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18th September 2004, 03:59 PM
Azrael make the first post please.


20th September 2004, 11:35 AM

Head of State:

Ministers of Communication:

Co-Ordinator of Pre-Martial Law:
Some other guy


What is DFKOR? We are the r0x0r in your s0x0r, we take the cats pajamas and cut em up, we are the grovest dogz this side of France. The truth is, were simply to cool for school. You see, were so damn cool we don't except moderators or any sort of admins. We ONLY except 'members'. None of that high class lame ASS bs. Were all about keeping it real, and by real we mean not being a uncool mod or somesuch sadness. What does DFKOR stand for you ask? We'll I'll tell you, were The Deadly Fucking Klan of Retards. Sound demenaing? Of course it is/isn't! We have important morals/member benefits, such as:
1. Ability to talk incoherantly, but do it well!
2. Undepression theorapy, that's right if your feeling blue our certified (in CPR) ginacologists will cheer you right up!
3. UB3R L33T speakerz power of the mind! You are correct this is a totally free bonus! All members have the ability to use our patended UB3R L33T speakerz technology.
4. Freez speach: As part of DFKOR's ongoing human rights campaign were currently focusing on the free speech amendment. As such as a bonus to all members you will be endowed with the ability to speak what you want, wherever you want. (Example to be posted soon)

So, wtf are you waiting for bitch! Join now and be forever ALIVE!

DFKOR - We really do r0x0rz your s0x0rz.

20th September 2004, 05:13 PM
please tell me this is a joke.

20th September 2004, 05:21 PM
Why do you try to imitate ROKFD when you know very well that it is impossible? They will always be unique, and you will be some random little ROKFD-wannabe clan. They should charge you money for even thinking about imitating them.

By the way, since you asked, Splat, I'll tell you: this is a joke.

21st September 2004, 06:59 AM
look here bitches im not even apart of ROKFD but if i were i think that i would be putting my many tentacled boot up your ass for trying to rip off their clan that has been around since... hell i think its been around longer than me but im not positive but thats not the point... the point is that this clan is pointless as it will soon drop off into the obscure nothingness of the back pages of the clan forum... you are just mad that ROKFD is the bees knees and you dont make the cut... nuff said bitches

21st September 2004, 07:20 AM
This is a RECRUITMENT thread, not a bitch thread. Now stop complaining, you got a problem? well use the personal message system. That's what they're FOR.

Else, get warned.

21st September 2004, 12:16 PM
:D Sad sad... you can't even understand?!? Freaks we have nothing to do with RFKOR. I don't have any problem with em, though u seem 2. Don't get it though... I though you all were INTELLIGENT???? Query = NULL I guess... alas the ones who cannot understand the power of a simple response like d00d! omfg uz are the l33t b1tchazaa!!!!! evidently won't ever be able to comprehend higher orders of ub3rnezz. Anyway, no bitchin' just recruitin', if u don't like havin' style mothafooks then go and rp. Only REAL homez in hea.

21st September 2004, 02:28 PM
I guess I can join now seeing as I'm not a moderator.

I want to be part of the Deadly Freaking Klan of Retards!

22nd September 2004, 08:00 AM
I take offence at that -.-.

You're in!

WOW, this thread is overdue, closed