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15th September 2004, 08:58 PM
Eventually... Ill think up something to talk about, but til then, welcome to rambling town...

First off, I would like to say that...

I AM YOUR BETTER! ... at chopper challenge :p But yes... I do kick major ass at chopper challenge

What really kicks ass is that oprah gave a shitload of cars to a bunch of sad people with shitty cars... and she was so nice, she gave them a bunch of shitty new cars... pontiacs :p But anywho... Is this really an act of kindness? Ya know what I say?

HAHA your a stupid fuck head you dont know what I say!!! loser... :p

err.. where was I... oh yeah... To successfully run a country, you need your peoples to be happy... this is why there is welfare... Keeping the ammount of crazy people who are willing to kill anyone more better off then them because they are poor to a minimum... We give them all a little bit of free money, and they stay pretty much out of trouble... now... the ones who are still crazy/ pissed off... they goto jail... So... oprah is giving these poor losers a free car so that when theres riots, they dont go and break into oprahs house and steal her gold leafed cielings and her solid marble toilets, and her pearls and diamonds and bentleys and stuff... its basically crazy people insurance...

Another way the government keeps people on good behavior is the lottery...
It costs a dollar... but you could win millions... Giving them some near-false feeling of hope is enough for them, cus they are stupid idiots... When theres a chance of something better, people are willing to behave until they get that better thing...

Wow... still aint thought of anything...

The list of things that are laws that are unconstituitonal

I dont feel like listing this cus it contains about 3000 things and I dont have that kind of time on my hands...

Today was nice... It was 6th period and I was having a great day... we have "ssr" at my retarded school, and I didnt happen to have a novel to read... neither did 9 other kids... so... Mr. Van Smaalen tells us to come up to his desk and hes like "Hmmm.... I'm gonna have a very clean classroom today" and he procedes to some chick a squirt bottle and had the rest of us grab some paper towels and go stand by a lab table and wait for the squirt bottle chick... I was the first one at my table, but there was this chick who came along... and Mr. Van is like no no theres 2 people at that table one of you has to move... and the girls like "Fuck no im not moving..." so I moved... The room is set up with 6 tables in the back, 35 desks in the middle, and 6 more tables on the right side of the desks... so I went to the front table so I could at least clean half of it... half a table wasnt good enough for Mr. Van... he wanted people to move their desks and get out of the way so I could clean the other side of the table... this pissed me off greatly, and I politely asked him "Whats the alternate to this?" and he says "Hmmm I'll write you up a refferral to the office" and im like "Sure I'll gladly take the referral" and he's like "Oh well how bout I transfer you out of my class?" and of course I say "Sure fine..." And now instead of my AP Bio class... I am in a normal bio class... WOOOOH

Well... hmmm lets see I rambled about my day and about my views about oprah... still nothing... ok tootles guys

Aun Shi
15th September 2004, 09:05 PM
ghey. like a doorknob with male sweaty hands on them.

Aun Shi
15th September 2004, 09:06 PM
O_o:: Or not. Didn't mean it....-cough-

-stops flip flopping-

29th August 2006, 11:56 AM