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2nd May 2005, 03:35 PM
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2nd May 2005, 05:05 PM
Thank you my Friend

You have traveled long and worked hard for this goal, you have made your way through the rough cities of this land to make your way to this center, the building is made of concrete, its walls thicker than a medieval castles defenses. They are a slate grey color, and newly cleaned glass windows decorate it. You approach the building slowly, making your way through the buildings gates untill you arrive at the front doors, the front door is decorated with three emblems around the door, the bottom two have a line that stretches toward the top one, the top one, has some sort of red rock on the front, the bottom right is of a long sword, and the bottom left is of a burning flame. You knock on the door, and, after a few moments, the door opens, a woman stands there, she wears thin rimmed glasses and has bright blond hair, she wears a formal military skirt with a military shirt, the color is Dark green with Gold lining. She nodds to you and says in a sweet voice.

"Welcome, You must be the new recruits, please make your way to the top floor, the third floor to be exact and make your way to the fifth door down to the right." She points upward and to the right. She smiles and returns to her desk, immediately typing on a large typewriter, the latest in word processing, a little difficult to handle, but still a must have for a secretary.

You make your way down the hall and up the staircase, you look left and right, noting the rooms around you, they have no names on them, and you hope to soon have your own office. You make your way to the appointed room and you knock on the door, a Mans voice escapes the cracks in the door.

"Come in!"

You enter, and stand before the desk of a well groomed gentleman, he wears a military uniform, with the same colors as the woman who greeted you down stairs. He looks up at you with two, dark brown eyes. He has a head of light brown hair and he has a mustache and a beard. The beard is only down to the skin and the mustache is the same. Looks at you intently, and you immediately realize that you are in the presence of the commanding officer of this Facility.

The Alchemists of 'The Order'

During medieval times, magic has existed in many forms, but, before elemental magic was discovered and harnessed, the Alchemists reigned over the other magical forces, utilizing the laws of nature and energy, they were able to controll the elements without conforming to a single elemental energy, this allowed them to become VERY powerful. These Alchemists were looked at as dangers to society and were scorned wherever they went, but yet, they continued to practice their arts, creating Two major types of alchemy, Conjuration and Transmutation.

Conjuration is the study of creating energy and the like, however, one cannot conjure something without first losing something of equal value. That is the law of Equivalant Exchange, everything comes at a price. For example, a Alchemist can conjure a Fire Ball by utilizing the energy in the air around him or her and exchanging that energy. Or a Alchemist can conjure an Illusion by exchanging something that resembles the illusion.

Transmutation is the study of Changing matter into something else, so Transmutation also follows the study of Equivalent Exchange. For example, an Alchemist can trasmute a Spear out of a select amount of wood and iron, the Alchemist merely has to concentrate on its chemical and alchemical properites to mold it into a suitable form.

About two hundred years have passed since the middle ages, modernization has just begun, and war is starting up again, however, during the times of hate and disapproval, the Alchemists have continuted to practice their arts. It wasnt long untill the Alchemists were asked to enter the Military, they at first rejected the proposal, reminding the people that it was they who had rejected the Alchemists in the first place, only after long negotiations did the Alchemists come over, they Alchemists, once appart and never studying their art together, formed what is known as 'The Order'.

Ranks in the Order

Admiral - (%)
Vinny (There Can Be more than one Admiral/Leader)
Lieutenant Admiral - 5000 points
Major General - 4500
Lieutenant General - 4000
Colonel - 3500
Lieutenant Colonel - 2000
Major - 1000
Captain - 500
Lieutenant - 250
Second Lieutenant - 50
Private - 0

(%) - One must be elected to become one of the Admirals and you must have 5500+ Rank Points

Rank Point System

Spar Vs Lower Rank: 25
Spar Vs Higher Rank: 50
Quest: 50-10
FFA: 50-100
IC Post: 5

2nd May 2005, 06:49 PM

"You've been in this army for four weeks and have never ceased to amaze me with your whining. I was told to get you here as fast as possible, and that's what I intend to do, so quit your belly-aching! Maybe if you had sat right-"

The jeep took another wide turn on the narrow, dirt road, kicking up so much dust that anyone behind them wouldn't be able to see, two of its wheels leaving the ground. As they rounded dense forest, almost flipping into the woods, I might add, a large building came into view. Intimidating concrete walls could be seen from where they were, but the poor passenger in this death mobile of death couldn't see a thing from his position upside down, his head below the dashboard, legs flailing above his seat. He had been thrown in violently after hopping into the shower with his pants on, and they were soaking the seat and dripping onto the rest of his body. His shirt and jacket, all a sleepy shade of green, were down by his head, and he could barley stop himself from throwing up into them multiple times on this crazy ride.

"Here we are, now get out. Thank God I don't have to clean this thing, but I still have to dry it off. Way to go. Clean yourself up, its pretty dirty under the dashboard, and you smell like last nights sorry excuse for dinner."

"Thanks, moron. If I ever get my hands on you-"

The driver sped off before the man, who had been flipped over the car door, legs first, was able to finish his statement. He wasn't exactly in the place to make threats anyways, on his back, his pants soaked and sticking to his legs, and a crumpled shirt and jacket covering his face and half his chest. As he stumbled up, he staggered a bit, still dizzy from the reckless drive, and cleaned off what gravel and dirt he could, which wasn't much. He grabbed his shirt and jacket, for the first time revealing his tanned body, which wasn't exactly "muscular" and wasn't exactly "skinny". He was more like an average, every day kind of guy, his dark hair soaked and stuck to his forehead; it would be at his nose had it not been for army regulations. He bent over to pick up his battered glasses, noticing a large crack running the height of his right lens, his bad eye. Running into the tall building, he didn't bother to look at the heavily ornamented door, as he was late already and didn't want to keep anyone waiting.

He quickly smiled at the secretary inside, in her green military uniform, and ran as quickly as possible down the hall and as he approached the stairs, pulled his shirt halfway over his head and quickly stuffed it into his pants. On his way up the stairs, he shook the gravel out of his jacket, making loud clanking noises as it fell to the stairs, and sloppily pulled it on. He then bent his glasses back into something that resembled their origional shape and put them on his face, an attempt at making himself look like a soldier, but a sorry one if that.

Taking one last look at himself, he shook his head and sighed before knocking on the door, and was instructed to come in, fearing what his commanding officer might say. The man inside behind his desk seemed to be the best kept soldier he had ever seen, and was probably another strict commander, and the sorry recruit feared what he would say, as his pants were soaking wet, his hair was sloppily flattened to his head and dripping, with dirt and small rocks sticking all over his body. He put his hand to his head in a salute, causing his gun to drop to the floor from its holster loudly, and stated his name.

"Steven O'Harris, reporting for duty, sir!"

3rd May 2005, 06:40 AM
"Steven O'Harris, reporting for duty, sir!"

As the soilder walked in, his body covered in rippled and wet clothing, his face panicy and his eyes wide with anticipation, he saluted the man in the Chair, the man looked at him incredulously, he then smiled and nodded to him. He spoke with a clean, kind voice, and his eyes glinted with inner humor. He chuckled and then, stood up swiftly, he saluted the youth and said.

"Good evening O'Harris, my name is Admiral Oswald, Have a seat." He said kindly.

Oswald, or Terrance Oswald as his Parents named him, was a Master alchemist who was hired by the military to head the Alchemy division of the Army. He had been practicing alchemy his entire life, and when he was told by his superiors that he was chosen to head this Division, he was more than happy to accept. He, soon after accepting the job, was given the title of Admiral and was placed in his new facility, the very building that he was sitting in now.

"I have a report that you have Alchemic attunement, Please, tell me about your MILITARY history, not your Alchemic history." He said calmly, eyeing the interviewees matted and damp hair.

4th May 2005, 05:33 AM
"Hey, where is this place at" Zander asked walking up the road. "It's about a mile to the town then it’s about ten feet inside the town" said the clerk of a small shop. "Thank you" Zander said as he walked out of the shop.

A mile aye. I guess I should run t’would be faster he thought as he began to run down the narrow road.

Roughly 40 minutes later

"Damn it! Where is it?! He said ten minutes inside the town. It’s been around 20 already!" Zander growled looking all around the town for the place. He ran around to look the other way. BAM he walked right smack into the walk of the building he was looking for. "Dam wall" he yelled as he got up from the dirt ground. Zander was on the opposite side of the building, which was why he couldn't find it. Zander ran to the other side sliding around the corner. He walked up to the door.

"Welcome, You must be the new recruits, please make your way to the top floor, the third floor to be exact and make your way to the fifth door down to the right."

Zander ran to the stairs and started to climb them two at a time. "So he fifth door down to the right aye, this must be it then" he said walking into the room. Zander took off his red cloak. Then he took his to gloves off revealing the metallic hand. "Commander, my name is Zander the Elemental Alchemist or just Zander Zarathin" he said in a reluctant voice.

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10th May 2005, 05:44 PM
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