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13th September 2004, 05:40 PM
It was already dark outside when Ingold went to fetch the challenger and challenged. The sun had long set and the stars and the moon had taken its place. Ingold waited in the courtyard until both Blankwinodw and Linther arrived before continuing his way to show them to their battle ground. Ingold just gave them a simple nod to acknowledge their arrival and didn’t speak a word, instead he just turned around and walked towards the gate. With a wave from his hand, the heavy steal and wooden gates of the keep opened, not a single sound coming from their heavy hinges.

Ingold led the two combatants over the moonlight lit plain in front of the keep, into the forest which now looked completely different. The lush green forest had now turned dark and grim and one would be able to feel the eyes of so many predators burning a hole into his back. Yet they were not attacked for the creatures living here knew better than that. although Ingold was generally known as a lightning mage, in this place, he could control nature as well for the Forbidden One had given him that power upon his death.

Still without saying anything, Ingold continued his way and by now you might have noticed the silence all around you. Not even the crickets chirped into the night, not even the wind howled through the forest, not even the breathing of the predators all around you could be heard. The silence continued as they reached the other end of the forest after a good half an hour of walking, yet Ingold kept on going, further and further away from the keep. No matter how much you asked, the lightning mage would say nothing. If he was to be stopped in his path by a combatant, the warrior in question would simply be greeted with a blank stare before Ingold would make his way around him.

The path stretched onwards when suddenly Ingold took a hard right, straying away from the path into a light fog. The ground could no longer be seen as a white mist now covered it, the moonlight was no longer allowed to shed it rays upon the landscape as some clouds had blocked her out. After a few minutes of walking it quickly became clear where Ingold was leading the two, they had arrived at a graveyard. Suddenly, the lightning mage halted and turned around, facing Linther and Blankwindow.

"Not so long ago, our keep had been taken by orcs, as you might remember Linther. To aid us in defeating the army, Hoax had summoned orcs, elves, drow, dwarves, humans that had died trying to take the keep decades ago, of course they had failed, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have been crawling out of the ground when Hoax had summoned them. For their service he had promised them a burial to finally bring piece to their souls. Despite the fact that the keep had been destroyed, I honoured that agreement and thus I created this graveyard where now a thousands orcs, drow and human lay buried. The remains of the elves have been returned to their brethren and the summoned dragons were allowed to go to their own great graveyard. But by now more have died and Hoax lies burried here as well.

This will be your battleground, now I advice you to not disturb the dead, so try to keep it down okay … have fun, I will be back to check upon you two soon enough."

With this, Ingold left, this mist wasn’t very thick but after a few seconds, Ingold’s shape could no longer be seen, yet that could probably be attributed to the lightning mage’s cloak. Yet now that Ingold had left, the silence had returned once more and the only ones left on the graveyard were the two combatants.

13th September 2004, 08:26 PM
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Even as they continued forward, Linther felt the churning of the sky, the churning of a great change to come. But even as he floated on his seat of electrons, he knew that the ambiguity of the feeling truly would not present its meaning until the upcoming spar was fought.

The air felt heavy as they left the keep, as if a great humidity had set in. But, feeling with his minimal water training, he felt none – or, rather, not enough – water to explain the feeling. His eyes narrowed as he dug deep into his body to find a reason for the premonition the air gave him. He stared up into the sky, his eyes searching the starless sky for any other signs.

A dark howl announced their entrance to the woods. Linther’s focus shifted back to the present, feeling the creatures scurrying out of the path, driven by some magical force to clear a way for the trio to pass through the woods. Deep creases formed on Linther’s head, who almost pointlessly tried to make sense of what was happening.

A spar in the woods? A spar against the woods? What is moving the animals, anyways? Something about all this is dreadfully… wrong…

The half-ling continued sitting deftly on the floating cloud of electrons he powered beneath him to save his energy – being the size he was, walking was no longer practical. A slight glow emanated from Linther’s side as his one-and-a-half-foot sword’s markings suddenly emitted a yellowish glow. The half-ling stared at it, and then realized all four of his weapons – his boomerang and his two five-inch daggers – were all glowing. And he had only seen this once, before a great battle… one of the battles he had with the Forbidden One leading him…

Tonight will truly be special.

Still, as he continued, his eyes narrowed even further as Ingold continued after leaving the woods, entering the plains that led back to civilization. As if he was bringing them to the world to fight the humans or some other race.

Yes, Ingold is more than unpredictable. But what he is doing bringing us away from the keep this far, is beyond my comprehension…

They remained on the same path for a long time, long after even Linther’s patience wore out, but Ingold remained a living statue. Any attempt to make him tell them what was happening was ignored. Confused, Linther had no choice but to continue following the Forbidden One. Suddenly, with no prior warning, Ingold spun, turning right quickly into a mist. Linther suddenly felt the reason, and with a deep groan within himself, he followed, silently yet agitatedly.

So this is why the air felt so terrible today. The dead did not want us to come. Or, rather, they did not want me to come. For whatever reason it might be…

As they cleared the mist into the graveyard, Linther nodded at Ingold’s explanation of the graveyard. He began moving, floating around tombstones, feeling the anger built within the immensity.

If only I was a dark elementalist… This would not be pretty for any opponent, no matter how strong they were and how weak I was…

Slowly, he turned back, seeing that Ingold was now gone, and turned his attention to his opponent. With a voice that almost hinted at sorrow, he bowed his head and spoke under his agitation.

“Good luck. Without any interference from the dead, I hope to prove to you that I am someone to be feared, even if I lose. And, if not, I hope to help honor my master, despite how long ago it was and how long ago he had been lost… but if I win, it must be credited to Meaven…”

The half-ling’s eyes glanced up, checking to see if there were any movements of recognition in his opponent’s eyes. And, finally, he released the electrons beneath him, letting them ground themselves into the ground and readying himself to do the impossible.

14th September 2004, 11:41 AM
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Blankwindow saw Ingold and recognized his mood from the way he moved and his facial expressions. He also saw his challenger floating on the air. Though to him he saw the magnetic field below him as a moving shifting field of tiny amber dots.

He has something planned and I'm not sure I want to know what... I trained him to well I think sometimes.

Blankwindow had his hood up so the only thing that could be seen of him was hit throat, and his cloak. His cloak was pitch black with silver dragon embroidered up and down it. When he moved them shimmered and seamed to move too. He smiled as they walked down the path for a while thinking to himself the many locations he had fought in and lived to tell about, and some he had almost not limped away from. Linther made several attempts to talk to Ingold into telling them where they were going. Blankwindow knew better and so walked quietly and as zombie like as his him. Eventually he saw an ankle deep fog rolling out from the threes and not to long after Ingold left the beaten path into the fog.

This is getting interesting.

He nodded at Ingold’s story, he had heard of it, but wasn’t a member of the clan till some time after. He has joined just after Hoax’s death, but had heard nothing of it. He walked a ways in to the graveyard after Ingold left the walked some ways into the ground. Far enough that with his physical eyes Linther was no more than a distant shadow in the mist. He wasn’t worried about the dead as up until know the dead had sensed his lineage and tended to avoid him. He was a quarter Black dragon and for some reason that meant something to them.

Let’s try something small first to test his skill and speed.

“Good luck to you to. I studied under Meaven for a time, But He was not as great as my true Master, Vincent.”

Blankwindow began to pull in spare electrons from the air and the surroundings, He made a small lightning bolt, he was sure his opponent would sense and see this basic spell and if he trained under Meaven would know the true spell. He spread out the electrons in the lightning bolt until the lightning bolt was almost invisible to even him. He sent it at near light speeds not directly at Linther, but close to him. It was going to pass the other as if by a miss due to the poor visibility, but in truth would turn around and try to strike from behind.

14th September 2004, 02:23 PM
As Linther settled down to prepare himself for the spar, he watched the mere outline of his opponent, watching a slight flicker of movement beyond the fog. Shutting out the image that his physical eyes were rendering, he focused, trying to feel the electic field that surrounded his opponent. A large blip in the field was Blankwindow - however, he felt a relatively weak, yet spread out form of a lightning bolt.

The Invisibolt. I sure hope he doesn't plan on hitting me with that... but if I let him, it may just let him believe he has the upper hand... Still, it feels almost too strong to even try to absorb... no, with his skill, he would recognize a bluff, if I even managed too...

The half-ling stood still, his eyes glancing at the silhouette, trying to sense the movement to attack him, trying to sense the moment he would have to get ready to evade. In a moment, the attack was released, as the muscles within Linther tightened, ready to move. His electric feelings caught the tangent of the bolt, and, to his surprise, realized the bolt was more than two feet above his head, as if his opponent believed him to be a full-sized human of some sort.

It can't be that easy...

Still, a ready eye on the bolt, he watched it sail over his head and passed him. As his eyes narrowed, he turned back to his opponent, trying to see whether the missed attack was really a true attack, or whether it was a fluke or a diversion. Still, nothing seemed wrong in his opponent's figure.

A brief hum alerted Linther of the true intent of the attack. Letting out a half-groan, he turned, trying to create a field of electrons around him to brush away the deceptive attack, but it was a bit too late. Most of the attack caught the field, but the rest brushed through the incompleteness off his defense, sending Linther stumbling backwards. A few steps later, he drew his sword, slamming it into the ground as a support. Righting himself, he realized the blunder he had made, and quickly turned back to his opponent, more alert than ever.

What a fool you are... You should have been able to tell that even if it wasn't a diversion, it was still part of a trick... your opponent isn't a beginner any more...

Brushing the brief squalls of inequality among the ions within his body, his focus returned to the being in front of him, and his eyes narrowed.

The only way to keep that from happening again is to stop him from being able to...

As he continued to moniter his opponent's movements, he began reaching out to the air, seizing every spare electron he could. Slowly, a floating orb began forming in front of him as small specks of ions came hurtling into it. Finally, when the orb reached two feet in diameter, Linther began to smile. He again reached out, coaxing the electric fields, but, instead of allowing the electrons he gathered now to join with the main body of the orb, he shaped them as almost a shell, increasing the pressure on the orb. It slowly grew smaller, the field of electrons around it strengthening to match the pressure on it.

I wonder what he makes of this...

Finally, Linther dispatched the electric field around the now 3 inch orb, which no longer seemed gaseous, but instead seemed to be a floating, pulsating rock. (Lightning Grenade As it stayed there, Linther continued adding pressure to it, and finally sent it hurtling towards his opponent, the orb threatening to explode the entire way. As the orb flew closer to his opponent, Linther began losing his grasp on it, but continued straining to keep it shut. Then, as the orb halted about 3 feet from his opponent, Linther released the pressure he had kept on the orb, letting out a deep breath as he did, instantly bringing a force field up around him.

The proton-deprived electrons, free of the burden placed on them, suddenly released, launching out in all directions at breakneck speed, hitting Linther's shield within a couple seconds. The sudden "explosion" of electrons flared up, creating almost a blinding light as the electrons rocketed out from the entire orb.

14th September 2004, 06:18 PM
Blankwindow watched his opponent not with his physical eye, but with his magical ones. Any true lightning elements could see everything as a product of the electrons in them. So to him the halfling was a giant amber blip in perfect shape with him. The mist meant nothing he could phase it out of his vision with slight concentration. His opponent had looked to be about to bring up a defense, but then stopped. He didn’t even turn to look at the missed attack.

He has underestimated me it seems. He’ll soon learn his mistake.

He though as Linther spun and brought up a partial shield, but was still struck. He nodded. He felt and saw the large amount of electrons being pulled to his opponent. Watched with his min’s eye as the orb formed and then began to took an almost solid shape.

He watched his opponent toss it at him and then he realized what it might do. He decided to surprise Linther again a bit. He made a small magnetic field behind him so as to keep him from going backwards. A cushioning of air and a small electrical field of sorts. The attack suddenly stopped and exploded within three feet of him. The electrons went everywhere direction and hit him indirectly. They would have cause a large portion of damage, but his armor absorbed all he energy. He laughed slightly as the mist retook it’s position everywhere having been displaced by the charge. He sent a message to Linther’s mind, Unless he kept a mental shield all the time the message would get thru. Blankwindow could open links to talk with people, but nothing more.

[I] “ I think you underestimate me to much… But we shall see…. “

He pulled the energy absorbed from Linther’s attack out of the amber orbs in his armor and some other energy from there as well. It took on the partial shape of a sword. He then took a bit of his personal energy to give it some life so to speak. It then took on the full shape of a sword. A large scimitar to be specific. It had sentient and only one goal. To slice Linther to tiny pieces. He sent it after the halfling and left his attack there for now.

Let’s see what he does with this spell Sentient Weapon.

And then he drew more energy to form another sentient object. This one Sentient Shield. He formed a Kite shield. This one was to protect the sword from being destroyed. He sent it to help the sword.

Let’s see him deal with those.

Up until know he had yet to find an combatant capable of destroying these weapons or even break them down.

14th September 2004, 07:48 PM
As the flash cleared, Linther's eyes reverted, trying to see what may have happened to his opponent. He was nearly surprised when he noticed his opponent standing unharmed. Still, after the first attack, he had come to be prepared for unpredictabilities from his opponent. Still, what was next was something even further from the unpredictable.

“ I think you underestimate me to much… But we shall see…. “

What? Is he infringing on my thoughts now? Well... this will be very interesting...

Linther began monitoring the electric fields around his opponent, feeling for any explanation to the lightning master's statement. Slowly, he realized the remnants of his attack were being reformed into some sort of sword. His forehead scrunching up, he felt a small amount of Blankwindow's energy going into the sword, and suddenly, he realized what was happening. Instantly, his physical eyes refocused, watching the large scimitar flying at him.

You're really going to have to come up with some better ideas after this....

Pulling out his own sword, he began steadying himself by gathering electrons beneath and behind him as a cushioning magnetic field, when he felt the first jarring strike of the sentient weapon against his own dwarfed sword. As he continued fending off attacks, he realized another object was headed towards him. Expecting the worst, he quickly brought up a minimal force field and continued to parry each stab and slice the large scimitar threw at him. Finally, spotting an opening, he sent himself hurtling forward, his sword heading for the hilt of the sentient sword. Finally, he realized what the second object was as his sword was deflected off a shield, sending him barreling off to the side.

There has to be some way to get around these...

Realizing the danger he was in from another attack from his opponent, who was now facing the half-ling's back, Linther rolled down, trying to pass under the sword, as he felt a jarring pain as it sliced his back. What almost seemed like a yelp flew from his mouth as he rolled painfully over a stick, before coming to a stop at when he rolled into a a large monument of some sort.

Stupid stone... now I'm cornered.... wait, that's it!!!

A sudden idea crossed Linther's mind as he watched the sword hurtling at him at a breakneck speed, slicing and stabbing the entire way. Sheathing his sword, Linther stood, readying himself for his attempted salvation from the onslaught the sword continued on him. Judging the distance he still had left and the time he'd need for his attack on the sword, the half-ling suddenly rocketed himself to the side, watching the sword stab straight past where he was, and into the graveyard monument.


A sickening crash sounded in the now silent graveyard as rubble fell from the wrecked monument. The stones began sifting, as the possessed sword and shield began working their way out from under the rubble, when a skeleton hand broke through the surface of the ground, grabbing the sword. Suddenly, an battlement of the awoken human skeletons began making their way out of the wrecked earth, their weapons now battling the sword and shield that had moments ago been sparring with Linther.

That... may have been a mistake...

Quickly propelling himself towards the silhouette he percieved as his opponent, he began broadcasting a thought from his mind, hoping that his opponent would pick it up.

It may be only a matter of time before they turn on us...

14th September 2004, 09:11 PM
Blankwindow smiled as he watched the battle.

He's warming up and very resourceful when he gets going.

“My dear challenger, I would be willing to bet they come for you first.”

He said directly as Linther stood within a few feet of him. He watched the skeletons going after the sword and shield. He called over the ambient noises and the fighting. He used the air to make his voice project more so that no matter how decomposed the skeletons and zombies would hear and comprehend.

“ Orcs, Humans, Dwarves, and Drow. You were promised a restful sleep. I am afraid that bargain has been temporarily broke. It was decided that me and this challenger would best fight here. I ask you to go back to sleep and ignore us for a time. Our fight shan’t take more than a wink of time from your eternal slumbers.”

OOC: going to get Ingold to form an opinion on if they will listen or not. So wait to post till you receive a pm from me or him and then you can write the results if Ingold doesn’t

He stood there his cloak fluttering slightly in the wind that began to pick up. He used the wind to clear out the mist and fog. The grass and dirt it revealed was in even worse condition than that of the zombies. The grave stones were the only things that looked decent and befitting these men and women. He began to pull in large amount of energy from hit surroundings, armor, and personal energy. In a massive amount. If they did not listen he would take care of there physical bodies for good.

“Linther if they turn on us I want you to be ten feet off the ground as quick as you can. If you don’t you will be destroyed just like our dead comrades.”

He said plainly and simply. He wasn’t going to destroy his opponent by accident who wouldn’t be prepared for the massive spell he was charging for. His body was even beginning to crackle and pop with the amount of energy and a strange amber glow was around him.


His sword and shield were doing there jobs with great ferocity. Slicing and thrusting the undead. Sword was taking care of the attacking undead who had began to lose focus on the sword and shield. The shield was deflecting what blows did come with ease of a master. Though it was nothing more than lightning energy.

15th September 2004, 08:13 AM
From the edge of the forest, a black-cloaked man carefully watched the events unfolding and was quite surprised to see the undead revolt at this disturbance. After all, Ghorgrond and Tarcisus had held their tournament spar here and there too the tombs had been destroyed. That all the undead would rise up for the destruction of a single headstone was thus quite surprising to say the least. Of course, this could have been the final straw or it could be a result of the spirit energy still dwindling here after one of Tarcisus’ spells. None the less, the revolting of the undead could not be tolerated. Ingold had promised them rest and rest they would, whether they would like it or not.

Raising his hands to the sky, Ingold began chanting his spells for he was going to use a magic not inert to his being, a magic he inherited as the new Forbidden One. Carried by a soft breeze, his words soon reached the combatants. At first, the chant could barely be heard though, easily mistaken for the wind rushing through the nearby trees. The speech unrecognisable and even Ingold did not know the words he uttered himself. He followed his heart on this chant, imaging what he wished to happen and allowing the words to flow free. The song sounded sad, yet forceful as if a man overcome with great grief was uttering his last commands to the troops.

Slowly, the words became clearer and louder, soon enough echoing through the entire valley, every word bounced of a nearby tree or rock at least ten times before the sound of it finally died out. In the end, the entire chant was hardly recognisable as the many echoes forced the original chant to the background. The skeletons weren’t unmoved though, just not in the way one would expect as the undead simply let out a loud screeching sound in refusal to the commands given. Arguing their case against the ones that wronged them even in their eternal sleep.

Soon after, the tone in the chant changed and pure anger could be heard, yet this anger was not directed at the undead, but at the one thing that attacked them for it was the cause of this all. But a second later, two great earthen hands shot up from the earth and grasped the sentinel shield and sword, drawing them back under the earth but a fraction of a second later, destroying them in the process. The source of the problems had been removed, yet the skeletons still stood unmoved, unwilling to return to the grave, feeling that the wrongs done to them were far from repaid. After all, several of their brethren had been slain by the magical blade and shield.

In their normal undead way, the skeletons began advancing upon the two combatants, their minds set on revenge. Yet, even the undead best pay heed to the Forbidden One’s commands and once more, the chant increased in magnitude, commanding the earth to deal with these fallen warriors. Soon after, one dome of earth after the other appeared over an undead, covering him completely and disappearing into the earth again but a second later, leaving only thin air behind. One by one the skeletons were brought back to their graves and laid to rest. Even the bones of the destroyed skeletons were moved back to their graves, once more finding peace. Meanwhile, the broken tombstone was repaired as if time was reversed on it, the small rocks that had splintered off it just springing back into the stone, the cracks magically sealing.

Now, the chant slowly died away as the last words echoed through the graveyard and soon all went silent again. Slowly, the mist began creeping in again, soon covering the entire battlefield once more in a pearly white carpet. The black-cloaked man lowered his hand again and once more concentrated on the two combatants. Behind him, several eyes did the same, piercing through the mist and observing the spectacle to come.

15th September 2004, 02:45 PM
“ Orcs, Humans, Dwarves, and Drow. You were promised a restful sleep. I am afraid that bargain has been temporarily broke. It was decided that me and this challenger would best fight here. I ask you to go back to sleep and ignore us for a time. Our fight shan’t take more than a wink of time from your eternal slumbers.”

Linther watched Blankwindow, himselft getting ready in case they were forced to go to combat with the undead beings. He reached out for charges, but, to his surprise, found the majority of the ions around him in or near his opponent, as if his opponent was readying for a massive attack of some sort.

“Linther if they turn on us I want you to be ten feet off the ground as quick as you can. If you don’t you will be destroyed just like our dead comrades."

So I was right... he is charging up...

Still, watching the sword deftly slicing through the skeletons, a slow, wafting chant seemed to come through with the wind, drifting past Linther, as some of his hairs slowly began to become rigid. To his surprise, he watched two earthly hands rip out of the ground, seizing the sentient sword and the shield, bringing them back into the earth, crushing them with the force of large boulders.

Well, at least I won't need to put up with those any longer...

The skeletons stopped, their target removed from their midst in a matter of seconds. However, some turned towards the combatants, slowly advancing when the chant that had almost grown inaudible grew to a strong yell. As the undead stopped, Linther watched in amazement as earth shot up behind each skeleton, burying it back into its eternal slumber.

Whoever was behind that, I hope I never will have to face them in open combat...

Still, as Linther slowly relaxed, he realized he still had a major problem. His opponent had recently charged up, as if readying for a massive attack. And there was no reason his opponent would have let go of the charge. Instantly, he turned, keeping his eye on his opponent as he put a cloud of the spare electrons left out by Blankwindow between himself and his opponent, sending the half-ling flying back hundreds of feet as he began readying for a defense.

What will it be... what will it be...

Slowly, Linther began reaching out, himself gathering electrons to fuse within his body to prepare himself for an attack.

15th September 2004, 04:32 PM
He heard the chant coming thru the wind and though he did not recognize the words or even comprehend them. He did know the voice.

Ingold what are you doing…..

Blankwindow watched as his sword and shield were destroyed. And he released the energy as he saw them taken so they were weakened. He wondered if he had held on would even the power of the forbidden one be able to stop them. He watched the skeletons begin to turn on them. Heard there screams of sorts and the chanting becoming louder or more determined and outraged outmost.

Hmmm… This is getting interesting to say the least.

He watched as like with the sword and shield mounds of earth came up and surrounding the skeletons to be taken down and back to the graves. He still had a massive amount of energy, but with the skeletons gone he changed his mind on it’s use. Blankwindow felt the halfling make a electron-magnetic blast to carry him a ways away from Blank.

Well I could piss off the skeletons again by making a ground attack, but I don’t think Ingold would be to happy about that.

He sent on sixth of the energy into the sky about a hundred foot above Linther, another Sixth one hundred feet below him in the bedrock and clay that far down. Using the atomical side of the materials to keep from grounding out. He then split the remaining energy into fourths and put a fourth on hundred feet on each compass point around the halfling. Then tiny razor thin and sharp blades of plasma ran from every point to every other points. The blades that should have gone straight thru Linther to meet instead bent around to be twenty feet from him to touch the other side. When all point were connected. Blankwindow released his hold on it. The lines and Blades were not only sharp enough to cut thru anything and I do mean anything. But they were spring like and would pull the energy points to the epicenter. Which was Linther. When the six points meant they would make an explosion very close to that of a small nuclear explosion. This would just be a huge electrical storm. Which would carry varying charges and amount of shocks.

I expect the blades will get him before the explosion, but it never hurts to have a secondary attack.

Blankwindow thought. He had done this spell once before, but with no where near the amount of energy. He had pulled In enough energy to a Lightning wave that instead of only hitting two opponents would be able to wipe out all the hundreds of skeletons. And so this attack which then had been devastating to Cedric, would be even more so to this halfling lighting master. He considered this halfling a master, but no where near on par with himself. Though he didn’t underestimate his opponents resourcefulness.

No I wont make the mistake he did.

23rd September 2004, 10:29 AM
This duel is closed due to Ganks' inactivity, think this is unfair, you know what to do, PM me about it ... and no I'm not feeling like making a big post out of it, I have a headache ...

Winner: Blankwindow