View Full Version : Who are Fourth Dimension?

22nd June 2005, 04:38 AM
If any of you haven't noticed there is a new alliance on the round table!

We are called Fourth Dimension or FD.

We are the result of merger of The Immortal Angles/TIA and Tenaga if any of you knew those alliances

We are allied with TSH, FiT, TOA, TU, The TSH family basically and a few other new alliances such as Eden SaBB and Devil Squad!

We are a new emerging power and intend to become very big in the GUA and KoC world and if any of you want to ally with us please feel free to come to our forums and get to know us and what we stand for!

toodles Feral

- this is not a recruitment thread i am just informing other alliances of who we are incase they want to ally with us. if this is not allowed please just close this thread -