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17th September 2004, 02:41 PM
this is for the MOD's cuz i have been attacked by Nosti and wen i have check is profile what i saw was:


nosti_warrior 5 Elves 94,227
nosti_warrior6 2 Humans 107,565
nosti_warrior2 4 Orcs 109,800
nosti_warrior3 5 Dwarves 111,393
Nosti_warrior4 3 Orcs 120,716
nosti_warrior5 2 Humans 125,215

well for what i know we onlly can have 1 account and i this this ones here bellong all the the same menber.

ps: i dont know if this is the rigth place to say this but i hope some one can check this

17th September 2004, 03:19 PM
The thread of rules for the KoC forums is in the Great Hall, here:


In it you'll find this:

5) Do not point out cheaters/hackers. If you have someone you believe is cheating/hacking, then toy can email the administrators of KoC at:
aman@kingsofchaos.com - Send Emails for Hackers to this Address
rocco@kingsofchaos.com - Send Emails for Cheaters to this Address

I don't think the GUA admins can do anything about it so the best thing to do is to e-mail Rocco, then forget about it. There are lots of accounts like this, I don't think they have time to check them all out. Sorry I can't be more positive about it.

I know you wanted a mod, but you'll get much the same answer from them.

17th September 2004, 05:36 PM
Yes email Rocco, not aman. He is the one for cheaters, but like Rincewind said, they probably won't do anything about anyway.

17th September 2004, 05:39 PM
Admins don't visit the forums much, if at all. And us mods really have no contact with them at all. Only way to get their attention is to email.

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