.

2nd February 2006, 05:57 AM
Saital growled at Maomarka, he bit Khongol's arm, forcing him to let go. Saital leapt backwards and looked down at his bloody arm. "It really doesn't hurt." He said, smiling at the wound. He brought his arm up to lick the wound some, to help it heal a little. He looked up at Khongol, "I really don't think you knew that." He spoke of Latias' heritage. The young half demon fox was truly Xander's first son, a result of Xander getting bored and deciding to find a human woman to f*ck.

Saital noticed that Calypso was coming back with Khongol's axe. "Heh, that won't save you, berserker. You should probably use that 'Cascading Rage' of yours." His grin widened as he imagined the berserker tearing his own flesh apart. "Although that would probably kill you before I did since I like to play with my food. Bad habit, I know." Saital was sure to move away if Khongol tried to charge him again, not twice with the same trick.

Saital's eyes widened for a moment, he grabbed his head, "NO! You stupid little-" He was cut off. The two demons fighting over the control of a body. Their hair was a deep crimson, but still too far off to be Latias. Saital looked up at Khongol, one eye eg-shell coloured while the other still red. "We'll finish this later..." he growled. Latias regained his control and slipped to the ground again.

"I'm alright..." He breathed, sitting up slightly, "Thank you... ugh.." He fell again, unconscious.

2nd February 2006, 06:02 AM
Shimizu watched from a window, staring down at Latias' now unconscious figure. "Xander's son?" Shimizu muttered. "That's strange... I wonder if Cronus knows about this... and Zafona, she's the woman that Khongol tried to tell me about before." Shimizu straightened up and walked down to the entrance and over to Maomarka, "What else?" He asked, facing the alchemist, "What else do you know about Latias and Saital? How can we stop him from healing himself the next time he comes out?"

2nd February 2006, 07:23 AM
Two things: 1, I am not shocked about Lat's history... in fact I woulda been disappointed to learn I was wrong about Zafona and Xander. lol And 2, I hate having 1 hour at the PC then you all posting. hahaha Now lets see if I can make this make sense.

Khongol is carrying Saital and the idiot boasts he has Lat's powers. "If you were wise you'd act then boast. But you are no warrior, you are a coward and weakling." And with that they crash through the door throwing it open. The demon boasts of his fists then acts with his teeth. Pain and a sticky wetness both come from his arm and Saital is dropped in that split second of muscle reaction. 'D**n, he's fast.'

Maomarka reveal's Laias's heritage and truth of his parents and Khongol feels ssomething odd. His heart breaks. He frowns not at the situation, or the anger, but because someone that became like a friend ends up with a sad and cruel fate. 'She'll live again... but that doesn't change now... Focus, there is still a threat.' Thank Rallos that Calypso delivers the Berserker's weapon of choice. "Thanks." He holds the weapon in his blood-covered hand.

"Heh, that won't save you, berserker. You should probably use that 'Cascading Rage' of yours."

"Actually, I was planning on something new. I'm sure you'd love it. Of course we'd have to repaint afterwards." And he laughs, a cruel and bloodthirsty laugh. One Xander could be proud of and he snaps out of it when Saital seems to be in a mental pain. "You forgot the kid's strength. That is why you will only be a parasite in him and never dominate."

He starts to change back and states a threat... or was it a promise? "We'll finish this later..."

"Get your own a** first or are you afraid that I'll kill another "god"? And this one won't return. But if you wanna play you know where I can be found."

Latias is whole again and thanks them before he collapses again. Khongol picks the kid up again. "Thanks for the help, guys. I was hoping that we could stall him long enough for Latias to take over. Maomarka, Did this happen because I pushed him too hard? And any ideas on how to teach him to be strong enough to block Saital when he's weakened and not just focused on it?"

He looks at the bite. 'It's nice and deep... hope the kid's had his shots.' He focuses on the healing of his wound and when it finishes (wound is still there and still nasty and bleeding... but not nearly as bad or deep) he looks at Shimizu. He can only think to shrug. And after reactions he states, "I'll be right back. I'm going to take Latias to his room to rest... unless it is.... occupied."

2nd February 2006, 07:24 AM
Unnoticed by Claypso, Cid had actually headed inside the tomb before the episode with Saital had even gotten violent. The silly blond teen was wandering around the catacombs of the tomb looking for something to eat. Oi...where's the kitchen when you need it? Cid wondered to himself.

However...Cid stumbled upon a room full of something far better then food...he found an engineering workshop. The youthful teen dashed into the room and examined all the various mechinations left over from previous engineers...

Cid: "Oooo....Ahhh....THIS IS AWESOME!!!"

Immediately Cidulfas began tinkering with several contracptions and was talking to himself while he worked...

Cid: "Okay, the thingy-midoodal goes here...and the whatcha-ma-callit goes there...IT'S PERFECT!!!"

Cid admired the fruits of his...fourty-eight second labor, a small red ball with a pin in the top. How do I test this baby out??? Cid wondered...

Cid: "Fire in the hole!!!"

Cid called out these words as he pulled the pin and left the little red orb fly. A few seconds later a large explosion made a huge crashing sound throughout the catacombs in the tomb...Cid had a feeling he was in trouble already...

Tip #1: NEVER let Cid out of your sight. He'll probably go blow SOMETHING up...god I love playing him.

3rd February 2006, 08:25 AM
Sorry Khongol, you're wrong about Zafona and Xander ^_^ There's a different story behind Saital and Latias. But you'll have to PM me about it, I don't wanna take up space with that story. Nah, I'll pm you, I bet you got it already.

Saital cursed in Latias' mind. "Damn that berserker, and that half phoenix." He looked down at his arm, "Next time..." He whispered, a grin spreading over his devious lips, "Next time I'll get them back..." He moved his hand over the wound and healed it, stealing the healing parts of Latias' body for a moment, which sped his process up quite quickly. Latias, on the other hand, was still bleeding, all over Khongol's arm.

Saital growled, "The kid's out, why can't I take control over this stupid body!? Damn it! When I'm out, they're all going to pay, that berserker who thinks he's the greatest thing that could happen to this world, the half breed phoenix who thinks he's even better than the berserker. The alchemist who feels he's untouchable because of his alchemy, I'm fast enough to have slit his throat by the time he even gets close to mixing those damn potions." Saital schemed for a while, planning on their demise. "Heh," He grinned again, "I'll get them while they're awake... so I'm pointed as a coward, he'll see... And I won't be so curtious as to yell 'head's up'."

3rd February 2006, 09:02 AM
Shimizu looked up at Khongol for a moment, seeing Latias unconscious again in Khongol's arms. "I hope you know he's bleeding." Shimizu stated simply, arms behind his head. He looked at Khongol's wounds. "Also, Latias isn't rich, so I doubt he's gotten his shots." Shimizu turned and walked down the hallway, when he heard an explosion. "What the hell?" He ran over to the exploding room and spotted Cid in there, "What the heck are you doing!?" He ran over to Cid, not realizing that Cid was the one who blew it up. "If things are exploding in here don't come rushing in-" Shimizu realized that he just did exactly what he was telling Cid not to do. "Whatever. Who are you anyway? I'm Shimizu Uziki." He said, after leading Cid out of the room.

3rd February 2006, 11:09 AM
Khongol chuckles as Shimizu charges after the charges (ooc: bomb joke). "I know he's bleeding. So am I." He lays the kid on a spare table, "Excuse the mess..." is all he mutters and rips the bottom inch from his kilt and wraps his arm with it. He takes Latias upstairs and lays him on his bed and goes to clean his wound and change... his clothing (such as it is) has seen better days.

He comes down after about five minutes in a fresh kilt, wearing his chainmail shirt, wound wrapped and bandaged, and holding his battleax. He sits in a chair in the portal room.

3rd February 2006, 12:43 PM
Maomarka looked at Shimizu, "I'll sum this up quickly. 4500 years ago, Saital was a powerful fox-demon god with nine tails. Quite the creature to behold. He was going to be killed, a laughing stock. How could someone as powerful as him nearly be killed? I'm still laughing at him. Anyhow, Zafona saved his life. Sidenote: Zafona had a bad habit of reincarnating herself repeatedly. She led a life, got tired of it, killed herslef, and then led a new one. Got tired of that life, killed herself, and led a new one. The list goes on, but Xander did this far more than she did. Zafona reserved a little part of herself in her computer before starting a new life. Continuing: Zafona led a far different life back then, as a little village girl. She took Saital's spirit into herself. That's how she saved him. She had a child with a human man, and therefore the child was human. This stipped Saital from escaping. He could not touch a human body for posession. This went on for a good 4400 years, Saital being passed through a long line of humans. At this time, Xander got bored, and heppend to fool around with the wrong human female. Thi produced Latias, a half demon. as such, he was easy prey for Saital to control. Xander never did anything with Zafona, just her great ancestry. And here's Saital. Sidenote #2: When Saital said that Latias' powers were his, he meant that latias only has any abilities because they were Saital's to begin with. Saital has no claim to the immense power that Latias has inherited from Xander. And that's the end of my summed up explanation." Maomarka finished up.

While Maomarka explained to SHimizu, Khongol and Saital had it out, but merely in words. Saital returned to his mental prison once more, defeated by Latias. Khongol asks Maomarka about the situation. That was the thing with Maomarka, he was such and ass, but so very useful. "The only way that Latias can truly be his own again, is if he understands and embraces his dark powers and heritage. He has to be able to uncover/unlock the nefarious strength that Xander inadvertantly bestowed upon him. If he can do that, then Saital doesn't stand a snowballs's chance in hell."

"Great stuff," said Calypso, "But the only person I can think of to train him in such a manner, is Xander himself, or his twisted older brother Ieyama." The Tomb shook with thunderous force of an explosion. Calypso recalled Cidulfus introducing himself as a tinkerer. "If you would excuse me," Calypso said, turned on his heel, and walked toward the direction of the explosion.

"Well well," Calypso said in an expecting tone, "I should have know." Calypso looked at the two blonde teens that stood infront of him, both looking like the stupidest beings on the planet. Both with the oblivious look of their facs, one was ashened faced due to the explosion, the other worrying about the well being of one who was asking for it. "No, I really should have known better. Shimizu, Cidulfus, you two are too alike for your own good. You should get along quite well, or not at all." Calypso was smiling, slightly. A knowing smile.

3rd February 2006, 04:56 PM
Latias sat up on the table and looked around. "Who put me on a table!?" Latias shouted, his ears turned back and his hands up in his face balled into little fists. He had forgotten what happened after he was knocked out. Latias looked at his arm and freaked out, "OH MY GOD I"M BLEEDING!! I"M DYING!! SOMEONE HELP!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" This went on for many minutes. Latias ran around the room in a giant circle, knocking things down. "HELP MEEEE!!!" He shrieked. "AAAHHHH!!" He ran around for many more minutes and then ran into a wall and fell down.

It should be obvious now to all of Latias' fellow KotT members that he was very very clumsy. Latias stared up at the ceiling for a moment, "Well, I feel better." He stood up and stretched. "Ow!" He looked at his arm again, seeming to forget that he had been wounded, thanks to running into the wall, he rediscovered his pain all over again. "HOLY SHIT I"M BLEEDING!!!" He shrieked again, and began to run once more.

Now I'm just having fun. ^_^

3rd February 2006, 05:00 PM
Shimizu looked at Calypso, "What?" he asked, not quite getting what Calypso was trying to say. "We're nothing alike! I didn't just blow my self up!" He then heard some sort of screaming down stairs. He was ready to run to see what the matter was but all it was was Latias noticing he had a wound. "Oh... Weird kid." Shimizu muttered, looked at the staircase. He heard a loud thud and cringed. "Ran into a wall, did he?" He stepped a little closer to the stairs and heard Latias' 'holy shit I'm bleeding' and started to snicker. "I think he has some problems he needs to work out with himself."

Haha ha! I can picture him doing that!

3rd February 2006, 09:41 PM
"Right, speaking of him working problems through..." Calypso turned and walked down the stairs. He grabbed Latias firmly by the shoulder, as to fully stop his running about. "Latias, I need to talk to you." Calypso said in a stern manner. It was important and imperative to the clan that this problem be taken care of ASAP.

4th February 2006, 07:14 AM
Latias looked at Calypso, his eyes opened wide. Calypso had startled him when he grasped Latias' arms. "Uh... Okay. Sure." Latias went with Calypso, wondering what the problem could be. He opened his eyes wider, Oh no! Latias thought, It's Saital, isn't it? He doesn't feel safe with Saital inside me and now he's kicking me out... oooohhh... Latias was on the verge of tears, since his emotions were so extreme, this one thought upset him.

4th February 2006, 07:25 AM
Shimizu cocked his head to one side, "Hm? What is he talking about?" He shrugged, "Oh well..." He was about to leave when he looked at Cid, "You, behave yourself." Cid had already proven he wasn't trustworthy alone, so Shimizu led him to the stairs, grumbling slightly that he had to be the one to babysit.

4th February 2006, 04:34 PM
Calypso looked over his shoulder at Shimizu, "Hey! Could you show Cid to his room? Thanks." Calypso looked at Latias, brimming with tears. He sighed. "It's apparant that Saital is a problem. Khongol is trying his hardest to help you, but to tell the truth, he really doesn't know much about training dark forces. Maomarka told us that Xander is your father. If anyone can help you, it'd be him. We want to help you Latias, and God know that Khongol would never let me live down ejecting you from our midst. So we're going to see what we can get arranged here, alright? I just thought that I should let you know."

4th February 2006, 06:23 PM
Latias nodded a little, not quite understanding. "Xander? He's Orion's boss, right?" Latias knew exactly who Orion was, Orion bothered him on a regular basis, or at least he did when Latias still lived in his restaurant. "So... You're not kicking me out?" He looked up at Calypso, eyes still watery.

4th February 2006, 06:30 PM
Shimizu shrugged and nodded. "Yeah, I guess I could do that." he looked at Cid, "C'mon, I'll show you to your room." He walked off, and made sure that Cid was going to follow him, if not, he kept his eye on the crafty blonde.

5th February 2006, 08:36 AM
Nice Kakashis

Calypso looked at Latias, "Now, I'm not kicking you out. Even if I were angry, I'd still let you stay, rathering you live with the guilt of killing us all in our sleep, rather than let you leave having me to blame." Cold, and Calypso knew it. But he wasn't one to soften his words any.

5th February 2006, 10:09 AM
Yeah, nice Kakashi's!

Latias looked at Calypso for a moment, "So I'm not being kicked out?" He hadn't caught the part where Calypso would rather him have guilt than blame them. Latias was so happy he jumped onto Calypso, giving him a big hug, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" He squeaked as he nuzzled his face agaisnst Calypso's, very, very happy.

5th February 2006, 01:25 PM
Thanks guys! ^_^ I like Kakashi, he's cool.

5th February 2006, 02:55 PM
Yeah, Kakashi pretty much rocks my world. That and I love how five minutes after Cid shows up he's already blwoing stuff up and getting other people in trouble with him...anyways I'll try to catch myself now

The explosive force of the small bomb Cid had created threw him back several feet. Only a few moments later a blond man came in and started yelling at him. This stranger was followed up by Calypso who gave a lecture to the both of them.

Calypso had instructed the blond man, Shimizu, to lead Cid to his new room. Shimizu gave Cid a harsh glance backwards to be sure that the young engineer was following him. Oi...already in the dog house with Calypso...Cid thought to himself. He was still following Shimizu, but in silence. Cid couldn't handle silence, it always made him want to go off and mess around with something...which would usually end up in a bomb going off. To avoid such a situation, Cid spoke up...

Cid: "My name is Cidulfas Valen. You can call me Cid. You're Shimizu? That's what Mr. Kerauac called you. How long have you lived here? I've been here for about...thirty minutes."

Cid had a stupid smile on his face as he followed Shimizu and awaited a reply...

5th February 2006, 03:51 PM
Shimizu looked at Cid, "Ah, you speak. Nice to meet you Cid, and yeah, I'm Shimizu. Shimizu Uziki. Oh, and don't call him Mr. Kerauac, call him Calypso, it sounds less ... weird." Shimizu stood in front of Cid's new room, "Here's your new room, Cid. I've been here for quite some time now, a month, more than? I'm not so sure, I haven't been keeping track."

Shimizu looked Cid over, he seemed nice enough, and was pretty curious. Shimizu scratched his spikey, blonde head, "Well, you'll fit in, I suppose. We're all a little strange here." Shimizu's aquatic coloured eyes were a little inquisitive, but that soon stopped when he decided that Cid was an o.k. guy. "Well, make yourself at home and please, no more bombs. Once you're done unpacking, come straight downstairs to join the rest of us."

Shimizu gave those last instructions very slowly so Cid knew Shimizu wasn't joking. He walked downstairs to see what Calypso had wanted to say to Latias, glancing back, hoping that Cid would listen.

5th February 2006, 10:42 PM
Khongol sits in the main room of the keep. He sits in the silence of the room waiting to see what will happen next. Maybe speak with the new-comers if they don't think him to scary. He focuses on the bite on his arm and wills it to close more. The wound responds and closes more. 'One more time should it...'

6th February 2006, 05:47 PM
Yeah, Calypso is so much less informal, indignant, DISRESPECTFUL! lol Of a newcomer, anyhow. Calypso should be the one to give him permission to call him otherwise. No biggie, really, that's just Shimizu.

Calypso squirmed, "Yes, that's great, you can let me go now." Calypso wiped the tears off his face, kindly left there by Latias. "We still need to find a way for Xander to come and train you. It'll be difficult to achieve. That guy is such a... I'll leave that thought be."

Calypso left latias to do his thing, maybe cook or something. He walked over to Khongol, "Things are starting to quiet down again, it seems. We have some new members, Latias is fine for the moment, and Maomarka is... well, himself. How're you doing through all of this?" Calypso liked his cold exterior, no metter if others had already seen beneath is, so he tried to come off sounding like he really didn't care that much.

6th February 2006, 06:15 PM
Latias nodded, allowing Calypso to leave. "Bye!" He waved vigorously, hopping up and down. Once Calypso was out of sight, Latias' dropped his arm and stood silent for a moment, a sinister grin on his face. "Yes..." He murmurred, lifting his head up slightly to reveal red eyes, "This'll do quite nicely." He lifted his hands up to his face and examined his body. It was Saital, but he looked like Latias. There would be no way they could tell it wasn't the bouncy little half breed, since Saital knew his host better than anyone else in the keep.

He walked to the kitchen, changing his eyes back as he went. He couldn't help but let out a slight laugh at the ignorance of his fellow members.

7th February 2006, 09:28 AM
"Things are starting to quiet down again, it seems. We have some new members, Latias is fine for the moment, and Maomarka is... well, himself. How're you doing through all of this?"

Khongol is amused by the tone... but isn't fooled for a moment. Not since he had that chat shortly after coming. So he trys to not blow Cal's cover. "Starting to care?" He snickers hoping that Cal too sees the joke. "Personally, I'm fine. Wounds in my flesh heal and some may scar... but I'm more worried about the kid. If Saital spoke the truth and he has all Latias's skills and abilities than maybe training him isn't the best thing for him. And now this information that the kid is connected with Xander..." He stops to explain incase Calypso hasen't come to the realisation Khongol has and that he set Shim towards. "I encountered him with you and Shimizu, that is when we first met. We along with others including Cronus and BearClaw (who apparently you traveled with before) and your old playmates Kadiaz and Xander, killed a wizard who somehow came back later, and we all picked up a few more strays and ended up in the distant future. Things got worse and Cronus sent us back and wiped our memory... or rather place false memories in our heads. I remembered because things didn't add up and then I encountered a being from that adventure."

He sighs for a long second. "Why does everything bad that happens seems to be connected to Xander?"

7th February 2006, 04:17 PM
Calypso listened carefully and intently to what Khongol had to say. Calypso had taken a seat on the floor, sitting with one leg crossed, and the other propped up to use as an arm rest. Calypso hung his head in thought, his hair falling over his eyes, and obscuring his face from view.

"Everything is connected to Xander because all those you are encountering are connected through Xander." Calypso said evenly, with little emotion coming through in his voice. Again, he masked it with a monotone voice, but he held great sadness in his words, knowing more than most would, save for Maomarka, concerning his own, and 20 some other peoples, 'condition.' Calypso left his head hung to keep his eyes from view. Some solitary tears ran down his cheeks, but he choked them back. His voice, however, remained calm.

"Xander has power over many people. Zafona, in essence, belongs to Xander. As Cronus did, and probably still does. As I belong to him. Every event in my life has been dictated by him. My death, my banishment, all of it. Even my unearthly power, greater than that of any phoenix is indebted to Xander. Latias would not have come about, had it not for Xander. Jason, if you've even met him, is cursed by no one but. Orion, and many others. Maomarka, Quarre, and even Shimizu." Calypso gathered his hands into fists. "I could feel Xander's touch on these people when I met them. A distinct aura of sadness that Xander left them with. Goddamn him!"

Calypso fell silent after his speech, more of a confession than anything else. Maomarka pulled away from the corner he had be peeking/listening around. Was it true? Was he indeed connected to Xander as Calypso was? Maomarka stalked out to his room ajoining to the Library to try and make contact with the would-be devil.

7th February 2006, 07:04 PM
Shimizu: "Ah, you speak. Nice to meet you Cid, and yeah, I'm Shimizu. Shimizu Uziki. Oh, and don't call him Mr. Kerauac, call him Calypso, it sounds less ... weird. Here's your new room, Cid. I've been here for quite some time now, a month, more than? I'm not so sure, I haven't been keeping track."

Cid was relieved that Shimizu had finally lightened up somewhat. He still intended to call Calypso 'Mr. Kerauac', but otherwise he was simply tired. Shimizu spoke up again...

Shimizu: "Well, you'll fit in, I suppose. We're all a little strange here. Well, make yourself at home and please, no more bombs. Once you're done unpacking, come straight downstairs to join the rest of us."

Unpacking...unpacking what? I guess he hasn't noticed that I dont have anything other then the clothes on my back...Cid thought, Wait...come down and join them...CRAP! I'm so bloody freaking tired, it was night time when I got sent through the gate. After finishing his internal monolouge Cid entered the room. It seemed cozy enough, perhaps lacking in the amount of gadgets he could play with. I know they said no more bombs, so I guess I could make somehing nice for a change...

Cidulfas went to work pulling some copper tubing and iron springs together. In about two minutes Cid had managed to make a small music box using the metallic components and a small wooden box in the room. Perhaps Mr. Kerauac will like this and forget about the bomb incident...Cid thought. Going downstairs Cid managed to catch the last part of Calypso's angered speech about Xander...

Calpyso: "I could feel Xander's touch on these people when I met them. A distinct aura of sadness that Xander left them with. Goddamn him!"

Deciding he didn't want to press any sore buttons, Cid walked up to Calypso smiling. He acted as if he hadn't heard a thing. Cid extended his hands in a cup shape, presenting Calypso with the gift of the music box...

Cid: "I made this for you, Mr. Kerauac. Call it a thank you gift for letting me stay here with all of you!"

7th February 2006, 07:36 PM
Canaan listened to Khongol and Calypso talk from around the hall, the side opposite where Maomarka had been hiding. He noticed Maomarka slink off to his room, but he decided to leave him alone for now. Instead, he walked into the room when Cid gave the music box to Calypso. He laughed to himself, seeing the exuberance of the child. He took a seat on the floor, a few feet from Calypso, and then decided to speak:

"Well. I guess you've been busy, boy. At least you're not making another explosive." He found this statement ironic due to the fact that he constantly kept gunpowder in his bag, which he always left at his side. He didn't talk to Calypso or Khongol, who he could tell were both on end. Then he felt for a split second a very sinsiter aura flood the halls. 'What?? This aura...painfully evil.' He put his hand to his forehead, and stood up. "I need to go."

He follwed the aura as far as he could when it changed to an aura of upbeat enthusiasm. 'Surely they couldn't be the same person?' he thought to himself. Then he remembered a recent event in the tomb: Saital's attack. He knew from what others had said that the one they know as Latias was harboring a second personality, which was significantly more sinister. 'It must be Saital.' he thought. So he followed the aura and found himself in the kitchen. There was Latias, big bright eyes, and deep red hair, like his own.

"Hello, Latias. I was wondering if you could tell me something. Why was it that I tracked an evil aura to your location? I sense none now, of course, but I find it strange that the aura changed while belonging to the came individual. Is there something I should know?"

8th February 2006, 10:18 AM
Khongol listens to Cal and notices the tears and for a briefest second is glad to see them... means he was a real friend iof the psycho-pheonix. Before he could ask the thought in his mind 'Wonder if that means unlike my friends, I'm free of him...' the new kid Cid showed up with a gift for Cal. He is unable to hold back a laugh. "Kid, of all the heroes here you choose to worship Cal? You know, Calypso, you can make some serious money if you start a fanclub and have a cheap monthly dues... I mean, Shim, Cid, and Quarre you have a nice list."

8th February 2006, 04:03 PM
"Hello, Latias. I was wondering if you could tell me something. Why was it that I tracked an evil aura to your location? I sense none now, of course, but I find it strange that the aura changed while belonging to the came individual. Is there something I should know?"

Latias looked up, just as described, big bright eyes and deep red hair. He stared straight into Canaan's face, wondering what he could be talking about. "Uh, evil aura? Well... I couldn't really tell you that, I just sorta came in here and sat down. Nothing evil really happened. Maybe Saital did something?... You know about Saital, right? Apparently he's some evil fox god who now is inside me... weird huh? Yeah I know." Latias sort of talked to himself and Canaan for a moment there.

Latias was sitting in silence for a moment, thinking about this. He suddenly popped up out of his chair and ran over to Canaan, "Sorry! I'm Latias Raskle, the head chef/cook of the keep. Self dubbed. If you need anything, anything at all I'll do my best to help. You said your name was Canaan, right?" Latias asked, his fox ears twitching slightly, his tail swishing back and forth. His hand was extended, but wasn't for long. He took hold of Canaan's hands and shook them vigorously, smiling the whole time. "Nice to meet you!"

Right... Saital thought, sitting in the depths of Latias' mind, Sure, he asks now. But I'm sure Canaan thinks I was out, no, he knows. This one's trouble, I'll have to be rid of him sooner or later.

8th February 2006, 04:35 PM
Wow, are me and SAb the only ones who don't eavesdrop?

Shimizu watched Cid go by with something and decided to ignore it, as long as he wasn't blowing shit up, it was alright. Shimizu went by the library and noticed Maomarka doing something, he peered in, knowing he probably shouldn't, but did it anyhow. Watching, wondering if the alchemist was up to something, normally he's sleuthing about and watching people. Now he was actually in the library?

8th February 2006, 07:18 PM
lol I think so Shim

"Sorry! I'm Latias Raskle, the head chef/cook of the keep. Self dubbed. If you need anything, anything at all I'll do my best to help. You said your name was Canaan, right? Nice to meet you!"

"Well met, Latias. Yes, you're right. I have heard of Saital, from other members. He sounds quite formidable. I find it amazing how well you keep him contained." He said that last part with a little more emphasis, trying to see if he would draw out Saital with a little sarcasm. When it didn't succeed, and Latias just simply looked at him with that gleeful stare, he let it go. So instead, he asked Latias another question. "I wanted to know if you could tell me anything you know about Xander. I wanted to ask Calypso, but he isn't in a good mood right now. Also, Maomarka went to his room near the library, so he looked busy. Thus, I come to you. What can you tell me about him and your connection to him? I know this is a very forward question, but I guess that's how I am. I won't mind if you can't, or won't, answer my question. I am simply very curious."

9th February 2006, 08:48 AM
Khongol isn't eavedropping. lol Cid walked up where Khon and Cal were sitting. =P

9th February 2006, 03:47 PM
Latias smiled, "Well... I don't know much about Xander. I do know he's the boss of one demon I met in my restaurant back home. He supposedly, is very evil. His minion, Orion, doesn't talk about Xander much but I do know that Xander must be very, very evil to be in control of Orion. Orion's a powerful demon, top ranked among them all, thanks to Xander. Xander Inertia, he's able to give power to his minions to make them super strong so Orion really isn't that way on his own, Xander made him that way."

Latias lowered his head for a moment and thought about it, a thought came into his head, although he'd never heard it before, "Well, he can also create life and make people his slaves by killing them and getting them to sign a contract, sort of like the devil... Then, that person gets up with a new body that is still dead but doesn't rot and is invincible." Latias had no idea where that came from. He blinked a few times. Saital must've known something and pushed it into Latias' mind so he could say it.

"I really don't or can't, contain Saital that well. He comes out on will, when ever he feels like it and... it's kinda scary." Latias' ears lowered and flattened to his head as he thought about it. "But he isn't out now!" He said while hopping up and down, immediately happy, ears perked up and tail swishing back and forth once more. "Anything else?"

9th February 2006, 06:19 PM
Canaan was content with Latias' explanation of Xander's powers. The thought of being able to resurrect a person to do his bidding gave Canaan quite a fright, though. 'Xander must be ferociously powerful...what if he were to appear? Would we be able to defeat him?' he thought to himself. He smiled at Latias, stood up, and exited the kitchen. He continued to ponder why the aura of Saital had disappeared so abruptly before he entered. Was Latias even remotely in control anymore? Or had Saital taken full control of the reins? After his conversation with Latias, he decided to go to Maomarka's room and ask him if he knew anything. He was also suspicious of what he was doing, why he had simply snuck off instead of going in and talking to Calypso.

He go lost, though, and didn't know Maomarka's aura, so he stabbing around in the dark, so to speak. Since he couldn't find Maomarka, he decided to see if anyone was with him. He started with Shimizu. He closed his eyes, and concentrated. Luckily, it didn't take him long to find Shimizu. 'The library, huh? I didn't take Shimizu for the studious type.' he thought as he approached the library. 'Wait, Maomarka's room is adjoined to the library...maybe he'll be there too. Let's find out what he knows about this evil being Xander.'

9th February 2006, 06:34 PM
Calypso looked to Cid, 'He couldn't have not heard anything I said. Oh well, I really shouldn't care. But a moment of weakness like this is all it takes for someone to think I'm not worthy of leading and take my down. As if I'd go without a fight, but stil...' Calypso took the music box from Cid. "Thank you Cidulfus. I'll keep it always." Calypso spoke formally with Cid, as he would anyone in his wary state at this moment in time.

Khongol cracked a wise one about a fanclub. Calypso could help but retort: "Jealous? Hmm? I think we are." Calypso brushed off the past 'moment' as how it was really broken, and Khongol's response, if any, would be waiting for another oppotunity, if such presented itself.

Maomarka rifled through many of his own, personal demon contact books, as well as some of the extremely old text in the library. 'Odd, Xander seems to be very easy to get a hold of. Hmmm, all I really have to do is ask him, through simply speaking outloud, to appear. Is he watching everyone? Is he omnipotant? That would not be good. Of what I know, however, he isn't....'

Maomarka ended his own ponderings and tried out the theory. To the open air: "Xander, I ask that you come down, or up, to this time and place to discuss matters of relavance to you and your bloodline." 'Well, that should do it, now I just wait for restults.'

9th February 2006, 06:43 PM
Oh crap...Xander's coming...this'll be obnoxious...or deadly...or...something

Calypso: "Thank you Cidulfus. I'll keep it always."

Cid smiled as Calypso took the small trinket that he'd made for him. The giant man, Khongol, made a wisecrack about Calypso starting his own fanclub. Cid only pondered the ideas for a funny tune...a "Calypso's Theme Song" of sorts...for a few seconds and banished the thoughts instantly as he realized they were absurd.

Calypso seemed back to his usual self as he stood up and his confidence took hold. Cid then realized that if he was going to stay here, he needed to be of some service.

Cid: "Mr. Kerauac, umm...I was wondering...what are the 'Keepers of the Tomb' and what can I do to help?"

Cid awaited a reply with a goofy smile and his right hand scratched the back of his head...

9th February 2006, 06:50 PM
The Keepers of the Tomb do just that: Keep the Tomb. The portal room" Calypso pointed, "Contains, ooo big surprise here, a portal. There used to be many like it, but most were sealed off. This one we are guarding here is a popular transaction pass into this world from other worlds, travllers not always friendly. We guard and protect this world; as a rule. But really," Calypso glanced around, "We just goof off and hope the hell nothing happens. If it does, we kill it and continue goofing around. What we do best."

Calypso knew it was more serious than that, but he didn't know how better to describe it. None of them really knew much on the topic. X and Kenja hadn't said much befoe vanishing, leaving the Keepers to fend for themselves, and discover it for themselves.

Maomarka looked intently as the air in the library began phasing out, that is, shifting through the electromagnetic color spectrum...

9th February 2006, 06:56 PM
Cid listened to Calypso's almost shockingly two-dimesional description of the duties of the Keepers of the Tomb. All they do is goof off? That's AWESOME!!! Cid thought to himself. Obviously, Cid was not being very on task. Realizing his lack of priorities he thought back to the portal Calypso had mentioned...

Cid: "You mean, in this very building there's a portal...like the one I came through?"

Cid's face was scrunched up in a very odd shape, the left corner of his top lip raised up while his left eyebrow brow angled down...it was a very funny expression.