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1st July 2005, 06:33 PM
Here's a tutorial how to install IntegraMod 1.3.2x, a heavy pre-modded phpBB version.
(Examples are running on my site (www.realmofchaos.tk) and on the IM site (http://www.integramod.com))

The system requirements for your server are a s followed:
1) A database source, which is MySQL3 or MySQL4 compliant. If you also have editing features like PHPMyAdmin - this may be helpful but not essential.
2) A host server with PHP Scripting 4.x Please note IntegraMOD does not currently run on PHP5 enabled hosts
3) A server space of at least 50Mb and you may wish to consider more if you plan significant uploading, styles and on-site storage of users files.

IntegraMod can be downloaded from here (http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/phpbbintegramod/integramod132c.zip?download)
Follow this instructions for a fresh install very accurate:

1)Upload all the files from the directory integramod (retaining the directory structure) to any directory on your webserver (e.g. /forums/)

2)Change the permissions of the following directories and files:
- album_mod/upload directory (777)
- album_mod/upload/cache directory (777)
- cache directory (777)
- cache/attach_config.php (666)
- files directory (777)
-files/thumbs (777) New for 1.3.2dIf you do not have this folder please create one
- images/avatars directory (777)
- includes/def_themes.php (666)
- includes/def_tree.php (666)
- includes/def_words.php (666)
- includes/def_icons.php (666)
- includes/def_qbar.php (666)
- includes/cache_tpls directory (777)
- language/lang_english/lang_contact_faq.php (666)
- language/lang_english/lang_faq.php (666)
- language/lang_english/lang_faq_attach.php (666)
- language/lang_english/lang_prillian_faq.php (666)
- language/lang_english/lang_extend_xxxxxx.php (666) if you are planning to update the language files through the ACP
- modules directory (777)
- modules/cache directory (777)
- modules/cache/explain directory (777)
- profilcp/def/def_userxxxxxx.php (666) if you are planning to update user fields through the ACP
- templates/fisubice/sub_templates.cfg (666)
- var_cache directory (777)
- config.php (666)

3)Using your web browser, visit the location where you uploaded the files with the addition of "install/install.php" (without the quotes) e.g. http://www.yoursite.com/forums/install/install.php

4)Fill out the necessary information in the installation page and submit the page (be sure that the information you specified are correct - wrong information can result to your forum not accessible or nothing is displayed when it is accessed).

5)Before finishing the installation, delete the directory "install". Do not just rename this directory. It is mandatory that this directory be deleted.
Change the permissions on config.php to be writeable only by yourself (664).

6)Click Finish Installation. You will be redirected to the Forum ACP.

7)Using your web browser, visit the location where you uploaded the files with the addition of "prill_install/im_install.php" (without the quotes) e.g. http://www.yoursite.com/forums/prill_install/im_install.php Follow the steps in installing the new prillian messenger.

8)After installing prillian, delete the directory "prill_install". Do not just rename this directory. It is mandatory that this directory be deleted.



Settings to do after installation:

1)eXtreme Styles :: Configuration --- set Default template directory to fisubice and set Add tpl filenames in html to No.

2)eXtreme Styles :: Styles Management => Set default style --- switch all users to use an IntegraMOD 1.3.x compatible style. It is recommended to uninstall all those styles that are NOT IntegraMOD 1.3.x compatible.

3)eXtreme Styles :: Styles Management => Manage Cache --- click clear cache for all templates

4)General Admin :: Rating System --- Set rating system active to Yes. If you do not want to have the rating system active in your forum, just leave it to no. If you do NOT enable it, remove the link from the board navigation block through General Admin :: Qbar

5)IM Portal :: Blocks Management --- you must disable the cache for the following blocks: Board Navigation, Recent Topics, Links

6)IM Portal :: Delete Cache Files --- this will delete the cache files for the blocks

7)Links :: Configuration --- do not forget to update the values for your own forum

8)News Admin :: Configuration --- set News Mod Base URL to the exact URL of your portal.php (e.g. http://www.yoursite.com/forum/portal.php)

9)News Admin :: Configuration --- set News Mod Index File to portal.php

10)Pseudocron :: Cron Configuration --- set Enable Pseudocron to Yes to enable the sending of digests

I am always willing to ad more if needed since there are SO many features and different things and you can find "real" support and many more on the IntegraMod Forums (http://www.integramod.com).


There are only a few skins available for this version of phpBB, but slowly more are being made.
I'll try to host some of the best made till now, if a link is broken, pleace pm me. Also I'll be happy to help out with'.css files if needed ;)

Basik (http://www.wirefiles.com/uploads/Basik.zip)
Basik_blue (http://www.wirefiles.com/uploads/Basik_blue.zip) *
Black'nGold (http://www.wirefiles.com/uploads/blackngold.zip)
F-electro (http://www.wirefiles.com/uploads/futurelectro.zip)
F-electro2 (http://www.wirefiles.com/uploads/F_Electro2.zip) *
fisubsilver (http://www.wirefiles.com/uploads/fisubsilver.zip)
patriot (http://www.wirefiles.com/uploads/patriot.zip)
simplecolors (http://www.wirefiles.com/uploads/simplecolors.zip)
slateB (http://www.wirefiles.com/uploads/slateb.zip)

*=my favourite styles

(I'll update whenever a new style comes out)