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26th April 2005, 08:50 AM
As was asked for

This post is for discussion about the inlcusion of a new race to the game

Please do-not talk about things that have already been discussed in other topics (I.e goblins and sentry bonuses lol)


I copied and pasted my post in the Goblins topic so it can be discussed easier.


"with a race like skaven, they fight en masse.

Their bonuses could be any number of :-
1.They still steal lots of gold even if their army is bigger than opponents
2.Their unit production within the game is double the other races
3.Unit Production is ALOT cheaper
4.Generals give 1 man per 1 click recieved, Generals Generals give 1 man for every 2 clicks, Generals Generals Generals give 1 man for every 4 clicks (much better growth)
5.Training soldiers is half price (attack and defensive)

Any combination of the above 5 examples would make for a very interesting and exciting age 5.

Id say that the bonus of the faster growth is worth it alone

Instead of only recieving 1 man for every 2 clicks your generals get, you get 1 for 1, and so it goes down the chain. (would make the TBG of each man less to keep it in proportion and not make it to mad)

This would not only allow more men to train as sentries and spies, the extra gold would be a benefit to rival the human bonus (to unfair I reckon)

Combine it with the ability for your large army to attack a smaller army and still get as much gold would make for a very interesting race.

Please add comments"