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Paradise Wandering
21st May 2005, 07:01 AM
Make the first post Pustolio. As usual, if you have any problems, let me know.

Mod Notes:

5/25 -- Holy crap. No IC at all... already Bk has made a post, and warned informationally, and I have given an informational as well. Try to keep it clan-related, guys. If you wanna RP, bug Pust until he makes an IC part. But please stop the spamming... -- Zachary

No real RPing here, but it's good so far as I'm concerned.--Shade

21st May 2005, 09:30 AM
The Blood Twine



The original purpose of the Blood Twine is to rise among the ranks as one of the greatest clans in the BA. Although, through 3 revamps, I would like to change to purpose to simply gathering a community in which we can RP together. Furthermore, the Blood Twine's wishes to wage conflict and disarray amongst other clans, through clan spars and clan wars. The BT also wishes to improve the RP skillz of our members and to guide new members to the path of RP excellence. This is a clan meant for medieval/fantasy type of RPing (thus, no advanced technological gadgets and weaponry.)


-All CF and BA rules must be followed
-Anyone may join this clan; although, for preference, the Blood Twine is of a neutral alignment.
-Please use the clan lounge threads or any other Blood Twine chat thread or the PM system to have friendly conversation, suggestions for future clan business, or just being goofy. The official Blood Twine clan thread is for clan business only.
-Please inform a leader or a representative if a member were to have a leave of absence.

-Within the IC portion of ranking, there is 1 leader, 1 overlord, 2 apprentices, and N/A amount of combatants.
-One member cannot be the leader of two or more brigades.
-To advance in rank within the Blood Army, a member could either be appointed by a leader to a higher rank. OR, once a member challenges and wins in a clan spar. (The judging system for deciding which member is victor is pending.)
-Members can only challenge members who are ONE rank above them. Thus, a combatant cannot challenge a brigade leader until he defeats an apprentice and an overlord.

-Within the OOC portion of ranking, he/she is either appointed by a leader.

-A member is allowed to join a brigade that either corresponds with their primary and/or secondary element.
-A member who wishes to join a brigade that does not correspond with their primary and/or secondary element, is able to join, after having a spar in the target brigade and winning.


Pustolio- N/A
Notorious- N/A
Barrett- 50
Sepheroth- 50
Poison- 50
Morrigan- 50
mxuxl1- 50
caesap2- 50
Tsukiyomi- 50

Clan Rankings
Leader: Self-explanatory

Co-leader: The next in line for leadership of the clan.

Avatar: A member who shows impressive and awesome qualities that benefit those in not only the clan but entire BA itself. Avatars usually have been in the clan for a long period; have kept a frequent/steady activity whenever possible; have shown impressive leadership skills; have given significant contribution to the clan; and helping those in need. Avatars are the closest next in line for the position of leader, whenever the situation calls for it. Responsibilities/duties include following the clan, BA, and CF rules; clan activity; clan recruitment; guiding adepts, cadets, archons, and lords; leading/making/suggesting quests; relations with other BA clans; other.

Lord: A member who has well surpassed the expectations of superiors as well as being a positive role model to the newer and preceding ranks. Lords show activity frequently and quite often; giving much contribution to the clan; aiding others; and showing leadership skills. Responsibilities/duties include following the clan, BA, and CF rules; clan activity; clan recruitment; guiding adepts, cadets, archons; leading/making/suggesting quests; other.

Archon: A member who has well proven himself/herself of worth and benefit to the clan. Archons show frequent activity, high enthusiasm, has made a satisfying amount of beneficial contributions to the clan. Responsibilities/duties include following the clan, BA, and CF rules; clan activity; clan recruitment; guiding adepts and cadets; other.

Adept: A member who has proven himself/herself a worthy addition to the clan and show moderate activity, follows all regulations, and has placed a stable foothold in the clan. Responsibilities/duties include following the clan, BA, and CF rules; clan activity; clan recruitment; guiding cadets; other.

Cadet: A newcomer to the clan and/or a member who has not showed a significant amount of activity. Cadets do not have much power in the clan, yet, nonetheless are still important to the clan. Responsibilities/duties include: following the clan, BA, and CF rules; clan activity; clan recruitment; other.

Blood Army Rankings

Note: The Blood Army rankings are meant ICly: quests, spars, FFAs, clan wars, etc.

Blood Knight: Master warriors of the Blood Army; the rare and the few that excel in melee and arcanic combat. They are the elite and the final executors in times of war and heated conflict. It is not often for a true Blood Knight to be seen- for one who is deemed a Blood Knight must show ruthlessness, a maddening love for killing and combat, an eternal loyalty to the leaders of the Blood Twine... and such qualities are not often seen... These prestigious warriors comprise their own sect of the Blood Army.

Overlords: The leader of a specific brigade of the army. They are responsible for guiding combatants under their command throughout any quest, battle, or other sort of assignment. Overlords report directly to the leader(s) of the clan.

Apprentice: The second in command of an army brigade. They assist the overlord whenever possible or when asked. When an overlord falls in battle or suddenly disappears- the apprentice assumes the leadership of the brigade.

Combatant: The most abundant and most important part of the Blood Army (in some cases exceeding the importance of the Blood Knights.) Warriors are skilled in melee combat, arcanic combat, or both. Warriors are split into separate brigades of the army: either of their primary or their secondary element; or just of simple preference. Combantants report directly to the leaders of the clan, the overlords, or the apprentices.

Blood Army Brigades
Army of Tiamat: A brigade devoted to Tiamat, a vicious female water dragon- ruler of the oceans and seas: her dreaded minions having skilled mastery over the calm yet torrential forces of the element essential to life.
Combatants: Setoshi Tsukiryu (Tsukiyomi)

Army of Zu: A brigade devoted to Zu, a mythical and giant bird- its glorious broadspread wings having power over the winds and air currents.

Army of Garm: A brigade devoted to a smoky haze of smoke and shadow... in the form of a montrous hound. As it travels the night realm, darkness and shadow engulf and enshroud all that surrounds it.
Combatants: Barrett, Notorious

Army of Freya: (bio)

Army of Baelrog: A brigade devoted to the Baelrog: a bloodthirsty demon of the infernal deep- its blackened flesh spewing forth licks of magma and flame as it hungers for the flesh of its crispy prey.

Army of Thiazi: (stone)

Army of Thor: (lightning)

Army of Balder: A brigade devoted to the description (from ancient scrolls) of a mystical spectre, a traveller of the Astral Plane and the connection in between soul after soul.
Combatants: Poison

Army of Alfheim: (light)

Sacred Order of the Blood Knights (appoint only):

Point System

Award System

50 points- Joining the clan
50 points- Being active in clan threads
50 points- Recruiting a member
70 points- Recruiting a moderator
80 points- Recruiting a super moderator
90 points- Recruiting an administrator
100 points- Starting a quest and successively completing it
75 points- Sparring against another member and winning
75 points- Challenging and winning in a spar against a member in another clan
N/A points- Showing improvement or diligence to improve in RPing skills
N/A points- Carrying out an assigned task successively
N/A points- Doing something good or new for the clan

Penalty system
To be created...

Clan Banners


Alright, people. I am working on the clan headquarter descriptions and the rest of the IC stuffs, as fast and effieciently as I can. If not on at the moment, then post your name, link to character, army brigade you wish to be in, and anything clan-related that it is on your mind. Till then, enjoy.

21st May 2005, 09:01 PM
Setoshi Tsukiryu signing up for BT. I'd like to be in the Army of Tiamat.

Yes, as this is joining, its allowed. BUT, try to keep it mostly IC when you join, mmkay? -- Zachary

21st May 2005, 09:29 PM
First post has been edited. Although, as you can see you have been placed under the combatant rank. Honestly, I have not devised a system for appointing positions for the clan. From Notorious' idea, we would do it in a FFA/spar style, the victor and preceding members in line would claim ranks. There could always be appointmentship- but I feel the FFA/spar for power idea more of a liking. We'll discuss this in more depth as soon as more people are aware of the BT's revival.

So, for now, you may do one of the following:

-Recruit more members
-Assist in incomplete IC stuffs
-Start a quest/spar

If any problems, just PM or IM me. Thats all, soldier! :p

22nd May 2005, 09:00 AM
*pokes Pustolio*

I'm here, and I guess I'll be using my character from the old Blood Twine... Mr. Maeven "I-have-a-lightning-god-controlling-my-body" Astrogath (I guess that would fit him under The Army of Thor). It's amazing how I still haven't been able to remake his stat page... Maybe I'll get around to doing that after I get done with the website. Speaking of which, are you working the special thingie as well Pustolio? Remember, Mr. Slave-driver wants stuffs done by Tuesday...

22nd May 2005, 10:40 PM
I'm still making a character for this, so yep. I'm currently undergoing writers block so I'm somewhat confused as to how and what my character is. I'll get it up As soon as possible, but I'm undergoing some in real life issues so I might not role-play for a while; post very slow.

23rd May 2005, 08:37 AM
I will probably make me another charaacter specifically for BT. So that they will match up with the army division I have selected.

23rd May 2005, 09:00 AM
To those who didn't (you know who you are), keep it to clan business and no, announcing that you are making a character especially for this clan is not, that you will *probably* make it is even less so. You joined the clan, congrats, now just make your character and if you feel the need to chat about it, please do take it to your spam tavern in misc, that's what it is there for.

Add RELEVANT content to your posts as wel please, some rping (all rping is allowed btw, it just needs to have some relevance to the clan (so you getting to know your fellow comrades/army structure and so on better while rping is allowed) as to show others what this clan can do rpwise, start a quest and so on. But these kind of posts I'd rather not see in here again. This is a roleplaying clan after all so please do roleplay, thank you.

FYI: The rules on OOC posting stay the same btw so do abide by them ... and as you can see ... you are being watched mwhoehahahahahahaaaaa ... (ow c'mon, grant a smod his drama ;) )

23rd May 2005, 11:12 AM
Pust, can you be a bit more indepth with the ranks, I'm confused as to how you have three different ranks at this period in time. Also Kharma, we can't roleplay if we have no idea where the heck we are. Also what I said was completely relevent to show I am not dead at this period in time even though I will be interacting with this guild slowly. My character wants in the Army of Balder if that's allowed.


<Insert character name here> magically appeared to <no idea what the area looks like>

FYI: It just doesn't work. Once he updates his post I'll start role-playing.

25th May 2005, 10:52 AM
So is any of this gonna be IC posts yet? and yes Pus, I PM'd you. So that means i'm in right?

28th May 2005, 03:54 PM
Jack goes to wherever the place is, and he says, "I'd like to join."

Yo. I'd like to join even though I already told Pustolio over AIM that I was going to. Meh, so yeah. I'd also like to be the Leader of the Army of Thiazi.

11th June 2005, 09:22 PM
ooc: whats up thought meaning im getting back to being active I'd come bac so this is the infamous return of dead omen im workin on my new chars so.... anyways I wanted to see how you guys were doin.

17th July 2005, 05:57 PM
Sorry to do this, Pus, but this clan has been inactive for over a month. You have three choices:
A) Get a new leader
B) Get a new recruitment thread
C) Close it down

EDIT: C) is the option by default.