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17th June 2005, 06:42 PM
Evil Red, make the first posts.

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17th June 2005, 10:28 PM
Spirits of Vengence isn't really a clan, but a super hero group, that tries to stop crime and natural disasters in a modern day to near future setting.

this is a listing of origins and a sample of the powers of heroes in this world


Mutant- You were either born with your powers or at some point in life, some thing altered your life giving you powers.(x-men, Fantastic four)

Alien- Being born on another planet has giving you these powers or the affects of you being on this planet, but born on another gives you these powers.(superman)

Item- This origin states that you were given your powers from an object you use. (Green lantern)

Magic- you are either enchanted, by means of magic or self induced by reading arcane tomes, And some magic items.(Dr. Fate, Dr. Strange, Raven)

Drugs- Threw technology and science, Drugs were injected in your system to give you your abilities.(captain America)

Normal- This origin you really don’t have any powers, you just have weapons or object that you use.(Batman)

Hi-Tech- Using futuristic weaponry, power armor, battle suit, piloting gigantic robots of destruction fit in this category.(iron man, gundams, bubble gum crisis)


· Sorcery- Can transfer any power into a magic spell ( hover = levitate, Flame blast = fire ball)
· Mystical Knowledge- cosmic power, Postcognition , precognition, possession
· Illusion- Incorporeal, animate illusion, Animate object

· Air- flight, air walking, Teleport, Leaping, hover
· Land- super speed, Hyper running, Tunneling
· Water- Water walking, swimming,

· Summon- summon animal, storm, plants, elementals, golems
· Control- control plants, animals, storms
· Communicate- animals, plants

· Offensive- Claws, bone spines, super punch (mostly melee attacks)
· Defensive- Invulnerability, skin armor, Resistance, Body Transformation (metal, fire, ice, so on)
· Alteration- Heightened senses, Super str, Int, Nimb, endurance, Blending, invisibility, shape shifting, etc…

· Self- Regeneration, self heal, rapid healing
· Others- heal others, cure disease, Resurrection

· Animate- fire golem , ice golem , object creation(using ice, fire, etc..).
· Control- fire, water,
· Projectile – fire blast, ice blast, radiation blast, repulsor beam. Plasma shot, eye cannon

· Projectile- mental blast. Pyrokenesis, mind drain
· Control- mind control, charm, telekinesis, telepathy, Esp
· Illusion- blindness, mind illusion, astral projection


Average- 0 - 25

Good- 26 - 75

Excellent- 76 - 150

Incredible- 151- 350

Amazing- 350- 500

Unearthly- 501 +

Fame Rankings

Normal- 0 - 50

Vigilante- 51 - 100

Sidekick- 101 - 150

Hero- 151- 200

National Hero- 201 - 350

International Hero- 351- 500

Super Hero- 501 +

Heroes that have joined already


Alannon------Noparton (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=360236#post360236)

Balan Ironbreaker

EvilRed----------Auralight (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=362111#post362111)

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Talhathier---- Kirel (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=367105#post367105)


Redneck-----Canativus (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=366370#post366370)


As you walk down the street you come to this huge one story, fortified mansion. It has a circle drive way, with a water fountain out front.
The front door seems to have a security bank, that memorizes the members voices, for no criminal access.
S.O.V. HQ (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=361919#post361919)

Sir Hyde
18th June 2005, 06:20 AM
The city was calm today. Not much was happening around and Marguerite was walking down a forlorn street. A huge one story, fortified mansion was in front of the sorceress. The circle drive wave had a water fountain out front – The woman thought it was beautiful. Still staring at the water that went up and down she walked over to the front door. With a single gesture of her hand she touched the entry point, waiting for a second and then walked right through the door as if it were nothing.

“Marguerite Lenore reporting”, she said as she gazed through the room she had just entered through magical means.

Tee hee. It states her first and surname. Next post I'll do the descriptions and such. I don't wanna rush things too much. A profile will follow in time, though with the BAT2005 drawing nearer and nearer that might take a while :) .

18th June 2005, 11:40 AM
*As Noparton walked down the street, he thought about where he was heading. He knew that this would be a new experience; he had always worked solo, after all. However, he had been persuaded to come here by a gut instinct, something he had always followed. When he finally arrived at the place he had heard described just a day earlier by a hobo, he saw that some details were off. The mansion was only one story, not fifteen, and the fountain didn't flow with gold, but he had expected those to be wrong. The mansion was a little bit larger than the man had suggested, but that was only a minor thing. He walked up to the front door, obviously part of the overall 'keep the bad guys out' design, and looked hard at it*

A voice recognition system...I certainly hope there's something a bit fancier in there...

*And he pulled out a small microchip from an inside pocket of his trenchcoat. He pressed it up against the recognition system and spoke into it*

"This is Noparton, gaining access to yet another high security building with absurd ease."

*The door swung open for him then, and he walked in after retrieving the microchip. Behind him, the door swung shut again. As he walked in, he spotted a woman already there. He walked up next to her and stood there*

"So...how'd you get in?"

OOC: I'll put do an IC description of him in my next post, just wanted to get him into the building. If you need to know what he looks like, it's in the stats page I made for him.

18th June 2005, 02:35 PM
this may be an out of character post but it pretains to the clan anyways ,when you post your link to your character i will edit in to the first post so everyone will have access to it as well, just for easy look up.
Next there is a link to the misc thread in the first post its the S.O.V. HQ
lastly when we get everyone elses characters made we can recruit more to improve your ranks . i will also be answering any questions about he group in the misc.. thread

19th June 2005, 02:03 PM
OOC: My character profile is in my signature

*Dark Tome walked nervously towards the fortified mansion, his heart racing as he came ever closer. He was tired of wandering around, being rejected by society...he now wished to fit in, and to use his powers for the greater good. He had heard of a new organization that is recruiting superheroes. He wasn't sure if he could be superhero material. His powers were more on the darker side... He stopped a short distance before the gates*

I don't know if this is right...should I even try this?

*He found that he was clenching his fists tightly, so he released the tension and pushed himself further. He knew that if he made it this far, he might as well continue. Step after step his heart would race more. Finally he reached the gate, seeing the console that he had to push to enter*

No hesitation...

"...Dark Tome"

*To his surprise the gate opened. For a moment he stood there watching it open, but then he told himself to go on in. If they let him through now, surely he would be accepted. He walked past the gates, amazed at the sights of the mansion, as well as the area around it. As he was looking around he spotted two other people already here. He walked over to them and introduced himself, bowing before he spoke*

"...Hello, im Dark Tome..."

19th June 2005, 06:14 PM
The door to the mansion swung open and a young lady was standing in the doorway. She had blonde hair, and yellow shades covered her eyes.She was wearing a yellow and orange suit, with an orange sun star shape on her chest. Her hands were covered by some sort of mechanical gloves. these gloves were orange like her suit. They had lines of circutry which could be seen radiating in a slightly white glow.

Auralight (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v240/Redtigerfang/screenshot_2005-05-29-19-55-13.jpg)

I am Auralight, I am your standing leader, so you will be reporting everything to me. I am happy to see that some of our new recruits have already arrive.It will be my pleasure to work with you all.

19th June 2005, 07:00 PM
*Noparton turned slowly when the doors opened. His well-worn and ancient army trenchcoat moved slightly with him, swaying a bit near the base. It was, as usual, left open, showing that he wore everyday street attire underneath it. His boots, made almost entirely of high quality black leather, made no noise as he turned, mostly because he simply turned on his toes. When he looked at the leader of this little group, it was through his usual blue sunglasses, although he had to brush his black bangs out of the way. It wasn't so much to make it easier to see, more that he found hair hanging down to be annoying. He looked straight at Auralight, where her eyes would be if not for the glasses*

I need a haricut...

"You're our leader? I'd like to suggest augmenting our security. A lot."

*He smiled his nice smile; it was pleasant and disarming and had saved him a lot of hassle with the police in the past*

"Not that it isn't good. However....a bunch of steel won't stop someone from bypassing the voice recognition..."

19th June 2005, 11:40 PM
*He felt an acquard silence as he waited for something. He felt like someone or something was about to happen. An image of a feminine figured formed in his head. A few seconds later, the same woman appeared, revealing herself to be the leader of this group. Quite different than he expected, for usually things of this sort were run by men. But society is ever changing, and their views of their world change. He faced her from a distance, unable to determine the right thing to say or do. He decided to keep quiet, and let the others do the talking while he gathers information*

One of them is very brave...speaking on an ill mannor for a first impression...

20th June 2005, 11:22 AM
The weathered warrior sighed, looking over the modifications made to his battle-suit. The specialist in the crane above the room radioed him by means of his wireless communications-ear piece. The translation of the conversation follows:

What's the matter? Don't you like what we've done to her? She'll dish out a good deal in battle now, and you won't need to rely on ammo anymore.

Kirel smiled and chuckled at him.

"I ain't worried a bit. Just can't wait to get her on again."

The technician laughed in the receiver, and set the final piece of the suit into place.


Kirel gently caressed the full-body battle suit. It didn't make him much bigger than he already was, reaching a height just below six and a half feet. He could see his reflection on the special metal and wondered at its beautifully dark color. He made a final inspection of everything, especially his wing's markings and personal markings on it. The battle-helmet stared blankly back at him and Kirel smiled,

"Very soon, baby. Very soon we will return to earth. I promise you that much."

He climbed up the cargo-bay's ladder, opened up the suit, and climbed into it. He harnessed his arms and legs into the thing. It was almost like a suit of armor, just bigger, thicker, and far more advanced than regular ol' armor. Kirel was the size of a normal human male, being around six feet tall. The suit was a few inches thick, but not unbearably thick. The enhancers in the limbs and whole body helped him carry the weight of the only weapon he had as well as the jumppack on the back of the suit. The tough armor gave him adaquet protection from many harms, whether of the elements, battle, or otherwise, and his suit could use the special metal to project a chameleon-like effect to allow him to remain unseen by most foes. He made a mental check list as the suit closed up tightly. It hummed to life as he plugged the cord from his mental sensor in and turned on the its vision. There were three sensors set vertically, in the rounded helmet in the front was well as different senors on his suit's backpack and at the side of his helmet. They looked like radio-pick up or something like that.

Let's see, I have the chameleon-skin generator repaired, weapon and jetpack online... sensors seem to be functioning... let's see how she handles.

He began walking in the suit. It felt a bit heavier than normal walk at first, but once he had the right calibration, it was just like fighting on foot, except now he was well-protected and very well-armed. He walked around at a normal pace around the hanger, happy to be back in action. He turned to go back into the hallway and walk down the long corridor to the drop-pod area.


The drop-pod shuttered and rumbled as it made its re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. Kirel had finished augmenting the power in his craft so that he could make it back to earth after a short time at home, fighting a very different war in a very different part of the universe. His computer voiced out a complex language in an annoying voice,
translation is as follows:

Destination: reached. Distance to next waypoint: 1.1 knos. Standard time: 10138 parc.

He spoke in broken english,

"Dang it, Larm. I toad you. In ENGLISH. They's what tey speak down terr, so git used t'ut."

His craft landed in the middle of a deserted-junkyard not too far from the Spirit of Vengence head-quarters, but was slowed enough not to make a huge crater thanks to the landing rockets. That group would surely notice him on their detectors, but Kirel knew nothing of them. Yet. There, right in the heap of junk, stood his steaming hot drop-pod. An alarm notified him of his landing, and he began to open his pod up. The pod was not as beautiful as his suit, especially as the techknowledgy was far simpler for it, but it was still a piece of art. Symetrical in design and in making, it was non-discript and dark in color, with one design on its hatch. The design was a circle, encased by what looked like a horse-show, with the bottom two ends almost touching, and a line through the circle horizontally. The design was made with their most precious metal, and looked like silver, but was more irridescent and was more refined looking. The engins on his pod hissed and let out a little bit of smoke.

21st June 2005, 05:03 AM
Phew! Finally found time to post a reply here. Character's here (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=364880#post364880).

Nicolette sauntered through the alley, looking carefully around for any danger. She sighed, forgetting that she was invisible and far too paranoid. There would have been trouble if no one saw her, of course. She smiled to her invisible self and started skipping, grabbing hold of her beret whilst her grey skirt bounced. Paranoia may not have been healthy, but caution would have. In a matter of seconds she was knocked down as she ran into a tramp, losing her invisibility.
"You gots money?" A rough voice inquired just out of her sight. She was fortunate enough to have landed on her back, and not on her face.
She reached into her pocket, though empty, and managed withdraw a fat wad of 20 dollar bills. The thug beamed with pride and almost forgot about her. He smelled of human waste and accumulated body odor, which offended her nostrils severely.
"I fink there shud be a celebrashun." He suddenly grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her up causing her to squawk and try to wrestle free. But before he could do anything else, he found he could no longer see, hear, feel or smell

She fell to her knees as he writhed in the floor, senseless. She rubbed her aching forehead, then giggled to herself and took out a marker from her pocket. Removing the man's shirt she hastily wrote something all over his chest and back, and dragged him out to the open street.
I am a criminal. Arrest me!
She soon disappeared again and proceeded to her destination. Just over the horizon was the tip of a large mansion, pristine and regal in its own way. Beaming, she was about to break for a run when a loud noise erupted by the junkyard. Canting her head and full to the brim with curiosity, she decided to investigate. It was a steaming hunk of metal, nothing ornate or outstanding though, other than it looked completely foreign. It probably exploded, She mused, [i]Nothing to fear...[i]

The thing hissed and began to open, and she instantly jumped and ran, covering her head in fear and hoping whatever it was inside wouldn't notice her. She trembled in fear inside a little niche she found, as it was alien to her. She stilled herself as soon as she realized that she had been rattling the metal, making an audible noise.

21st June 2005, 05:01 PM
Turning to the man Auralight grinned slightly. Then spoke, her soft voice appear as a loud lecture.

This isn't the place for talk of security,so lets go inside while we wait for the rest of the team to show up.

Just as she openned the mansion door, the alarm rang off, like hell has stepped into the realm of earth. Auralight heard the annoying sound and covered her ears as she levitated up off the ground a flew down the hall to the control room. She left the other too behind as she flew away. Entering the control room she saw many images on the screen of an arrival from space. The computer zoomed in on the location of the landing. It was only a mile away. She thought for a second.

Damn thats real close to here.I better go take the new recruits and check it out.

Auralight turned off the alarm and flew back to the recruits as fast as she could. she swerved down the halls as fast as she could, hovering over plants and dodging unexpecting tables and chairs. Finally she reached the main hall once more and landed right next to the recruits. Slightly out of breath she spoke to the both of them.

We have a problem, to take care of, an unidentified object entered the earth's surface and is now just a short distance away. We have to check it out.

21st June 2005, 05:17 PM
*Noparton watched, slightly amused, as Auralight rushed off to see what the disturbance was. While she was gone, he started digging around in his pockets, searching for something*

Wonder what's going on...we shouldn't have to wait for our leader to run around to find out...

*Although he kept on digging in his pockets, it was with less vigor, and he now seemed to be staring at an empty space about 7 feet off the ground; he was obviously thinking, most likely about security improvements*

*When Auralight returned, she was out of breath, but told them about a strange object just a short distance away. Noparton nodded his head when she told them to check it out, and turned around, walking slowly outside. He had no idea where to go, and was hoping that either Auralight would take the lead or that he would spot the object*

21st June 2005, 06:43 PM
As the newly-stolen, automatic, black BMW zoomed through the streets, cutting off others as the pedal was pressed down even harder. The roof was down and the sun smiled down below, only a few puffy clouds marked the ocean of blue. He turned sharply to the left, regardless of the red light, the wind blowing back his charcoal hair. He grinned, his dark eyes hiding behind orange tinted Oakleys. Now the cops were tailing him, he could hear the sirens, and he glanced up at the dashboard mirror to see how many and how far away. They were close enough.

Divad turned around half way, still keeping watch on the road, a lighter in his right hand. After a small spark disappeared, a small flame took its place floating above the igniter. It quickly grew though as Divad concentrated on it, and put away the lighter now that the flame was made. He telepathicaly controled the great flame, and it shot out to explode at one of the cop cars. It swirled on the road and then stopped perpendicular to the road where another car hit it and a dominoe effect ensued for a second.

Divad brought his complete focus back to driving, switching in and out of lanes, putting the pedal to the metal. He drove for a couple of minutes, and finally came to a gate that opened to the approach of his car. He waited for the gates to open impatiently, and drove of the drive way as the gates closed behind him. He jumped out of his stolen BMW, twirling the keys by the ring with his finger and whistling a tune to the air. Opening the door silently, Divad strode into the mansion, wearing a white undershit, a leather jacket with the collar popped, blue jeans and some snazzy sneakers, Divad was nothing but cool.

No profile, yet, and although he seems like an evil guy. He isn't. He'll help out a helpless granny any day of the week.

22nd June 2005, 05:38 AM
Canativus has been traveling for a long while now, since he has left his Master. His ordinary clothes are all dusty and dirty. His Master had told him that, if he wished to advance in his path of destiny, he had to seek the Spirits of Vengence. His Master told him that the life purpose of this clan of superheroes, was to get rid of all the evil in the world. A task, that would never end.

On his back, hidden under his shirt, the young man wore two scimitars. Deadly weapons they were, but fortunatly Canativus was not dependent on them. He had recieved powerfull training over the years that made him a master in almost any melee weapon. Next to that, his hands and feet were at least as deadly as any sword could be. And this was not the only power he possesed. He was a shapeshifter. He was able to take on any form he had ever seen before in his life. If it is natural or unnatural. A live or lifeless. He could become it.

He walked through the town where the Spritis of Vengence were rumoured to be. Suddenly he sees a gigantic building, and he thinks:

If I go up there, I can see the entire town. Maybe I can identify their headquarters

He takes an elevator up to the roofplatform, but sees nothing that points to the Spirits of Vengence. He walks outside disapointed and discouraged. He looks up, to see a huge one story high building. Its drive way is singular, and a fountain is infront. This is a true mansion, and it is in the middle of the city! He walks over there, maybe there are people who can help him. But all he sees is a security bank.

He raises his shoulders and bangs on the door. He shouts: "Hello! Is anybody there!?"

22nd June 2005, 10:26 AM
Divad turned around to the sounds of banging on the door behind him. He turned around and opened the door to let the guy in. "You know, the door was open." He smiled and chuckled a bit.

22nd June 2005, 02:07 PM
Of course, at least the timing was good, with a few new people coming to join us...

*The sounds of the alarm rang deep in Dark Tome's ears. It was very annoying for him, his hands covering his ears to at least drown out some of the noise. As the alarm died down he heard Auralight speak of what was to come. Something was coming from outer space? They didn't know if it was good or bad, but it was worth the investigation. Dark Tome slowly walked up by the leader*

"Well...can we all fly or is there some sort of transport we get to use?"

22nd June 2005, 02:33 PM
Ooc: Here is the stats for Kirel's Battlesuit (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=367105#post367105), though I'm still waiting for the mods to trounce it, if they still do that sort of thing. It's been a while since I made a BA character...

Ic: Kirel's pod-door opened up, making a sound of a small-weight traincar moving along its tracks slightly. He looked outside, but all he saw was steam in front of him. Apparently the heatshield was still cooling from the atmosphere. He was not sure where he landed, since one of the engins of his pod was slightly malfunctioning and was not busted, he could have landed anywhere. He was just glad to have landed on land instead of water. While he could swim in his suit it was one of the most difficult things to maneuver in this thing and still get along, and he'd usually end up giving up and walking along the ocean floor, adjusting the suits weight-displacers properly to do so.

He stepped out of the craft, his suit now in full motion and moving like it was a part of him. To those that had never seen his kind before, they would be under the impression that the battlesuit was just what he looked like, though this was far from the case. The steam cleared, and he found himself in a junkyard, though he was not familiar with what exactally that entailed. The suit made noises like a large robot moving, thanks to the assisting gyros throughout, helping him move freely. His dark suit had not adjusted to this climate yet, but the computer was taking the necessary assessnments of his surroundings, and began to scan the area, the sensors on his suits "backpack" moving about. He turned, looking around him. He changed his scanners, and saw a few lifeforms about, probably seeing just what was going on.

[I]They will be surprised to see me here... I wasn't exactally invited.[I]

The lens in his main eye-scope zoomed in onto the lifeforms approaching. Were these friendly or were they enemies? He began preparing his cloak-field generators just in case, as well as his weapon. In a like manner, he checked all his suit's systems, making sure they were primed and ready to go. His larger, right arm, opened, as was bigger due to the fact that a weapon was over that arm. The barrels glowed from within, but had not yet slowly begun to spin, as they always did when about to fire. He wanted to wait to judge these new comers, so he put his weapon-arm back down and waited for them to prove their allignment. He slowly walked towards then, so they could see him clearly, and then he stopped, keeping his main lenses pointed at them, and sensors ready just in case they could communicate. He stood there motionless now, except for watching them closely.

22nd June 2005, 02:40 PM
Auralight looked at the three standing there. She opened the door and said to them.

I am going to check out the disturbance, if you want to come you can other wise stay here and monitor the events.

She pulls 3 watches out of her pocket and gave each of them a watch. She pushes a button on her right glove. It begins to blink as do the three watches. She looked back at the three recruits. She speaks quickly to hurry her pace to go t othe location.

Thats blinking is my homing signal, if it go out i am in trouble. I will send word if everything is ok.

After she said that she jumped into the air and flew off.

22nd June 2005, 03:30 PM
*Noparton took the watch offered to him and put it on. He looked at it closely for a couple seconds, trying to figure out how it worked. He looked back up just in time to see Auralight fly off, suposedly towards the disturbance*

Well damn...I guess I'm gonna stay here then. I need to be able to do something like that eventually

"So...who's going with her? I'm staying here, personally. I can't move like that leader of ours."

*So saying, he stands there, waiting for some form of response*

22nd June 2005, 04:39 PM
He speed of flight wasn't the greatest, but she was able to go as fast as a speeding car(about 60mph). It took her a few minutes to reach the junkyard, where the fallen object had landed. She saw was appeared to be some sort of space craft. Steam rose from this craft,from the heat of the entry into the earth's apmostphere. She looked around the craft, in search of clue to the where abouts of the pilot, or crew of this vessel. She had no clue as to where it came from, she just hoped it was friendly.

23rd June 2005, 12:33 AM
Canativus grins with a stupid smile across his face. He whipes his brown hair away from his forehead. His eyes sparkle in the rays of the sun. He walks in and closes the door. He says: "Hello there. My name is Jason, although I go by the name of Canativus now. My master has told me that the Spirits of Vengeance could help me to progress my path of life. I have decided to join you, to aid in any way I can. Tell me, where do I sign up?"

23rd June 2005, 06:46 AM
Ic: Kirel was not sure what language these humans spoke, so he did not address them yet, especially since he wanted to further analyze them before passing his final judgement. He saw a female in some suit, flying down to observe the wreckage and assess the occupant. He knew that no normal human was able to fly, so these individuals must be different, just as he was different from all of them. They might have something in common afterall. He looked at the one hiding behind the pile of debris and spoke, his scanners adjusting as he did so,


He put his left hand on his chest, pounding his armorplate gently, but enough to make a bit of noise and to suggest that that was his name. Then he extended his opened hand, gesturing it at each of those there, as if expecting to have what they were called, in return.

They seem nice enough... but their clothing is strange to any human cultures...

He wondered why they chose to stand out so much, and why they had not fired on him yet. He would certainly be seen as a foreigner to their world, and humans generally did not trust what they did not know. But perhaps, if these were different in clothing and abilities, then maybe they would be different in actions as well. Kirel was prepared for almost anything though, and his suit was finally making adjustments to its new environment, and the alien warrior felt much more comfortable inside the confines of his thick armor.

23rd June 2005, 01:30 PM
Landing on the ground, Auralight saw the figure. Its structure didn't seem like a human in any form. She jumped slightly as it reached its hand out. A few thoughts went threw her head.

It could be friendly or a trap, as it is reaching out to shake my hand. I will stay on my guard just in case, it tries to attack me.

Auralight reached her hand out to shake the aliens hand. She was shaking slightly, but she kept herself on guard just in case of its attacking motion. She didn't see any other people in the junkyard. If there were anyone else she doesn't have the powers to sense life or the technology to add it to here equipment.

23rd June 2005, 02:40 PM
"I guess I will go then...."

*Dark Tome closed his eyes and chanted a spell. Soon his body began to hover over the ground. As he opened his eyes once more he caught a glimpse of someone he hadn't seen before, someone very strange looking. He was frightening at a glance, very robotic looking. He hoped that this threat detected wasn't just a distraction, but he had to go...Auralight went on her own. He grabbed the wach in his hand, trying to find her signal*

She went north...

*He shifted his body in that direction, making himself fly towards that direction. Nothing apparent around here looked dangerous. As he kept flying he saw some smoke coming from the junkyard. He increased his speed over there, hoping that she wasn't in danger. Soon the junkyard came into view, a strange ship was there, and Auralight right next to it*

"Auralight! Are you alright!"

23rd June 2005, 02:57 PM
*Noparton watched Tome disappear before turning to the new arrival*

"Canativus, you arrived just a little to late to go help them out. So, you should probably wait here for Auralight. However, I'm sure you'll be allowed in, so I'll welcome you in advance."

*So saying, he turned and started to walk around the mansion, trying to find where the control room was hidden*

23rd June 2005, 03:14 PM
Kirel had not been accustomed to the gesture offered by Auralight, though he did not resist her handshake, but simply kept his joints stiff and still allowing her to grab onto his hand. He looked at her, studying her a bit. He heard another calling out to the figure before him, and he turned to her and spoke softly, his sensors calming down. He addressed her, as if wishing to ask her name.

"Are you. Auralight."

He could not gesture as freely as he wished, especially with the upper-arm shield-looking bit of his armor, so he simply stood still, not moving. That part of him also had the emblem of his pod on it. He pulled back his hand from her grasp. She seemed to be finished doing whatever she was doing.

"I am called Kirel. I return, bring justice to... earth. Where are I?"

He sentances were a bit uneven. He had not had any real practice with this language in a long long time, and every word seemed to be chosen with a bit of thought and uncertainty. His voice was distorted over the vox-communnicator on his helmet and sounded choppy like a robots or computer. That was, afterall, the only way he had actually learned any of this language. He did not want to appear to threaten any there, so he made no sudden moves and kept his veiw fixated on Auralight. She seemed to be some kind of leader.

23rd June 2005, 04:11 PM
I am Auralight, and this is a junkyard, Above this junkyard is skys and the heavens that you call the planet Earth.

Her voice echoed threw the junkyard. The sound finally came to a halt after about 3 times of hearing it off in the distance.

So you were looking for me, i sensed that from you. Come with me back to the Spirits of Vengence Head Quarters and meet the rest of the team.

She paused for a second... looking at the alien and responed once more.

Can you fly, to follow me, or shall we walk.

24th June 2005, 12:30 AM
Canativus nodded. He would wait for the one called Auralight. He walked around the mansion a bit, checking the entire base out. He walked through a gigantic library. He checked some of the books out. It were some normal proza, but there were also more serious books. This library contained a lot of knowledge.

The young man walked on. At a sudden point he sees a training room. A couple of punching bags hung from big chains of the ceiling. A couple of bicycles, halters and other training equipment was spread around the room. He walked in, and started to throw some superquick punches and kicks against one of the punching backs. Within no time he was lost in his ritual.

The sweat started poring over his head, and soon his shirt was soaked. He took it off, revealing a complete smooth and muscalar chest. It was slightly tanned by the sun. Sweat dripped over his skin as Canativus kept on hitting, kicking and jumping. After two hours of training he was tired and sat down, meditating. Waiting for the arrival of Auralight.

24th June 2005, 08:11 AM
Kirel paused, taking in what this one said.

"I can fly, will follow."

He powered up his jetpack, the rockets humming as they started. Then a yellow fire came out of them and his suit lifted up off the ground. He turned to wait for Auralight.

24th June 2005, 09:01 AM
She listened and began to calm down after she realized that it wasn't hostile. She suddenly called out as she heard the mention of the Spirits of Vengeance, thinking it serendipitous that they happened to appear at the junkyard.

"Wait!" She cried as they started to move to leave, "Uh... I was looking for you... Umm... The Spirits of Vengeance I mean. Can I come too? But I... I can't fly or anything like that."

24th June 2005, 09:21 AM
*It had taken a little while, but Noparton found the control room. Having been told that the people who stayed behind could watch what happened from there, he entered and looked around himself. He was, truly, quite impressed by the place. It was completely state of the art, with a number of items that were far ahead of their time. After he finally overcame his techie's evy, he went over to a monitor that showed a strange object. It seemed to be some sort of pod or something, and there were a few people around it*

*He watched Auralight make peace with the huge robot thing, and then get ready to fly back to headquarters. Suddenly, though, another person showed up*

Wonder what'll happen next...Wish this thing had sound

Sir Hyde
24th June 2005, 05:36 PM
Standing next to Noparton, Marguerite was watching how the overreacted puzzle started to fall into place. The other night she had dreamed about how a spaceship would fall down from the heaven’s above and it all dawned upon her.

“In my dream his name was Kirel, he wanted to join us… I wonder if my dream was actually a vision…”

Marguerite smiled at Noparton and continued to observe the scene that was going on outside.

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24th June 2005, 08:08 PM
hearing a small cry, that wasn't there a moment ago, Auralight turned just before she begung to increase in height. Looking down a women could be seen, yelling and screaming about the Spirits of Vengence.

Who might you be, that calls to the leader of the Spirits of Vengence

Auralight hovered in one place for several minutes, until she came to a solution, to the words that he keeps hearing. She bends down wi one arm out reached.

Give me your hand, I will carry you to the location. Its not to far from here.

24th June 2005, 11:37 PM
*Noparton jumped slightly at the voice behind him, and whirled around. His hand was grasping his still-sheathed sword, ready to pull it out. When he saw who it was, he sighed with relief and quickly released the weapon*

"Good lord! You damn near made me jump out of my pants from fright!"

*He then thought quickly about what she had said, recalling it so he could respond to it. When he had it straight, he smiled at her, realizing what this could well mean*

"Kirel...remember anything else from your dream? If you do...and it's true...you may well be a dreamer as well as a sorceress."

*He turns back to the monitor then, and watches it as Auralight reaches out a hand to the second newcomer. In truth though, he's really not seeing it; he's thinking*

A dreamer...one who can tell the future through their dreams. I was able to do just that once, a while back...

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25th June 2005, 09:06 AM
She cleared her throat, "I'm... ah... I'm Ni- I mean..." Her voice bolstered, "Scheherazade, but Zade hurts less and sounds bet-..." She interrupted herself, "Well, I was hoping to be able to do some good, but I can't do much on my own and I heard, or saw, that you were forming a group. So..."

Give me your hand, I will carry you to the location. Its not to far from here.

As Auralight bent down, she lightly grabbed hold.

"Oh... ah, thank you."

25th June 2005, 09:18 AM
Auralight lifted her up into there air. He grip wasn't the best but they were not too high in the air and wasn't going very far. They flew over several buildings, heading south a bit. She touched her communicator, calling to the control center

"coming in with two new recruits, make sure everyone gets to the main hall pronto."

The two flew with the alien, back to the mansion and landed in the front lawn. Auralight gently made her landing and let go of her passanger

"this is Spirits of Vengence HQ"

She looked at the two newcomers as she walked towards the front door of the mansion.

25th June 2005, 10:12 AM
She felt a sense of vertigo as they rose higher. She was petrified as her stomach felt drained and empty, but amazed at the feeling of flight and the birds eye view of the city. She realized they could have gone higher, but it was high enough for her. She eagerly embraced the ground, and the ability to stand on her own two feet.

She was awestruck as the ornate mansion and flora surrounded her, its axis a majestic fountain.

"It's wonderful!" She cried out as she caught up to Auralight, watching the scenery

25th June 2005, 02:05 PM
*Dark Tome followed her as he led two more people onto the Spririts of Vengence Headquarters. He wasn't sure about the appearance of one, whether or not he could be trusted, but if Auralight took..uhh it...in, then it will probably be fine. He continued following her until they reached the HQ. He walked inside when they landed, cracking his neck, feeling like it was a waste of time and energy to follow her. He met up with the larger crowd already gathered in the HQ, showing a little sign of frustration. He walked over to a corner and sat down, chanting to himself. His stress and his heart rate lowered a little as he felt himself relax. After a few moments he rose, turned around, and went back to the group. He waited to see the reaction of the new recruits*

25th June 2005, 02:47 PM
*As Noparton watched the group fly off on the screen and quickly out of site, he turned around. He was about to start talking with Marguerite, when Auralight's voice suddenly came over the speakers in the control room*

"coming in with two new recruits, make sure everyone gets to the main hall pronto."

*He sighed, then turned around and started searching the panels in front of him. It took him a couple minutes, but he found what he was looking for. He pressed a button and leaned forward, speaking into a tiny microphone*

"Hey, new guy...er...Canativus! Get to the front of the building, ASAP, the leader's coming back with more new people."

*He let go of the button and stood straight again before turning around, facing Marguerite*

"Well, time to meet the new people, then, eh?"

*He walked out of the room and headed straight for the front area, arriving there swiftly. He looked around and, after seeing no chairs he wanted to sit in, simply leaned against the wall while he waited*

26th June 2005, 06:38 PM
Kirel followed where everyone else was going, unsure of what to think, really. This was all a new experiance for him, regardless of having been to earth before, since these times and this nation was very different. He intercepted some sort of radio transmission, but he wasn't sure what to make of it, a few of the words and things not familiar to him,

Coming in with two new recruits, make sure everyone gets to the main hall pronto.

But he knew that he could adjust soon enough to both the language and to the customs. If these were brothers-at-arms in justice, then he knew he could learn to get along with them quite well, though he knew none of them. However, he would soon learn that his version of justice was not quite the same as the others seemed to be...

They came upon a large building with tall doors, and Kirel landed right on the steps, dust flying up and gravel blowing this way and that as he did so. He tried to step on the steps, but his feet were one size too big, so he rocketed up to the top of them and walked in doors, waiting to see what everyone else was going off to.

28th June 2005, 03:50 PM
Remember, don't say anything without me, nothing.

Don't worry.

Tommy was walking briskly down the city street. The crow had told him that the large mansion would be somehwere on this street. Tommy looked around him. He was getting stares. He had been ever since arriving at this wretched city. It was a long journey from Nir Nor, and the crow explained to him after making the jump to what he called "modern" time of all these new inventions and other odd things. In the week that he had walked through wilderness to get to this place he learned of factories, electricity, mass media, and more. It was all very strange to him,...an 18yr. old who had just been magically cloned and sent spinning through time to do the bidding of spirit in the form of a crow.

Tommy felt the grip of the crow grow a little tighter. He was on his left shoulder, and any tighter and he was going to rip his long grey coat. Under the great coat was a bright tunic, odd considering tunics weren't generally worn anymore, althogh apparently back in the "60's and 70's" shirts with randomly streaked colors and dots were perfectly accpetable,..apparently it wasn't the 60's or 70's anymore. However, "denim" had apparently catched on! At least that about him looked normal...he was afraid his odd pants would make him stand out even more. Tommy fidgeted with his circular light green glasses, another invention caught on, although it was now more commonly used for fixing sight.

You're nervous.

I was just hurled through hundreds of years of time-

Didn't I tell you time doesn't work that way? The way you humans think of time is completely wrong, it doesn't flow one way at all...

The crow went on to repeat his lesson on how time could be moved through just as Tommy could move through a building or a parking lot. All so confusing. Tommy came to the mansion finally. He stepped onto the driveway, a path paved with a material the crow called asphalt. Tommy slowly walked up the driveway, on his left, int he center of the asphalt was a large stoen object that spat water. Tommy walked up to the steps to see a large door and some kind of contraption with buttons and other sorts of things that the crow referred to as a security device.

I'm lost.

29th June 2005, 02:59 AM
Canativus was stil meditating in the training room. He suddenly heard some noices from the main hall. He stood up and dusted his clothes off. He walked outside and saw many people gathered in the main hall.

Do all these people have powers, just like me?

All these figures seemed to be gathered around one woman. He heard the name Auralight a couple of times. She responded to it.

So this is the leader, Auralight. Well, better go and introduce myself.

Canativus walked over to Auralight. He stretched out his right hand and said: "Hello. I believe that you are the leader of the Spirits of Vengeance, correct? I am Canativus, a new recruit."

29th June 2005, 09:40 AM
The crowd of heroes circled Auralight as she arrived with a few more recruits. Just the n a man approached her, he stuck out his hand and introduced himself to her. His name being; Canativus. Auralight looked at him and smiled and shook his hand.

Why yes i am the leader of this ragtag group of heroes.

Just then the alarm sounded off again. This time it came from their door step. Auralight opened the door to see a man standing there all confused. She wasn't sure of his motive, but she asked him a quick question, or two.

Who are you and what do you want here?

She didn't want to be rude, but she was tired of hearing that stupid alarm already. She covered her ears for a moment and pointed at Noparton, and shouted.

Turn that alarm off will ya.

29th June 2005, 10:05 AM
Auralight replied humoristicly towards Canativus, and a bright, but also a somewhat naïve smile crossed his face. He was soon awoken by the rude intrusion of the doorbell. He looked at Auralight that turned around with a slight frown across her face. It was obvious that she was angry, especially by the speed she made the turn around. She opened the door and asked two questions. Those questions could sound spoiled, but she was upset enough to let them sound a bit rude. The fact that is was not ment that way, was when she shouted at one of the others that he had to turn the alarm off. It was obvious that Auralight was agitated, probably caused by the constant roaring of the thing.

Chronicius looked at the others and said: "Hello y'all. I am Canativus. And who might you all be?" Although there were a couple of them he had already seen or spoke, he had not really seen a lot of them in the building and there had been no time to speak. He had trouble finding them, although he believed he would find some in the training area. But he had found it alone. He decided that, as long as he was there, he could use the training as wel. He had been training for a while, and had started to meditate untill he was brutly interrupted by some noices. He went to check it out, and saw Auralight. And he believed that at that point he was supposed to introduce himself to the leader first.

29th June 2005, 12:16 PM
*Noparton stood up straight after Auralight's command to turn off the alarm, and walked semi-hurriedly to the control room. It didn't take him very long at all to get there, but he could have arrived faster all the same. He stepped inside, saw a flashing red light on one of the monitors, and went over there. It was asking for a password of some sort, which he didn't have. So, he simply typed in a few likly words, and got it on the second try*

Way too easy, really...although people who aren't part of the group probably wouldn't get it, at least.

*Having turned off the alarm and then changed the settings so it wouldn't go off as soon as the door was touched, he headed back over to the rest of the group, watching the new people with interest*

29th June 2005, 03:06 PM
*Dark Tome watched as the rest of the party seemed to grow larger. He didnt really mind this, but he wasn't expecting it to grow this large. Hopefully it won't get as crazy as the college boys in the dorm rooms. He joined the group, trying not to seem the loner. He did want to make friends again just like before, but he lost his touch ever since he left school. He introduced himself to the new arrivals*

"Greetings, I am Dark Tome, master of magic and incantations from these tomes..."

29th June 2005, 05:43 PM
Alright then now that we have every one in the main hall, let us start our little tour. As you can see from the main hall here you can see the upstairs training room is straight ahead. To the left, in that dark blue room is the control room for the upper levels as well.

Auralight clapped her hands to get everyones attention, before moving onto a different location, in the mansion. She begun to walk up the stairs to the second floor.

Everyone gather up here now,let me show you too your rooms, grab a partner as this person will be your room mate. All these doors up here leed to a room. The farthest doors on the left and right side of the stairs are the Restrooms. The one on the right is for the Men and the one on the left is for the Ladies. Now let us go back down to the main hall again.

Auralight walked back down the stairs and stood at the bottom, just on the other side of the railing to the left. She then waited for the rest of the people to get back to the main hallway. She cleared her throat and spoke again.

Can the nearest person too the front door lock it please? After the door is locked we will continue the Tour.

29th June 2005, 05:51 PM
Who are you and what do you want here?

Alright then now that we have every one in the main hall, let us start our little tour. As you can see from the main hall here you can see the upstairs training room is straight ahead. To the left, in that dark blue room is the control room for the upper levels as well.

Everyone gather up here now,let me show you too your rooms, grab a partner as this person will be your room mate. All these doors up here leed to a room. The farthest doors on the left and right side of the stairs are the Restrooms. The one on the right is for the Men and the one on the left is for the Ladies. Now let us go back down to the main hall again.

Can the nearest person too the front door lock it please? After the door is locked we will continue the Tour.

That one must be in charge, and hurry up and lock the door, stop standing there liek a fool!

Right, right, just this is a little odd...

Tommy moved into the hall and turned around to lock the door. He closed it and wasn't sure what to do until he saw the knob. He turned it and heard a clicking noise. Guess that's what a lock is. The young man turned around to the others who were apparently taking a tour.

"Err,...my name is-Crow."

Tommy had said it, but it had come out forced, as if he had not meant to say it. And he had not.

You didn't tell me you had complete control over me!

I don't but I can instill thoughts into your head subconciously-like a new name.

"Um,...right, this is my crow *points to the unnaturally larg crow on his shoulder* hope you don't mind animals, and I'm lookign for a group called the SoV, this would be it?"

29th June 2005, 06:12 PM
Stopping what she was doing and turning her attention to the one new comer called crow. He face went all confused for a second then she spoke to the lad that stood at the door.

Why yes this is the SoV, glad to see you have come here to do what now, join up or take us down.

Auralight stood straight up with her arms cross, she had a sort of angered look on her face as she wait for her answer fron Crow.

29th June 2005, 06:15 PM
Why yes this is the SoV, glad to see you have to here to do what now, join up or take us down.

Tommy could tell the she was a little annoyed. Well, alot of new people just rushed in through the door. And some sort of noise makign device went off everytime someone did so he supposed he'd be annoyed too if he lived here. He decided he wouldn't annoy her anymore, Tommy was usually quick to make friends as he had an easy-goign nature, but it looked like he had already gotten on someone's bad side.

"To join you actually, I wouldn't think of trying to fight you."

29th June 2005, 06:17 PM
Kirel marched along in his suit, his specialized, three-towed feet clanging along the hallway as Auralight gave them all a tour. He listened carefully to every word she said and any others said as well. He was absorbing the words, learning the vocabulary. He recorded everything they said, everything the pointed at, who they talked to, and what they talked about. He went over them again and again with the computer in what he guessed was the training room. He didn't know what a "roomate" was, but he was going to learn this language more so he could find out.

29th June 2005, 07:11 PM
Something is moving in the wall. You cannot perceive it.
It seems a wall. Part of the wall. One with the wall.

It is looking at you. Listening to your words and the simple sound of your heart beating in your chest. The calm or rushed breath going in and out of your lungs.

You may not be sure about how long that has been there, just paying attention to you. Not if this is the first time. Simply, for the first time you realised it was just there, behind you, in front of you, next to you, above you. It is moving slowly as you move.

If you think about it, this thing, whatever it is, seems like a lively shadow. So big you are to believe in Neverland and Peter Pan... Children stories. But being a hero has a lot to do with children stories. It may come to your mind that the very amazement of your powers are part of what makes you powerful.

It is just that this presence, not easy to grasp, makes you a bit of a child again. Maybe scared, maybe excited... already intrigued.

A hissing voice speak and you can barely get a name in those whispers: Dzion

30th June 2005, 02:13 AM
Canativus calmly followed Auralight around the HQ. He closely watched the control room. He saw many computers and monitors, all displaying information from all over the world. Where ever something might happen, the SoV was right on top of it. Now this was an organisation that was well organized. It had like a huge electronic spynetwork all over the world, and he was standing in the middle of it. Computers had Canativus his interest and here stood one piece of fantastic machinery. But the tour continued.

The leader pointed at the training room upstairs. He nodded, he had been there. They went upstairs. Auralight made them choose a room. He walked into one, and dumped his back on the bed. He would unpack it later. He decided to give the room a quick glance, before moving on. It was a not a big room, but that was not needed. It did had all the modern day comforts, like two kingsize soft beds. A TV, radio, refrigurator and a small washing sink. A small lamp on each of the dressoirs. Two closets. Canativus felt right at home and walked back out. He walked down the huge stairs, that had a slight bend in it towards the right.

They stood infront of the main door. Auralight asked one to close the door. Then an angry look towards a newcomer flew through the hallway. This was a fiesty woman, this Auralight. Canativus surely would not like to get in trouble with her. He decided that it was best to keep a low profile for now. Wondering if there were any soulmates, he looked around. He saw a couple of people who could be...

30th June 2005, 09:52 AM
Zade followed as the group was led through the interior of the ornate mansion. She shuddered at the thought of a large mansion, she had grown up with stories and movies that portrayed mansions as being lonely, scary places. This might not have been the case, but still it unnerved her. What if everyone left for some reason? She wondered if it was a bright idea at all to get mixed up with using her abilities for more than story-telling. All may have not been as it seemed, much like her illusions.

She entered a room and inspected it. It was certainly better than any of the lodgings she had been residing in, having what looked to be a soft and delightful bed, as well as other comforts and amenities. She looked around and soaked in that this was home now. As she stood there, she thought that her mind was playing tricks. She shifted in uncomfort as there seemed a strange presence. She thought she finally snapped and squawked when she heard whispers filter through the room, instinctively enveloping herself in an illusion. She was gone to the naked eye.

She breathed erratically, rigid and frozen on the spot, too afraid to move.

30th June 2005, 02:55 PM
So we have to bunk with people do we? I don't think that will be easy, with this crowd, especially that....foreigner.

*Dark Tome listened in on the information regarding the SoV HQ. It did seem to be well prepared, everything up to date and well organized. But how did Auralight get the money to do this? How did this place ever come into being? As he thought he heard a whisper in his ear. He turned around and saw nobody. His eyes looked around suspiciously, but when they found no one, he returns on following the group. The bunks seemed to be pretty nice, something he could get used to. After a while of sleeping on the cold hard concrete, grass, and occassionally beds, this was something he was kind of excited about, except the bunk sharing prospect. It wasn't that he didn't like people, he just wasn't sure how to pick people for his bunk and other stuff like that, he just let them make the decisions. Yeah, that's what i'll do. Let someone choose me to be their bunkmate*

30th June 2005, 03:34 PM
The unseen creature flows by halls and passways following those that are into this building. It watches as everybody tries to find their way, tries to find their place...

It looks for Auralight. The only one who thinks knowing her way, her place, her power. Dzion awaits for everything to get silent. It awaits for Auralight to be alone.

Was everybody at the hall?

It's voice hissed. A smile could be seen, like a sudden gap in the wall. It was only for an instant...

No roommate then?

1st July 2005, 09:13 AM
Feeling safer, she tip-toed out of the room cautiously. She shuddered, large mansions were never just plain old mansions. As soon as she found a person, she decided to stay close. She somewhat recognized him... he said he was some master of some long word that had just left out the other ear.

Duck- no... D... D... Dirk? Dirk Holme? Dark Home? Dark Tome! That's his name. I think...

While she didn't know how reliable anyone was, she still followed behind Dark Tome. It was better than being alone. She dispelled her illusion and followed him to the others, partly because she was a little lost as well, but mostly because she was afraid to be alone. Walls don't usually whisper, and that would have given a new meaning to talking to a wall. She didn't quite want to disturb him, and just followed as silently as she could.

1st July 2005, 12:50 PM
*Noparton didn't even bother checking the rooms. He knew they would be nice, but he also knew that he wasn't about to pick a roommate before he knew some of these people a little better. Besides, he didn't have anything he needed to store anywhere*

*Following after Auralight, he thought he heard a slight little whisper. It was barely audible, little more than the wind, but it sounded...different. Looking around him, he saw nothing, and so he dispelled it, turning back to the tour. A short while later, however, he heard something similar, and also saw a quick flash. By now he knew this couldn't be happenstance; of course, he didn't know what it might actually be, so he ignored it*

1st July 2005, 01:49 PM
"I hope that the security in this place is top notch...I have a feeling that somebody could enter here and not be noticed..."

*The feeling of someone's presence grew ever more on his mind. He heard a voice once more, and thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He looked around the room for a moment, accidently catching gaze with someone behind him. She seemed to be pretty quiet, and he hadn't noticed her before. He contined his gaze around the room but couldn't find anything. He scratched the back of his head. He then remembered that he had a bag full of Tomes on his back, so he went to set them down*

"If you don't mind, i'm going to set down these books in one of the rooms"

1st July 2005, 01:56 PM
Standing by the stair for a few more moments Auralight finnaly saw the door shut and heard it click to the lock position. She turned her attention to the students. Speaking to them while using her hands to wave the mto get closer.

Everyone gather around get closer, this is a very importatn part of the tour.

After everyone got close she flipped the round ball that was at the end of the railing. There was a round red button laying there. She held her thumb on the button for a few seconds then it flashed twice. A clicking noise could be heard, the stairs suddenly flattened out and raised into the air. The new opening looke dark at first, then Auralight pushed the button down and lights flashed on, uncovering a stair case going down.

This area is where all the secrets begin.

She turned her head to the crowd and then turned it to the stair case and begun to descent.

1st July 2005, 02:00 PM
Everyone gather around get closer, this is a very importatn part of the tour.

After everyone got close she flipped the round ball that was at the end of the railing. There was a round red button laying there. She held her thumb on the button for a few seconds then it flashed twice. A clicking noise could be heard, the stairs suddenly flattened out and raised into the air. The new opening looke dark at first, then Auralight pushed the button down and lights flashed on, uncovering a stair case going down.

This area is where all the secrets begin.

Tommy walked away from the door towards the newly found stairwell. The crow and his shoulder staring straight ahead, not showing any signs of being aware of the things around him, as if to be looking straight through everything. Tommy, on the other hand, seemed amazed with every little detail of the place. The flooring, the ceilng, and the switching staircase. Tom had seen staircases back home, but staircases hiding more staircases? Tom was on the other side of the hall now with everyone else, staring into the dark space that the stairwell led to.

Tommy hadn't gotten chance to go to his room...then again he didn't have anything to unpack, nor did he mind much who he got bunked with. He would just let whatever happened happen and follow what the group did...

You'll earn their respect in time...

3rd July 2005, 01:38 PM
Huh? What else is there for us to see?

*Vincent was putting down his books when he was informed to return to the leader. He felt almost naked leaving all those books there, but he had to, for his back was becoming sore from the weight. He left the room, shutting the door behind him. As he did he saw Auralight press a button, and a doorway suddenly appear. He shook his head. Wasn't the secrets of this place already revealed? There was more than enough secret technology here...He shrugged his shoulders, trying to relax his thinking as he followed the others in. Maybe there's something else here that's way more powerful, or something that cannot be seen by the citizens of this fair city*

4th July 2005, 02:02 AM
Canativus had been standing around all the time while the people were searching for their rooms. He did not know, nor did he bother what was going on upstairs. After they all finally came down again Auralight spoke: "Everyone gather around get closer, this is a very important part of the tour."

Canativus his interest was immediatly awoken, and he walked close to Auralight, untill he was right in front of her. She walked towards the stairs and flipped the ball that was at the end of the railing. What appeared to be nothing more then an ornament, turned out to be much more. Inside the ball (at least that is how I interperate it. If not, correct me) was a red button. Auralight pushed the button.

A few clicks were heard and with a light electric zooming noice, the stairs became flat. Some more clicks echoed through the main hall and the stairs quitly rose towards the sky. The new opening was dark, as the gaping mouth of a gigantic beast. Auralight spoke yet again: "This area is where all the secrets begin."

Canativus was getting even more interested by these words, and followed her and some others downstairs. What could be hidden there?

4th July 2005, 10:55 AM
*Flows like air surrounding them. Like a caress that touches their hairs and skin. Crosses the door into the secrets being a secret in itself*

*It wonders, as everything is a wonder in this world. It wonders as everyone begins to wonder about it. It wonders when it will be discovered. As the secrets that lies ahead*

*Auralight reveals secrets. Auralight wants to share secrets with them. It wants to reveal its secrets as well. It wants to reveal its secrets with them. She wants it. She was invited by Auralight. Is Auralight waiting for her? Does she know already that she will never show up. It wonders. Dzion, always wonders*

4th July 2005, 05:22 PM
Auralight made it ot the bottom of the stairs. She kept on hearing a strange noise come from behind her, at first she just brushed it off. Then it got to her and turned back looking threw the crowd of following heroes. Her eyes glare at the crowd trying to find some one that looks out of place. Finally a finger comes up and she points right at one of the followers.

You!! Step forward, Who are you?

She points at the liquidly looking one,and waves here hand forward. Trying to get that one to come to the front of the crowd.

4th July 2005, 05:41 PM
Was not Xora Genet invited?

A voice says, clear, coming out of the wall, just where Auralight points. Dzion gets a bright shine, almost watery look for a second, because of Auralight's powers.

Scientist Eidee Genet sent me. The voice says. Briefly.

Slowly, out of the wall, a figure begins to emerge, human and inhuman. Creature and craft. Beautiful and terrible as well, for it seems to have no soul, even though it seems to take the shape of a fragile lady. Why did she whispered the name of Dzion before?

Who is Xora, who is Eidee, who is Dzion? Does Auralight knows? Does Auralight knows who she invited?

"I follow" The strange humanoid woman says, standing in front of Auralight.

8th July 2005, 05:24 PM
*Noparton had followed Auralight down through the secret door, down the staircase into the 'area is where all the secrets begin'. He was curious as to what could be down here, mostly to see if he could implement it in his personal collection of gadgets. He enjoyed gadgets quite a lot, and while he didn't actually steal them from people, he would steal the ideas. And the designs*

*So, he was rather annoyed when he saw Auralight stops, pointing at something. He had been in his own little gadget world, so he didn't hear what she said. Instead, the first thing he noticed was the strange, beautiful woman who materialized in front of him*

"That doesn't happen every day..."

16th October 2005, 06:08 PM
Seems to me this clan has been inactive for over a month, giving it 3 options:

Close the clan
Make an inactive recruitment thread
Elect new leader if current is inactive/unfit.

Give a week to make the decision with the first option as default should there be no reply.

22nd October 2005, 10:00 AM
All those of you in this clan who would like to see it keep on, go to our HQ thread and vote on a new leader. If you don't know where it is, go here: http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=20271