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Paradise Wandering
31st May 2005, 04:39 PM
Invite only.

Hoax, make the first post. If you need anything, let me know. Have fun.

Moddy Notes:

1st June 2005, 05:19 AM
Clan objectives/interest/guide lines

to protect the interests of the high counsel
to protect the innocent and guilty a like from the wrath of rouge and/or corrupt magic users
to hunt down and kill all dangerous rouge and/or corrupt magic users, alchemists, enchanters, runitic smiths and/or any one who may be corrupted by magic of any kind
to observe and monitor those in positions of power
to destroy all those who have been corrupted by power/positions of power
to monitor all other guild and clans
to monitor and (potentially) detain all those who are at risk of being corrupted from magic/power/positions of power/ people or creatures in positions of power
to maintain and preserve history thought out the time line for this stream
to monitor and observe all technological developments and there implementation thought out the world/'s
to sabotage and destroy all weapons of mass destruction
to monitor members of the clan internally for signs of corruption
to serve and protect the interests of the gods (Tau, Carnage and Krystin (and any other admin who role plays)

a unique clan in the fact that there can only ever be 7 of us. this core of 7 has been trained together from a early age in the arts of unarmed, martial arts, ranged weapons, long and short bladed weapons as well as the use of other more imaginative weapons like katar's, chain swords and spears.

entry into the Guild is exclusive and you will be refused entry if you were not invited.

even if you are invited joining will require a few things on your part.
for one you will need to make a new character who dose not use more than a few spells, donít worry you'll be equipped with enchanted weapons that can provide you with attacks out side your own element so you wont be a push over.
this new character should comply to the following for a hunter:
1) you history should include but not be limited to -
(a) your mage hunter should have been stolen away from there parents at a early age
(b) your character should have then been bonded by the high counsel to other mage hunter (these character histories can and probably should cross over into each other to be prepared to exchange ideas, thoughts and stories with the other hunters)
(c) your character should have been trained and possibly conditioned for a certin task in the group. converse with others for what this may be.

misc - while your character is a hunter of people and such they donít have to like it one way or another. for your character to comply they simply need to contain the above, anything else is just extra credit.

2) should your character in the guild be one of the 2 none combat roles then your history can be more varied. perhaps your character was evil at some stage but was injured then recruited into the guide as a armor/medic/equipment officer. it doesnít really matter though obviously since it will most likely be a tailor made character for the guild you'll need to include it somewhere in there.
you can be allot more creative in the history for a none combat role but you probably wont see as much action. then again maybe this appeals to you...

3) bare in mind that your mage hunter cannot leave the guild in one piece. yes by that drift I do imply that in order to quit the guild your character must die or be granted special pardon by the gods. (divine intervention has never happened in guild history)
however, this dose not mean your character cannot have a life out side the guild. they can be related to people/characters you know, have issues, problems - in fact I want them to (but hey, your the one going to be making this character) your character can be any one and anything.
reformed demon, werewolf, vampire, holy paladin or even a failed apprentice of a mage collage (damnit I never could cast spells :p). the only condition is that they have a minimal grasp of self casted magic, that is magic that the character themselves casts.

(note: while you can tell a few people about what your hunter dose donít be a blabber mouth, rumors and rumors of rumors should be all that circulates around the MHG and all those in it.)

every one will start (including me) as though they had just finished there group training and were now approved by the counsel for field missions. when we have enough I'll start a small quick little quest for you all to get your characters feet wet.
eventually we may even get some guest appearances from some old vets (if were still a guild after that long...)

each hunter will be given a custom weapon with a special enchantment (witch will be concluded from your new character profile as to there preserved likes and dislikes.)

on a final note, yes I know that this is sorely lacking any real info but thatís how it was planed. ask questions to learn the answer, every question given a satisfactory answer. Guarantied. (but only if you were invited)

EDIT: invited members
Forsaken, the Truth, Zach, Indie, GekkoPixie (^^; other wise known by me as Geo), Rubber Ducky, Pstr--- (i can never spell his full name(and only if he has time.))

Invited aprentices: Lord Troja, Dragonsphyer, fatbreadstick

ok, I'm stretching th max hunters to 8, this isnt including the aprentices.
about that.
if a aprentice desideds to join then they are adopted by one of the hunters, the aprentice serves as there shadow, learning from what the other hunter knows by watching and doing.

you can only have 1 aprentice at a time.

comeing soon: ranks

Paradise Wandering
3rd June 2005, 06:20 AM
Okay, I won't do anything ICly, since there was no real intro. I'm just posting to show that I'm here, and I have a char in the works even as I write this.

On a final note, I know you invited several other people, but it wouldn't hurt to PM them and tell them that if they're in they need to post or I can't make the thread >.>

The Truth
3rd June 2005, 07:39 AM
Well, there is no MHG, but I am in it, one way or another.

I'm still not sure if I am going to create a new character or not, (still waiting on Hoax's decision to my PM), so I can't really go ahead and IC RP an entrance.

3rd June 2005, 10:36 AM
Well, here I am. I have the ball rolling on what we spoke about, Hoax. I'm on msn, as always, if you need me.

4th June 2005, 12:20 AM
just for the record you dont HAVE to make a new charicter, you can modify a old one.
I myself am modifying Tyler for this (the vampire, any AotFO would know him)

also, upon creating and joining the guild your charicter will be given 200 gold to buy enchanted weapons and armor from the guild shop, every quest will pay in gold for you to buy weapons from the guild shop. anything else you find in a quest is yours to keep and sell if you like.

while you can give your self stuff to start with there will be a kind of tax to pay on this item.

please note that your charicter may be in more than one clan too

4th June 2005, 09:57 AM
Zachary just accepted me as apprentice... so... sweet. Just wondering, do we have to buy everything (armor and weapons) from the guild shop if we don't want them to be taxed? Oh, and what needs to be in an apprentice's history? And... er... is this (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=99222#post99222) acceptable (MHG clan background will be added if I can use him)?

4th June 2005, 10:02 AM
Hi Hoaxy.. I do need a new character for this, but I'll join. Should have a character ready in a few days from now <.< *pokes Brad*

5th June 2005, 03:47 PM
Just wondering, do we have to buy everything (armor and weapons) from the guild shop if we don't want them to be taxed? Oh, and what needs to be in an apprentice's history? And... er... is this acceptable (MHG clan background will be added if I can use him)?

interesting charicter. to awnser your first question simply; yes. an exspanded exsplination would tell you that the tax is minor (about 10% of what you'ed pay for the weapon from the shop) and it is once off.
so yes you can equip your charicter out with a bunch of stuff from the start.
no you cant do it for free.
yes you can do it for cheeper.

the charicter is also fine, i only had a smkim over it but it looked alright, do note though that if he cant activly control the demon then he'll need to hide it from the MHG high counsle (NPC's who give us quests) or they may just order you to be purged ;) interprit that how you like...
...of course, the counsle cant realy MAKE every one elses charicter do this to you if they find out so share this information with player charicters at your discresion.

History is comeing but basicly revolves around the aftermarth of some great magic war, a group of about 50 people who share a unique telapathis link (50 people who think as 1) are known as the high counsle, every 20 - 60 years (depending how long they live) the counsle chooses 5 - 8 children from throught the lands to be taken and trained in secret arts, they are trained to be mage hunters, to hunt down powerful magic users and kill them while useing as little magic as posible. infact the counsle discorages almost every kind of magic exsept for a few

I'll exspad that for you all later but right now i have to go.

could those who are joining (and havent donse so yet) please post that they are doing so in here soon?

5th June 2005, 04:44 PM
Just a little note to say I'm here! I'll be making a new character as soon as I figure out what kinds of stuff to add in. I'm not sure about what the IC goals are, so I don't feel comfortable making the character at all.

10th June 2005, 02:15 AM
Zach CF mod, please set up the main thread now that we have enough people.

[star trek captin voice] Make it so! [/star trek captin voice]

16th June 2005, 11:03 AM
Zach's no longer a CF mod, but I'm sure I'll do to right?


Here you go ...